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the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
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Erotic Literature

Fire of Insight
United States
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Rain on me

Thirsty is my body  
Hungry is my love for you  
I invite you to stay  
As I bloom before your eyes  
Aroused by your gentle touch  
Stimulated by your gaze
I am the desert  
Show me your rain  
Pour on this barren landscape  
Drown me in your hurricane  
Strip each petal off my delicate stem  
Dominate my shadowed rifts  
Drink my golden nectar  
Together we can make honey  
Seduce every inch of me  
Lift this arid drought  
I summon the storm  
I covet the water  
Reinvigorate this flower  
Rain on me
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Lost Viking
Fire of Insight
United States
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The Addiction that Ends Me

Her every moment was led by addictions to pleasure,
or pain, or anything proving she was alive.

I entered the stage in her final scenes,
our needs crashing into needs,
like the splintered pots at the village gates,
broken in reverence to her gods.

Our flaws became righteous together
as lusts grew lovely in their gratification.
Oh, the holy fulfilling feasts
amid her repeated deaths!

We lost our brokenness in the other,
two stories held in secret, stirred and
beaten down to the pulp of life.
She smiled, “Drown with me in this river of
unbridled passion. Be the addiction that ends me.”

Our tangled lives fell beneath the pounding waves,
desires refusing to relent until the storm had passed.
I heard labored gasping for air,
but still we thrashed against the waves
until at last she lay silent beneath me.

I rose from the waters and looked at her lined face,
a broken vessel still holding me
within her fading warmth.
Would she finally be free?

Still firm and hot within her,
I dropped tears onto her breasts
as I felt her spirit departing in gratitude.
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
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Thought Provoker
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Sensational mess up!

My GOD!..
Holy shit!..
Jesus Mary and Joseph..

 My raped therapist..
Not my dead therapist..

I don't need your attention..            
My blood brain barrier is only now a junction..            
Of a very disturbing confusion..            
Forcing me into enforcing and reinforcing my addiction..            
I keep asking myself is this the real reason and connection?            
Between my illusion, delusion and hallucinations..        
Nude images of my therapist, I keep on perceiving supports all the laws of attraction..    
Wearing and tearing me apart like that force of friction..    
Reports from the fertility doctors for my systemic reproduction..            
My penile veins in constant constriction..    
Penile arterial contraction..        
My solutes and solvents given me not a solution..            
Inequalities between my action and reaction..            
Opposing that third law of motion..            
This must be some kind of misconception..            
My dreams inception..            
Consist of two broad divisions..            
First one I am lucid with an erotic imagination..            
That ends with a very firm erection..            
Where all I need is a safe penetration..          
Bear with me, I don't believe  any of this is masturbation..            
The second one comes with this plethora of emotions..            
Nobody seems to know the reason behind my incarceration..            
These cops pulled me over last night for reasons whatsoever they called an insubordination..            
All they found with me is a toy gun with no ammunition..            
What I heard them asking next was licence and registration..            
So I provided some papers with authentication..            
These chumps again insisted my particulars lack some validation..            
I sped up with no velocity in my acceleration..            
Wondering what's gonna happen next
I asked myself is this all a fiction?            
Feels like yesterday, recalling when I was charged with a rape allegation..            
Just can't let myself into anymore detention..            
But destiny comes before hope and so is my position..            
As I step into the rock n roll station..            
And all these marksmen rise up out of respect with this gesture of salutation..            
Folks be like what have you got yourself in this kind of situation..            
Keep acting like you don't know we are staging a revolution..            
We don't care this could lead to life alteration..            
After all, this is the beginning of a new human evolution..            
Moments later I open my eyes to a sudden sensation..            
Just can't believe this is all part of a therapeutic session..            
This psycho analyzer must have compelled me into blurting this hidden revelation..            
Can't even remember when we started having this conversation..            
When are we ever reaching that final decision..            
Letting me know how glad she feels in witnessing my transition..            
I might have been lucid, just not under the influence of any sedation..          
You must know by now that all I do best is simulation..          
The only reason I sit here before you this morning is my endless desire for ejaculation..    
Do I appear to you as one in search of any redemption?          
I need to know though when you are due for ovulation..    
That's the best chance for me to put you some babies such is the condition..    
From behind sticking you up doggy's your favorite position..    
Oh doc! You have no idea how far I am willing to go to acquire your cooperation..      
Less we won't be meeting anytime soon until the resurrection..            
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 25th Feb 2020
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During Her Nude Workout

ran down
her body
during her nude
workout which made me
feel like wanting to slip
off my shorts and letting her
see my dude piston sticking out
and ready to go deep into her
tunnel until my cum gun shot in her.
Written by Green_Arrow
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 25th Feb 2020
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Eyes Of My Wife Fixed On Me

of my
wife were fixed
on me playing
with my fire hose while
she allowed one of our
male neighbors to drill his dude
piston into her honey pot
before her best friend stepped in front of
me and slipped off her robe to stand naked.
Written by Green_Arrow
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 25th Feb 2020
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A Possible Hangover Mistake

Xander made it to
the bus stop just in time to
see some chick walking
naked towards him and thought
she wanted him to fuck her.
At first, he figured
that she was about to get
down on her knees and
unzip his pants in order
to suck on his dude piston.
Or maybe, to have
him stuff his joystick inside
her honey pot but
that's before she said, "Here's your
wallet. Found it on the couch."
That made Xander rub
his eyes and see that it was
his next door neighbor
Kendra who had the New Year's
Eve party the night before.
And after she gave
him back the wallet, Kendra
asked Xander, "Are you
going to be okay now?",
before he shrugged and said, "Sure."
And as soon as she
left the bus stop, Xander had
let out a sigh of
relief and said to himself,
"That was so embarrassing."
Written by Green_Arrow
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Lost Viking
Fire of Insight
United States
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Dialogue Between Lovers

I cupped my hands around her skull and wondered what thoughts must be swirling inside the sphere no larger than two fists pressed together. What I held in my hands was a wonder, years in the making. The balance between nature and nurture fascinated me, especially in the acquisition of language and personality.

“What are you thinking?” she asked in her clear alto voice that filled the darkness. I heard a hint of laughter in her chest as she spoke.

“I was thinking how beautiful you are.”  
“Good answer, wise guy.”  
She often called me wise guy as a way of teasing me for my career choice. I was a college professor at a fledgling community college. She was a speech therapist at a nearby high school.    
I looked down at Donna's face against my chest. Her brown eyes sparkled from the soft window light our tiny apartment. “I was thinking what a miracle it is that such perfection found me on this small blue pearl floating in infinite space.”  
“You’re no astronomer,” she whispered.  
“I don’t have to be to know perfection when I see it.”  
“Good answer. wise guy.” I felt warm and wet from sweat, where Donna’s ear rested on my chest. I knew she heard my heart beating stronger now. While lost in my thoughts, she shifted over me, then dropped down, pressing her lips against my flesh, hardened with desires.  
I thought how central her lips were to her daily work with so many. Her voice rang with clarity when she spoke. I imagined her mouth modeling sounds carefully for students. Could they imagine what her lips meant to me? I almost chucked, realizing there were probably a few high school boys that could. The warm, tingling sensation brought me back to reality. I wasn’t ready yet.  
Donna was so good, so self-aware. She rose over me and smiled, letting her legs spread over me. I felt her warm crotch pressing against my stomach and caught the wisp of a familiar smell that swirled around my face making me dizzy.  
“God, you’re beautiful.”  
“You’re no theologian,” she said, still smiling over me.    
 “No, but I am an astronaut about to explore a lovely dark hole in outer space.”  
She laughed, "Ready for lift off," and I felt her fingers aligning me before being submerged in heat.  
The warmth of her always amazed me. Her dark shadow moved over me as the frantic tap, tap, tap of her flesh against me filled the room. I loved her animal self and marveled that the silhouette swaying over me held such sweet personality, humor, and spirit, but also these raw animal desires.    
Minutes passed as the tapping continued without a word between us. Donna sensed the moment was near and slowed her rhythm, now pressing…. pressing…. slower still.  
Then a voice, mine. My soft moan of pleasure echoed in the small room and her body pushed down hard onto me, accepting me fully. I lifted her folded frame with a final upward, savoring her light, warm mass.  
At the euphoric release inside Donna, I thought of her life and the balance of nature and nurture that made her so beautiful to me. I wondered how long our love would last. Then I smiled, imagining her saying, “You’re no fortune teller.”
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
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Lost Viking
Fire of Insight
United States
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Gentle With Earth's Bounty

Her frame drew me from a distance. She stood on slender legs gazing at the sky. She seemed lost in the magic of the clouds. Her family was camped nearby and she had strayed into the cool forest above the campground. I was a descendant of the Sioux and my parents knew I would explore away from our house for several hours.
The stealthy courtesies I’d rehearsed with girls at school drew her in; so naive was she. She was a child of the affluent northeast, seeing rough country of the west for the first time. Surely she sensed the chase as layers between us broke down through conversation and laughter. We scrambled up rocky ledges and deeper into the forest. Finally we touched and tumbled to the ground in celebration of our shared humanness amid this wild landscape.    
Beneath a spruce canopy I painted her soft face with the ancestral desires she drew forth to mark my trophy. Her flesh lay silent on a carpet of undisturbed needles packed over thousands of years. She was an exhausted prey on this speck of earth, gasping the thin air and waiting to be finished.    
Resting in her arms, I felt the chase beginning anew. Looking up from her chest, I saw her face shining in the waning light as tears mixed with my first juices. She sighed as I rose slowly over her and wiped a tear from her cheek. I cupped her face and whispered, “Of all this forest, you are the most beautiful.” Her face warmed with a blush and her wet lips formed an even smile.  
I hovered over her warmth like a wolf admiring a young deer overcome by the chase. The forest was silent and smelled of ancient decay in this soil of my ancestors.  She breathed deeply as I placed my hand between her small breasts to feel the gentle thumping of her life.    
I lowered my eyes to whisper a prayer she could not hear. “Thank you Great Spirit for this gift from your bounty.” From the puffy clouds above I sensed the eyes of my ancestors looking down and a gust of wind whispered, “Be gentle with this gift.” Only the spruce towering above us heard her breathy whimper as I pressed down into her womb-warm center to take full possession of my prey.
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Playground Attraction

She asked that I wait til after dark
Until her parents were asleep, we would meet up at the park
Lil Momma isn't tame, she fucking likes to spark
We blazed two right there in the swing not caring if we got caught

We always discussed a menage of things
From balls deep sex to waffles and chicken wings
She told a motherfucker shit that she alone knew she liked
Of how she dreamt of strapping a dildo onto the seat of her bike

She'ld strike out in any direction that guaranteed lots of bumps
Hoping to arrive anywheres,pussy exhausted, humped and pumped
Lil Momma lit our third and final blunt
As I pulled out a flask and asked if that was what she want

Lil Momma took a sip, passed the blunt, and then really tripped
She got out of her swing and climbed into mine, holding onto my lips
We both held onto the chains as we drank and smoked
The conversation was casual but I know she felt when it started to poke

Blunts all gone and we had emptied the flask
She leaned in again taking my mouth and no she didn't ask
Tongue entering my mouth, thick and sweet gliding over my teeth
Hands rubbing my chest as she made grinding moves on my meat

The short skirt that she wore had risen exposing both ass cheeks
Using one hand and my mouth, I worked both breasts into peaks
Lil Momma is so fucking hot I can feel the cum and heat through my pants
She place a foot on each side of my hips and pulled herself up into a stance

There was no doubt what she wanted, skirt pulled up, with no panties on
While holding onto the chains, she placed one leg on my shoulder waiting on my tongue
As soon as I touched her pussy lips the dam thing began to run
It was like fighting an uphill, fucking face covered with cum

She gripped the chains with one hand, pushing my face in there deep
Her clit was hard as a diamond, it had never admitted defeat
She grind that pussy forehead to chin, back and forth, and cheek to fucking cheek
She grabbed me in a death defying headlock as she began to skeet

Shirt and pants drenched, but Lil momma's gonna make that shit up to me
Like a snake she slithered off of my face down on to her knees
While massaging my balls, she deep throated my shit
She drooled all on my head and then climbed on to my shit

She leaned in to my neck working me in as we started to swing
I was pumping my legs up in to the air in order to move the fucking swing
I leaned back, head nearly touching the ground, as Lil Momma started to trick
As she rode up and down, I could see the cum, all frothy and fucking thick

She grabbed the fucking chains, like she was pulling back on reigns
She twist her face and with slamming moves, she started bringing the pain
My man was twitching as he felt the spasms in her walls
I sprung forward burying my face in her breast, as she drained both fucking balls
Written by I_IS_ME
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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The break up wasn't new, it was at least two weeks old
But the pain, it is always fresh, it never goes stale
There is a reel to reel continuously playing everything over and over  
The knife is continuously plunged in again and again  

She called me out of no where, she needed to talk to someone  
She asked could I come over and provide a little support  
I had to finish errands, but I picked up take out and drinks on the way  
This wasn't asked but I figured she hadn't been eating right  

We sat on the floor eating pizza and drinking wine  
Reminiscing on earlier more happy days and recent movies  
But then things turned more serious as we were putting things away  
She had so much congested emotions packed away  
We found ourselves spooning on the couch as she released everything  
The ups and downs of a relationship that probably should never had been  
The intentional confusion compounded with the painful manipulations  
She released pent up pressure as she cried in my arms    
Later we watched a little tv as she continued to vent about what she went through  
He was never what he claimed himself to be, he was simply a deceiver  
She cried a little more until she fell asleep in my arms  
I nestled behind her and fell asleep too  
Being a light sleeper, I felt her get up and go to the bathroom later  
This was the test if she went and got in her own bed okay  
But if she returned and snuggled up next to me, then  
She was possibly open to moving on or at least releasing some more pressure  
I heard her returning and felt as she placed a cover over me and to my surprise  
She climbed under the cover with me, right back in the same position  
This time settling and pressing her body in to my sensitive places    
As I placed my arm around her, she placed her hand a top mine  
She spewed a little more of her broken relationship while pressing into me  
We both attempted to get some more sleep but the pressure was just to much  
Her hand rode on top of mind as it slid farther down and into her pajama bottom  
As my finger moved about in her brush, parting her lips, and massaging her lady  
As the need built in her, she turnt over and found my mouth  
We kissed with a fiery passion, filled with aggression  
Her pajamas were removed as I lost all of my clothing  
With a hunger, she fed me both her mouth and breast  
This was what was needed  as she pushed me back and climbed atop my face  
She needed to feel as if she had some sort of control again  
As she rode my face I stretched her open wide, tearing at her with a hunger  
She reach back massaging me, as my man laid on my stomach  
And when he was just what she needed, she slid down and mounted it  
I felt her breathe in on every rise and a huff on every descend  
As her bottom slammed into my pelvis we bounced again and again  
She was at a loss touching my face, kissing and biting on my neck  
I gripped both of her butt cheeks as she came in waves  
She whispered, "come on," as we both slammed into her pain  
She lower herself while stroking with nothing but short strokes  
As she seized up, I boiled over releasing myself into her        
 She collapsed as she drained, releasing all of the pressure and the strain  
We clung to each other breathing into each other's ears and necks  
She cupped my face along side of hers, while I rubbed her back and butt  
We kissed once more before finding the cover and spreading it over us  
She will sleep the remainder of the morning a top me, but we both wont forget this night  
Written by I_IS_ME
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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We met at the mall, in the parking lot
She hit my ride with a shopping cart
But a vehicle is just that, no need for tempers to flare
Besides when I came out, she was standing right there
Salt and pepper jacket to match the curls in her hair
Tight fitting jeans, a warning sign to beware
We greeted each other and information was exchanged
But there was a problem so a meeting was arranged
She said that she didn't give out information over the phone
She said if you're not to busy could you come by my home
This was not a problem she lived close to where I work
I'd been thinking of her since the accident, creatng problems at work
My timing was off, my concentration wasn't there
I was lost as fuck in that long black hair
I drop by just as we had planned,
With a bottle of wine and a rose in my hand
She really confused me because at first glance
She looked like Jennifer Beal in the movie Flashdance
Tight stretch pants with a loose tee hanging from one shoulder
Handing me the correct information in a brand new folder
While sharing the bottle of wine, we began to unwind
The shirt slipped lower more than a few times
Having observed more than once the same nip
I casually ask to see both tips
She came over and sat right in my lap
Her mouth transformed into a hungry trap
Kissing my face and lips, sucking on my tongue
By the way that she was breathing, she was about to come
Opening my shirt running her nails over my pec
Before moving in and working on my neck
She was aggressive, refusing to be tame
There was no pretense, this was to be done without shame
I took the fight back to her ass tickling her uvula
Coaching her tongue like my last name was Shula
Hungrily I fed off of her nape and lobe
Pulled down the tee and both breast were expose  
Dam big ass nipples making this is the perfect set
She slid out out the tights they were dripping wet
She tore at everything on me, until we were one and the same
Totally fucking free to bring the pain
She stood over my face feeding me a landing strip
I licked on her clit and sucked on her lips
She grabbed the back of head slamming my face up in there
This started a feeding frenzy, shit I didn't care
She turned around bending over touching her toes
Pussy to my mouth, asshole to my nose
Yes I loved it baby, her spread open like this
Me licking that asshole and giving both cheeks a kiss
Moved back in on that pussy, yes I like my plate right there
And she, yes she's brush my dick with her motherfucking hair
Moving her hair back and forth across the top
While jacking up and down, she popped it right into her mouth
She was like me equally hungry
Greedily feeding, both equally hungry
She went all tense and sprayed right in my face and mouth
While mounting my man, she said, "now that what I'm talking about"

While bouncing up and down, she fed me both tit
Holding the back of my head, my man buried up to the hilt
She was constantly spraying, my dick and ball dripping
She laid back on the couch and allowed me to start ripping
Crystal pool is what she had as eyes
Steadily hammering, my hands on the back of both thighs
This is us Boo, for a moment, and this is just a release
Her eyes roll back, yes she needs to release
Ever so seductively she reminded me there was yet another hole
Pulled out glistening and started feeding her asshole pole
She was squeezing my arms with incredible force
Steadily spraying with incredidle force
The sex is exciting and her ass is so tight
I shot my load into her ass with the great of might
She begged me to crawl up and let her clean thing up
She started from the head and worked down to the nuts
By the time she finish, the dick was satisfied with a shine
She left to change and it was time to replaced mine
Before leaving she handed me the folder, "saying don't forget it"
I told her insurance is messy, I'll fix my own shit
Written by I_IS_ME
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Thought Provoker
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Crime Diary

Extracted from my crime diary..    
An extract from a crime diary..    
Castaway in this journey..      
Whoever sees can tell am in such a hurry..      
Hitch hiking at times got lifted lorry to lorry..      
Repeat after me, I say Oh! No!..      
I don't consider this an honor..      
And until I happen to man up..      
"I know, but I'll take my chances anyway.. Placing bets taking odds upon the wrestlers of sumo..      
Hotel receptionist I met in the bar her name is Holi..      
My thrombi blocked by an emboli..  
Can't help wondering is this my vain glory?      
Keep turning me on rock steady..      
Seduce me whirl and twirl for me dream baby..      
Will you give me some head sexy lady?..      
Roll me your fine body..      
Display me your lower body..      
Twerk for me at sea level baby..  
Attend to my needs oh you kind lady..      
Play with me all day crazy lady..
Extracted from my crime diary..      
An extract from a crime diary      
Blood stains on my hands of so many commandos..      
In both my feet burn marks tiptoeing pot holes in the Mordor..      
Some courage it takes tearing the roof off breaking free from the cage in my condo..  
Find me a place in here in this mess playing along with desperados..      
Cut off from this world as a sworn ex communicado..      
You see all along just a stranger beside you. An Aficionado..
Nothing can save me not even you honey..  
Play the drum nice and slowly..      
Stay ona top of things Rock steady..      
Twirl and whirl for me Holi.. Just play me      
Will you please give me some head  iLady?..      
Pls turn me on..      
Ride on me baby..      
Then who can boss me now..      
Long gone..      
To serve am not ready..      
Castaway somewhere far away..      
In this journey..      
Whoever sees can tell am in such a hurry..      
Hitch hiking, walking, jogging, running at times got lifted lorry lorry..
Extracted from my crime diary..      
An extract from a crime diary..      
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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