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the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
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Erotic Literature

Fire of Insight
United States
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Fuck Faces

You’re the embodiment of beauty  
That my desire chases
The outline of your skin  
My fingernail traces
As I explore your body  
To find those hidden places  
Searching for that special spot  
That your soul encases
We’re in our own universe  
The outside world escapes us  
Where my manhood resides  
Your pussy embraces
No emptiness inside  
I’ve filled up your spaces
From other men in your life  
My presence erases
Before you met me  
Your orgasm’s been evasive  
Until we reach the precipice  
I put your body through it’s paces
At first came the passion  
Then pleasure replaces
Next comes the joy
And adrenaline chases
Now the tingling sensation  
Through your veins races  
But until you reach the release  
That ecstasy unlaces  
We don’t care how we look  
Embarrassment is baseless  
Enthralled by the feeling  
We both make Fuck Faces
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Twisted Dreamer
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Breathless Lungs

Passion causing breathless lungs
Breaking away, to kiss your cheek
Light strokes along your neck, so sleek
Nibbling a lobe, a breath in your ear
Down to caress your breasts my dear
Nipples pert, teased with a tip
Areola kneaded by each lip
Kneeling aside, hands gripping sheets
Only mouth, and body meets
Lingering under your heaving mounds
Pleasure confirmed by your sounds
Slowly tracing down sensation
Tickling curls of triangulation
Circling round the inner thighs
Loving your staccato sighs
Hot breath misting hotter flesh
Anticipation, reality mesh
Drawing a V on spreading folds
Exposing intoxicating holds
The bundle of nerves so patiently passed
Becomes the focus of pressure amassed
Fingers laced through my hair
Bemused as you guide my efforts there
Resisting your want, lavishly swept
By lashes down inside your depth
Breathless lungs force a gasp
Plunging again, ignoring your grasp
Table manners have no place
Abandon dripping from my face
Finally bending to your pleas
Slinking a long delaying appease
From depths to heights of nerves protruding
Your frenzied hips begin alluding
Contortions appear
On your face my dear
I pin your wrists, you writhe and twist
No longer caring I exist

Passion causing breathless lungs
Written by Mastersensation (Pent)
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Mable: A Coy Dutchess

Two buns and some meat
A burger or some anal
Two drums of some skeet
The synagogue or the cradle
I have chosen the crib
The results could be fatal
This baby needs a bib
Some cream cheese for its bagel
It wants to reason with me
It’s age makes it unable
I’d ignore it if it could
Some would call me unstable
We sit at opposite ends
Of the mahogany table
I think “slip the tip in”
I want my hog in ye, Mable
But before I throatpie the infant
I gift my sack with a staple
My cock oozes sweet syrup
I’m not talking about maple
Written by Girthquake
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

I caress her cheek
As my knees start to tremble
They begin to feel weak
Pull down pants, reveal thimble
She laughs at its size
Tears fill up my eyes
But not in embarrassment
In amusement of her clueless demise
I feed off her taunts
They help my tic tac grow
It begins to swell
To the length of big toe
Her laughing subsides
As it reaches mid-thighs
I begin to grin
As it reaches my shin
How did she not know
Had she not heard from other hoes
That mighty meat reaches capacity
When it brushes my toes
She is now officially dumbfounded
Before, expecting a thumb poundin
I insert into her cavity
She now gets the full gravity
Of the cum trap upon which she has fallen
She leaves my room eleven seconds later
Not walkin, but crawlin
Written by Girthquake
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Tales of Torture

Give her cock once and she starts to catch a feeling
Girl I'm only here so my cock can catch a kneeling
I'm not here to shine your apple, my banana just needs peeling
So orange you gonna get to it, are we gonna finish dealing
Call it blackjack if bruised when the dirty deed is done
Hit me, hit me, hit my sack, I say til twenty-one
You know what, just keep going, just keep punishing my ween
I pass two-one, so my nuts bust, I got fucked by a queen
The goal was to hit twenty-one, but her age just reached sixteen
But before we get all judgy and rude, I just passed age eighteen
Yes I know that is a felony, trust me I am well aware
But I'll be damned, my o sweet Melany, her torture skills are rare.
Written by Girthquake
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Analinguistics: The Art of Fart Box Tongue Punching

…and nothing but ( ! )

For those who have a penchant for the posterior
And those who like to go down under and explore
If you must delve deep into your naughty fantasy
Then do so with love when you kiss the back door

Of course hygiene is always of the utmost importance
As there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed
And if you must eat, then you should feast with a passion
Because some salads are just meant to be tossed

Sucker! Go ahead and lick and lap that tight little pucker
One who is lucky enough should enjoy what’s right and fair
When two (or more) consenting adults share their delights
What better delectable part to relish in than the derriere?

Swirl and dance your tongue around the rim leisurely
Make your lover feel sensations never felt before
Then dip softly in and out as far and fast as you can go
Lapping at the tiny hole until they implore for more

Such cheeky and kinky acts tend to increase the pleasure
Both for the giver and the receiver even for the voyeur
Especially when you lover’s ass sticks right up in the air  
Because for some analingus can have such a grandeur

So the next time you’re bestowed upon with such a gift
And partake in the treasures that bring joy to your heart
Rim to the brim with ravenous hunger and mighty lust
But once at the cusp beware of that one escaping fart

Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Contour and Figure

She came to me in the middle of the night,
Undressed and provoking me to no end,
“Take me” she says in all her raw nature,
“Take me and I will be your new best friend.”

“Do with me what you will” she fervently says,
“You can do anything, whatever you want,
Do with me whichever way you please, but please!
Use the right size and a really good font.”

And as I gather my thoughts carefully,
I prepare myself to fill her shape and form,
My fingers then twitch a bit nervously,
When I feel her ready heavy and warm.

And she opens herself exasperated,
Torrentially she flows right into me,
And I like a poor soul drowning and poured,
I swim in titillating mystery.

“Give yourself in, it’s all you desire,
Concentrate harder and finish me quick,”
And I revel in the guilty pleasure,
Carefully choosing the words that I pick.

“Hurry” she tells me “you’ll find the right spot –
Where everything touches and all will make sense,
Don’t be so coy, so delve in and enjoy,
Surrender completely and make it intense.”

And my guilt wilts to a languid memory,
Looking forward to giving her my all,
And I play and I shape, I figuratively break,
The confines and structures of her walls.

She becomes my exclusive creation,
From imagination to paper and pen,
I give her life in these written stanzas,
My thoughts come alive again and again.

She smiles releasing me tender and sweet,
“You did good tonight, you brought it all home”
Then she appears in these verses and rhymes,
In the contour and figure of this poem.
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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A Slave to His Mistress

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Fire of Insight
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Cap d'Agde

Her vacation’s prime goal: find a man to cajole
From the hunks on Cap d’Agde’s nude beach

Every morning she’d stroll in the nude as she trolled
For a beefcake to serve all her needs

In Cap d’Adge, of course, no one wears any shorts
As she scoped out her choice of the guys
For one handsome of course; also, hung like a horse
A colossus between burly thighs

Then she spied a young man with a golden suntan
With his back to her curious eyes
This Adonis looked grand standing there in the sand
Sculptured buttocks and muscular thighs

As she trained scheming eyes on his ass and this thighs
He turned ‘round and she gasped at the sight
For there hung the grand prize of remarkable size
And she quivered with lust-filled delight!

There were many hot chicks on the beach trolling dicks
And another girl had his attention
So she entered the mix with a swish of her hips
And erotic predacious aggression!

She ran straight up to him and knelt down with a grin
Grabbed his cock with no chance to object
The affair would begin as she tongued his foreskin
In a flash she had teased it erect

His girlfriend was shocked as she knelt there and rocked
And his manhood succumbed to her tongue
Then his girlfriend soon walked as the people all gawked
With one blowjob, she knew she had won!

After giving him head, she rolled back with legs spread
In a public and raunchy display
And his face had tuned red but his cock lurched ahead
And they fucked there for most of the day

Our girl was impressed after hours of sex
To the buzz of the crowd leering on
He had passed her cock test but he needed a rest
She had made her new beefcake her pawn

They kept fucking away for the rest of her stay
The most epic vacation she’d known
She had led him astray with her randy foreplay
And then dumped him when time to go home!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Anatomical Appreciation

there is not a muscle or structure
in the body
that has a more keenly developed sense of alertness
and ability to accommodate itself
to varying situations

it is like the goalie in hockey
always alert

they say man has succeeded
where the animals fail
of the clever use of his hands

when compared to the hands
the sphincter ani is far superior.

if you place into your cupped hands
a mixture of fluid solid and gas
and then
through an opening at the bottom
try to let only the gas escape

you will fail

the sphincter ani can do it

the sphincter apparently
can differentiate
between solid fluid and gas

it apparently
can tell
whether its owner
is alone or with someone
standing up or sitting down
its owner has
his pants on or off

no other muscle in the body
is such a protector of the dignity of man
so ready to come to his relief

a muscle like this
is worth protecting

Excerpt from the introduction of a report on hemorrhoidectomy written by WC Bornemeier and published in Am J of Proctology, Feb, 1960.)

Lost Thinker
United States
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I just jacked off to your memory!
Tell me that’s not the most romantic Shit you’ve ever heard!
Written by Incognegro
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Let’s Be Honest

She’d never experienced sex
With a woman before
She wondered how
Could it possibly satisfy
She’d considered herself
Good at the act
She could always
Make a nigga testify
Because she was so fed up with men
She thought she’d give bitches a try
But would her orgasms be spry
Without a big dick to ride?

Much to her surprise
The experience was fly
The way she ate her pussy
Was unlike any other guy!
The way she pinned up her thighs
And made their pussy’s coincide
Each time their clits collide
She released from inside!

She let go of her pride
She thought for a second...
Then cried
She came to realize
Her whole life was a lie
Her happiness she’d denied
Trusting a man who was sly
She turned,
and looked her square in the eye
She said,
“You’re my bitch now!”
And expected her to comply
“I still Love dick!” she’d reply
“But all this time,
I could’ve been getting pussy on the side!”

“Who knew?”
Written by Incognegro
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Fire of Insight
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It's Her Turn

a story, in limericks
She was shocked when he took down his britches
Revealing his masculine riches  
A Regal Ten-Incher
To ravage her sphincter  
Buttfucking his newest of bitches!
She emitted a quavering gasp  
When his phallus surmounted her ass
And marauded inside  
As she rolled up her eyes
Clenching tightly to rein in his mass  
Anal sex wasn't part of her plan
But Its vigor too much to withstand  
And her heady surprise
As It banged her backside  
She conceded--This Cock's in command!
So violently was she aroused
That she belted out guttural growls  
"Holy Fuck!" she would cuss
Lifted up by Its thrust  
As the Monster churned deep in her bowels
Abandoned by reason and thought  
Overwhelmed by the reign of that Cock  
Burning lust replaced fear
As It tore up her rear  
Her libido enjoyed the assault
She was jolted awake from her trance  
When the serpent within ceased to dance
And erupted inside her  
Cum hot as a fire
Convulsing, she screamed and collapsed!  
In her deep satisfaction she moaned
After being so forcefully owned  
Now her ass has been trained
Cock's dominion proclaimed  
She awaits her next turn to get boned!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
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Her Fee

All my hoes gave me pussy for free
'Till my best girl demanded a fee
But I laughed at her ask
And kept banging her ass
I'm her pimp, she's supposed to pay me!
With a cock that's much larger than most
All my hoes nod and smile when I boast
Of my grandiose dick
That's so long and so thick
They cry out when their sphinters get broached!
All my sluts understand they are owned
And submit when I give them my "bone"
As each bitch takes her turn
Her pimp's favor to earn
Entertaining my shaft and my stones
Now I'm dicking my bitches no more
'Cause my best girl has settled her score
She was angry at me
Now I squat when I pee
After losing my cock to that whore!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Dirty Secret

What's that dirty secret
Tucked between your thighs?
About to open up
My new discovery
You tucked it inside
My dirty secret
Now we both know
We've got a new
Dirty secret
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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