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the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
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Erotic Literature

John Wilkes Lincoln
Strange Creature
United States
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Poetry Contest

Some people write stories about the meaning of life, importance of nature, or different daily struggles. However, at the base of all genres of literature lies the most important genre of all. Erotica. Please submit any piece of writing in such a category.
There are no length requirements, specificities, or restrictions. I want to see your creativity flow from your imagination to the beauty of literature. It could rhyme, it could take me an hour to read, it could take me a minute. No matter what it is, I encourage you to post your best works on the forum. With that being said, please only submit a maximum of three (3) pieces of literature. Enjoy and happy writing!

Michael Glover
Lost Thinker
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It was 9:00 PM, I watched the TV,
My favorite anime, Mushi-Shi.

Then suddenly I hear a whoosh on the curtain,
A genie appears, wearing his turban.

He says that he will grant me one wish,
I knew what I wanted, not a dog or a fish.

It would make me the happiest I had ever felt,
It has soft fur like an animal pelt.

It can talk to me but in foreign speech,
I almost had it, it was just out of reach.

The genie knew what I wanted so dear,
And with a snap of his fingers, they started to appear.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes could see,
Ten anime cat girls appeared around me.

They were quite short, at the tallest 5’2”,
They had little furry cat ears too.

They all said in unison, “こんにちは!”
I didn’t respond, for I was in awe.

Their eyes were so big, and so glassy,
I knew that this was about to get messy.

After their eyes, I looked at their breasts,
They were so big and bouncy, I couldn’t resist.

Then suddenly they started to take off their clothes,
I sat there in place, I was so shocked, I froze.

A few even allowed me to undress them,
I was very eager, so it wasn’t a problem.

I unbuttoned their dresses, and out came their titties,
They were so nice to look at, it was quite litty.

Of genitalia, there was no lack,
I had one girl in the front, and one in the back.

Then some more of them gathered around me,
So we got down to business, and had quite a party.

They started to tickle me with their nice furry tails,
I began to giggle, then laughter prevailed.

Then we all laughed, I loved their voices,
I pleasured every girl, I had so many choices!

We all talked together, in perfect Japanese,
Not once did I stutter, or stop, or wheeze.
The girls purred at me with loving affection,
I must say I got quite a strong erection.

The girl I was on felt the cum from inside of me,
She was so overjoyed she started to lick me.

I wasn’t surprised it was only natural,
She was about half cat after all.

I couldn’t resist so I licked her as well,
I must say she did her licking quite well.

The other girls helped, they licked me all over,
Some even licked me from under the cover.

The sex that I had that night was incredible,
I had so much fun, it was only inevitable.

Each one’s Asian pussy was oh so tight,
But my penis was small, so it fit in just right.

One said excitedly, “これはとても素晴らしいです!”
All the other girls agreed with her too.

Then suddenly, I felt a cat tail in my anus,
I must say it felt like a small furry penis.

Then I looked to my left, and the cat girl was blushing,
She was so happy with the stuff she was touching.

I loved the way it felt in the crevice,
For the next maneuver it was a nice preface.

Then suddenly the cat girls all gathered around,
And they started chanting a song with good sound.

Then I felt magic in that penis of mine,
And suddenly my penis split into nine.

I had one for each girl with one girl in the back,
Now each girl could be satisfied, and I could touch their milk sacks.

“驚くばかり!” I said in awe,
They were all so in love with the weeb that they saw.

But some girls said they weren’t getting any cum,
So I had one final wish for the magic plums.

They knew what I wanted, no cares and no butts,
So they used the powers, and enlarged my nuts.

Then all the girls were happy, cum flowed like a river,
I wasn’t sure how this was possible and I started to quiver.

The girls all saw the worried look in my eyes,
So they started to comfort me with purrs and cries.

Then after that I started to feel more relaxed,
But my muscles were aching, and my body was taxed.

The cat girls knew that the fun was over,
So I got out my penises and they all rolled over.

Then they all got up, and put on their clothing,
Seeing them dressed gave me a little bit of loathing.

But it was time to go and we said our goodbyes,
I looked each one of them straight in the eyes.

I thanked each one for the pleasure they'd supplied,
But I didn’t want them to leave and that’s when I cried.

Then suddenly, the girls made something appear on my bed,
It was a framed picture of all of us in bed.

I held it close, knowing I would cherish this gift forever,
I didn’t know if they would come back ever.

“ありがと.” I said, I knew it was time,
And all the girls left, so it was bedtime.

But then, the next night, I couldn’t believe,
When again the cat girls appeared in front of me.
Written by the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
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Michael Glover
Lost Thinker
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More Than a Mission

Today was the day. As we started the ascent on the elevator up to the cockpit I could barely contain my excitement. But I wasn’t excited for the reason you might think. I was very excited to be going to space of course, but I was more excited for another reason, one that my friend Buzz Aldrin had told me about. This secret was only known by me and him, nobody else on his crew or mine knew about it. Now, you're probably wondering what that secret is, so allow me to explain. A couple weeks ago, Buzz had found out that I would be going with the second crew ever to step foot on the moon and one evening he visited me and my wife saying that he had information he had to tell me urgently. I had met Buzz back when I was in military training, because he had been the flight instructor for our squadron of the air force. I knew that whatever this information was, it must be very important. We went into our laundry room so that we could talk in private without my wife overhearing us. I was worried at first, thinking that maybe the mission had a setback or it had been canceled, but he assured me that this would be information I would want to hear. He told me that he had seen an alien on the moon. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe that extraterrestrial life was living so close to us. He had seen it when he was out alone on a mission, collecting samples to bring back to earth. Then he told me that he had been able to talk to it, and that it even seduced him. I thought that Buzz had gone over the edge, and that he had no clue what he was saying to me. He told me that it really happened but I didn’t believe it, so I escorted him out of the house promptly and resumed my dinner. And now I was here getting onto the rocket to go to space. My conversation with Buzz crossed my mind, but I assured myself that it was bogus. So we loaded onto the rocket and checked our systems, and then it was time for liftoff. Our commander counted us down from the command center, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” and we launched. The adrenaline rushed inside me as 3 g’s of force pounded down on me, I could barely believe that this was really happening. About twelve hours later we had reached the moon and we prepared for landing. We worked to center the landing vehicle and then we started to get pulled in towards the planet’s surface. About halfway down, we put out the parachutes and were able to land safely on the surface. I heard a loud and glorious cheer from the command center and we were all overjoyed. After we all collected ourselves, I looked out onto the moon. I was in awe at its austere beauty, a mass expanse of white and gray. Small hills and craters dotted the landscape far off in the distance, and I was struck by the stark landscape. It seemed inhospitable yet beautiful. Maybe there really was an alien out there. The next day, I was assigned to go on my first sample collecting mission, so I suited up and got onto my moon buggy, and went on my way. After about thirty minutes of collecting samples, I came across a large and beautiful moon rock cliff. I stopped for a minute to look at it, as I was struck by its beauty. It stretched higher than any cliff I’d seen on Earth, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I looked down and noticed something about thirty feet away from me. It looked like it was alive and... breathing. I remembered what Buzz had told me and I thought, “Is it really true?” I walked until I was about fifteen feet away from it and I was able to observe it more closely. I noticed its green slimy skin, which was covered in a snail-like mucus. It had eight tentacles, just like an octopus, and it had eyes sticking out from the top of its head. Then I walked a little closer, and once I got about ten feet away from it, it started to move. “Oh shit,” I thought, it’s waking up. I started to step back but then suddenly it turned around and looked at me. Then in a gargled, high-pitched voice I heard “Hello,” coming through my helmet comms. I was in awe. An alien that could speak English and talk to me? I waved at it, still in shock of what I had just heard. “Please come closer, let’s talk,” it said. I slowly moved toward it, unsure if this was some sort of trap. “Don’t be scared,” she said, “I can hear you through your microphone.” I noticed that I had been connected to an unknown channel on my microphone. How did she do that, I thought to myself. “I have my ways,” she said. I was again in shock, she could read minds too. “Are you friends with Buzz?” she asked. “Yes,” I said, “Yes, I am.” “I bet he told you all about me,” she said. “Yes, he did.” I said. “Ohhh,” she said as she slithered closer, her tentacles leaving a trail of mucus behind her. As she came closer I noticed that she had a smaller set of tentacles on her midriff, but I was unsure of their purpose. As she came up right in front of me she started to talk a little differently. “You're pretty cute,” she said, as she started to rub her eight tentacles on me. At first, I was scared, but then I started to calm down as she started to talk some more. “I’m going to put a big bubble around us, so you can take off your helmet,” she said. Suddenly, she blew a large purple bubble out of her mouth, and I was surrounded. “Ok, you can take your helmet off,” she said. I was worried, but now since I knew Buzz wasn’t lying it felt safe. I undid the latches and took off my helmet. I was finally able to get a clear view of this alien creature and she was able to get a clear view of me. “Ahhhh, much better,” she said, I could tell she was calm now since she could finally see my face. “How did you learn English?” I asked her. “From satellite signals,” she said. She told me that she was able to receive satellite signals within her body and she was able to learn English from them. “That was how I talked to your friend Buzz,” she said. Then I remembered something that Buzz had said. I remembered him saying that he had been seduced by the alien as well. I was unsure but I was so intrigued that I had to try it. “This light makes you a lot cuter than you were in the helmet,” she said, as some of her tentacles started to undo my gloves. Two of her tentacles started to rub my face, and at first, I was a little disgusted. But after a minute I was calmed by the mucus, and I was at peace. Then my gloves came off and tentacles went up my arms. I loved the slimy sensation of the mucus on my skin and I was starting to feel horny. Then all of a sudden I heard tearing on my spacesuit. The tentacles on her stomach were breaking through the layers of my suit. “What are you doing?” I asked in a panicked voice. “I think you already know,” she said calmingly. As she cut through the last layer of my suit, she created a seal between her tentacles and my crotch. Then suddenly, I felt a heavenly sensation on my penis. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. It felt slimy and goopy, and warm. “What is this?” I said, barely able to speak because of the pleasure I was feeling. “It’s my alien pussy,” she said, “You seem to like it so much more than Buzz did.” “I really do,” I said, I felt so nice, and then her tiny tentacles started to tickle my penis. That turned me on real quick and I had never felt something quite so nice. This alien provided me with a feeling that no human woman could provide, not even my own wife. I felt her squirt warm globs of alien sperm onto my dick, and I felt like my penis was in a sauna. But I was somewhat confused, so asked her what gender she was. “Neither,” she said, but Buzz had said that her voice sounded like a girl’s so she referred to herself as one. Then she started to compress and decompress her pussy around my penis, it was like nothing I had ever felt before and I loved it. My penis was in heaven and I never wanted it to end. After a bit of time, she said that she was ready to go to my back end for some fun. “How will you do that?” I said. “You’ll see,” she said. As she brought her tentacles out of my spacesuit, she used some of her purple cum to glue it back down. “All fixed,” she said. Then suddenly something started to expand out the organ on her belly, and after a moment she had formed a penis. It jutted out from her belly, and it was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. It was the perfect shape and size, perfectly sculpted to please and pleasure. I reckoned it was even larger than the penis of an Ecuadorian man. “Go ahead and turn on over,” she said eager for more. I turned over quickly and was ready for some fun in my hind end. She did the same process as before and created a seal between my ass and her tentacles. And as her penis went in, I felt a sensation just as heavenly as the first. It felt smooth, and warm, and just right, just like Goldilocks’ porridge. Then it started to pulsate, I loved the pressure that it applied to my asshole, and couldn’t get enough of it. It was only then that I realized the purpose of the organ on her belly. It was there to please, to pleasure, to give joy, to give happiness, and to give a sensation that could never be matched. After that, it had been several hours and I knew that I should be getting back to my crew. So she sealed up the back of my spacesuit just like she did the front, and then I had to say goodbye. We were both so sad that we had to part, but I hoped that I would be able to come back again sometime, and have sex with her again. My time on the Moon, though short, provided me with more joy than anything back on Earth.    
Written by the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
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Michael Glover
Lost Thinker
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My Time with the Ants

Deeper we went down into the anthill
We didn’t hurry, we had time to kill

We found a spot, away from the others
No mother’s, no sisters, not even brothers

Then it was time, we got down on the ground
We were in heaven, there was no one around

She was sexy, I must say
The best part was that she was straight not gay

Then it happened, I knew I must hurry
The sperm came out so quick, in a flurry

I then rubbed it all over her thorax
She moaned so loud, I knew that she liked that

Then she wrapped her six legs around me
Her cum soaked thorax was right up against me

I let out a groan so loud it shook the tunnel
Some dirt fell down and went right in my butthole

Her antennas tingle my small but tight penis
It shakes like the dance that a worker bee does

Then she brings them up to my neck bones
I laugh a little and some more sperm comes out

But then I hear someone around the corner
I wasn’t ready for it to end I was just getting hornier

He walks in,
Oh no, it’s her boyfriend
She shrieks in surprise,
She can’t even believe it

“I knew you’d be here.” He said with a grimace
He liked it a lot, seeing her naked
He got very hard, he couldn’t believe it.
I should know for I looked at his penis

Then he got mad, they got in a fight
She said this was only going to be for tonight

But then she started crying, tears dropped onto my dong
Then her boyfriend started to realize what he’d done wrong

“I’m sorry.” He said with a tear in his eye
His eyes glistened blue, like a bright clear sky

“I haven’t been able to be there for you lately,
our relationship has just been out of touch, really.”

He picked her up, cradled her tightly
“I’ll never let you go.” He said very quietly

I was sad to see her with another man
But I knew that this was better for all of us then

So we all got up and we said our goodbyes
I knew they were happy, I could see it in their eyes

So we all went our ways and I even did a happy dance
Did I forget to mention that they were ants?
Written by the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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A Place Called Loveland

Cum journey with me to a place called Loveland
Where your each & every wish'll be my command
I'm a man of my word so lay back and observe
As I fly south with my mouth like a flock of birds

I'm worth the date and can satiate your pretty wings
Making you gyrate and sing as this King starts humming
Mutual flapping of organic things that we both possess
While I simultaneously caress each of your breast

Like in chess, I'll be strategically calculating my every move
Synchronistically, we will be dancing to the same groove
I'll effectively soothe the parts of you that are very tense
Role playing, acting like Apollonia and I'll be your Prince

As I rinse and get drenched from the waters of your Lake Minnetonka
I'll spare no expense to please every inch of your body as I conquer
I wanna be your lover, fighter, one nighter or maybe even life timer
The fire to your desire and inspirer cause I'm a poetic rhymer

Not a liar, so believe the hype and even on Skype I might make you climax
Just by using my words, stimulating your curves, as we swerve via virtual sex
My text may vex your inhibitions causing you to drop your defensive guard
Then my Pyrex will engorge as you adore more and more of what gets hard
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Sexual Equation

Will you be open twenty four seven for me
Any time, any place; ready to receive the D
Exclusively so I can feed my horny, carnal lust
Until we reach our peaks and finally bust

Just us against the world on a fantasy island
Providing pleasurable pressure through your hymen
Allowing me to be the first man to enter and sliver
Causing the levees to open; flooding like a river

A giver more than a receiver in the game of love
With a goal to deliver by going beyond and above
You'll fit me like a glove; heightening the titillation
One plus one, two will cum, in this sexual equation
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Thought Provoker
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Water floodin’ me
Heaven at my fingertips
Primed and ready from poetry
Written specifically
For you

I think about you daily
And now that you are here
In front of me merely a few inches away

I look you directly
Into your beautiful eyes
And I emphatically tell you
The things your heart desires

I caress your hips
As you stand between my legs
Your eyes begging me to kiss you

Blood pressure pumping
I dip my fingers into your waterfall

Literally massaging you Clitorally
Then I lick my fingers
And kiss you
So you can taste the both of us

Your moans are deliciously
Inviting me for more

Finger fucking your G
Your essence starts to pool
In the cup of my palm
Tempting me to take a drink

I oblige my desire as you watch
You’re turned on
From the acts
Of my deviant behavior

I’m aroused
By your arousal

So I put my arms under your legs
To lift you up
And sit your pussy on my face

Just so I can drown in your...

Written by Absence
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Thought Provoker
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Let me permeate your skin    
Let my scent linger  
As I penetrate your soul    
We ride the rhythmic wave    
Of two cosmic entities    
We’ve found each other    
If only for a moment    
This feeling is eternal    
Wrapped up in your heaven    
We journey together    
To the antiquity of lust    
A forceful yet fulfilling    
Explosion of ecstasy    
Togetherness we create    
A beautiful passion    
As we blissfully embrace    
Let me dance in your Sky  
As you’re lost  
In my Absence of time
Written by Absence
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Her Flower

The creek in her crotch, I'd go in.
There's no going back from a life full of sin.
Like a kink, she so tight.
Kill her, I might.
Twisted like fluorescent lights.
Her flower, I'm Frenching her two lips (tulips).
Go down on her. Quenched by her fluids.
When it's just two of us, and there's nothing but skin.
Where do I even begin?
Lotus of bliss.
Give it a kiss.
Then dive off into the abyss.
Sing me a symphony.
Call out my name.
Her breathing's akin to me.
We're one and the same.
When our climax collide.
Our passions ignite.
Our heart rate begins to subside.
Her mannequin frame.
What can I say?
Not a flaw has been found to this day.
Written by tomgoonery (Tom.)
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Thought Provoker
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Just Your Beautiful Eyes

I don’t understand this  
what is it that I really miss  
what exactly I’m feeling  
one amazing hour of virtual bliss
that has just left me reeling  
I just can’t feel at the end  
the deficiency does really matter  
insatiable desire that’s godsend  
doused with whiskey with water  
pink or black, long or short,  
the wrapping doesn’t matter  
just keep them vibing, and  
the feeling keeps getting better  
where are you taking me? the smile that you give,  
the brow that you raise is simply evil, what are you going to do to me,  
why do i have this feeling, that i am dancing with the devil?  
I am here and you are there,  
yet I am enslaved, so you are aware  
you are make me dance, make me parade  
I’m your dance monkey playing charade  
you’re like the mighty Medusa  
and crazily wild like Aphrodite  
never have i stripped and liked it  
and you telling me to stand or sit  
i’m your slave and you’re my master  
this quarantine is not at all a disaster  
the toy you’ve given me is thoroughly better  
softly caressing me, blissfully faster and faster  
christ! why do I fell that your bristling warmth
is perfectly right between my parted lips  
jesus! why do I fell that your slender arms  
are tenderly holding me snug at my hips  
shit! your idea of passionate exercise  
is to have me squirmmingly masturcise  
and oh yes! oh yes!  
waiting till I’m frantically orgasming  
and it's just too much!  
cheekily hoping that I’ll be squirting  
never I felt this way, and you can fully see  
oh dear god!  
and the way you watch me!  
you have just made love to me with…  
just your beautiful eyes!
Written by XiaoLong
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Thought Provoker
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Scream Calling Daddy

A fine morning for a lovely gift
a Belarusian blooming flower
courier man coming off the lift
she receives it, after her shower

all excited, she now has a pair
one is pinkie, new one is blackie
so happy, she quits today’s fair
stay home, it’s time for quickie

mind’s frenzy, such’s a fantasy
phone’s buzzy, daddy’s tweets
seventh heaven, she’s naughty
pinkie and blackie vibing sweets

it’s half way through the day
so far it’s three, she’s had her way
daddy’s challenge was to seven
having no idea, time’s past eleven

sit on a chair, face the window
don’t be naked, just no panties
just have fun with the em dildo
blackie on clit pinkie in cutie’s

that’s no. 4, no. 5 is little randy
up against the wall, legs open
blackie‘s on, pinkie’s fuckin pussy
wetness, standing body is slopin

smiling goddess, she so naughty
a voice recording just for daddy
on the bed for no 6, she is ready
spread on bed orgasming steady

horny and raunchy, today’s crazy
“tell me daddy, how no 7 gonna be?
send me to heaven, I’m so horny!
need the final act to set me free.”

face down, ass up, daddy’s to see
now let blackie just roam freely
lust, make pinkie fuck your pussy
as you cum, scream calling daddy
Written by XiaoLong
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Thought Provoker
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I Was in Heaven

Moonlit sky, a zillion shining stars
the pale brightness fills the night
alone, broken, beaten with scars  
love’s roller coaster I was on tonight    
Seeking warmth, craving for heat  
salty sea breeze fills the gurney  
aimless roaming feeling totally beat  
caused for love’s wondering journey  
reminiscing, the night turns to dawn  
pondering the times, a blitz romance    
an unknown felling made to spawn  
was it bliss from her hypnotic trance  
a love story during the phasing moon  
glowing eclipse wild orchids bloom  
a lady in red just walked into my room  
her blue hair streaks with gold loom  
at that moment, ruptured was reality    
craziness was blessed with immortality    
for I’m a woman, that’s a blasphemy  
excited, the sweetness was a fantasy  
feeling her embrace, a love’s surge  
my body buckles, ages was my urge  
never imagined of such soft delight  
for this wasn’t a romance with a knight  
thus a journey, everything was right    
embraced love throughout the night  
a firm grip, I can only hold on tight  
surrendered to her, my lover that night    
satin bodiced a rosy peak she chased  
pink lace so haloed, soft silks blazed    
subtlle glance, temptations in place    
basic instinct I passionately graced  
trembling elegance me, senses awake  
romancing bodies, quiver and quake  
breathlessly, making love in a chapel  
she never stopped till I finished well  
I was in heaven, damned! She’s from hell
Written by XiaoLong
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Strange Creature
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Salt and Pepper Sexy

Salt and pepper
in that jet black hair
lights me up
pulled back tight
slick and smooth
that flash of silver shines
puts a natural highlight
on a woman in her prime
comfortable and confident
putting it right up front
honest and true
no pumped lips or fake tits
gettin’ older
and it feels good
feels strong
feelin’ strong enough
to wear your clothes a little too tight
to laugh a little too loud
because you really don’t give a damn
now that’s sexy
salt and pepper sexy
the salt and pepper
in that jet black hair
lights me up
I’ve got what you need
keep it pulled back
shiny and smooth
I’ll make it slick with jizz
get that silver to light up and shine
put enough man juice in you, on you
to keep you sexy to 70
salt and pepper silver
a woman in her prime
Written by JJack
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Fire of Insight
United States
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As she lay on the bed
Butt naked, blindfolded and in handcuffs,
She couldn’t help but wonder  
If he would be gentle or too rough?
She felt an electric sensation  
As his hand lightly pet her skin,
The goose bumps started to protrude  
As the hairs on her body stood on end.
With her anticipation building  
The wetness of her pussy began to drip,
He put her legs up in the stirrups  
And her clit he started to lightly lick.
Soon she started to tremble  
But he was far from done,
He’d bring her to the edge of ecstasy,
But he refused to let her come.
Flipped her, struck her ass with his whip.
Then he licked around her asshole
And then plunged in the tip.
He alternated the whip and his tongue,
Until she begged to be set free.
He released her hands from the cuffs
But grabbed her hair forcefully.
He pushed her head into the pillow  
Then yanked back hard on her hair,
She sunk her waist into the bed  
And arched her ass higher in the air.
She said, “Punish me!”
Surprised cause she had such class,
She said,
“I can take it, Please Fuck me in the Ass!!!”
So he stuck his cock in  
Pulled it out and put it in her cunt,
He kept alternating back and forth  
And yelled, “Is that what you want?”
She screamed in pain and in pleasure
As her pussy lips began to flutter,
He released her hair, she grabbed his dick,
To suck off the truffle butter.
Bring him to the brink then pulling back,
Neither of them was ready for this to end.
Laying down she said, “Cuff me back up!”
He obliged and put his cock back in.
Sucking her tits, lightly biting her nipple,
As he continued to stroke.
Putting his hands around her neck cause
He loves to see her choke!
Her breaths are getting shorter  
As their climax can no longer wait,
They both explode in unison  
As she starts to asphyxiate!
He gives her mouth to mouth  
Her consciousness starts to come to,
He asks, “Are you okay?”
She says, “I’m ready for round two!”
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Our body temperatures rise
As we close our eyes  
To live in sync with the rhythm  
An elegant sexual prism
As I stroke  
Lick and evoke  
Your soul  
With a passionate  
Loss of control  
As we build to a crescendo  
I’ve entered your mind  
With my lustful innuendo
Girl, you got a pussy to die for
And nothing  
Would make me happier  
Than to truly live
In between your walls  
This ineffable feeling  
Couldn’t be explained  
In words
Only emotionally  
Could I justify  
Prophetically testify
That you and I  
Make beautiful music together  
My goal  
Is to make you believe in love again  
As we both...

Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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