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Freak Of Nature Part Three

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Who Let Freaks Out At Night

poet Anonymous

Personal Playground

I want to lick you up and down
Play with your body
Like it is my personal ground

I want to explore your body like a GPS
My love is the best
Caressing your body
As it thrive in heat
Eating you until you fall asleep

Going up and down on my slide
As I enter your abyss
Take a dive into your deep blue sea
At the bottom of your ocean floor
You are my sex drug
I am addicted to you

Getting me high off your weed
Side effects wanting me to eat my meal
You sucking me as I eat you 69
On my seesaw trying to balance it out
Make you have faith in me no doubt
poet Anonymous


a story, in limericks

Emily was the dominant chick
Who would shatter my ego real quick
With short skirt and spiked heels
And her raw sex appeal
When she eagerly reached for my dick

From the moment my manhood was sprung
She discovered I wasn't well-hung
So she led me along
Stripping down to her thong
And she taught me to please with my tongue

Once aroused I was easily played
Emily loved to mock and degrade
With nicknames for my dick
Like "pee-pee" and "toothpick"
I endured it all just to get laid

I kowtowed as she slandered my groin
With my face buried deep 'twixt her loins
Just a cunt-licking whore
As I knelt on the floor
And my tongue left my dick unemployed

With her pussy unfurled for my tongue
And my dick throbbing hard drooling cum
She convulsed with delight
And then laughed at my plight
And forbade me from dicking her bum

How I begged for the fuck I was owed!
For my balls were about to explode!
I had given her tongue
It was my turn to come!
But she vetoed my chance to unload

Then she pushed me down flat on my back
And her toes gently fondled by sac
"With small pebbles like these
I could never be pleased!"

Then her kick left them purple and wracked

Next I yelped as that mean little chick
Laughed aloud as she seized hold my dick
And I shot a big wad
As she clawed up my rod
With her nails leaving bloody red nicks!

As I lay on the floor and I wept
Clutching genitals bloody and wrecked
"You can never leave me"
She announced with vile glee
"That's just something you'll have to accept"

She soon told every girl at our school
How my manhood was too miniscule
Such an undersized schmuck
Was unworthy to fuck
And she called me her cunt-licking fool

She repeated my genital shame
And soon all the girls knew my name
In my small-dicked disgrace
I could get no more dates
Except with my crazy old flame

All the girls liked to fuck with my mind
As my manhood was roundly maligned
Their guffaws and cat-calls
At my small cock and balls
Soon my life was a pussy-whipped grind

Girls would taunt "You can never compete
With a guy packing normal-sized meat"

Then ambushed after class
They all pulled down my pants
Making fun of my junk too petite

I suffered a great apprehension
My dick drawing all this attention
Now everyone knew
And my hornyness grew
Although none of them saw my erection

When my lust became too strong to bear
I realized I was caught in her snare
And although she's insane
I asked over my flame
And I begged her to cure my despair

She agreed to my sheepish demand
Cooing "Time for some head, little man?"
I had taken her bait
And the blow-job was great
But that bitch had her own vicious plan

I moaned with eyes closed as I came
And I never caught sight of her blade
So I didn't resist
As the flick of her wrist
Left me dickless in terrible pain

"That's the last time you'll make a demand
From now on, I'm the one in command
What I say, you will do
Or I'll take your nuts too!"
And she left with my cock in her hand

Now it's hers and I can't have it back
But I'm horny with balls still intact
Since I don't have the guts
To cut off my own nuts
Every night I'll be tonguing her crack!

With no cock I can never get laid
Always horny, by hormones betrayed
What a secret to bear
With no penis down there!
It's that secret that made me her slave!

I thought things couldn't get any worse
With no penis, my balls were a curse
I can never unload
Like I'm going to explode
'Cause she carries my cock in her purse!

She demanded I heel like her pet
And she kept me in line with the threat
She might show the whole school
My diminutive tool
Until I had paid off my debt

And what, you may ask, did I owe
Since I paid with my cock for one blow?
I'm her cuckold for life
Since unmanned by her knife
I lick pussy so no one will know!

But my secret was hers to bestow
And her good friend Dianne also knows
'Cause she showed her my cock
Now they titter and mock
"You've got nothing but stump down below!"

When Dianne heard my latest disgrace
She told me point-blank to my face
"You're giving me tongue
Or I'll tell everyone!"

Making two cunts my tongue now must grace

When my girl caught me eating Dianne
She seized my nutsack in her hand
And she squeezed and she crushed
Both my balls into mush
Thus leaving me fully unmanned

She was angry that I failed to ask
Before tonguing another girl's ass
And my tongue was still there
As she ruined my pair
As my punishment for the offense

While still crushing my balls in her fist
Emily gave my scrotum a twist
By the time I looked back
She had ripped off my sac
And she held it up, mangled and squished

Now my crotch felt like lightning had struck
And my thighs uncontrollably bucked
I convulsed on the floor
As her fingers dripped gore
From my testicles mashed into muck

Dianne ogled my bloody castration
Aroused by my tongue's titillation
Her finger and thumb
Filling in for my tongue
To conclude our cut-off fornication

Dianne squirted and squealed as she came
As her quim fell upon me like rain
Emily took her place
And sat down on my face
As I lie there with private parts maimed

I got queened by her pussy and ass
And I'm lucky she's such a small lass
With a snatch shaven bare
So there's no pubic hair
Emily has the sweetest of cracks

Emily let Dianne have a turn
And her pelvis soon started to churn
But Dianne's pussy meat
Wasn't nearly so sweet
And her bush gave my nose a rug burn

That's my life, but I'm no longer bitter
And I'm proud that my tongue makes them quiver
Now my secret stays kept
Because I'm so adept
Dickless eunuchs make prize pussy-lickers!
poet Anonymous

Snow Day

Snowed in

Reading poetry on the couch

Sipping a hot cup of tea
With lemon

Dozing off to sleep

Suddenly you feel
A warm
Tingling sensation
In your nipples

Rubbing in a circular motion
Your areolas start to grow
Sending oxytocin to your brain
Alerting your finger
To descend to your now throbbing clitoris

As you find your way
Down your body

Temperature elevating

To your surprise
Your hand finds my head
As you were searching for your
dripping wet
Aching to be satiated Quim

Suddenly you feel my arms
Under your legs
Pulling you closer
As I dine on your deliciousness

As I lick
You twitch
Then you relax and enjoy
Every movement of my tongue
You ride the wave
Deeper and deeper
As you grab my head
I caress your breast
As you hold on for dear life
Until you...


A wave of passion
Satisfying satisfaction
Runs down your legs as you tremble

You realize you’re all alone

You open your eyes
To see it was all a dream


That you now need to clean your couch
poet Anonymous

Ecstasy of Gold

sleepless, the stars I stare at dawn
clueless, memories I ponder upon
tiredness, tears from the eye storm
weariness, growing apart a new norm

the supernaturals had their plans
the mystics had magic in their hands
lovers living in a thoughtless land
dramas from a heavy metal band

known for years, unknown was the matter
it was a disaster that left life totally in a clutter
knowing you for days, the heart starts to be beating faster
chemistry was a true factor, these stories will be getting better

open aired and only deep blue seas miles ahead
earning myself the rest only then I shall take her to bed
her voluptuousness mixes with the breeze, passion’s to my head
thrills and shocks going down to my loins, waking up earlier then the watershed

only an embrace, and the hormones are off to the races
I wonder what will it take for endorphins serotonins oxytocin and dopamine to find their space
and throwing a towel in the ring good ol’ adrenaline wants it’s place
hey!! best to settle down and wait ... the lover will come to share her grace

grace, that ain’t the way! I want to know how she’d taste
let’s start with the ears, lips and her beautiful face
Ohhh ... then just stroll down her neck, a hickie or two I’m not gonna let it waste
then downwards to them double awesomeness, damn!!! tautness needs the tongue’s pace!

wherever my hand may roam man... there’s an exogenous zone
hormonal chills oh fuck... are spitting down to her bone
peppered with kisses, climbing mound of Venus straight to home
oh yes!! I found the way to the moisture valley just pass her pleasure dome!!

wet and dry... baby feel my tongue and hands, they are subtle
bright and light .. baby the spark in your eyes and the weight of its lids
arched and buckled.. baby you body is so nimble and I promise I’ll be gentle
whispers and moans .. baby I feel your vibe and awwww the sounds from your lips

pause a moment... learn that’s she trained in the art of moans
I’ve been told that the effort to know that is rather bold
many may have mistaken it as the way to the center of her sensual thrones
start with her mind, tenderly and gently... the revelation was love hole shining brightly with the ecstasy of gold
poet Anonymous

A Rhythmic Buckling

craving your lips, your mouth, your hair  
ocean grey, leaving my heart heavily in despair  
silently starving, I ponder our blissful moments  
only to hear you say, it’s been a wonderful enlightenment

nourishing pieces of eat Indian breads  
dipped in a bowl of soup, sweet lentil spreads  
your delicate fingers making dinner the main order  
you don’t quite have any obsessive compulsive disorder  
I desire for your enchanting smile  
hunger for your intoxicating laughter  
desire for your rousing stroking style  
my hunger for you, needs nothing the morning after  
your sweet serenade, captivating!  
you’re passion incarnate, ravishing!  
I’m totally enslaved, oh darling dear, please be aware  
it was so easy, it started with just the way you care  
hot bathtub, the forbidden’s awake  
luscious breasts, feeling them quake  
heated loins, her sensuous touch  
the soft warm hands, finding my crotch  
“oh christ! hot flushes and I feel that bristling warmth”    
“perfectly right between your parted sweet pink lips”      
Oh Jesus! I feel the snaking of your long slender arm      
throbbingly holding me snug at your gentle fingertips  
a cougar, she’s beyond imagination  
her tightness squeezes tighter and tighter  
my knees weaken, I’m losing concentration  
mounted by the thighs, straddled desire  
racy heartbeats, I like being dominant  
embracing love’s passionate moment    
bountiful booty, a rear view simple to adore  
fondling the moist clit whilst on all fours  
screaming moans, I press her face  
deep warm pussy, I’d pound till there’s embrace    
oh yes! oh yes! she’s loudly pleads, orgasm’s building    
endorphic eruptions, her trembling flesh reverberates a rhythmic buckling!
poet Anonymous


As she lay on the bed
Butt naked, blindfolded and in handcuffs,
She couldn’t help but wonder  
If he would be gentle or too rough?
She felt an electric sensation  
As his hand lightly pet her skin,
The goose bumps started to protrude  
As the hairs on her body stood on end.
With her anticipation building  
The wetness of her pussy began to drip,
He put her legs up in the stirrups  
And her clit he started to lightly lick.
Soon she started to tremble  
But he was far from done,
He’d bring her to the edge of ecstasy,
But he refused to let her come.
Flipped her, struck her ass with his whip.
Then he licked around her asshole
And then plunged in the tip.
He alternated the whip and his tongue,
Until she begged to be set free.
He released her hands from the cuffs
But grabbed her hair forcefully.
He pushed her head into the pillow  
Then yanked back hard on her hair,
She sunk her waist into the bed  
And arched her ass higher in the air.
She said, “Punish me!”
Surprised cause she had such class,
She said,
“I can take it, Please Fuck me in the Ass!!!”
So he stuck his cock in  
Pulled it out and put it in her cunt,
He kept alternating back and forth  
And yelled, “Is that what you want?”
She screamed in pain and in pleasure
As her pussy lips began to flutter,
He released her hair, she grabbed his dick,
To suck off the truffle butter.
Bring him to the brink then pulling back,
Neither of them was ready for this to end.
Laying down she said, “Cuff me back up!”
He obliged and put his cock back in.
Sucking her tits, lightly biting her nipple,
As he continued to stroke.
Putting his hands around her neck cause
He loves to see her choke!
Her breaths are getting shorter  
As their climax can no longer wait,
They both explode in unison  
As she starts to asphyxiate!
He gives her mouth to mouth  
Her consciousness starts to come to,
He asks, “Are you okay?”
She says, “I’m ready for round two!”
poet Anonymous


…and in his mind he heard “if you fuck ‘em, they will come”...
That’s when Viktor decided to build himself a machine,
An apparatus designed to make the women cream,
Like a dream schemed in the mind of a deviant teen,
He'd lure them into his lair and fuck ‘em to the extreme.
Viktor spent years building the device in his basement,
For one day it would take over as a replacement,
But if you ask anyone, this was no easy task,
He customized it so it would fit into his shaft.
He made it look natural, complete with brakes and pads,
Hooking up the electrodes right into his gnads,
He built controls to be able to change length and girth,
A fitting for each woman always making it their worth.
Then he’d prowl the clubs at night and seduce the females,
Promising them bliss with all the vivid details,
And those who took a chance on Viktor would enjoy the ride,
His contraption always left them very satisfied.
His became a thing of legend and urban erotic lore,
Every woman fell in love because they wanted more,
Viktor kept improving the machine he erected,
He'd work until his performance would be perfected.
One night in his lab as Viktor tinkered with the device,
He heard the voice again giving him the same advice,
He looked around and couldn't see where it had came from,
As the voice again said: “If you fuck ‘em, they will come”.
Just then a loud bolt of lightning struck across the sky,
He removed the wires quickly so he wouldn’t fry,
But the computer registered a strange anomaly,
Viktor became supercharged anatomically.
The shaft became fully engorged and it grew quite large,
Baffled that he didn’t know how to control his bone,
Viktor screamed “IT’S ALIVE! It’s got a mind of its own!”.
As Viktor trembled with fear, he felt a strange spasm,
“What do you want to do?” He asked almost out of breath,
And Viktor went out into the cool October nights,
Picking up women who were curious with delight,
But ORGASMATRON would leave women so elated,
He’d pound them so hard until they were dehydrated.
Women would scream and cream in the agony of bliss,
Leaving Viktor unsure if it was real or just piss,
They would pass out as ORGASMATRON would then connive,
Escaping into the night unsure if they were alive.
And Viktor would go off and find another victim,
Then it didn’t matter if it was a male rectum,
ORGASMATRON took over until Viktor was numb,
Obeying his new master, fuckin’ em until they’d come.
So men, protect your wives and girlfriends it’s your duty,
And if you’re not into it, make sure to guard your booty,
A ferocious dong prowls amongst us ‘til early dawn,
Beware of the sexual monster called ORGASMATRON.
poet Anonymous

Mable: A Coy Dutchess

Two buns and some meat
A burger or some anal
Two drums of some skeet
The synagogue or the cradle
I have chosen the crib
The results could be fatal
This baby needs a bib
Some cream cheese for its bagel
It wants to reason with me
It’s age makes it unable
I’d ignore it if it could
Some would call me unstable
We sit at opposite ends
Of the mahogany table
I think “slip the tip in”
I want my hog in ye, Mable
But before I throatpie the infant
I gift my sack with a staple
My cock oozes sweet syrup
I’m not talking about maple
poet Anonymous

Your Orders

Tickle the cock, the balls, and the gooch
Then come around
Give anus a smooch
poet Anonymous

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

I caress her cheek
As my knees start to tremble
They begin to feel weak
Pull down pants, reveal thimble
She laughs at its size
Tears fill up my eyes
But not in embarrassment
In amusement of her clueless demise
I feed off her taunts
They help my tic tac grow
It begins to swell
To the length of big toe
Her laughing subsides
As it reaches mid-thighs
I begin to grin
As it reaches my shin
How did she not know
Had she not heard from other hoes
That mighty meat reaches capacity
When it brushes my toes
She is now officially dumbfounded
Before, expecting a thumb poundin
I insert into her cavity
She now gets the full gravity
Of the cum trap upon which she has fallen
She leaves my room eleven seconds later
Not walkin, but crawlin
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