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Make Me Fall

poet Anonymous

Dialated Worship

There's something in your eyes.
I can't quite perfectly describe.
But I'd love to take a lifetime to try.

To memorize every detail of your iris.
Until i could close my own and see them.
As the rythmn of my heart rises.
Leaving me dropped to my knees beneath them.

Speechless in awe, and left in silence.
Begging for any touch to reach you.
It seems impossible to describe,-
This view from level of thighs,-
Looking up at precious eyes,-
I want to teach you.

A lesson in your beauty.
Are you aware of their perfection?
Or the power they possess throughout?

Locking eyes uncage my soul.
These lovely windows of detection.
Are enough to recreate myself devout.

I could worship every pigment.
I would pray you wouldn't blink.
I would clutch your hem,
Forgetting to breathe.

And as my lungs filled again,
I would weep from what i see.
Pupils so deep,
That they instead teach me.

That life is truly amazing.
That i am thankful for each day.
That i have been graced beyond my worth,
To look your way.
poet Anonymous

Held in the Promise of Our Eyes

Would I seek you with abandon?
Am I captured by your eyes?
Would I wrap you in affection,
and hold you till we die?

Yes to each and every question.
Our loves might not be lost.
For you I’d kneel and place a tear
with no thought of future costs.

Our words are short as life itself
that parts with morning’s lies.
But for each night we’ll sparkle and shine,
held in the promise of our eyes.
poet Anonymous

I Love You in a Hi-Chew

I love you; I gave you a Hi-chew
I never denied you  
And never tried to hide you
When I was lost I would always find you
You were my lil short girl, only a little over 5”2
Days with you were always sky blue
Now the road is mine and I’ve nowhere to ride to
Now I only see you from my side view
And there’s an ache when I pass by you
Did you even find the Hi-Chew?
It wasn’t grape but I hope the taste will guide you  
Don’t let this space between us divide you
Don’t let another’s mask disguise you  
I said I love you in that Hi-Chew
So much more than a simple haiku  
The way things ended, I really want to despise you  
But I couldn’t even if I tried to  
Just know I said I love you in that Hi-Chew
poet Anonymous

Give It All

An illusion there is more time and perhaps
There really will be more moments
Where I forget it all
As I find myself In your arms

On the verge of what words can capture
I am captive to you call
Lift me to your presence
For your love, I give it all
poet Anonymous


in threaded  
sewing night
across her cheek
must have
been love
must have been

poet Anonymous

Sounds of Your Stream

It's your inside that I see outside
The outerness only an unchosen title
Should you whisper, or bark, your intentions
I'll be aware that your meaning is vital

Please train my senses; know it takes time
We'll make patience a must foundation
I'll prove that's true by honoring your space
Until you soften your fortification

I only long to prove myself worthy
To gain your willing intimacy
To have you secure in self-expression
Joyfully baring your soul to me

I long to bare mine without fear
Please contemplate this possible dream
Let's put a toe in the trickling water
My heart awaits the sounds of your stream
poet Anonymous

.. most exquisitely

from what I see..
most exquisitely,

two golden eyes,
alluring smile,
a profile splashed
with heavenly,

a special queen,
a romancer’s dream,
elegant Intelligent

i know you are taken,
but if ever forsaken,
i’d call on you

a fortune for thee,
but don’t count out me,
both would agree,
that you hit a love lottery,

drop whatever I’m doing
when you call on me
you are come first,
the one and only

then the promise
on blended knee,
respect, romance in ecstasy,
pleasing you.. and only you

until you get tired of me.. :-)

you see
I girl has got to have options!

poet Anonymous

Crush My Crown

“ Crush My Crown”

A crushing blow to my life, deeply severed
Death to the only love that ever mattered
The other half, identical twin to my heart
Now my heart is being ripped & torn apart

No more walks on canopied paths
O' how I wish our final kiss would last
N'er again will my crying be hushed
Once full life, has now been crushed

O’ shant I ever gaze upon thy face lover?
One day without you, very thought I shudder
As they lay thy body to rest, will ye finally sleep?
Crush my crown, for I shant ever again love so deep

Dear Gods please take me to the field of white lilies!
O' let me lie beside him, in the quiet earth please!
I can't bare to trudge these grounds without him
O’ Satan I'd rather you tear from me my limbs

Back to the dust, thee have abruptly been sent
Hourglass spills sand, this world now I resent
N’ er shall my heart ever grace another chest
A very sharp dagger, now plunged into my breast

Now I spend all my days & nights completely alone
Just waiting to retire, my hollowed out bones
So that I may resume, my place in your heart
Then I can return to Cupid, his delivered dart

The Punk Poet…
  Always Be Punk…
Always Be Drunk…
  (On Poetry)
poet Anonymous

Only through yours.... (+Spoken Word)

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