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Make Me Fall

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Lure, entice and capture my heart. Absolutely no graphic erotica. I want to believe that love is real and attainable. That intentions can be pure and desire can come from the heart not just the body.

I'm a busy lady and I don't have time to read long winded meandering soliloquies. So please, keep your entry short, sweet and to the point. Someone please, go beyond what you think of when it comes to finding love and do some research. In other words, if you want to win, come find me and be the one I need. You only get one shot in life so that's all you get here. One entry per poet. Lastly, I am taken in a serious relationship but my bedfellow is short for words and he doesn't mind my self fulfilling online desires.
Therefore, come one come all and see if you can prove to me that the pen is mightier than the (sword) 😉

poet Anonymous

Coddle me at your Breast

Humbled deep down
Honored by worship offering
A Viper though
Can't help but to bite
Symbolism has no path here
A lonely rider
Out on the wing of solitude
Gentle breezes
Keep me at bay
I won't come for you
Just feed me at your breast
Coddle me to sleep
poet Anonymous

Woman of Power

Live and let die, Oh! Scent of a Woman (haa!)..  
Live and let †die, Oh! Scent of a Flower (haa! ).. † †  
Live and let me die, Oh! You Woman of Power (haa!).. † †  
† †
† †  
The love recipe you fed me curved up my brain shaping up Parabola.. † †  
Your body figure's like that of the bottle of Coca-Cola.. † † †  
Gonna keep this in mind when life turns you into a sexy mama.. † †  
Every breed of mine will live to address you as their mama.. † †  
For me your love spell compelled me surpassing every spells or magic tricks from Harry Potter.. † †  
They all face me and despair every dead eater.. † † †
Never a crime, you misusing my dollar.. † †  
Each time between us when things go sour.. † †  
Nothing.. is cool till you give me a shower.. † †  
This is what it takes for me to show you how much is our intimate power (haa! ) .. † †
To your tune I will touch my toes and glide let me go gaga (ha! ha! ) ..
poet Anonymous

Cosmically Intertwined

Looking into your eyes and I see the cosmos
In this present moment in time, I am froze
Desiring to go and explore your vast galaxy
A temporary escape from worldly tenebrosity

An ecstasy where you're Venus and I'm Mars
Baby, you're always inspiring my poetic bars
You are a shooting star whose heart I'm pursuing
And once I capture it, you better bet, I'll never be losing

It is mesmerizing to every one of my senses
My intent is stealing it and its consequences
I'm aiming for the fences; refusing to strike out
My love and admiration are two things you'll never doubt

I'm 'bout that life for the woman I'm gonna wed
Allow me to assist with the strife that's rife inside of your head
I wanna do more than just spread your legs in bed like a V
No my Queen, we're destined to be together for eternity

I truly believe that we are cosmically intertwined
And maybe that's the reason why I can't get you off my mind
I'm poetically inclined so I composed this rhyme for you
Listen intently as I'm softly, whispering these words to you
poet Anonymous

Why Do We Fall

All is lost, hope is gone
fear at the stroke of dawn
nothing there is to focus upon  
except a lady from sweet Babylon
did love and joy abandon you?
did mental anguish grow in you?
is strength dead in my head?
why Iím awake past the watershed?
all efforts, nothing was saved
despair, the mind is enslaved  
misery, thereís nothing fun to see
eternity, is this how itís going to be?
for the diamonds in the rough
the search is obviously tough
the soft strikes against the hard
a spark of ember, a will in your heart
let the games begin, it will get better and better  
let the aims kick in, we will get nearer and nearer
let the flames begin, passion gets hotter and hotter
desireís by the River Thames, we age to be crazier and crazier
honesty and truth lights up the way
whatís ahead, it isnít a lonely day
just go astray, relationship will stay
like the shooting stars, a millennium away
let go of dismay, no regrets for trying hard enough
sweet darling buds of may, there nothing here that a bluff
dance with me, let them hips sway and sway
end the passion play, making love at the Byronís bay
start with an embrace, let the hormones go off to the races
what would it take for endorphins serotonins oxytocin and dopamine to find their space
throwing a towel in the ring good olí adrenaline also wants a place  
oh my alluring beauty !! settle down and wait ... your lover will come to share his grace  
oh darling dear, stand tall, let life prevail
youíre stunning and mesmerizing, for you love will avail
hold on tight, to all that you hope, and remember never to bail
why do we fall? To pick ourselves back right up, onboard on the love boat that sails ..
poet Anonymous

Falling The Resin

Caressing your soft breasts
my raven hair angel
listening to the sorrows
of the wind lifting the veil
a sweet symphony of cyanide
of bitter almonds
falling like resin
as twilight descends
with cellos crying melancholia
tasting death in waiting...
letting go
listening to the sorrows
touching on tomorrow
poet Anonymous

Untitled Poet .

If there was one last dance †
sweet-wild-child, it would be with you  
my love  
breaking the line  
untill my feet bled †
while the music broke the rhythm †
in my head  
If one last poem was written  
I'd write it for you love  
search the metaphors  
similes †
and alliteration, from the depths †
of the heart, till blood no longer circulated  
Typing each phrase with so much care †
that my fingers would cramp †
filling it with so many words †
it would challenge the dictionary  
If there was one last breath †
beautiful woman  
I'd use it to lock lips with you  
Gasp it and hold it  
left with the taste of you †
swirling in my being †
sucking you in  
to feed me for eternity  
† †  
If I fall again  
I want to fall into you, babe †
from the top floor of the empire estate  
A free fall because  
I love you  
If there is one last prayer woman †
I pray I never again would have to †
lock you away †
and that we could be together †
love inked in each others lives  
even if only †
for my very last day  
my lovely  
† †  
† †  
poet Anonymous

An Immeasurable Love

For Trishie
You keep querying how strong my love is.
I canít explain the extent of my feelings,
For Iíve got an immeasurable love.
Darling, I love you beyond estimation.
Do I really treasure and adore you?
You should know the answer by now.
I couldnít accomplish anything without you.
Youíve helped me in so many ways.
Youíre worth all the love I can give.
Nobody can evaluate the love of my heart.
Itís a love that canít be measured.
My love will comfort you for a lifetime.
Stop questioning how much I love you.
Darling, just accept my immeasurable love.
I love you more than you could imagine.
My heart wonít run out of love for you.
poet Anonymous

Her mystery

Hot coals the pathway burn the feet
to bear the fire of cool reproach
for in the winters bleakness
a candle, that just flickers hope

As loves vultures circle high
your smile the talons that will grip
the desert of emotions parched and dry
lips like bows, the eye transfixed

I, the prospector, with a pan of dreams
 a shining nougat glints within my grasp
in the grit and stones between
you are the prise, together bonded fast

Prospecting, streams the pulse
words of passion, a prisoner paroled,
released. Expression just to leap and vault,
escaped. Your beauty to extol
poet Anonymous


Loveís apparition compels me toward heaven
A fantasy, shared, during nighttimeís repose
As higher I climb to sate passionís obsession
My dream, drenched in music my lust has composed!
Awaken, my angel! Your dream, a portentó
Imagined arousal shall be realized!
In my arms, will you share my most tender ascent?
Shall my quill ink your parchment in song, at sunrise?
poet Anonymous

If I...

If I could sing
I would write you a song
Your beauty
Is a lyric
A masterpiece your spirit

Iíd serenade you romantically
If I could hold a note
The way you hold my heart
My feelings Iíd emote

Iíd sing to you with love
Showing my affinity
Just seeing your beautiful smile
My sweet sounds of serenity

If I could carry a tune
Iíd sing until your hearts content
Iíd let the world know
That you were my Heaven sent

If I could ride a melody
Iíd express how happy
Only you can make me feel
Every morning Iíd ode to your beauty
So youíd know
My love is real

If only I could croon
Iíd tie your heart
To my string
Iíd make you fall in Love with me

If only I could sing
poet Anonymous

Love I dreamt

On the flat end of the mountain tip
(Where ever this is, my heart did sail)
Where sun and rain sign a peace slip
Stands a love that will never fail
Beauty and brain and together stay
Tender and caring and never stray

A queen who loves more or just same
Respecting all, and the most high
Whose imperfection is just a name
In love's flame then, here we will die
Hush! wake me not from what I caught!
For in the real, I know it not
poet Anonymous

She Talks Through Me Like The Feeling Of Summer

Air becomes so fresh as you speak.
I pay attention but your words shatter within me.
I take your word serious.
So smooth the feeling checks in good.
Every time.
People wonder why the vibes strike so strong.
Awaiting a label they persist with interrogations.
Is it possible to ignore the moments that you feel?
poet Anonymous

Godís Gift

Iíve never been flashy,
Or a narcissist.
Iíve never been greedy,
But if I had one wish,
Iíd be Godís gift to you
Because I believe
In love that last an Eternity!
Iíd be just the man youíve been looking for.
Iíd fulfill your dreams,
Plus so much more.
Exclusive devotion,
To you Iíd give.
Allow me the chance
To show you what love is!
Most men want to be players,
But if they only knew,
True happiness comes from giving.
I want to be Godís Gift to you!
poet Anonymous

Her Alluring Eyes (Reprise)

In her alluring eyes I find my secret paradise,
Like a portal that us mortals wish to go through,
Where I reside in an eternal ecstasy, reprise,
In her heavenly embrace I completely subdue.

Like a portal that us mortals wish to go through,
I pursue the secrets to make her fire go higher,
In her heavenly embrace I completely subdue,
Into a world and realm of dreams and desire.

I pursue the secrets to make her fire go higher,
Immersed with a thirst that canít be assuaged,
Into a world and realm of dreams and desire,
Where my dire passion can never be caged.

Immersed with a thirst that canít be assuaged,
It lingers as the flames spread and take flight,
Where my dire passion can never be caged,
To a place full of grace and endless delight.

It lingers as the flames spread and take flight,
Where I reside in an eternal ecstasy, reprise,
To a place full of grace and endless delight,
In her alluring eyes I find my secret paradise.
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