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Imagine, What If?

Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

sometimes apparently knowledge platforms processing possibilities methods reflection imitation by experiences .. Imagine, What If?

Testing your mind for a futures reference.

Fire of Insight
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Blither Blather

Methodical making meniacal man
Neuro pentameter nuclear clan
Psycho semantic scrupulous scam
Radial rancor ramshackle land
Measurable distance time on demand  
Centripical force part of the plan
Molecular life revealing the code
Genetics mathematics distinctive geode
Creation elation Darwin is dead  
Instinctive migration Omni Alpha Zed  
Preconceived pattern symmetrical view
Perfection perception alabaster blue  
Prisms illusions radiant rays
Orbital motions divide night and day
Copernicus Hermes Hercules Zeus  
Calculated confusion undeniable truths
Written by Medinda
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Fire of Insight
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Sacrifice Mass

Kicking, screaming, tearing hair
Sweaty face and eyes ablaze
Deep inside the mammoth lair
Screeching silence, bloody haze

Gentle woman naked lying
Feasting beast, sacrifice
Viscous monster, babies crying
Untold sins of ancient rites

Soft and sweet, wet licking tongue
The silent prayers, will she be freed
Bound tight in oral ecstasy
Her climax waits to take the seed

People laughing, cheering, singing
Pyers burn for harvest time
Paper dancers, bells are ringing
Famine's end, how sublime

Winter springs and summer falls
Seasons echo, pay the due
When the day has come to call
Make the dead be born anew

Plunging hard into the darkness
Numb and tingling, orifice
Red lips open, slightly parted
Wants to take and give and give

Fading out like fleeting shadows
Down the hall into the grave
Bodies churn by fire light
The mouth commands, become my slave

Simple minded chanting peasants
Kill the life, thing be fed
To this birth bring the presence
Thankful crops for unloved dead

Madness drifting over ages
Piper calls, endlessly
Humans tortured, anger rages
Herded mass, never free

Written by Medinda
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