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Pride and Deconstructed Prejudice

Nathaniel Peter
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Poetry Contest

Write 2 poems one from your point of view and one from an opposing point of view.
My uncle is Jack Phillips. He is the baker from Lakewood, Colorado that refused to customize a wedding cake for a gay wedding due to his own convictions about marriage biblically being one man and one woman. This of course led to him being persecuted by the Colorado government in 3 different lawsuits, one of which he is still dealing with today from a lawyer who tried him from a different angle after the first lawsuit wherein a cake was requested to celebrate said lawyers gender transition. At any rate he would have sold them anything else in his bakery but due to his own values could not in good conscience violate his own sacredly held religious beliefs. The reason his case is so pivotal is not only for the sake of standing up for Christian rights in the midst of government and liberal oppression but the rights of every man despite creed. If the government can force a cake artist to create a cake that makes a statement that violates his personal values why could the same government not force a poet to write a poem that violates their values? At any rate, while the nature of all of this is controversial, I actually want to present this competition as a means to invite people from opposing points of view to empathize with the experiences of another person's point of view even in the midst of perhaps bringing us into an understanding of empathizing with your world view. So if your an LGBTQIA sympathizer, consider the fact that my uncle was by no means an activist against your community but was targeted and sued despite other bakers that would've been more than happy to bake the cake and customize it for them. Consider furthermore that my cousin and her kids and my grandmother are at his shop and help him run his business and the idea that they initially answered phone calls that were death threats simply because my uncle had a different world view that influenced how he chose to run his business. Consider the fact that his dad fought in WWII but my uncle was compared in the media to Hitler. This is not about direct confrontation but seeking to bridge the gap in understanding a person on the other side of the way you may be prone to see things. Even as a Christian I consider the idea of what feels like a desire beyond your control or something in your mind that convinces you, you were born in the wrong body. Help me understand your experience and if you can even seek to understand a perspective that may challenge your own. Max 2 poems per poet. One that seeks to empathize with a view other than you own and the second to illustrate your experience in a way that moves on my heart to persuade me of your point of view. One month.

Essex Boy
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Actually, I’ve changed my mind. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Here’s my poem:

Elegy for a Christian Baker

Brandon Teena was a trans man
who in 1993
was raped and ripped apart.

But that’s just fine with me.

Matthew Shepard was a gay man
who in 1998
was pistol-whipped and tortured to death.

But I’m above such hate.

I heard his blood was cleansed by tears.
I heard they tied him to a fence.
I read that years
before, as a teenager on tour
in Morocco, he was beaten and raped.

His and Teena’s bodies
were the canvasses on which
the Christian way of love was drawn.

But I’m facing my own dark dawn...
I’ve been told that I must sell a cake.


Another telling quote from the article linked to above, by the way:

“At the time Phillips made these refusals, as now, Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in places of public accommodation, such as a bakery.[12] Craig and Mullins decided to file a discrimination complaint in Colorado against Phillips, stating that they had been denied “full and equal service” due to their sexual orientation.[13] The Colorado Civil Rights Division opened an investigation. The investigator assigned found a half-dozen other instances of Phillips “turning away customers on the basis of their sexual orientation, stating that he could not create a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony or reception.”[14] This included refusing to sell cupcakes to a same-sex couple for their recommitment ceremony because the bakery “had a policy of not selling baked goods to same-sex couples for this type of event.”[15]”

I would encourage you to read the article in full. Basic Googling reveals so much.

Tyrant of Words
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I've worked my entire life          
mastering my craft        
I'm a designer, you see        
at Masterpiece Cakeshop—        
my own company        
I'm not young, by far          
I come from a belief          
that Jesus is King—        
my King, who will deliver me        
I have served the homeless;        
I have served other religious affiliates:          
Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist        
because it matters not        
who enters my shop;        
they all receive the same service          
I do not discrimminate          
against the color of your skin        
or your sexual preference        
because it matters not        
who enters my shop;        
they all receive the same service          
Furthermore, I don't request          
that you change what you believe          
in order to appease me          
or receive service          
You need not enter          
quoting scripture;        
you need not enter          
professing Jesus is King          
All I ask in return          
is the same—please        
do not expect me to change          
to appease your belief    
Marriage is between
a woman and a man
I will not change
my view on that belief      
Deep inside, I know that I know        
the truth of Love, somewhere—        
it hides its face behind fear          
And I don't yet realize          
that a commissioned masterpiece          
would not alter my faith        
in the least          
But, I am unconscious—        
grounded in fire          
and brimstone        
I have not yet learned  
that Love cannot be contained
in a box, label, or belief
I have not yet learned       
to hang all the prophets and law          
upon Jesus' two commandments:          
Love the LORD your God          
with all your heart and soul          
and  mind
And, Love your neighbor          
as yourself
I do not realize          
the opportunity I missed        
to share the gospel          
with those in disbelief        
that I accepted a commission        
from a gay couple—    
as Jesus serving publicans    
and sinners  
And why, exactly, I chose Love        
over ego and fear of burning        
amid flames filling my mind with doubt       
vs floating atop the Water of Life          
fulfilling my heart          
Give me time—        
maybe in the next life        
I'll live what it's like          
and finally understand          
Written by Ahavati
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Notes in the Author's note.

Tyrant of Words
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cloventongue89 said:

Write 2 poems one from your point of view and one from an opposing point of view

                                 i am religious and observant

i am religious and observant
i am but God's humble servant
i see life as He has shown me
my belief in Him is fervent

to Him i am committed
to His laws i have submitted
my life is one in His duty
i shun everything He's prohibited

i see the light in His command
and that is the light that i know
i fail to see what you demand
for your light to me lacks 'that' glow

i do believe in live and let live
just as the Just God has told
so please afford me the reprieve
for i am not one of your mould

i refuse to concede what is my right
for your take on freedom and justice
and like you i too believe in a just fight
my meaning of The true God's service

[P.OV of a Believer (my own close family and friends amongst them) who know only what they know and have lived their life more or less by it. The only true 'education' they've received. They are people (men and women) of conviction so when one's at that spot and that point in their life, it's pretty hard to 'change' what they've truly settled in for.]

judge humans- is nope, not your call

oh you dear fervent believer
i hope you in fact had 'known' more
than just a command's receiver
the meaning of love at its core

if you believe in oneness of your God
The maker or of all life and death
i don't think you would have forgot
the meaning of love and respect

the Creator of black white and grey
i don't see He ever meant to say -
live and let live  not for all life
not His children if they not obey

freedom cannot be selective
depending on what you believe
law of the land's the directive
you cannot decline to receive

once you say open for business
you've signed up to service them all
you're not the arbiter of fitness
judge humans- is nope, not your call

my personal perspective view/opinion from the opposing side. To oppose I do believe you DO NOT  necessarily have to be the enemy.

Tyrant of Words
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Doesn't really add up now does it?

Missing from the equation?
All other religions you are dismissing
as if yours is the only belief system that  
counts or amounts to something substantial
Isn't there some Biblical scripture about vanity?
The math gets even fuzzier  
as same sex marriages performed  
beyond the compounds of Christianity
aren't recognized as legitimate unions
among Humanity because your God  
supposedly said so
Why doesn't the respect ever go
both ways?
Other belief systems
so insignificant
so small  
when it comes to Big Religion
where XX + XX  
or XY + XY  
equals Zero
atheists somehow rate miles above  
the LGBTQ crowd
and heterosexuals not truly in love
can marry, divorce, and procreate  
like nobody's business
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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One down, one to go.

Nathaniel Peter
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There Are No Rights In Hell

How do I broach the subject
When more truly I am divided
As I preach of the persuasion of biblical view
I understand my argument seems all one sided
And thus is my desire to seek to truly understand
Despite my inclination to cleave to what I think I know
I just wanted to see the world through the eyes of another
As I peer inside your open window
Caught somewhere between my honesty and my truth
Even emotions can lie, governed of desire to cave to preferences of temptation
If you knew the demons in my closet
You might understand I'm just one sin away from my own humiliation
True, you speak of all the ways
Heterosexual Christian aspiring betrays
When I've known my own battles with my lust
As i salivate over the exploitation of such beautiful dust
Nevertheless let's call this what is
By the terms of the open intolerance for my world view
And what is love but even inconvenient truths
To challenge the ways we self destruct, to save myself as much as you
When convictions followed of personal creed
Has nothing to do with my rights over your own
But simply that I would not betray the God I love
Whose laws trump the laws of this land authored from a divine throne
Mythological you say to demean and discredit my experience
As if yours is superior to all the things that proves this faith to me
Even a clever and intellectual liar may make his case
But death will be the end of contention to prove
Who's right and who's life is its own captivity?
Upon last breaths to say I love you
I don't want to have to say I told you so
But your pride informs your prejudice
If this is God's words than who do you really hate but a being you don't really know
Not that mine are exalted as if to be said the final authority
But simply inspired by a bible as much a credible source of history
Of every source you cite to date and assume it's accuracy
Having neither of us been there in any event of the past is still a mystery
All I can say is love for God first and then man
For should my love for you overtake my devotion to virtue
Then I betray with my affections the same that created both of us
Seems a greater consequence than the way you say my values hurt you
Who died and gave you the right to usurp the position of an idol
I'd rather die in the fire than bow to the whims of your philosophy
Even should it offend you what I choose to believe, I offer no apology
Please understand my motive in correction is not hate
But simply to stand to inform you of the consequence before it's too late
Yet not for the fear of what damnation but the fear of a God who is love
As I reverence His design for the institution and the biological makeup of
Identities and orientations in a crisis of your self rejection
If God created you one way who you are you to spite divine affection
And still in the eyes of those in love with their will to misunderstand
You'd sooner cleave to the anchor of your mind and take pride in a broken upper hand
You'll win for now, but to what end when it is the eternal law versus the temporal
Can we lead a life of sin so good, the pleasure in the vapor is worth its weight in the possibility of hell
Agree to disagree, but I feel it would be a disservice to condone a way that would walk you straight to the fires
Never the less I wish you well, on your journey to make a god of your carnal desires
Nevertheless I target not your sins as any greater than my own
But let's call sin what it is rather than embrace a lifestyle of anyway we can be depraved
It is not any one sin as greater than another but the arrogance and impenitence in the guise of love that sends our souls to an eternal grave
Heed now these words as you flock to listen to those that merely scratch your itching ears
The life you choose of your rebellion will seal your fate with all your fears
Should it be that you could descend into the pit
I would imagine your rights in the here and now is a lesser loss or win forged of the counterfeit
Oh vainglory, I hope you see the day when all your dreams come true
And you achieve the false peace in the acceptance of a world that doesn't care about you
Cause for all the rights your revolution will press on to gain for now as you gloat in the limelight of where your hopes dwell
You can have the world but if what I believe is true, there are no rights in hell
Yet I speak this not as a threat but fair warning from a friend
I'll take the stone to be cast and named a bigot to speak the truth you'll hate me for
None of us may know all the ins and outs until the end
But is it worth the risk in truth to find out what death may have in store
Wrong I may be but lesser the consequence it would seem for me to merely return to dust
But what if you're wrong, and you gamble with your soul on playing roulette with fate
The sins we embrace to the rejection of the cross finds us all in danger of burning with lust
What if I love you enough to tell you the truth before it's too late...
And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting... Romans 1:28
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Tyrant of Words
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The Preacher's Confession

You come to me asking for the Lord's blessing            
to be cleansed of sins you're now confessing            
I confess to being less mystified and more truly stumped            
I thought I was here to help guide you along            
preach the Word of God and sing His mighty song            
not listen about the neighbor's wife that you humped            
Why don't you just keep those details quiet            
I'm breaking out in laughter to the point of riot            
Why is it so difficult to grasp His beautiful Way?            
You are forgiven if you're a likewise forgiving soul            
With free will comes a price that takes its toll            
Meanwhile, you're free to screw with whomever you lay            
Don't give me that familiar old song and dance            
about how the Devil won't let you keep it in your pants            
or that he is busy luring everyone into strange beds            
If you're too weak to resist the Whores of Babylon            
you really haven't been listening to me babble on            
about how yawl fabricate these excuses in your heads            
Why, if I had a dollar for everytime I myself gave in            
Well ... I'd be wealthier than the Vatican!            
And should spontaneously combust in hellfire            
At the risk of repeating myself once again            
especially regarding affairs with women ( or men )           
you're only tempted by that which you already desire            
If you want to do right by the Almighty            
you should brush up on your Aphrodite---            
from Greece we inherited great tales of forbidden love            
I don't think any of those stories ever ended happily            
In that era when eternal damnation was common, see            
Jealous lovers were a force to be more afraid of            
Now, if you would please excuse me for a while            
I have more pressing matters to reconcile            
The choir awaits for me to direct them in song            
And if you know of any other ladies who want to sing            
Mrs. Anderson will be in the back room auditioning . . .         
My God, I think today she's wearing a thong          
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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A golden oldie for my 2nd entry because something told me aside from Love, Laughter is the best medicine for what ails the world.

We're all human, just winging it based on personal interpretation --- even the Popes over the years don't agree with one another.

( It's actually about 15 years old; maybe more moldy than golden LOL! )

Consider it a place holder until I come up with something better!

Thought Provoker
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A Plea Bargain while sitting in my Living Chair

This Plea Bargain Paper placed on top of the table waiting for my signatures..        
Haa! I laugh.. Coz it me makes me..            
Can't you see I'm bunging resting on my living chair?..
They said no matter how you feel..              
Get up!            
Dress up!            
Show up! And never Give up..            
Oh well, it's a daily routine for most. It's also mine at the same time..            
How I live..            
I get up if I am lucky to see the next day light..            
I dress up simply because I have to show up wherever I got business to care..            
If you are not the given up type, cool..              
If you give up..            
I mean everything?            
The only possible true state you gonna find yourself next is called Apathy..            
This is how it is mentally, logically            
faithfully, morally and proven clinically..            
Apathy is cold..              
Trust me, I was there once or twice..            
Many people go and many people return..            
Some stay behind and never come back..            
Logically, if you truly give up on everything mentally, faithfully and socially..            
You most know from that moment the expectations of getting up, dressing up as well as showing up are long gone..              
You are done!
For a second don't ever think reading the tales of my journey will give you cheers..
Nor I don't expect you to shed tears..              
Turmoils in our societies I contributed my fair share...            
There have actually been many Shadow Warfares..          
In your mind you'll end up having thoughts of maybe "You should start minding your own damn affairs"..            
All the gossips why do you hear?..            
It is because of the worldly opportunities, competitions.              
Bad blood between us peers..              
You are lying!.. Bitch!              
Deep down I tell you there must be something you really fear..            
At least for every two individuals at some point in time..            
They will eventually differ in thinking..       Differ in feeling..            
Differ in wishing..            
Differ in willing..            
Differ in believing..            
Now you see, it's not the same shoe sizes we wear..            
I asked again the gossips why do you care?..            
Not a Republican..            
Not a Democrat..            
Everything's a farce..            
There's a very little chance of me receiving some public jeers..            
My habits you asked..              
Good or the bad ones?              
Old or the new ones?            
Odd and weird, I got tones from each and every one of these my dear..            
I got demons and it's up to me to choose my choice to stand a fucking chance fighting my fear..      
Embedded in my soul so many Mafias..    
In my brain, it's been a while..            
I'm very sick..            
Rolling deep down the dark tunnel..            
The Doc said my case is very rare..            
Body counts or number of victims I no longer care..            
The hunger games, playing in my sick head is of will and sheer..            
Frictional force in my brain is no longer dynamic but static..  
Take for instance your neighbor for over a decade is a serial killer..            
A family member an respectable old fella engaged in pedophilia..            
Do you think this shooter took an oath at birth to end up being a mass murderer?        
A gay friend..            
A gay sibling sister            
A transsexual best friend..            
All of which you don't know about..            
Your only true, honest opinion, feeling as well as an understanding of this possible case scenarios lies in your mind..  
A Bargain Plea..  
I will break it down for you..          
Was it because of the compulsive masturbation?              
This myopia..            
I cautioned you concerning your worried fornication now you see the cause of your hypermetropia?            
Was it the bloodshed?            
This necrophilia..            
People wondering he molested the child..    What causes            
Man and man            
Woman and woman            
The weird things we know yet we gossip.. Hence the homophobia..            
People suffer from acrophobia            
So much Hatred!            
Even my xylophone is rattling..            
For those of us hiding behind the mask..            
Well, at least I am able to understand you..            

Nothing is as it seems..            
So, I'd rather sip a beer..            
Lying or resting on the couch..            
Smoking weed sitting in my living chair..            
Never judge me on how I look, joke and even cheer..            
You've no idea how far I'm willing to go to accept a plea..            
Bargain with my demons that I no longer fear..            
Rolling deep down the tunnel..              
I can feel it the end is very near..            
Daylight is not far away..            
Immediately outside this tunnel..            
Meet me, I will darken your light all I need to know is do you dare?..
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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Thought Provoker
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Fantasy Recipe

Oh! Pease let me be..
Have a taste of my recipe of fantasy..    
Opposite charges attract each other..(negative to positive)..    
Like charges repel each other..    
So much lust it taste..    
In my Recipe of Fantasy..  
My Recipe of Fantasy..
Have a taste from this recipe in my fantasy..    
No charges!..      
Notice how far I can dwell inside my mind..  When no intruders in my colony!..    
Our aims and objectives for going experimentally!..
Half lyf?..  
Fuck half life..
Iam online!..
I don't give a fuck bout your style of life..
My phone battery life full..
Thinking about Monica from phone erotica..
It's already after midnight..
So inside the room, it's gloomy..
Laying on my bed..
This x video sluts..
The Q movi harlots..
Casting couch! Ohh!..
Think of it..
The milfs,
All the other crazy porn (Act!) tresses..
Every time I do drugs..
To them I blew it from my knots..

Hey, you ladies please keep toe to toe..      
My roofing sheets come blowing..      
All of a sudden clear views of another day after some very long nights see my horn blow..    
My girls please let me know it any time you see me crossing your line..      
Fill with rage, anger, though combined with pure honesty..
Alumina illumina me.      
Oh! Mammy..    
Illuminate me..    
Oh! Mammy..    
I'm so sick, you are my only remedy..    
Oh! Mammy..    
For me to heal take me into your custody..    
Pardon me, let me gonna me..    
Oh! Mammy..    
Oh! Pease let me be..    
Just having a taste of my recipe of fantasy..    
Pray for me!..
Just wait a minute! I am taking a walk through my mind..    
Give a minute!    
Trying to capture the true/false thoughts living within me..    
I feel like reaping inside my heart..    
Cockatoo cocktail..      
Watched workaholic zow zow..      
Workaholic worshipper workshops      
I even made a mark here in Warsaw..      
This is how it sounds when you don't stop YA, self going cock to cock..    
Fuck the museum when I said marsupium I only mean to joke the pouch of a kangaroo..
Alumina illumina me.      
Oh! Mammy..    
Illuminate me..    
Oh! Mammy..    
I'm so sick, you are my only remedy..    
Oh! Mammy..    
For me to heal take me into your custody..    
Pardon me, let me gonna me..    
Oh! Mammy..    
Oh! Pease let me be..    
Just having a taste of my recipe of fantasy..    
Pray for me!
It's cool if you read this shit and it sounds to you like being a clown..
You let me do this nice thing..
Played with the kite as a kid, it made me smile..
It is you who cry when I cry..
Oh! Mammy..

How you brought me up..    
What you taught me as a child..  
I'll testify..    
Just one day!..    
Don't let me deny..    
Oh! Mammy..    
How you pampered me..    
Don't let me dry..    
Oh! Nanny..
Have a taste of my recipe of fantasy..    
Opposite charges attract each other..(negative to positive).    
Like charges repel each other..    
So much lust it taste..    
In my Recipe of Fantasy..  
My Recipe of Fantasy.
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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Twisted Dreamer
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The Fault In Your Stars

It's my business  
which is none of yours!  
In this rowboat of Michael's  
I command the oars  

When God shuts his windows  
He always opens up doors  
Don't let them or me  
hit you in the ass  
as you swim for the shores  
Fait accompli  

The Word explicitly says  
you're going against the stream  
of the Lord's expressed desire  
and I won't be
an accomplice  
ferrying you to your fate:  
QTBLs and Gays  
likely to drown  
in a lake of Fire  
Those with abnormal ways  
Hells most certainly await  
Only children designated  
male and female from birth  
by parents and doctors  
are predetermined worth  
being loved  
having sex  
and marriage  
I won't apologize  
for everyone else  
being a belated abortion  
in God's eyes  
The fault in your stars
is yours for lacking oars  
and not being a miscarriage  
Written by Anarchitect
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Twisted Dreamer
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Our Heavenly Father is loving and just                
Obey His laws, you certainly must                
For He hath surely condemned the          
It clearly states this          
in my Twentieth Century                
Revised Modern English Translation                
Of The One And Only Holy Bible                
Misinterpretations of which          
you are soully liable          
With His weapons of mass destruction                
Sodom and Gomora were annihilated                
without a single ounce of regret                
not a sliver of remorse                
Almost every resident violated                
that little known Thirteenth Commandment                
chiseled in stone:          
Thou Shalt Only Have Heterosexual Intercourse                
Nevermind the part of the story                
in which the Lord in Shining Glory                
turned a blind eye to Lot's proposal        
( having his daughters gangraped and sodomited )               
or turned his wife to salt             
( bitch was deserving ( totally her fault ) )               
Crystal clear, no muddy text here                
Nothing for you to get excited about . . .                
Forget those other verses                
Joe Religionist oft is apt to shout              
---the need be heeded words of Leviticus                
among which the Almighty clearly mandated                
animal sacrifices to purge your sins            
the Death Penalty for disobeying His laws                
toleration of slavery among other things                
Please try not to focus on these flaws!            
Homophobe, through my telescope                
I see you orbiting the globe                
playing God's satellite In quisition                
unleashing the Anal Probe                
What sadistic angel                
perched on your shoulder                
and tugged at your lobe---                
filled your brain with distrust                
questioning the everyday Job?              
It would please us if Mister Jesus                
returned and not a minute too soon                
Raptured those lacking independent thought                
away to some secular, secluded moon                
Let them colonize their own private Heaven                
far away from every loving Christian                
Paradise Lost on the edge of the solar system                
How nice it would be for us and them                
A planet free of homosexuality                
to compliment their own warped reality                
like Adam and Eve and all the rest                
who felt that incest was the best                
Homophobe, through my telescope                
I see you orbiting the globe                
playing God's satellite In quisition                
unleashing the Anal Probe              
What sadistic angel                
perched on your shoulder                
and tugged at your lobe;                
filled your brain with distrust                
questioning the everyday Job?                
Written by Anarchitect
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Nathaniel Peter
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Born This Way

Who am I in this shell of my ways
Where failure speaks as to deny
But what are my options to forge acceptance

To perform a fabricated honor of how I was raised
Without depth of integrity but a fraud
Living on the whims of the way I am praised
Yet in my heart I am far from God

Just call it transition from faith to the easy way out
As I identify with a version of myself conformed of doubt
For the sake of the approval, the applause of my pride
Giving way to the reality of who I think I am inside

Bias to desires indoctrination and the word I revise
Relative truths to justify my lifestyle
Taking scriptures out of context to endorse my whys

Am I faking to believe or to deny
When every word I write is far from an act
But I am a kingdom divided, cloven of faith or to socially attract

Versed to speak for one of two
Advocate to the legacy of my mother's devotion
As I pretend to be someone worthy of speaking for You
All the while doubting my absolutes when swayed by emotion

What's to be said but to relate in my aim to become the authentic me
Do I believe every word that I speak or who it is they want me to be

Love and lust of fine lines
I cast off the restraints in my lack of vision
When I fake confidence all the while caught up in the conflict of my indecision

What is love but to comprehend what seems to be what I cannot change
Though willfully I strive to paint my stripes a color more lovely
My way of thinking I cannot rearrange
But as I let my guard down can they see the beauty in what I see as ugly

Reflections lie from the mirror's lips accuse what I see
Guilty conscience for the way these judgements are utilized to abuse me

Spiritual suicide by way of the weapon of unbelief
I slit my throat with the culture that seems to know the best way to find some relief

Label me or empathize, when I feel like an addict before seen as a man
Pornographic orientation, should I just say this is who I am?

When my hearts a whore to fantasy
And I make love to the shell
I dont have to die to meet damnation when my body is my living hell

Reconstruct philosophy to fit right in to this world view
When to love my own corruption is to reject the reality of You

Activism to prove my love after the ideals of this blind romance
I fall in love with my own sin to the point that my happiness in this moment is worth the cost of the chance

Heart affairs with hypotheticals, when it's my right to betray
In my defense of my adulterous tendencies, I can't help it, I was born this way...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Per request of the host, this comp has been adjusted to display only the opening post and any entries.   This is in no way, a silencing or censoring of views, beliefs and voices, but rather to keep the competition as a competition and to steer discussion to the other forum threads, which are just for that-- general discussion

If there are further questions about the expectations of this comp, please private message the host with your query to clarify

I will remove my own post here as well, prior to the end date of this comp and when the comp is complete and winner chosen, I will restore all discussion posts here.  For now, this is just to be able to focus on the entries .  Thanks everyone!

Fire of Insight
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In my world there are boys              
just as pretty as girls            
holding hands with girls                   
just as handsome as boys              
For some, effort's required                    
or it comes naturally wired          
There's plenty of variation                
under the sun in my world          
IN MY WORLD!          
reside people ugly on the inside              
spewing a whole lotta      
needless noise              
living in resentment           
having zero control                    
over gender bending        
Absolutely NONE!                    
Can't control a goddamn soul              
Not a single ONE!                    
How it chooses to live its life                    
in any variation under the sun              
in my world          
IN MY WORLD!        
where apparently everyone      
can't mind their own fucking business        
Otherwise, Life would be more FUN!          
Yeah, Baby!        
Perhaps there's more to this      
than meets the eye ..?      
And more genders      
to add to the mix                   
beyond four ... five ... six . . .                    
The sky is never the limit                    
in my world  
under the sun  
Life's supposed to be fun                     
Always meant to be enjoyed      
Whatever your heart's contents                    
by design        
are one of God's many                

Written by MaryWalker
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Essex Boy
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My love is unequivocal. To sin,
a manor born, and in that house we dwell,
us mortal billions. Begin
to understand, I beg. The hell
I fear is not a Middle Age dungeon.
I would not hurt you if I could.
For my eternal condition
is just as tied to origins of wood
and rock. The bleak, corrupted earth.
That your urges are of Sodom
does not mean mine are worth
a damn. The caul of man drips with venom.
The hell I fear is death without my God.
But we are still brothers, from womb to sod.
As if my test must be harder - because
when I was twelve the core of my being
refused to take the mould, but paused
instead at my own sex - I’m told a ring
cannot be mine. We fight in sight
of God and governors for what should be
a simple right, a human right
enjoyed as a matter of course, though we
are pointlessly denied. We win,
or think we do. The violence and cold
we felt outside Love’s gates, the sin
that you claimed lived in us, lost hold.
But now, again, you lash out in your hate
and try to lock Love’s businesses, too late.
Written by The_Silly_Sibyl (Essex Boy)
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I get it if the host wants to boot me from this contest, but as this competition did end up inspiring me to write something, I thought I’d share.

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