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Pride Month!

Strange Creature
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Hot Pink

A fine pair of legs it has to be said
Fuchsia pegs in hot rocker pink
Flamboyant queen, he or she,
Decidedly queer you have to agree
Fluffy boa thrown back in disdain
head held high, such a beautiful creature,
in sizzling coral, obsidian black,
But please be respectful; stand well back.

He makes his move, stepping gingerly forward,
first one foot, a knee bend, itís just a tad awkward
like walking through mud in ones best shoes.
He lifts his wings to shoulder height
Thereís a snap like a twig, then a vigorous flapping
He shakes out his feathers like the girl on TV
Sheís worth it she says, and so is he
Stretching his wings, fanning a rainbow

Glancing regally over the crowd
Spectators gushing over birds in drag, what a fine array
They expect a display and he doesnít disappoint
the watchers flock, gathered at the shore
pointing cameras, binoculars, excited natter
muffled by raucous avian chatter
a thousand birds, burps and slurps
Objections, ripostes, catcalls and chirps.

He begins his run, sticks his neck out and gallops forward,
walks on water for a second or two, and then lifts himself into the sky
Flying low like the aeroplanes behind,
Itís a short run to the new set of groupies
Frisco for flamingos here at Alyki,
Come see for yourself Darling, I insist
Itís a show to die for, not to be missed!.
Written by PGLithag
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Gender Identity

Who makes the decision as a person stand
Once life exits the birth canal are you now considered woman or a man

Pink or Blue
We extend our congratulations as we waited for this handsome bundle anew
However, what happens when oneís not sure after coming of age
The mentality of your gender, a person just cannot gage
Parents dealing with alter egos and the backlash of identity rage
Marbles and trains become dolls and dresses
Counselors out of pocket expenses to determine undetected sexes
But mama, I feel that way everyday
I should have aborted you, your gender related issues keep getting in this familyís religious ways
Yet, I still continue to pray
You would wake up and do as a boy should play

Is it wrong Is it their right
When feelings to connect with the same sex becomes their day of light
Daily legal fights within the realm of society labeled misguided mental flights
Dealing and accepting their personal plights
No one in our family has ever met this fate
Wait, allow me to get this straight
You want to what! Change your sex with hormone pills
Oh my God, please help this family, are you for real
My family, my friends, my church, what would they think
You have shunned this family long enough, you were in the blue, now all you see is pink

People, we must learn to love all
Each personís destiny is always Godís call
Laws to protect
For the silent seeking genders, you may never have met, being a nurse, not yet
Universal love
Showered from above
Do I personally judge
I am a person, who do not like to form opinions, or keep a daily grudge
Itís a moral decision of who they think they are, who they desire to be
I respect you all, just do not hinder me
If you feel I stepped on your toes, as my words are set free
Or my voice
Your lifestyle, as you must respect other peopleís verbal disbelief of choice

However, may your inner decision give you peace, therefore, may the masses learn to forgive
For the ones who refuse to understand, do not condemn their attitudes for the way, you live
I will say, thereís enough room for us all
Just do not beat oneís unacceptable head against a wall
The mind during conception
A misguided chromosome rejection
People will tell you itís not in the DNA
How could you be born and flip your gender the opposite way

Should society shun those who have hid their presence behind a closed door
If God makes no mistakes then what are we complaining for
Discrimination to settle a mental score
Knocking a personís feelings for their gender related issues to the floor
No one knows what goes on inside the mind of a person who is born one way, yet acts another
It doesnít make their journey any less easy, that seed still came from the womb of a mother

Feelings felt in his or her mind
To want to change from Godís initial design
Do you think there is a heavenly clause
For the seeds created, planted and delivered with a hidden pause
A twisted existence no one wants to applause
Your journey is your own
Letís just all support, and leave well enough alone
God tempers the land as he sits on his throne
If anyone, he should be the one to pick a bone
Every melody prayed up to his ears is their lifeís song
Sex same marriages
Surrogates paid for same sex baby carriages
The same two and two as they love
Demonstrations, begging to change laws, which was B.C ordained from above

God has to be cordial some may say
A man shall leave his father and mother and cling unto his wife as noted, itís the Bibleís way
I remain silent, I suppose love is blind
As a nurse, itís my creed to always give peace over troubled waters to a confused mind
Maybe the wrong word to use
To them, no internal confuse
Gay pride parades are their mental muse
I can only imagine, society such as this
Only want arms to embrace, lips to kiss
This world has moved so fast to place this issue on my Nurseís poem wish list

To discuss
In as much
But hey, this existence effects some, not all
I would be hypocritical with words if I did not place someone elseís silent issues for a surgical procedure such as this magnitude on roll call
For a world so vast
Donít worry about anyone elseís breath, breathe as if itís, your last
I hope I did justice for all who reads to admit, hey, that could be me, or a friend to some form of degree
For the eyes of acceptance, Iím sure they only want to be
Rather you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender as seen in your eyes
I have long ago resigned my, what! get out of here! or my whys
I am trying to maintain my own earthy existence of spreading love and a future home in the sky
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Ryan M. Becker
Strange Creature
United States
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Tyrant of Words
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Stretched out on the floor  
our 'bed of pillows'  
she laid between my legs  
me, leaning against the couch
as her head and body rested †
on my chest, within my arms †

We watched Swingers  
for the umpteenth timeó  
her fingertips  
circled the delicate skin  
of my hands and wrists †
bewitched - I watched her, unknown †
relishing each caress of her fingers, †
deeply inhaling the smell  
of coconut mixed  
with Florida sunshine †

A combination  
that still inflames, †
when sense memory  
instantly bellows a cry  
of her remembrance. †

Pinpointing sexuality's self origins, †
where a heart and body's  
enmeshed realizations †
spurs confidence  
in a conjoined reaction  
of newly blossomed raw ardour †

to her
and her affects on me  

Relief, at it finally making perfect sense. †
Desires for her  
so exquisitely pureó  
cherished and white hot  
were always there  

A lifetime of curious neediness †
met and satiated  

in every way  
i had once hidden  

then, decidedly shown  

Written by Bluevelvete
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Under Ground

I passed two women kissing
Young lovers caught in passion
A man jostled against my side  
In a hurry to go anywhere  
that held a more beautiful †sight †
than could be seen here  
I think not  
But I couldn't stay and gaze  

I also had to go, catch my train †
When I came to the platform †
I passed a woman pissing †
Old, drunk and stinking †
Her back against the wall  
Many people passed †
It seemed they didn't care  
And neither did I really  

I took a ride on the Underground †

When I stepped off the train †
Going to my destination †
I passed an old man crying †
He held a violin and played softly †
Tears rolled and beauty was born  
But I couldn't stay and gaze †
I had to go and catch a cab  
First I placed a bill in his case  

I stopped to buy a paper  
And caught the sent of desire †
It held me transfixed in time  
I turned to search for its owner †
A pretty smile and hypnotic eyes †
I saw a blush flood across her face  
Frozen in each other's gaze  
I had no where to go now  

Written by Medinda
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Fire of Insight
United States
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My apologies

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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hey medinda

thank you for your entries, unfortunately the second piece goes against the comp rules on erotica, you are more than welcome to submit another piece in its place, i look forward to another entry 🙂


Guardian of Shadows
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Son, my son

can say with conviction
and honesty, the journey
has been mostly easy

for me, anyway

cos this fatherís love ainít fussy.
all I really want you to be
is alive

#NoPoo  #EveryLetterInTheAlphabet  #Pride/Proud


Dangerous Mind
Korea, North
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lepperochan said:


Thanks for your entry mídear 😊


Thought Provoker
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Lesbian Lovers

I am rebellious, a secret Iíve crypted
itís years now, meticulously scripted
a secret of mine has gone unspoken
for what itís worth Iím still unbroken

facing this little beauty on her knee
the sweet memories coming to me
closet years catching up eventually
time for me to accept my identity

a cruel society, Iíve survived so far
ďLove thyself, lovely that you areĒ
with the beauty, festivities to bestow
desirous yearnings I begin to show

a cold chill breeze in the winter snow
this need for you does simply grow
a kiss so lovely under the mistletoe
soothed by a brandy and Cointreau

Iím prudish, suffering with an agony
for years the emptiness is killing me
times of darkness Iíve seen so many
coming to my senses, so let me be

feel the passion from her lips flow
sensations as those blue eyes glow
the past lovers were of loss and woe
her love just made the memories go

two locked lips helping inhibition go
slithering tongues teasing to and fro
exploring arms over breasts so soft
passionate caress in the hidden loft

tangling tongues, wandering hands
on her luscious curves never to end
blouses as itís peeled tossed aside
perky breasts to grasp never to hide

taut nipple pressing thru a lace cup
bared pink areola, a sensitized nub
longed for this moment of embrace
overwhelming libido on her pretty face

unclasping full pinkness gets free
grasping softness of palms glee
kissing suppleness tongue-in-cheek
devouring tenderness knees are weak

joyful sounds of a romantic night
sensual gasps of moan and sigh
us ladies of desire on sexual delight
Iím a lesbian loving her serotonin high

Written by XiaoLong
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Essex Boy
Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Venusí Honeypots

My love, Iíve filled our bed with carnations.
Please tell me you recall?
The bunch that sat by your bedstead
the first night we made love.
I watched them as they drank the sun,
and you performed your toilet in
the tiny menís en suite. Itís been years since
Iíve felt another womanís touch,
my breasts against hers, so
that now the carnations
are even lovelier, knowing that youíll
be here soon. My husband thinks Iíve
turned frigid, and takes it as a blessing.
Heís not been well since Ď93. But you
and me... for me, at least, are all thatís left
in Loveís yawning graveyard.

I know itís sin. I know itís so perverse
men hardly mention it, except
in bawdy jokes. Yet sinners know sinners,
better than the virtuous can sometimes
know themselves. We saw each other
and we knew, that day in Devon,
years ago, when we had sand and sea, and Time.
If Sapphic lust has doomed us since that day,
come to the bedchamber Iíve lain
with carnations, and give to me your pain,
so that for this weekend at least
I may store it with my corset and parasol.
Then all that will remain is our bodies,
your breasts, my breasts, your hips, my hips.
The honeypots of distant Venus brim
with Hellís nectar. Satanís flesh pots
are where such mockeries of union
belong. Yet what we understand as wrong
is wrought within us nonetheless,
the metal unrelieved by years.
To Venus, then, come float with me,
among the stars and cold recess,
we Sapphics cured with honeyed nakedness.
Written by The_Silly_Sibyl (Essex Boy)
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Thought Provoker
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Death By A Thousand Kisses

All Over Africa
There They Are
Everyday Brothers & Sisters
Fighting For Recognition To Be Alive
So Many To Count In Their Tribes
Living In The Shadows Pretending To Be Normal
Too Great The Danger Were They To Step Into The Light
Safety The Sanctuary In Remaining Hidden
Secrecy Reveals Truth
Judgement Awaits You
With Every Word Spoken
The Swinging Of The Hips
In Each & Every Step
To The Clothes Commanding Discomfort
Enraging The Blood Thirsty Observers
Seeing Fashion Sensing Nonsense
Self Appointed Censors
Passing Judgement Leading To Fields
Swallowing Those Innocent Lives
Whose Souls Accompanied With Hymns & Choruses
As Flowers Are Placed Above Coffins
Enclosing Defeated Battered Abused Bodies
Being Laid To Rest
Finally In Eternal Peace
Written by Laluma
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Non Binary

She said she wants
To be called them and they
She asked me
Mom is that ok
Yes baby girl
You can be anything
You want in this world
But I want you to understand
Today you make a choice
And this is in your hands
Some people will be confused
Some will be mean
And some may bully you
The people my age
Could have a hard time with it
I have always had
Two sons and two daughters
I may sometimes forget
I won't be mad at you, she said
So Mom, don't worry
If you get confused or forget
Everything will be okay

I'm glad you feel that way baby
Give me a little while
Don't forget, I love you  
I need to think about this now
I said to myself how can I see
What it's like to be living
In a world that doesn't understand
In a time when it's so crazy
Then I realized
That's how it's always been
When you are treated
Like an object  
And a second class citizen
When the cards have been set
To give you the losing hand
I remember jobs I had
That were only made for men
Where I had to do my very best
For half the pay  
And no respect from them
I thought about the things  
I always hear people say
Like why is everything about sex
To those LGBT... Gays
Can't they keep it to themselves
What's up with those parades
Do they have to act so proud
And put it in your face
I called to my baby
Come sit and talk with me
I said, I think I get it  
Tell me if this explains things
This is not about sex
This is about being free
You refuse to live a life
Where someone tells you  
Who or what you can  
or cannot be
You don't want the labels
To control and limit everything

Yes that's right, Mom
But just one more thing
I want you to know
That I don't hate God
And He doesn't hate me
Because He is forgiving
And treats us all the same
He wants us to love like He does
And show everyone the way
Sweet child of mine
You are beautiful and wise
Omg thank you, Mom
You called me child,
You got it right!
Written by Medinda
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Thought Provoker
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Simply My Dear, I Donít Give a Damn!

Thereís was a lingering scent in the air
of sweet amber lilies and patchouli
fragrance filled the spaces everywhere
the door opened, walked in yours truly

shouldnít I have known that aroma?
all so delicate it was an aphrodisiac
how can I resist? It was such a drama!
that was the scent of a nymphomaniac

I have succumbed oh so many times
like an idiotic fool ignoring the signs
such was the potent of the fragrance
enchanted it was, the maidenís romance

her sensuality, got deeply imprinted
her serendipities, got me intoxicated
her spontaneity, sheís was so liberated
her sexuality, that just got me addicted

a cinnamon bark and itís brown dust
scattered and smeared for a caress
the sweet aftertaste on my big bust
she groped me tenderly till I was helpless

intense it was the craving for attention
addictive it was the taste for perfection
madness Iíd say was our acts of fornication
grandness it was the great beasts of nation

itís started with the flame throwerís daughter
in a home where she was the familyís foster
coming of age, she just got better and better
seducing me proper, like a lamb to the slaughter

bodily sensations finally taking over
licking and sucking, itís not kosher
for so many times, i have told her
she needs to stop, Iím not her lover

passion overload, this is my affair of ignorance
beneath the gentleness there was a confidence
memories of her words, it was her dominance
ďSimply my dear,I donít give a damn!Ē she said with prominence!
Written by XiaoLong
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