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Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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Your LOVE song to someone to past present or envisioned.....

U. G. Rose
Fire of Insight
United States
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U & Eye (Energy)

Chased vacant heavens †
In many forms† † †
Curiosities I couldn't afford† † †
You spoke orga, meta-phoric,† † †
mete-oric† † ††
Chords† † ††
Yes, these hands† † ††
Stirred my soul† † ††
From ages before† † †

I just wanna feel† † †
You play† † †
A little more† † †
† † †
I'm at the mercy of your† † †
Fingertips† † †
Slow motion interludes† † †
Paradise woven† † †
Out and in† † †
Forth then back again† † ††

Give in to your
Take† † †
A little more† † †
Savor each shade† † †
De su amor† † ††

Let us sail away† † †
Into the night† † †
Kiss goodbye the pale shores† † †
Of time† † †
My taste of the other siiiide† † †
The energy between† † †
And I, I, I, (eeeeyyyee)† † †
I, I, (eeeeyyyee)† † †

† † †

My lips speaking for skin† † †
Pleading heaven† † †
Melt, transfix† †
A moment to millions

Space to† † †
Satisfy your appetites† † †
Swim your seas inside† † †
Paint your pleasures† † †
In the deep of my warm honey skies† †

I hope we† † †
Can play† † †
A little more† † †

Walls sweat in countenance† † †
Of our worship of source† † †
Evidence we've reached† † †
A place† † †
That heals faith† † †
We ease, wounds† † †
And tears erased† † †

Forgotten essences† † †
Restored† † †
A never end† † †
To this tale of joy

Can we† † †
Sail away† † †
Into the night† † †
Kiss goodbye the pale shores† † †
Of time† † †

To taste of the other siiiide† † †
The energy between U
And I, I, I, (eeeeyyyee)† † †
I, I, (eeeeyyyee)† † ††

Please understand† † †
There are no demands† † †
Just a prayer to be more than illusion† † †
Too sublime† † †
Is it just in my mind?† † †
We've been blessed to find† † †
What so many speak as illusive?† † ††

No control† † †
I will hold† † †
To this respite from the pain† † †
And confusion† † †
So much unknown† † †
Yet if it fades tomorrow† † †
I'll carry all my life††
Memories divine††
† † †

A time we† ††
Sailed away† † †
Into the night† † †
Kissed goodbye the pale shores† † †
Of time† † †
Tasted the other siiiide† † ††

The energy between† † †
U† † †
And I, I, I, (eeeeyyyee)† † †
I, I, (eeeeyyyee)† † ††

(Acoustic guitars and drums play to close)† † †

† † †

Mixed concept spoken word/song for† † †

H. C. Tredwell - "Brown Liquor Gypsies"† † †

† † †

Composed by UēGē Rose (Cat)
Written by audioharleea (U. G. Rose)
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Tyrant of Words
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Whenever I Look in Your Eyes

Every time I look in your eyes thereís a sensation I get
Ever since that first time we met
When I was instantly smitten by you
And with each verse Iíve written out to the universe
This feeling pours like a loud cloudburst
As the profound emotion seems to flow right through

I can compose you a thousand and one poems and prose
But each one of those will never come close
To bind and define the love that feels so intense
The passion will crescendo in a wave of chorus and chords
Bathing you in a plethora of stanzas and words
Trying to soothe the soul with satisfaction and recompense

Composing has always given me that sense of peace
As I find something new with each piece
Understanding myself little more every time
And though I try to describe the feeling
I discover how poetry is calming and healing
It makes me reflect which is why Iím thankful you are mine

My song cannot be easily arranged or sung with grace
It lives amidst memories of youthful days
In dreams and sighs that can light up the skies
Itís embedded at the very core of my being
As the harmony I hear within is very freeing
Because its the sensation I get whenever I look in your eyes
Written by wallyroo92
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DU Webmistress
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Congrats Numer.

Thought Provoker
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Thank you Tallen for holding such a memorable comp. Thanks to all the voters. It is an honor..
My gratitude also goes to all the participants..
Be safe fellas!

Thought Provoker
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Oh! My dynamite .
LJ darling, what am I gonna do without you!
Thanks dear

Fire of Insight
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Congrats Numer90 on a well deserved win, and well done to Wally and Lj, both fine entries, thank you Tallen for giving us something to write about. Best R

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