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Guardian of Shadows
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Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Poetry Contest

Your take on regrets
Do you have regrets in your life?
two poems per poet max
no collaborations
old or new work but not previous winners
moderate length

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“This world that was our home for a brief spell never brought us anything but pain and grief; its a shame that not one of our problems was ever solved. We depart with a thousand regrets
in our hearts.”
― Omar Khayyám

Guardian of Shadows
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Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Regrets 2

If only
the past could be be relived
the harshness smoother
the extra gesture done
the unsaid words spoken

I wish
I missed that phone call
I decided without counsel
I ignored the whispers
I walked away from it all

If only
I didn't pursue
I took a different route
I turned away
I didn't answer

If only...I wish.

-Not an Entry-

Twisted Dreamer
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Lesson Learned

I trusted you
Believed your lies
Excused your actions
Defended your honour  

My home, yours.
My income, shared 
Your children, welcomed 
Supported without question

Overlooked red flags
Ignored warnings signs
Surrendered my power
Abandoned my standards

Crossing your path
Falling for your charm
Accepting your number 
My biggest regret 
Written by JOY (Joybell)
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Guardian of Shadows
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JOY thank you for kick starting the competition.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 1st Oct 2012
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2 minutes/2 long

I had a life
I had a home
I had a love,
To call my own
I was a Queen
I was a Wife
I was a need
I was your life
I was once wanted
I was once needed
I was once your one and only
Now all I am is defeated
Disregarded for the ones you need more
Left to feel worthless/useless; a passed over score
A check mark/checked out; a soulmate,snuffed out
Someone of no meaning; an old, pathetic used up whore
As I wither in pain
And mourn what we were
All you can do
Is feel me, no more
Because I was never the one
To make you see bliss
In this life, with me
In our own abyss
Because I'm not enough
And I see that now, so true
I'll never add up
To what they/her can do for you.
Written by Samatha6971
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Thought Provoker
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Life with a Major Rewrite

If I was to go back in time to rewrite my life
Would I skip my first wife?
I tell people I was married for 13 years  
We shared our joys, and our fears
12 and half of them were happy ones
Do I throw those away now that they're gone?
That last 6 months were not so good
Would I change them, if I could?
Would I have traveled to Peoria to meet my future soul mate?
Would she have thought I was strange and not even given me a date?
Was I ready for her and was she ready for me?
Bad decisions are only half the story
If you hadn't made the decisions you made
And followed the stones that you so carefully laid
You would be so different than the you in the mirror
Let's see if I can make it clearer
We play the cards we are dealt, when we are dealt them, that's what we do
You made your choices based on what you knew
If I could change the past, and knew how
Would I take a chance of changing the happiness I have now?  
No, no, no, I don't think so
Written by TimWombles
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Guardian of Shadows
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Samatha6971 and TimWombles thank you for your respective entry.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Tied but detached, stored dry and dusty  
concerns , swept where they're not visible
sometimes, half ripped photographs
discarded, in the pyres of mistrust  
Face value that can't be recouped
the faded dress, the threadbare suit
smouldering embers that could linger
residue of sparks amongst the clinker  
The priest hole, somewhere to hide
in contentment's point of solitude
to grind the teeth and rationalise
smooth, emolument where I was branded
And never, did what right intended
the stains that etched
to hurt when rubbed, a tear that can't be mended
the barrel plumbed  into its deep depths
there lies the realms of my regrets
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 30th July 2017
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Such a foolish heart

We wandered in the selfless mist  
Holding each other intensely tender  
Prevailing love till the lovelorn sits  
Born dreams, never deserved splendor,  

Such as a bitter unaquit taste  
As tears shower down my face  
Our most beautiful ardent embrace  
My sacrificed heart aches,  

Matching woman, I will never find  
This bereft soul tells me to undo  
The perfect crush angel in my mind  
As I breathe her essence still soon,  
Never an end, to cache her airy  
With a hollow unstinting spot  
In my universe set upon faery  
The width willing a tottering heart,  
So this sun sets unto a fallen night  
No beloved to ever come close  
Her moon to never again see rise  
My soul cry, forever tarry host  
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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A place on the mantlepiece

The gap behind the clock    
once kept pool coupons    
that changed dreams into      
lottery tickets when Albert      
left his wife, sloped off      
with thirty years of her life.      
They had a son John who      
bit his lip for far too long      
hated his mum for what      
he thought she’d done      
the reason dad was gone,      
he packed, never came back.      
And so her routine went by,      
tablets to ease and sometimes      
to cry, too much time  
missing her son, happy alone  
but wants some fun.      
A once meek wife lost in life,      
with rent to pay each week.      
Suitcase in the taxi, meter      
running upstairs for one last      
look at the sum of all nothings,      
left house keys on the table      
and all the cheap belongings,      
takes a deep breath then  
pulls the door shut.      
As the driver pulls away,      
the answer phone says its thing,      
then, hello mum; Its John  
sorry I haven't called sooner  
I really regret not keeping in touch  
I heard your news,      
give me a call when you get in.     
She enters her Pin  
into the High Street    
cash machine.      
Mini statement gets printed out      
her finger moves along with the count,      
it touches on 4 million dreams,    
and a million places    
she’s never been, before.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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Sorry for now

To all the perfect moments I've ruined
To all the pretty smiles I've hurt
To all the loving hearts I've hurt
To all the dreams of you and I I've killed,
I'm sorry for now
I was afraid to dive right in
I was afraid to leave myself open
I too have been hurt before
Always felt safer behind my walls.
For all the words I've left unsaid
For all the missed I love you I should have said
For all the goodbye I was too quick to say,
I'm sorry for now
Please try and understand
Sometimes the ones we love are those we feel compelled to hurt
I should have told you how I really felt
But I was just a little bit too scared
I should have let you in
I should have realized there's no point in fighting it and I should have let it win
My dear I know just why we here
I choose to succumb and give in to my fear
I built walls around My Heart
To try not to open up to anyone
Never loved even a little bit close to enough
Afraid of what you'll see inside
Afraid you'll know the scars I've learnt to hide
I chose the easy way out
I chose to run
I wish I knew back then, what I know now,
I'm sorry for now.
Written by poetOftragedy
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Guardian of Shadows
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Slipalong, poetOftragedy,Razzerleaf and runaway-mindtrain thank you for your entry.

Twisted Dreamer
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She Ruined Me

She seems to have a heart so pure
A conscience and mind seemingly so true

How bare could evil be
The beauty of no fear
Luring me into her sinful delight
Corrupting my innocent heart
Without enchanting spells
With lustful charms

My world blanketed with scary clouds
I become bitter restless
Shackled in her abyss of gloom
With no hope
Not a speck of light

Begged for mercy
But her dark clouds wouldn’t go away
So the moonlight could find
A way to my darkened soul

With her tricks and deceit
She ruined my eternal hope
My heart called out to be healed
Even as I kissed her bare feet

Hoping for a warm breeze to embrace
Hoping for her grace
Hoping for mercy
Hoping the sunlight will purify me
Hoping the songs of the darkness
Heal the brokenness within
Written by Dre_k47 (DreJames)
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Thought Provoker
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Mama mia..


Dear God,  
Even if I can't put my feelings into words You know exactly how i feel..  
Dear Lord! Dear Lord! Poor me..  
I am of service I serve for You..  
I'll be of service submitting services to You..  
I am a sinner I have sinned to You..  
I am a believer.. I believe in You..  
I am a liar, I lied today..  
I am a liar, I lied yesterday..  
I am cheating, I cheat today..  
I am a cheater i cheat all the day..  
Am all teary throughout the night..  
I've been laughing all around during the day..  
It's all feary my deeds per day..  
I can't sleep coz it fears me...  
I can't walk coz it follows me..  
I can't run coz it hunt for me..  
Nightmare! Nightmares in my dream..  
It was frying every day in the night..  
So I keep on calling..  
Mama mama mia me..  
Mama mama mia for me..  
Mama hear me Mama far from me  
Mama cheer me Mama smile for me...  
I am a deceiver I trick per se..  
But am not a teacher, I learn every day..  
I am a player, I date all the girls..  
I am a dater, I date every day..  
Blind dates one night I stand..  
Mind games and dirty games with the maid..  
High gaze i can't lower my gaze..  
I went so wayward going out of a range..  
I am so dosed up am losing my sight..  
Am freezing coz am very cold..  
Am grieving coz am very sad..  
Am screaming coz am running mad..  
Am freaking coz am terrified..  
Phantoms hunt me in the day..  
My ghost ride with me every night..  
Am losing racing with my mind..  
Nightmare! Nightmares in my dream..  
Leaving me dreadful everyday before night..  
I keep on crying..  
Mama mama mia me..  
Mama mama mia for me..  
Mama cover me Mama shower me..  
Mama come save me Mama demons on me..  
Dear you Mama..  
Mama bear me..  
Oh My Dear God mama zombies on me..  
I guess I'll keep on crying....  
Mama mama mia me..  
Mama mama mia for me..  
Mama dear me Mama near me..  
Mama hear me Mama far from me..  
Mama cover me Mama shower me..  
Mama oh Mommy mama demons on me..  
Am so cold mama cover me    
Am shivering mama cover me..  
It's soooo hot mama shower me..  
Am on a transit transit in my dream..  
Am flying coz am very high..  
Am landing now am going low..  
Every time am racing mama race with me..  
Every time am sitting mama sat with me..  
Every time am pacing mama pace with me..  
Every time am standing mama stood with me..  
Forgive me Mama.. I caused so much pain for you..  
I love you mama.. Mama dear to me..  
I keep on screaming..  
Mama tear me Mama wear me..  
Mama hear me Mama cheer me..  
Mama poor me Mama care for me  
Mama assist me Mama bear with me  
Mama mama mia me...  
Mama! mama mia for me.
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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Thought Provoker
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This is dedicated to everyone around the globe that suffered the horrors of addiction..        
I once read somewhere..        
"The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence is viewed as deciding their fate in future existence..         
 Pick up ur pen take down a note.. war of words!..              
Get this from me.. Right down for you.. warriors!..              
 In the day.. it is when you feel haze...        
In the night.. it is when I feel gaze..            
In the night.. it is when I engage..              
 In the day.. it is when you relate.              
 Ninah Masaj I needah massage..              
 Hear me out.. am ma needah healer..      There's a mirage in my niqab..              
 I need a mean lie for my fiance..              
 Hear me out there's a sound..              
 Forcing me out inside a box..              
 Inside the box I saw my face..              
 What me be like it was the day..              
 Inside my mind I was detained.              
 With a bit of a luck I just escaped..              
 Taking my chance I can debate..              
 Still I need me a time to make a case..              
 A little recap fortnight ago..              
 Taking me out to walk a mile..              
 There's a life in my Utah...              
 Hullabaloo in my U -tah.! U-topia!              
 Until we match and match to Nile..            Hear me love you are alive..                
 Before I be late we need to set..              
 Dear me Lord am good to wait..              
 You have a sea to navigate..              
 I have a heart to take attack..              
 Inside my mind I can recall..              
 I had these scenes a year ago..              
 A Deja to Vu I have a thought..                
 I mastermind in your demand..              
 Illuminate in chasing my ghost..              
 Dear My Lord give me a ride..              
 I was into a comatose..              
 I tried to recall I am at lost..              
 I can't tell a tale of..              
 Every bit piece of life I ever had..              
 In the day.. it is when you feel haze...        
In the night.. it is when I feel gaze..            
In the night.. it is when I engage..              
 In the day.. it is when you relate.              
 I have a nine give me a five..              
 Stitch in a time saves me a nine..              
 I have this pills for my relief..              
 I need me refill to make a relapse..              
 Popped up my pills I got fuddled ..            My pupils enlarged I overdosed..              
 Where am I? Am in a daze..              
 What have I done? I may be late..              
 I am gone!              
 Hey you my doc give me a bed..              
 Am ma settle my bills I won't awake..        
I will be gone till I engage..              
 Alone with my ghost..              
 I will be fade..              
 We gonna ride and ride along..              
 With all the mishaps it will entail..              
 I have a way to explore..              
 In this regard at your behest..              
 Keep me alive and kid me alike..              
 Ironically we are alike..              
 Whenever I got tempted to pop..              
 I remember the time I was in chains..              
 Gems master Jay I missed a beat..             
 Help me step a little bit me..              
 Java de vu am deja vu..              
 I simulate and immitate..              
 Java's my world I got to go..              
 Hear me belove I know you hurt..              
 In the time you must relate..              
 Karma's a bitch..              
 I will amend...                
 After life!              
 Circle around ur papers around..              
 What goes around will come around..      Read up ur notes when the sun rises..      Applaud with a round and go to bed..      When night falls!..
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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