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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Fire of Insight
United States
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My Firebug

The passion you express
Is hotter than any hot spring
Mother nature can possess
And deeper in spirit than any celestial zing
The heat of your desire
Emblazes a slow and steady fire
Assembling our love amidst the pyre
Composing higher notes amongst our duo choir

The elevation of your mind
Ascends beyond the highest Fahrenheit
Slow to wrath when inclined
Sweeping away the dust mites of any fight
The steam of your patience
Showers morning dew
As it represents the cadence
Of your character to never act upon cue

The compassion your heart expels
Wraps its blanket around the lost
Trailing breadcrumbs for the shells
Whose hopes and dreams have been tossed
Never thinking of your own
Fertilizing seeds youíve sewn
Always opening up your home
And never feeling all alone

The fire and brimstone of your wrath
Is smothered quickly by your past
You still journey the human path
And yearn salvation for as long as it will last
Youíre still a firecracker
Held at bay through personal lacquer
Always one step ahead to prove the latter
Youíre my firebug and that will always matter

Tyrant of Words
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Up And At ĎEm

Comforting comforter
covers my head
tired eyes shielded
from morning lightís dread
loath to rise up
leave empty my bed

Today I delegate living
my dream self
will live in my stead
Iíll remain in Nod
where my body wonít ache
my knees have cartilage
and back pain suspended
yes this magical
slumbering village
where no one offends
hence no oneís offended

I know, I know
this just wonít fly
Iím no sleeping dog
that my kin will let lie
I must arise
with my world interact
not perpetually nap
do I look like the cat?
I must demonstrate
my locomotion
else my stillness
will cause a commotion

Well I might as well end it
hmmm let me clarify
the poem I meant
not my auto-extinction
I am no tragic poet
my verse never shall merit
that auspicious distinction

Unique words: 104

Dangerous Mind
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One month of poetry

A month is potentially long enough
to start new writing habits and rituals;
both good ones and potentially bad ones

A month is definitely long enough
to feel confidence wax like the moon
even as your energy wanes

A month is undoubtedly long enough
to thoroughly exhaust some poetry topics
while scratching the surface of new ones

A month is unfortunately long enough
to become extremely sleep deprived
and realize this just isnít sustainable

A month is certainly long enough
to shatter any hare-brained illusions
of doing this for your bread and butter

A month is thankfully long enough
to remember just why youíre a poet;
for the joy of expression

Tyrant of Words
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#30 of 30


this flawed existence
is just violation
that penetrates my senses
viral contagion spreading
the hyproctisy of living

focusing on familiar pain
everything becomes blacker
no sppologises for apathy
salvation a terrible lie
defined morals spiraling

here i dispel heaven
finally putrified to all seeing eyrs
self assured destruction
becoming beautifully numb
wretched fragility exposed

Unique word count 54
Total word count 54

Tyrant of Words
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The Big Bang

Itís a scary and terrifying thought
When men behave like gods and try to wield that power
Itís a sad and heartbreaking memory
Thinking of the innocent who perished in that hour

Itís one thing to read about it
But in retrospect questioning if it was really necessary
Because those who govern
Make hard decisions from the safety of their sanctuary

I donít like to imagine it
The land of the rising sun darkened in a flash of fire and hell
All the souls it mustíve taken
As if man manipulating the power of the atom casts a spell

The professor gives another lesson
Delivering a message with meaning like wisdomís pearl
Then I begin to think of everlasting peace
But maybe Iím a fool for being hopeful in a hopeless world

132 Words
92 Unique

Twisted Dreamer
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To awaken to a new morning
To be able to feel fresh hot tear drops as they weave across your face
Down your cheeks to light upon your shirt
To light upon the floor below you, supporting your feet
Being an unmoving and unwavering rock
The foundation where one can begin again
To renew or refresh at a whim
Hard work, blood sweat and tears
A transformation, not merely a whim
But a determination to become something different, something better
A metamorphosis if you will

Unique words: 63

Dangerous Mind
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I'm all in for freedom, justice and equality
I know, realistically, we won't always agree
Forget equality, we just wanna be treated fairly
Cause equality seems to be nothing but a dream

We can be on the same team without having all the same views
On some things we can agree to disagree if we both so choose
But if you are as tired too, then do what you can
Open a can of words in order to lend a helping hand

Tyrant of Words
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The final countdown Glo/NpoWriMo # 30

Wow I made it to the finish line
I started something and  finished it,
Iím happy with most of my submissions
Iíve no problem admitting it.

And while some of my poems were
corny, many were deep & meaningful,
a few were goofy and silly
a bunch seemed barely readable lol

To everyone who took this journey with me
I applaud you all and wanted you to know
when weíre together as poets
our personal creativity grows
Itís been an amazing privilege
to be part of this journey called
DUP Glo/NpoWriMo 2021
I will cherish this experience always
One & Done!

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Iím sitting in the garden counting dreams
with many unlived lives that fell asleep
and wondíring how the years can be redeemed
to fit a Law of what we sow we reap

And all the mists of time are moving on
as shakers in our history play their game
the freedoms we once had are vanished, gone
to serve unholy fortunes and their fame

A grandson had an accident of late
they operated best as they could do
a thousand miles away we sat and waited
suddenly our goals reduced to two

to live each day in love and gratitude
and trust the outcome from a higher view.

Fire of Insight
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Penciled Speech

Hear me, nobody else will
Listening isnít the trend
Theyíve gone deaf, but
You havenít failed me yet

I follow the lines mostly, and start my chatter
In cursive
I write because I am lonely
Thereís always a notebook lost too
I know I can find you almost anywhere

Anger often gets the best of me
My sanity dissolves like ink into the page
I write to release the things my voice fails to free
Even fists donít execute correctly
These journals take a lot of abuse
As I remain unscathed and without bruises

So much wear and tear
Such soggy corners and frayed edges
Raw and ready to cut unwelcome hands
Please forgive each reason I write
Slice me, if you must
But as long as you allow me, Iíll keep venting
In penciled speech

Dangerous Mind
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30 of 30


Finally I'm here
At the finish line posting
My final entry

After three NaPos
I have learned something, a trick
To stay in the comp

When writer's block comes
And the muse is not around
Don't panic, relax

Still your mind, be calm
Just let your thoughts run its course
Then go with the flow

Write whatever comes
Slowly work on the subject
To form a poem

If that doesn't work
Try another idea
Expand it to fit

The fifty unique words
Write more than 50 to be safe
Be conscious of time

Know the rules by heart
To avoid getting a strike
Three strikes mean you're out

If you feel pressured
Do not force yourself to write
Just take it easy

Writing should come out
From your mind's natural flow
Of thoughts and feelings

Tune up your senses
To give you inspiration
Watch, listen, feel

Nature is a source
Of inspiration if you
See it with wonder

This trick worked for me
Try to capture the moment
As you spill your way

To NaPoWriMo
And you will never run out
Of things to write on

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Trash or Treasure

Bear with me to find a redemptive quality
By what you esteem as redemptive in nature
What you decide is worth saving
On the scale of how you measure
What is my heart to you?
Well said stranger, trash or treasure?

Every day we live relative to the pressure
Trying to distinguish the worth and the cost
When life is made up of pain and pleasure

On opposite tides and purposes
To survive and outlive time itself
We document our library of hearts
And place our words on each otherís shelf

Can a glimpse of you cause me to better understand myself?
When all we are is the same question
I pray in your aim to cope with life, my words may help

Anchored as we are to one anotherís gravity
Our lives in orbit on this horizontal plane
We seek to transcend this world and its depravity
As we tend to the garden of our hearts
What is poetry but the harvest of our inward rainÖ

Twisted Dreamer
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her voice drips sophistication
her presence slow-release
honed resonance
with gravity worthy
of the dead & the bold
right up
until her whole body


letting loose that glow of her cheeks
the ďdonít-you-dare-fucking-pardon-my-French-sirĒ
sword wieldy, light touch
with barrels of tea parties in Boston
putting rogues, yea, & kings ill at ease
lest she set her wits upon them

sheís the bitch boots culmination
of hard knocks cum laude
lemon blood
Ĺ tsp spicy sugar, pirate queen
of songs oí the deep & all oí the sees
whatsoever they ever may be

sheís sometimes modest, tho
in fact
you might not note til itís too late
that trusty crew of 32
has long been sworn to her

[peace out]

Tyrant of Words
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"Look!" said the Spiderweb Mistress, pointing to the sky.

And everyone did look at what was sailing up through the air in a trail of smoke from the volcano ... before turning to gape at her with their jaws dropping to the ground. She was no longer a giant eye! MOAR!ON's spell upon her had been broken. She was back to her iddy biddy arachniddy self, which meant . . .

. . . The One Poem ô had been destroyed!

Everybody began cheering at the realization, except for the Mistress and her sisters, and the Ents, whom the spiders ushered to stand around in a circle. Then Sheila Lobelia and her crew wove a huge web attached to all of the Ents to serve as a safety net. Good thing that it was sticky too, because whatever landed in it would have trampolined to the next continent!

"Hold steady!" yelled Treenuts as the Ents rooted themselves deep in the ground for support.

What was caught in the web was not one thing, but several - Satin Gamjeez suffering from severe motion sickness, the Dark Knight attempting a belly flop, DUGlo Baggins glowing brightly and just happy to see everyone again and ... MOAR!ON! Though he was no longer twenty feet tall, but a plain ole Earthwyrm like he use to be thousands of years ago.

"Maggots!" Salamandar yelled at his Gobnoblins. "Keep fighting! This war isn't over until I say it's---"

The White Lizard was interrupted when Grubgrinder landed on his chariot, flipping him out backwards onto his head. He was wearing a thong underneath his white robe. It was not pretty.

Smug the Dragon, scourge of Muddle Earth, and last true enemy still standing on the battlefield, was struck between the eyes by the large chunk of rock launched from Mount Dumb. He haphazardly flew off to the North in a bout of double vision and tried to fly between what he thought was the Two Point O Towers. It was actually one tower, ThincTanc, which he flew straight into, shattering the absurdian architectural wonder into a bazillion pieces.

"Drat!" the White Lizard grumbled. Foiled again!

MOAR!ON in a panic, tried to pick up Grubgrinder, and threw out his back. All the chaos he had inspired over thousands of years had come to naught.

The Nasty Ghoulies were no longer nasty or ghoulish! They peeled off their spikey, plated armor and black cloaks, and began to Break Dance!

NaPoWriMo was saved in the final hours of April! The Spiderweb Mistress kissed and hugged her Dark Knight. Rosie Grace gave Satin Gamjeez some Dramamine and told him he was the bravest idiot she had ever known. Everyone celebrated by drinking ale from their Tropheees.

DUGlo Baggins sat himself down on a rock and finished writing his last entry in the light radiating from his own body. He swore to never go on another adventure again as long as he lived.

And to be very careful about what he drank in the company of Dwarves or purchased at future yard sales.

Tyrant of Words
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Good morning Great Poets of the Fellowship! Who feels LOVE IN THE AIR?! We certainly do! T-MINUS ONE ( ZERO IF YOU'VE ALREADY POSTED TODAY ) DAY TO GO!

A WHOPPING CONGRATULATIONS to all who have posted their No 30! What an incredible feat you have accomplished!

If you've received a double-heart you may proceed into day 30! If you have not, you have until midnight, your time zone, tonight to make up and complete the challenge!

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO ALL WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE! Johnny and I will be double-checking the entries beginning tomorrow, and if all are in compliance, then you will be awarded a specially designed trophy from Webmiss!

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