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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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tea talk v.1

oh, to be one of those
ladies gossiping in the kitchen
not allowed to the dining hall
with all the expensive gloves
and laced up silent throats
taut with ribboned ends of ambition
and secrets no one
[of importance] saw

they were the knowing ones
women who knew what brew
could clear a cold, what root
could ease a sleepless night
couldnít read the words of God
but spelled out lives with leaves
left lifeless in the bottom of
a cup too likely made of bone

which tea
from far off mystical lands
held the most magic for them
i wonder
sorting out their world together
long days running castles
from kitchen hubs
heavy labour
taking them in sleep before
there was any time
to take account
of what their cup
had tried to tell of them

Tyrant of Words
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The Storyteller Two

Cheerfully I say,
"good morning sweetie!"
A raised hand and stern look her reaction
Am I too needy
expecting similar salutation?
Thatís it she hates my guts.
Iím an annoyance, you see?
A washed up, long worthless pawn
whom she wishes was just gone
Losers donít merit such lively greetings.
Whatís this? Sheís now texting me,
ďSorry babe, I was in a Zoom meeting.Ē

Presenting the crowned King of assumption.
Transformer of facts into fables.
Dread Sovereign of split-second presumption.
Exceptional turner of tables

Sit a spell, stretch your imaginations
While I regale you with fantastical tales
of supposed slights
and ostensible denigration's.

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Dangerous Mind
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Although I walk here often,
itís clear I still donít belong.
I long for softer feet,
for a scent that isnít so human,
so that I can get to know the creatures
in their true, relaxed state.

But no Ė crows caw their warnings
as a pheasant streaks across my path,
hurrying into hiding.
Deer stop their grazing,
watching me, wary and big-eared as they discern
whether to feign nonchalance and trot away,
or to bound with their tail-flags waving white.
A robin anxiously draws my attention
away from a nest I canít even see.

If only they all realized
how dumb my human senses are,
they wouldnít be so alarmed.
If the ducks were aware
of how their panicked quack-flapping startled me -
likely more than I terrified them -
they would know Iím not much of a threat.

But all their instincts must tell them
that my kind is bad newsÖ
and I canít say I blame them.
So I have to be content with
a last-second glimpse of submerging muskrat
as I go stomping blindly by,
a clumsy human intruding on a world
where I clearly canít be trusted.

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
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Life Is Good, As Long As I Have You

Even though we have to park the car
On the other side of campus
You still make me laugh the entire walk there

I know it sucks that Iím free when you have class
And you are free when Iím in class
But that doesnít stop us from enjoying the early mornings and late nights

We might have to deal with shitty campus food
And all the obnoxious college people
But at least we can complain about them together

We share a small dorm
We both have too much homework
And never have enough time

But we make it work
We celebrate the tiny moments
And enjoy each otherís company

Tyrant of Words
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Steer by the Stars

There you are, exactly where I used to be
At the same age and time
Looking at the waves and rage of the sea
Hoping for a ray of sunshine

There you are, standing at the top of the cliff
Staring into the cold abyss
Gazing endlessly like youíre wondering if
All of this will go amiss

There you are, with profound compassion
Delicate fractured soul
Hiding behind a smile with closed caption
Trying to find your role

The answers will come to you in time if youíre patient
Youíll learn to steer by the stars on those darker nights
But remember never settle for less or become complacent
And most importantly, never lose the will to fight

I can see your smile by the light of the new moon
Here you are, youíre almost out of your cocoon

139 Words
92 Unique

Twisted Dreamer
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Fighting an uphill battle
Going against the current
This is whatís said to be
Doesnít get easier
You grow stronger
But doesnít that mean itís easier?
Confusing messages
Riled up thoughts
Grappling for the attention
That is my consciousness
Breezing near my facade
Threatening its upheaval
Itís draining... so very draining
How terrible... this mess that surrounds
Envelops and divides
Yet comes together at the end

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Tyrant of Words
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Cheesy breakup poem

I hang precariously by invisible
Itchy rope-burns has become my
feelings left open raw and
now a ticking time bomb ready to
I told you truth you fed me
you played the victim in
I took a chance gave you my
but now cant wait till weíre
nothing left to talk about Iím already
Iíll lock the door behind me goodbye so

Fire of Insight
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It takes love, patience and understanding
Because relationships can be so demanding
Demanding our time, energy and attention
Sometimes it feels like an impossible mission

Translation from man to woman gets misread
Then heated "talks" have 'em both seeing red
Fed one thing but assuming the contrary
Making many decide that they'll never marry

Heavy ship turbulence throws 'em overboard
When energy's depleted from not being on one accord
Doesn't matter if you're driving a Ford or Tesla SUV
The roads to blissful unions can be very rocky

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Every moment the culmination
of a million-and-one unknown things,
a self-organising gestation
continuously on the move. It brings

uncertainties right to the front door
knock-knock, ring-ring, thump-thump: is life there?
Is anything happening thatís raw
unpasteurised, true humanityís fare?

Send me an angel! Ö I want a word with you
whatís the meaning of this, this intrusion,
this domestication of wild fruit
and free spirits, this sick pollution?

The angel turns and looks at the fading sky
night comes, stars appear, fine tune my untrained eye.

Fire of Insight
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Let there be sleep

Tell me why do you snore so loud in bed,
shaking the pictures and walls ?
The noises you make drill straight through my head,
tell me why do you snore so loud in bed.
When thereís nose clips to wear or oils to be spread
and you just sleep through it all.
Tell me why do you snore so loud in bed
shaking the pictures and walls ?

Tell me why do you sound like pig she said,
digging my ribs with her fist?
each night you find a new nerve to shred
Tell me why do you sound like pig she said,
please sleep down stairs or simply desist
there's moments I wish you didn't exist.
Tell me why do you sound like pig she said,
digging my ribs with her fist?

Twisted Dreamer
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..toss and turn..

Frizzle frazzle
The nature of the day is wired in hay
Perhaps too much coffee and not enough sleep
Kept up at night by a stuffed up nose and all the trapped heat
Heat in the mattress for a body that runs hot
A weighted blanket is all I got
The nights are warm with this mini spring heat wave
I gotta get some sleep sometime before the light of day

55 UWC

Dangerous Mind
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#20 of 30

Monitoring The Pressure

I wake
Opening tired eyes
A world screaming
Or is it my own mind
Hard to distinguish

Thoughts keep crying
Scavaging feelings
Eating away sanity
Hearing voices
Loud cackling laughter

Wheel turning
Spinning around
Like life
Never stopping
Always rushing

Scurrying going nowhere
Clenched fists
High blood pressure
Reddened face
Angry anxiety wins

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Tyrant of Words
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Manmoth messengers harriedly carried word to Moardor that the Eye of DUPon had abandoned her post. Displeased, MOAR!ON obliterated his coffee table with his mighty mace dubbed Grubgrinder. Soon it would be time to wage his final war against all in Muddle Earth who would oppose him!

"Alert all legions to be on the lookout for my Precious!" he commanded.

The Manmoths scattered to notify his minion multitudes that there was mayhem to be made on the horizon.

* * * * * * * * * * *

At that very moment, DUGlo and his companions scaled a little known ancient stairway leading across the mountain chain of Grub Dulgur. Long overgrown with stinkweeds, it was carved into the rock by the Numeralians long ago. On the other side was Moardor, and Mount Dumb further in the East.

"Boy, I sure am getting tired of climbing mountains," said Satin Gamjeez. "One thing is for certain, Mister DUGlo: our abdomens will be chiseled! We'll be in the best shaped of our lives. If we live through this, that is."

The Glowyrm had his doubts when they reached the plateau and laid eyes on Moardor below. Porks marched everywhere about the landscape that was crawling with Beetle Borgs. It would take a miracle for them to reach Mount Dumb without being seen!

* * * * * * * * * * *

To the North, insufferable shrieking erupted again. The Poemwraiths issued forth from Humbug riding through the fouled air on their Smelly Beasts! NaPoWriMo was to be met with all resistance, and with The One Poem ô nearly within their grasp, the Fellowshippers had not a prayer of even making it to the month of April!

They split up, canvassing the terrain, knowing that the Dark Knight and his grubby little companions would be bent upon destroying the Master's Precious.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The rest of the Fellowship trudged along towards Minus Punctual, the last great kingdom of Muddle Earthian Men surviving from the Ancient Days. It was built by the Numeralians before the stronghold of Moardor was established in direct opposition to its presence.

Having no rightful heir to occupy its throne, the Men of the West were governed by the Steward, Lord Doneitbefore. He was a very unimaginative man with two likewise unimaginative sons, Borrowedverse and Fairlyverse. Convincing them to lead their army into a battle with the minions of MOAR!ON would be no easy task, but such was their only hope in creating enough of a distraction that no one noticed DUGlo travelling through Moardor.

The Dwarves entertained themselves along the way. Honoria abd Sex_on_the_Joe played a game of Slugbug. During a drinking contest, Ghaddess_Worship and cloventongue89 repeatedly fell off their Donkeys.

Zazzles was teasing the Eye of DUPon, trying to make her blink by feigning to poke her with a stick.

"I wouldn't do that," said Lunalass. She pointed to a batch of skeletons in cocoons suspended from the nearby trees. "That's what Sheila and her crew did to the Dwarves during NaPoWriMo last year when they got cocky."

The stick ended up on the road as all of the Dwarves nervously hurried to the front of the caravan.

* * * * * * * * * * *

No one noticed that Smuggle and Duggle had managed to squirm free enough of their duct tape bonds. They fell off of John Ronald and hopped away into the woods.

Tyrant of Words
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Greetings, Great Poets of the Fellowship! We hope you had  a nice break at the carnival last night! Woot! Woot! You're 2/3rd the way there! Congratulations!

Grab some cotton candy and head on into day 20 of the challenge! Or, if you have no cotton candy, spend the next 24 hours correcting your mistakes to remain in the challenge!

Well done, ALL!

Dangerous Mind
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The Curious Case of Euphoric Molecules

Body built for endurance.
Fifteen milesó
nonstop leg rotation. Lungs
breath scorched air. Inhalation,
exhalation...steadies the heart.

Thirty minute focused mantra: push
through this, keep moving.

Forty five: almost finished. Payoff is

Blood stream floods, burst of intense
joy: bliss molecules parade themselves
along deep brain channels.

Instant euphoria.

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