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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Greetings, Great Poets of the Fellowship! A banquet has been prepared for you to officially celebrate the halfway mark! Congratulations to all who've made it thus far.

Eat. Drink. Be Poemy! Then carry on to Day 16!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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( 16/30 )


[ . . . ]

Part II: Arc of the Covenant    

[ . . . ]


Waning Crescentó
Non-REM cycle
feather-stage of slumber

EEG frequency, slowing
brain and breathing;
skeletal muscles succumbing
levitating from heavy cages

See-Saw tooth waves
and spindles of sleep twist
the dream catchers' yarn
into the sleeper's reality

Manifestation occurs easily
without thought resistance

There is a crescent light
in the fabric of spaceó
a doorway of time

We return to our original
State of Being, entering
through its narrow opening

. . .

Fire of Insight
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16 of 30


When I think I'm running out of inspiration
I look around me to search
For that source of joy
That would inspire me to keep going
And lift me from whatever feelings
That weigh me down

There are many things in life
That could inspire me
Things that are worth living for
That gives me more reason to live
And appreciate life despite the challenges I face in living day by day

My family is one of those reasons
And the most important of all
Their love is all that matters
That alone is enough
To push me and keep me
On my feet when circumstances
Try to pull me down

Fire of Insight
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Happy to Disappoint You

I said it out loud,
my word reaching
for your ears, but
landing somewhere
near the alligator logo
on your shirt instead;
you brushed it off, just
like you did the toast crumbs
at breakfast in the restaurant
you knew I hated

you slapped my face
in front of the waitress, grabbing
my arm, pulling my body along
like a misbehaving child
making a break
for the busy street;
I wanted to return the favor,
ruining that satisfied
smirk on your face that
said you were pretty sure
I wasnít really going anywhere
because everybody knows
good girls do as theyíre told

except, Iíve never been
anyoneís good girl  
and nobody tells me what to do;
I was born rebellious and
itís saved my ass from
men like you
at least once or twice;
I was just seventeen
when my father promised
me to your collection;
a simple transference
of property

all I was given to count on  
was life as a prized possession,
the trophy you earned
for being smart enough
to look the part
and pretend to love
a selfish manís daughter;
you had a good job
and a cool boat,
after all ~
how could I be so

allís fair in love and war
except thereís nothing
really fair about either;
you hid your darkness well,
Iíll give you that ~
although it bears repeating:
all the monsters Iíve ever known
had angelís faces,
and yours was
the prettiest Iíve seen;
at least until my fist
connected with your mouth,
that is

Tyrant of Words
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What Would Bukowski Say?

Morning dawns.
The alarm goes off.
Rolling over I feel for the clock-
and shut off the clanging offense.

Swinging my legs over the side of
the bed, I cough, exhale raggedly
as I rub my still tired eyes.

Husky voiced from too many cigarettes, one too many glasses of bourbon-
I finally stand up.

Unsteadily, I make my way toward the kitchen to brew some much needed coffee.

The strong aroma and
bitter taste begin to clear my head.

The night before is a blur of smoke.

Only a pair of menís shorts are left. By my bedside.
To sort events I wonít recall.
Sorry Charlie. I still donít get you.

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Guardian of Shadows
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(16 of 30óOfficial DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

sonnet #16

his chilly fingers grab you by the throat,
making a mock of your accursťd lot;
self-strangulation is his thickest plot,
contrived to rock you like a helmless boat.
he preys upon your soul's economy
of self-preserving flight adrenaline,
and though his make-believe is clandestine,
his iron grip feigns no mean parody.
his odour greets you way beyond the bend,
a genesis born of misshapen genes.
stand up to him and you yourself will wean
from contraventions he would yet portend.

!fear! sifts you in his web of solitaire,
but perfect love casts out imperfect !fear!.

© Copyright 2021 April 15
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 74

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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View from the summit

Mind bitten by the numbing cold
the climb so steep,
so unforetold.
Gasps as the air grew thin,
stiff writers cramps,
from the ease when we began.
To bridge to crest, the knapsack light,
where is the succour, shelter needs respite.
Will prayer or faith help our decent,
when we raged, so hard was our accent.
Squint our eyes and look afar,
to ease the load and break the jar.
How long the furlongs now to count,
will we slip,
leave a cross should we dismount.
For in the valley lies the prize
the quickest path. the crow that flies.
Clip on your paragliding wings
hang on tight and pull the strings,
gliding home to soft landings

Dangerous Mind
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The Haunting of Eerie

Always that broken old mansion, nestled
way up in the trees.

A brick skeleton bravely  
greets morning light, reverberating
with quiet mysteries.
Flowers still grow 'round moldy
porch posts, flashing glorious eyes.

Twenty seven years I have been infatuated...
drawing me to its wooded hill, wrapping
itself around my spirit.

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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If I could weave the scenes I see,
I'd cast you in a transe,
Holding you wrapped within its spell.
Hypnotised in the shimmering light,
Tinkling across our line of sight.
Sung under by the sporadic bird song,
Flying anointed by the cirrus on high,
Banking upon the pale blue sky.
It's more than that.
How it feels.
A warmth and peace,
That nature exudes.
Forgiving all transgressions,
Making the most of every grain,
Transposing it in every vein.
The climbs of trees above,
To the humble cow parsley and meadow wort below.
Each in kind on balance,
Gives nurishment to mind, body and soul.
Three much needed ways.
How the small flies skim the surface,
With the marked absence for my presence,
Of the dippers and elusive king fishers.
Still flashes of colour flit on the wings of another,
As butterflies once more grace the rivers scene.
It's not so much the surreal or outstanding,
Nor the appeal of history under foot,
But more the perseverance,
The resilience,
That makes the place,
A feeling taking root.

Dangerous Mind
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Ode To Night VI

Go with me, sovereign night,
be the guide who follows by my side
into places far and deep where few
have stepped and none have dare wept;
for it is knowledge you command, and I,
of you who follow: us hand in hand.
For brilliant day distorts your grace,
but in the dark I admire your radiant face.
Hearten my journey to keep our steps light.
Go with me, sovereign night.  

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Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
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Sexuality And Gender Alliance
Iíve found a new home
That lead me to meeting new people
People like me
And I get to organize events
For other queers and allies on campus
It is so much fun
Despite all the work
The interactions that I get to have are so nice
This community is so welcoming
Iím so glad I can be a part of it
This week has been our Pride Week on campus
I am grateful for being able to contribute to it all
Weíve had an event every day
Today is the last one
Iím so excited for all the others things we can do next year

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#16. April 16th.

The Ring's Lure

Hold and behold me,
take me, use me;
Use my power
to change the world
I beg you.

Think of what you could achieve.
A weapon, a tool,
such a simple thing,
against your foes;
to secure your city and save your people.

I am just within reach
Reach out
and grasp fate.

With me you could even rule,
a new master of this earth
to do as you will,
just take me.

Wield me, as your will would
and accept the power
the power so

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Twisted Dreamer
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i donít want to sleep
&eternity is getting old
the word itself feels like a cliche
symbol for infinity the same
the concept of unending
genuinely too much
for a human to comprehend
we are insects with big dreams
wearing our new people clothes


iíve always felt grounded
reaching, but core steady
imagining how erratic it looks
to fling oneself from oneís centre
knowing the bungee is firmly fixed
when no one else can see it

but itís 2am
and things keep disappearing

you wonít remember
the legend of Ray
free speech champion
of the law-abiding downtrodden
some of us do

found out yesterday
by a mainstream
internet search engine
he would
certainly not approve of
he only passed last year
found out at the same time
what heíd looked like --
[i had always wondered]

and now Danís gone too

good friends of mine
are moving on to newness
&some are dissolving into contempt
pasts seeming to close themselves
without permission
lockdown is lifting
along with my anxiety
of having to deal
with more boorish
desperately touch deprived

there are shoots peeking
from under these rotting leaves
as is the way of things
but there are so many endings

just so many endings

Dangerous Mind
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All, Infinite, Me

There is always a moment,
that single escape
from every fearful whirlwind,
that leaves me breathless.
Able to focus

on you, faithful fingertips
searing into tree
rings where you are forever ¨Ė
living, breathing calm
in daily chaos.

Wind and stars, all things brilliant
on your wanton tongue,
and the peace of the wild things
shimmers at your touch,
leaving me aglow.

There is no way to thank you,
no way to repay
the absolute debt of this.
So, I offer me.
All, infinite, me.

Tyrant of Words
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Astral Nights and Galactic Days

Through astral nights and galactic days
I wish to travel and see
For I pray the day when I leave this earth
I will witness and discover
The secrets of the universe
Through astral nights and galactic days

Through astral nights and galactic days
I will journey into the beyond
Leaving this physical body lying there
For others to mourn
While mind and spirit traverse
Through astral nights and galactic days

Through astral nights and galactic days
And the dark void of space
I will come face to face with the mysteries
That have alluded mankind
So that my soul will see the light
Through astral nights and galactic days

Through astral nights and galactic days
Beyond limit or time
Many wonders will finally be revealed
Becoming one with the universe
As a higher conscious being
Through astral nights and galactic days

Through astral nights and galactic days
My heart will reach a paradise
The collective of dreams dreamed
And there perhaps I will rest
With other beings who have gone
Through astral nights and galactic days

Through astral nights and galactic days
I will go far into the beyond
But until that day finally comes
I will lay here thinking and wishing
Dreaming of traveling
Through astral nights and galactic days

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