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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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Double posting because I had a migraine yesterday and was unable to post.


Stabbing pain
Canít think
Want to die
Physically can not move
But can not get comfortable
Trying to stay calm
Not do anything to make it worse
Not being productive
Knowing I have a lot to do
But not being able to do anything
Feeling like Iím wasting time
No energy
Shooting pain
Trying to ignore all the noise
Finally falling into a deep sleep
Waking up and still being in pain
Feeling it all over again

Tyrant of Words
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The Missing Left Shoe

Nonsensical things mentally ill people do
bipolar roller coaster on any given day
some unravel become unhinged
others go on a month long drinking binge

Some create a scene of deep depression
others take people hostage in their
convoluted conversations
some get frantic, losing stuff in their hands
others plot murder an hatch a redonkulous plan

Some overwhelm crowding all personal space
others would rather be absconded in a quiet place
some like to rage causing problems all day long
others sit on the pity pot singing swans song

Iím not sure if all the above applies to me
but iím willing to bet that they do
Iíve walked many days in my life
one step at a time In my bipolar shoes

Tyrant of Words
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( 15/30 )


[ . . . ]

Part II: Arc of the Covenant † †

[ . . . ]


Third Quarter Waningó
half of a half-portion;
the whole of her profile
choreographically submerging
beneath a black satin duvet

Hard astrological angle
relinquishing control:
meditation, forest bathing
sound healing all realign
Spiritual equilibrium

Belief becomes a warrior
steadfast within its garret
of magnetism, attracting
our seeded offerings
as tangible formations

United energies combine
into one magnet of return:
That which is like unto itself
is drawn

so says the Law
. . .

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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Thinking of hot summer days
Back home with my family
Blue skies and green grass and warm air
Hearing the birds chirp
Working in the garden
Playing with my dog
Watching my tortoise venture around the yard
Laying on a chair cushion on my deck
Soaking up the sun
Not caring about anything
Just enjoying the moment
Living my life the way I want

Fire of Insight
United States
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so much of
this experience
preciously temporal
is wasted
on becoming
making ourselves
until we find that,
in the space
one hair past halfway,
we canít feel a thing

Not present
nor absent,
impending turns
to bygone
on a dime

talking sense
into our souls, we
repetitiously remind
our frailty  
that we donít care ~
until one moment
past the midpoint,
where we realize
we actually donít

53 unique words

Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Great Mystery

Wishing I wasnít curious,
lately makes me wonder all the more what it might be like.

Heaven, that is.
The after life.
A great debate among the living.

White puffy clouds gently rolling
by with a Saint on each one?
Cerulean sky as far as the eye can see?
Pearly gates, in tasteful Mikimoto pearls?

Iíd like my heaven to look like that. With visits from loved ones who have braved the passage before me.

Iíd also like my heaven to envelope me in a baptism and release from all the hurt and disappointment I harbored too religiously on earth.

A mystery no more. My Heaven.

(57 unique words)

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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#15 of 30

Struggling Within

Tasted so much pain
With bloody lips
Struggling within certain feelings
Always on borrowed breath
Anotger breakdown dead ahead

Pushing against deacending darkness
Sleeping giant awakens
Only time will tell
If survival instincts
Are enough again

One step closer
To wilder nightmares
Sanity's cutting it fine
Every situation different
Newer view of suffering

Unique word count 53
Total word count 53

Guardian of Shadows
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(15 of 30óOfficial DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

sonnet #15

i see the sea wave at the waving palms,
and hear the air sing with a single voice
the songs of many waters, where rejoice
in maritime panache their nature psalms.
how light the light upon my arm!  no harm
beyond the sands that granulate, amazed,
when sunset plays last music, trumpets raised
to serenade the evening's blushing charm.
sea secrets cease to broker broken hearts
when salty seasons pull the newborn moon
out of the orbit of her silk cocoon,
as dancing stars reveal their private parts.

behold the open sea:  what life, what death,
what mysteries for man recess beneath!

© Copyright 2021 April 14
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 83

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Citrus time

When the fingers of fatigue
grasp at you like tentacles
drag your spirits to its knees

Suck your muse
the strenght to write
struggle where you used to cruise

Refresh yourself with citrus lines
cut the fruit and take a slice
squeeze each drop

Compress the blood orange
its hemoglobin sprite the will
redden like a magic pill

Lemon zest from grater fall
like inspiration, not a wall
breaking through shortfalls

A fresh green lime
be the harbinger of brighter times
bring power in new concepts

Take the grapefruit, half it now
scoop its flesh, its segments shout
the weary soul now refreshed

Blushing strawberry the profiled heart
absorb the glow its sweetness tart
sip these all, for that invest

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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#15. April 15th.


The Hammer of the Underworld
That had sought to fell
the —oldor's High King
And rent great holes in the world.
The weapon welded of the Dark Lord
The great Warhammer
to break the earth apart
When he chose to battle abroad
The Ram to break the gate of man
To bring the fall and
ruin of Minas Tirith
As befit Sauron's great plan.
An engine to herald the fall
Drawn by beasts and orcs
and swung by mountain trolls
Heralding doom to one and all.

(Unique words: 58.)

Tyrant of Words
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In a State of Grace

ďSpin the wheelĒ the professor brightly said
So I did and went back to nineteen ninety-one
To days of youth and paths I once feared to tread
To a time when passion seemed to weigh a ton

I smiled reliving the moments I once treasured
For the times I sighed and cried with a heavy heart
For the formative years when I felt the pressure
Through a depression I hid while playing the part

But I kept it hidden below the undergrowth
Like secrets in the deepest recesses of the soul
It grew roots to the core and swore an oath
Not knowing one day it would make me whole

I found it again through a ghost of a chance
With the rush I felt and gave way to chase
And for me, itís been the perfect romance
While working to stay in a state of grace

147 Words
92 Unique

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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15 of 30

And realise

It will be dawning from your darkest hours,
The inspiration of your accumulation.
Or should I say,
The saving grace of your damnation.
If that be, your inclination.
The seed you sow,
The way you witness
The experience
Of this life so.
Be kept from living by a threat.
I ask you,
Look inside.
Deeper than the toil,
Deeper than the trial,
Deeper than that,
Of your own tale.
To all the smiles you've shared,
That hope prepared,
And strength bestowed,
To take you far from here,
Wherever here maybe,
Whenever now,
Befits the moment,
You've called.
You'll have the strength to rise,
Before the dust left of this life.
Lays claims to its place
With the wind,
In the earth.
That last breath
Of that old life,
Is the first breath
You'll draw
And realise..

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Ode To Night V

Dream with me, wildest night;
come alive with my closing eyes
to watch with me what can be
in a world were it only as free as a
silken scarf upon a swift breeze.
Raise me high to look down upon
the many muted colors you create
and the deeper hues of fading light
and, shadowed by your rising height,
I view you above, shimmering
and full of playful delight.
Dream with me, wildest night.  

        56 unique words

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Dear You,

I wonder what moment
Iíll realize
Iím not in love.

It could be that Iím
fixing a hole in my favorite
jeans and you donít cross my mind.
why would you cross my mind while
Iím mending my favorite jeans?

Iíd have you anytime
you wear those damn pants.

Or I hear some guy yell ďHoney Pie,Ē
as his girl struts into the bar
and I donít immediately think of
the two of us.

If I fell, would you catch me?
Laughing over almost empty bourbon glasses
and risking a day
in the life.

I drive my car seeking forever
memory loss because
maybe Iíll forget that across the
universe someone
thinks my kaleidoscope eyes are
the end of the line.

Do you think if yesterday
repeats itself that I can convince myself
to let it be?

Let you walk away while I
act naturally, but really Iím dying for
you to hold me close.

maybe Iím amazed that all my
memory, all my loving
is wrapped up in you.


Iíve just seen a face and I think
I realize.

I realize,
Ms Grace

P.S. I love you.

Dangerous Mind
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Rings of Sadness

Tragedy has become a rolling
constant, forming rings of sadness
around my aura.

I'm begging timeó

slow down.

You can tell me to stay grounded
in today's temperate lacerations,
but too much keeps happening.
Paper cuts feel like
death is considering things...

listen for the lullaby,
whispered during reticent slumber.

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