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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Lessons in life part 11Ö. Keep cool in a crisis

A surprising shout when bending down
found eating lunch in my dressing gown,
a subtle limp as I leave the chair or
the moments when I stop and stare.

Pulling on jeans that just donít fit
or get them on and bust the zip,
the inch-long hairs of cheek and ear
when eyesight fails to be so clear.

The breathless stairs and dodgy knees
A balding scalp that wonít re-seed
Been drinking like I did back when
to morning cries of never again.

The nagging need for a Harley D
Or fat gut pose with a flying V
All these trials one must endure
as mid-life knocks upon my door.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Just to Sunrise

She reaches for the cold coffee
on the nightstand.
It doesnít matter that itís not
hot enough to scorch her throat.
This isnít comfort.

This is needing to stay awake
until the sun creeps through
the blinds so shadows donít
overtake. Sheís working hard enough
to keep her mind from
spinning every direction.
She canít let it run free in
dreams she canít control.
Canít fight two wars.

So she drinks more.
Whispers memorized poetry into the darkness,
recalls every scrap of scripture
drilled into her as a child.

Any thoughts but her own.
Any words but her own.

She just has to make it
to sunrise.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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it is a thought
how our ancestors
kept the population in check
from the pulpit
kept social order
with their limited understanding
of workings in the brain

some physical ailments
named ďinsanityĒ
or ďdemonicĒ
and mental dysfunction:
clear symptoms
of events or abuse
count and call them ďdeadlyĒ
call them ďsinsĒ
make it hellworthy damnation
to express our trauma
onto another
whilst wallowing freely
in their own lack
of coping skills

maybe there was some benefit
to tempering narcissism
hypersexuality, rage
antisocial behaviour
with directly opposing
slap-knuckle piety
practice curating perfection but
unable to cure the aching
no salve or sewing up
for old wounds
invisible to the eye

i have a terrible feeling
those dark
dank confessionals
birthed too many a family curse
for their broken system to cure

Dangerous Mind
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The Shedding

Today I watched a snake shed his skin.
He had become lethargic,
darker, with clouded eyes Ė
as one gets when theyíre squeezed on all sides
by things that donít fit.

In one giant, yawning breath
he cracked his own head open,
or so it appeared;
a violent start to this process of growth.
With his vision now cleared,
he seemed to wake up and become more frantic,
determined to rid himself
of this burden that no longer served him.
It wasnít easy Ė a rebirth never is Ė
he writhed, he circled, he flexed, he itched,
he curled up in a ball and sat on his own head
all in order to peel his own dead skin.
It was a slow-motion limbless wrestling match,
and in the end he simply slithered out of his old garb,
left it lying like a dirty sock
and paraded about in his clear-eyed beauty.

Reptiles are not emotive pets
so maybe I was just projecting,
but Iím certain that in his newfound freedom,
I sensed a satisfied joy.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Poetry Is....

Poetry is water; ever gentle and still
Timid and shapeless, yet as vast as its will
The home of all life cursed with deathís chill
Calm as a lamb but ruthless to kill

Poetry is fire; scorching through hearts of men
An unattainable desire to release ones Zen
A raging candle with an unextinguishable pen
Yin and yang, drilling wisdom since the first den

Poetry is life; raw energy that breathes
A spirit of creation, ceremonial wreathes
Inspiration and motivation it needs
The purest of hearts is what makes it succeed

Poetry is death; the darkest dimension we know
The prince of pain and sorrow undertow
Intertwining as one our immoral hatred grows
An unleashed swarm of locusts, our painful manifests show

Fire of Insight
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15 of 30


I woke up to a bright morning
Feeling better than I felt these last three days
The sun is unusually bright today
Its piercing brilliance reflected
In the glass window of our room

Weather is good
No dark clouds hanging
In the clear blue sky to obstruct the path
Of sunlight in its sheer brightness
I saw a flock of little birds descending  For a quick peck on the ground outside
It was a lovely sight to behold

I love to wake up to a bright morning
It sets the tone and mood of the day for me
A sunny morning brings promise
But weather is unpredictable
It can change anytime without notice
Just like a person's temperamental nature

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Vicious Cycle

Itís sounding like a broken record over and over again
When I think itís over thatís when it begins
The yelling the shouting the fun never ends
And it seems to be my will that is the one that bends
Though I try to keep my head above water
It seems all for naught as we head to the slaughter
This wheel that turns seems such a vicious cycle
Though thereís nothing to be done no need to be riled
Even if you want to take charge of your own destiny
Thereís only so much that can be seen

Unique words: 69

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Oh mid to lower back muscles
working non stop to keep me
humaning throughout the day to day
deep bows to your constant work
on this chilly dark eve
fresh out of the new moon
a tweak of tweaks decided to accompany you
this ringing pain is a solid way into
forced presence
and i have to say
i welcome the time when i may be able to
focus on different things

57 UWC

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Perhaps itís solely hapless distraction
working in wonder with Natureís beauty Ö
is this non-violent direct action
against the systemís destruction futile?

The rain starts then stops then starts again
and sometimes a rainbow will grace the sky
the birds are busy building nests ó my pen
hovers vainly pulling twigs ó then runs dry

I span five generations ó memories
from grandparents to grandchildren, stories
waiting to be told from the 1880s
to 2020s of war, peace, worries.

Saving the world as grandparents is cool
or the vain hope of a blabbering fool?

Fire of Insight
United States
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Pillow Talk

If only my pillow could talk..
I wonder now and then
Would it tell the truth?
Would it be honest like me?

If I asked my pillow
How many times Iíve soaked my eyes in it
It may throw a number or two
If I asked my pillow
How many nights
Iíve beaten the hell out of it
There would be no answer

If I begged my pillow for forgiveness
From years of mistreatment and neglect
I imagine it would try to reply
But such words would be muffled by my head

My pillow never once failed to listen
On nights I stayed up late
Or didnít take my medicine
My pillow carried me to sleep
And now that itís my turn to listen
I fear my pillow may not speak

Fire of Insight
United States
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Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Where rats are racing in pursuit of wealth
I move in stealth; evading gluttenous vultures
And those folks expropriating cultures

Those who slaughter with cold, hard steel
Stealing from babies in need of meals
Kill, kill, kill at will on reels like it's cinematic
Dreams unfulfilled, illed, illed, ill and tragic

Traffic won't yield as it's streamed 'round the clock
Blood continuously spilled on corners of every block
Stocks garnering more attention than those deceased
As we repeat that age old adage of No Justice, No peace

Tyrant of Words
United States
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"The Two Point O Towers you say," said Harry the Weregroundhog. "Why, that's like just up the road a little ways. Follow me!"

And the Fellowship did, approaching two filthy, stone towers with a massive spiderweb stretched between the both. And there in the middle of the webbing was a huge, glowing orb with a pupil smack dab in its center. As the sun had already gone down, a beam of light eminated from the Eye of DUPon much like that of a lighthouse. She was tirelessly scanning the lands to the south, always in search of The One Poem ô.

"If we approach her from the side, she won't see us coming and alert the Porks in the towers," said Summdir.

It was just then that upon the clouds appeared another similar light with the symbol of a Bat in it. This was the calling card of the Dark Knight!

"Oh, nos!" cried Lady Ahavarwen. "DUGlo and the others can travel no further without being seen. We must find a way to distract the Eye of DUPon as soon as possible!"

"We'll need the help of the Dwarves," said Melrond. But why were they still lingering in the forest?

"Dwarves, you say?" inquired Harry. "Like, did they happen to investigate something that was shiny-like in the woods?"

"Yes!" they all chimed together.

"Uh-oh," said the monstrous Groundhog. "My cousin, Larry, is always setting traps in the woods to ensnare travellers on the road. He's a bloodthirsty Werebadger who is probably eating your Dwarves at this very moment."

Smuggle laughed maniacally to Duggle. You were right afterall!

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Dark Knight aimed his Bat Signaling Runestone at the clouds, waiting impatiently for a response from the other Fellowshippers signaling it was okay to proceed.

S s s s s h h h h h r r r r r i i i i i e e e e e k k k k k !

"Ohhh! I wish they would hurry!" exclaimed Satin Gamjeez as he climbed further up the nearest of the Musty Mountains. "Those Nasty Ghoulies sure do give me the frights!"

There, below in Stanza Valley, the Nine Poemwraiths had just begun their rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller. It was only a matter of time and choreography before the Ditch King would give the command to strike!

DUGlo's worst fears had manifested: they were discovered because he was glowing phenomenally bright.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Eye of DUPon likewise witnessed the curious bat-shaped light anomaly on the clouds. It seemed so ... familiar . . .

And then a bizarre thought occured to her:

Was I a great Spider in a past life ..?

* * * * * * * * * *

"We must save the Dwarves first!" instructed Jaragorn. "We will not abandon them to torment and death."

And he whispered into John Ronald's ear in the ancient tongue of his ancestors, the Numeralians. At hearing the command, the Donkey leapt into action ( with Smuggle and Duggle bouncing around in the saddle ).

"Oh, fishystickses!" grumbled Smuggle, as the Donkey beelined into the woods towards where the Dwarves wandered off into.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Breeze tasting of brine
itself basking in sunshine

Hello there, Elle! Hello!
Ocean waving her on, asking
Ready to laugh and play?

"Oh, well . . ,"
she hedges from the doorway

Little Elle Oh Well
no one's gonna frown upon you
when you're doing what you love

No one's gonna drown you
in judgement or rolling tide

There's no nasty land shark
towering above

Won't you come outside
laugh and play with me?
Dip your toes into my sea!

Let your skin be tanned!
Roll around in the sand!
See how grand your life can be?

Little Elle! Oh, Elle!

The ocean laughs always with the innocent
This is what
you were meant
to see

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Greetings, Great Poets of the Fellowship! Welcome to the Challenge Summit! Those who have a clear view may proceed into the halfway mark of Day 15!

Those who do not have a 24 hour window to edit/and or submit those late poems! You've come this far, we know you can do eeet!

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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See Through

At the turning point
Iím getting through
Just trying to find the words
To lead me back to you

Personifying destiny
Every goal reached is a journey yet to begin
Pressure on the muses
My heart is choking again

Caught between a call and a dream
What most will fulfill?
Relinquishing the embellishment
In my quest for something real

Image or identity
Reputation is overrated
What is the mask or the face?
Devoted or infatuated?

Interrogations of conscience
Every word is what you choose to see
You can read every letter I write
And still you may never see meÖ

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