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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Fire of Insight
United States
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he’s twelve now,
on the cusp of thirteen;
my fourth trip
to the edge of the fire
of budding adolescence,
watching with pride
and curious fascination  
as the pudgy faces
of my little boys
become angular,
their jawlines turning sharp
alongside their tongues;
I know the day is coming
when I will not be
the most captivating woman
in his life, but for now ~
we will still traipse through
the woods behind the house,
gathering fatwood for s’mores
and memories that will
anchor our connection
through the journey onward;
I will serve my final
and decadently ridiculous course
on the living, breathing spirits
of the trees and the wood-folk
that once garnered the same
rolled eyes and heavenward sighs
from his brothers;
I will extract every ounce of
these moments,
savor every untempered
hug and every wet kiss
on my cheeks,
because I know when he leaves
his childhood, he will come back
a changed man

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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Lessons in life part 10…. Keep away from slot machine poetry

They always had great names
displayed in dancing lights, a warm glow
to welcome the unexpecting,
titles to draw me into their poetry.

The cherries were the opening line
always paying out enough to get me hooked.
The lights and sound created stunning visuals,
each stanza started with a couplet of bells,
melons formed another poetic device
a nudge or a wink away from something special.

The category was noted as #fun #funny #games
But the reality was early doors and addicted shame
changing a weekly pay packet to read the anthology
of dark depressed writing, the binge mentality
of one more go could not slow my appetite
until the poem ended with its twisted plot
or punchline of finding more coin to feed the slot.

Fire of Insight
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Is full
Of beauty
Look around you
See the flowers bloom
Their soft petals open
Showing rich shades and fine shapes
Perfectly formed for your delight
Behold their loveliness in nature
Breathe their sweet fragrance wafting in the air

Enjoy these simple offerings from life
Take time to relish these little gifts
Look closely at each small blossom
How intricately designed
Each one different, unique
Just like you and I
Each one perfect
As they are
Meant to

Tyrant of Words
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Mental Vs. Physical

It went round and round
All and sundry wondering
Which would fall first

The call was close from the start
Mental came out swinging-
A little too early with dancing feet

Physical took a couple of swift
South paws to the chest
Yet stayed upright and in the fight

Psyche messed about with Mental
Pain tore up Physical and
Round four nearly ended both

Eyes locked on each other
Each desperately trying to win
Went down simultaneously

The Referee pulling each apart
Both crawling toward the ropes
Breathless, exhausted, angry

Climbing upright and turning to
Face each other with fury
Victory called it a no win fight

Fate got in at the last moment
Luck, too
As I’d put no money on either

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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Pure things swap mountains

The nowhere dog, the nothing man,
once looking like a succulent dream,

Into the forest of your lifelessness,
wasted likings…
corrupt officials blackmailed and unrescued.

The simpering burns, the storeroom worms
collect the wise no-word learns.
Fat religious genius opening up this can of storms.

Confiscated, put away for a later date,
the second grooming.

Coincidence is fate embracing. Follow it.
[responds well to provocation]

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Ode To Night IV

Rock me, sweetest night;
as nectar to birds of flight --
a flower swaying in the breeze
is clung to so tightly by a bumblebee
with the cozy hive of which he dreams;
you are mine, open and fragrant,
quiescent and ever as free.
Your vacant air is what I need
and in it I so deeply breathe.
Keep me there, in your care;
lift me high as I in you.
Let me fall into your bloom
Rock me, sweetest night.

       55 unique words

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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In sentiment as we look back
to the yesterdays of childish views
tangled overgrowth, that long relapse
and memories we pick and choose

The flashes from our own synapse
coloured with perceptions  brief
cherry pick when life falls flat
to fool ourselves in vain conceit

Those sunny days of endless fun
in the barren of today
a lethargy of life so gummed
look forward from the past and say

Now`s wistful thoughts that I replay
to take the best and dust it off
the new charade be your mainstay
bring new tomorrows from the lost

Half forgotten lines of scribble
the ink that`s fading fast
rare moments so indivisible
past recollection slipping from your grasp

The broken  amulet that I hold
fractures that can be repaired
clean bandages that can console
the faith to venture, face new dares

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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#14. April 14th.

Glimpse of Grey

I am known by many names,
I am the Grey Pilgrim;
roaming from here to there
in time of need
never early or late,
arriving precisely when I mean to,
in time to turn the tide
against darkness.
I am a friend to Elf and Dwarf
and Man
and Hobbits who I like the most.
I am a Servant
of the Secret Fire,
though my arms of choice
are wisdom and pity.

(Unique words: 50.)

Tyrant of Words
United States
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A Cell of Awareness

If we believe we were predestined for the path we took
As with each and every decision we made has lead us here
Choice is but a mere illusion in the dreamer’s guidebook
And for some it may be something that’s difficult to hear

If you perceive that you are in charge of your own destiny
That you weave this string in the intricate web of the universe
Than so be it, but there are millions and billions of other entities
With predated fated webs which are more complex and diverse

Each of us is like a cell of awareness, searching for meaning
Seeking the truth to bring our individual subconscious to light
Whether it’s a belief in ourselves or that of a higher being
Whatever you want to put your genuine faith in, you’re right

136 Words
92 Unique

Fire of Insight
United States
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I am double posting today. A little under the weather


Cruise Control

What is going on?
I cannot write to save my life
My inspiration just died on someone’s lawn
Give it CPR I told my wife
The rhythm just marched right out of me

I’m brain dead but never comatose
Chilly in my bones
With a side of runny nose
Breaking glass houses with sticks and stones
The lights are on but nobody’s home

I’m netflix and chillin
Searchin for a villain
Counting a hundred million
Reasons not to get this penicillin
I’m under the weather, cruise control

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Upon a step

Because I dared,
It feels like that air,
Is immensely heavier for being aired.
Rather than being ensnared,
Entrenched and wretched,
From moment to moment.
I ought get my head.
For when I do,
And can leave this dread,
It's easier breaking bread.
Seeking amends or amens,
Is always preferable.
Always far more pleasurable.
Than hanging on every,
Anxious dread.
There are answers and questions,
That will never be shared.
But the past is the past,
And the end,
Draws closer at last.
Even if,
It's just a chapter,
In this,
Ongoing saga.
It's a step,
Upon a step,
Upon a step.

Guardian of Shadows
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(14 of 30—Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

menacing rain
death by drowning

sonnet #14

you clouds that weep, is it because of me
you spray the thirsty land with patterning
that rocks my tiny shack with battering,
to float me on a boat contrived at sea?
my meagre head of cattle you have claimed
as sacrificial trivia and rhyme,
where, in this naked city-slum regime,
no justice mends the hearts that you have maimed.
you sauntered past the castle on the hill,
to corner me where angels fear to tread,
anesthetised upon your riverbed.
i dare you consummate the final kill:

swift to the land of dreams, take my scansion,
that i might sing the clouds a new chanson.

© Copyright 2021 April 12
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 74

Dangerous Mind
United States
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From a young age it has been clear
You need the company of peers
To make you feel completely whole
Now that has been removed from school
From in the class to on the walk
Back to the car where we would talk
With your best friend and his parents
Of vacations, running errands
And all those other normal things
That each new blessèd day would bring—
So though he can be a curmudgeon
And it’s easy to be judging
You for sometimes harsh approaches
Feel the pull to be life coaches
Explain that he’s not a teddy
You must wait ‘til he is ready
Come each morning with its stresses
And calls on you, “Get up! Get dressed!”
Even when he’s being snarly
I’m glad you’re cuddling with Harley

Dangerous Mind
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The Melancholic Mind

My temperament steeps in
melancholia: saturnine fingers
curl around the right brain, pulling
me into deep hollows. An obsessive
creativity springs from this depth.

There are no ghosts inside a critical mind:
these voices whisper across supernatural winds,
leaving tracers of melancholic mood.

Still, it's here that I realize quietude.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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I am completely spent, exhausted
my being abused, soul dejected
by depression daily accosted
misconstrued, misunderstood
my motives and purpose misjudged

loathe to wallow in fowl mood
not prone to carrying a grudge
my left-brain suggests I write poetry
sequester myself in peaceful locked room
find refuge in Carole King’s “Tapestry”
Immersion in writing and singing
will surely my dissonant spirit attune

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