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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Fire of Insight
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First Day

Today is the first day of Ramadhan
The day is peaceful and calm
There is a stillness in the house and outside
Everyone is resting except those who aren't fasting
Even the cats are not making any sound
I can't see them around
I was not able to render my fast on the first day for an excusable reason
And decided to do the laundry
The air was cool outside
Only the sound of birds can be heard
Their tweeting  seem louder today
Amplified by the silence
A small bird accidentally found its way to our room through an open window
It hopped from place to place
Then flew around looking for escape
It seemed desperate to get out
It was restlestly flying and hopping in the wire
It flew away after finding the crack in the glass transom above the window
That has a hole the size of a fist  
A tiny bird can pass through
The day went by silently
Until it was time to prepare Iftar

Tyrant of Words
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As a photograph
recalls a memory

My sweet, dust covered
Quimper dish, possesses a
reign, far above my other
keepsakes in rank

It holds a secret no other soul
Is privy, with exception
Of him...

Soft smile, wistful gaze
and tearful eyes make this
ornament of value beyond money

Touching its cool hard surface
is the exact opposite of touching
Him...but every sinew and outline

Recalls so vividly
the warmth from his body-
his soul ever so gentle

There is no gap in time
no decades of being apart~
When I think of him

He’s simply there
With me, together
My lovely trinket

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Fire of Insight
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This structure
Like an open cell
Built on mountain cement
Flows salt rivers
Just under the floorboards
You’ve heard it all before
Silent weeps in stalls
Isn’t silent anymore
Because there is a reservoir
Of all my tears beneath this store

Ignoring the cries that seep so deeply into the walls
Hasn’t bought time
So go on, keep repairing, as the water grows
One day, a thing will snap
The question’s not what, it’s when

One day, I’ll break
And you’ll be left with a lake so cold
So deep
You’d drown before swimming
It took years to fill, after all..
If you leave a faucet running, there’ll be bills to pay in the morning
And now there is a reservoir
Of all my tears
You’ve heard them all

Dangerous Mind
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Soul Of Jim

Death of Orion snake --
rise then we die together
writhing in blackness.
The hunt is on --
our eyes see beyond
ephemeral vision.
We are the seekers
of what is not human;
we are the plunderers of
her dear soul.

Taste the tears;
you are the salt of every
pit in vitreous earth.
You are a vessel of
night's captive stars
searching under
all the ones we lost
up there, our subjects bare
in coldest Heaven where
every sun is undone there.

A child is crying --
it is your forgotten true vision
which calls to be heard;
listen for its birthing,
lead yourself on a quest.
You will find her there --
iron-clad woman whom you

You will remove her chains
to free her, but not before
she disperses into
silver forest air --
the very vapor you breathe
to imbibe knowing;
her strength.

She knows you --
shaman son of great
green temple woman;
you enter her city's
languid heat
and are born.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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A sense of lapsing dignity

Loss of faith infection…cover my eyes,
Never was a world leader, abundant

The longest day is over, the mislaid
manuscript concludes. Constantly
in the background.

No good thing ever dies, there
Is no castration fear. Avoid reality,
avoid reality – singular men
taking notes.

Await the playground attendant, climb
trees – make noises like apes. There
are no coincidences.

Lying dormant for centuries.
Commitment to a noble future – remain pure.

52 unique words of 69 total

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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The tarantula of April (Scorpio)

Walking the steps of dance, a quadrille
music in its hairy scuttle
cantilever spindles, like stilts of quill
the Dark. spelt, in halted breath.
Gasping at its perfect menace.

Agony that you could be the fly
for its intention is never subtle.
Sink its fangs,
puncture anything that looks a threat.
break the web, the underscore of dread.
A lair of walking hair
Black armpit,
morphed  from off the barbers floor.

A stalking epitaph so chilling
shadows, speed and stealth.
More deadly than a James Bond villain
The  bad dream, hammer to the nail.

April`s stars Scorpio, the constellation`s speak
seek out what you require.
The menace seen but not defined
pounce to terrorise, the stars aligned.
Arachnid`s walk as human kind

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#13. April 13.

Beyond the Western Shores

The seas call me away
from these shores
to somewhere else
beyond the West.
Where I can have a holiday
and rest these old feeling bones.
I may never return
back this way again,
Or see the misted mountains again
Or visit the murky woods and forests
Or the plains where the horses roam,
I am quite ready,
for one more

(Unique words: 50.)

Tyrant of Words
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On a Timeless Wavelength

Whatever gets you through the day
    or night
The magic in music can lift your spirits
    and mood
There’s something about a rhythm
    and rhyme
When the groove is sure to improve
    your attitude

Your body automatically moves
    to the beat
As a happy heart synchs in
   with the song
For those few minutes all is right
   and free
But the positive effect can last
    all day long

We can get lost in those happy
   little moments
The ones that enliven and
   soothe the soul
It becomes precious as if
    almost stolen
Frozen in our memories when
   we get old

On a timeless wavelength the music
    carries on
The eternal feeling never really
    goes away
It’s a time machine that when you
   come upon
It takes you to a place where you
   want to stay

135 words
92 Unique

Guardian of Shadows
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(13 of 30—Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

sonnet #13

one minute grant me, and you make my day,
for i shall multiply each second's worth
of sunshine in my noble span of birth,
spent joyfully upon life's golden quay.
dogs have their day, as poets have their rhyme;
fools have their folly, as wise men their charm.
day has its sun, and night its sleep alarm;
death has its limits in the face of time.
while yet i live, gladly seize i this day,
that i might run its distance without fail;
my stewardship cannot one hour curtail,
else could i savour not eve's sweet bouquet.

diurnal palettes paint the world with hope
beyond the earth's nocturnal periscope.

© Copyright 2021 April 11
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 83

Twisted Dreamer
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This time

And that is what I do,
I rest here with you.
This time is our time,
Our time to unwind.
Upon a chair,
Upon the floor,
More often,
Within a downpour.
Water is a theme,
As is steam.
Hot dogs though,
They are seldom seen.
Many other obscure dreams,
Yes, in whatever means.
This time,
Is precious time,
And where I'd like.
To take more time.
Time to see,
Just how meaning unwinds,
In the caress of a face,
By the passing hands.

Twisted Dreamer
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just sitting here on the fkn fence about bees & fkn fate

he was already impressive
six-two &felt more for muscle
dressed dapper for the snow
we’d had the last two weeks
big brown eyes three weeks fresh
from his tropical day-to-day
I’d suggested coffee a la lockdown
he agreed

told him I don’t talk after
been accused
of the yang snooze on that one
so it was weird that a week later
all I’d wanted to do
was learn him
while he stroked my hair
and traced my arm for two hours
before we drifted off to sleep

we have nothing
obvious in common
except the places we’ve been
&a determination to thrive
whatever that means
&his weeks here
are ticking away
like the bloodsuckers they are
so it’s not strange
that it was definitely
headed for achy-breaky
if only for me

but I swear
he was the physical
genie specific manifestation
of a phrase I whispered aloud
half to myself
half to the universe
not a week before he appeared
against odds I would not
have wasted a shiny penny on
&I swiped right
so dead sure
he never would

Dangerous Mind
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The Happiest Things

Smelling lilies, peonies and lilacs
on a balmy day.
Steaming cup of honey
turmeric tea.

Ari's baby laugh.

Sunshine warming my skin: moonlight
through treetop canopy.
Forrest walks for nature bathing: salty
sea air. Quiet country cemeteries.

Your smile when days are cloudy.

Writing poetry.

Happiness comes in many packages.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Tied-off tubes
Of ground-up parts
Of various animals
Seasoned heavily with
Stuff I have become allergic to...

Nah, I don’t really miss you

...Although I can appreciate
Your memory
Like a former lover
I’m not attracted to

Because let’s face it
Once upon a time
At the mall’s Orange Julius stand
With those sexy
Banana peppers
You were a hot dog then!

Dangerous Mind
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Daily, 5:45

She wants to talk about her day.
Conversing with an adult human
who isn’t on a screen
would be a welcome change.
But this particular human
is quite obviously grumpy,
burying himself in brainless comedy;
laughing in a way that somehow
comes across as

He probably had a rough day.
She’d like to ask about it,
but lately her curiosity
and attempts to start conversation
seem to be received as some sort of
or intrusion.

So, she silently stirs the soup.
In her mind, she talks to him;
the imaginary one…

Curled in his arms,
she tells about how her entire project
was restructured for Covid again,
and he knows what she means
because he listened the last time,
so she doesn’t have to explain it all over
like she would to a complete stranger.
She mentions the performance review,
where she was shocked that the boss
rated her so much higher than she rated herself.
He just smiles
and says
he’s really not surprised.

Her nose jerks her out of the reverie.
Pulling the too-dark biscuits from the oven,
she scowls and thinks,
good thing there’s no performance review
for this damn job.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Music Passion Five

Opera Act One

On a curious whim I auditioned
sang “Amarilli Mia Bella”
a fairly good rendition I’m guessing
son run home and tell your papa
his boy will be singing Opera
with scarcely any classical training
the next weekend I was rehearsing
amongst singers
intimate with each note and variation
while I relied on pure memorization

Donizetti’s “Lucia di Lammermoor“
was the first production that season
Giorgio Tozzi, our esteemed Director,
famous Bass from the Met,
found further acclaim
as surreptitious, off-screen singer
of “Some Enchanted Evening”

As an old seventeenth century soldier costumed
with gray wig, regal beard that I grew
gold doublet, and puffy pantaloons
I trod the boards in Opera chorus debut
relieved that I could not see the audience
the stage lights burned so brightly
but after the mad, bloodied Soprano dies
and her gullible lover, the Tenor's dispensed
I caught a brief glimpse of my adoring fans
when with flourish I took my nightly
final bow

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