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Tyrant of Words
United States
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[ Of Power And Rings ] AinulindalŽ

They were Illuvatar's thoughts
children educated in art of Music
and Free Will endowed
to complement the Maker's
marvellous vibrations with
unique, theoried strings;

songsmithes in their own right
and the instruments themselves
in concert, woven into a single
grand theme,

by one of their very own
changing tune as he sings
to suit his own vanity

Sown, the discord was
throughout creation

further inspiring Illuvatar
to weave in further themes of
Elves and Man;


Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Seminal Moment

Is there a split second
something flashing in the dark.
Incandescent fireball that leaves a trail
burning, scorching.
It hovers in a vacuum of pity.
Lost. seeking no reproach,
in the clouds of its menopause,
menstruation it needed to disperse.
Top floor penthouse
too near the drop.
No buttons working on the lift,
just that instant,
when life`s gravity said "shit"
to Newtons Law.
Time had a crafty wink
Snapshots, when the camera never clicked
The ladder dropping from a UFO
A Cossack`s  knee length boots
the clapping and the raucous shouts.
From  my innocence,
to realise the truth
On the train that`s ever running
the conductors coming,  

Tyrant of Words
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Are where I will be found.
I was created there.

Conversations weíve had,
Quotes I use and characteristics
I exhibit are all someone elseís.

An enormous burden that-
Forever trying to maintain
A persona never fully formed.

By equal measure never really
Understood, except by other
Book babies who know the grift.

Iíll swoosh in like a northern wind
And take you all by storm, youíll
Be smitten, agog to know more.

But thatís when I make my exit.
Where who you met becomes
Nestled in the last chapter.

Only to be forgotten amidst pages
That reflect upon The End.

(61 unique words)

Dangerous Mind
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# 12 of 30

Best Brewed Morning

 expresso love
dark strong eciting
cup brimming full of desire
steaming vapour rising
heavenly warming

heart and mind
needs its bittersweet taste
morning wake up call
hitting every sense there is
pouring through veins

what a wonderful delight
eyes focused upon beauty
anticapting lips salivating
damn hot in my clutches
your everything to me

almost better than sex
but not quite

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Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#12. April 12th

The Blue Wizards

Where did the blue wizards go?
How far east did they travel?
And what magic did they show
to the men of the West,
and what secret cults
and magic traditions
did they found?
Or did they fall or
fail in their task and were lost
like Summer's gaze
upon the Winter's frost
fading into memory of the past
never to return to Valinor.
Or did they triumph in their task?
fading in the West but rising in the East
outliving beyond their duty.

(Unique words: 50.)

Dangerous Mind
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Ode To Night III

Shelter me, honest night;
listen to my secrets whispered in a
cavernous ear, let me shout for only
you to hear.
Enclose me in your deep pools --
rock me in uncounted hours.
It is only you I ever run to;
my obscurity lies in anonymous you.
We are the ones the daylight seekers
never knew;
we, together are the sincerest pangs the
brightest stars ever drew.
Cup me in your vast hand as I embrace you:
Shelter me, honest night.  

          53 unique words

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Caught on cameras, lifted on their backs

I send you a fortune of space
Serving few in journey to outer forest
Surviving the badly decorated dining room sell-out tour
A human soup calamity
Nobler saints in statues , busting out,
Throwing it all back into space.
A ten thousand year epidemic.
A drip, a surviving eternal drip,
Refining a finer mosaic
We loved lift, hide and seek
We are doctors of bad loving.
The conch shell listening, all one hears
are rogue states and abandoned churches.

51 unique words of 77 total

Dangerous Mind
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Any April Redwood Valley
I could lose you in the clover
Do you see the lover
In a sea of green?

Somewhere lies a mutant
Blessed with superpower luck
Any other though
Can be disassembled thusly:

Pull one leaf
And itís a butterfly
The remainder you are holding
Is a disconnected heart

The truth is
We refer to many things as clover
These are what all of them
Have in common

Guardian of Shadows
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(12 of 30óOfficial DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

sonnet #12

'tis not mere words that fall from idle lips
that estimate love's surest symmetry;
the gallant heart knows not true destiny,
whose sole fare is a fervent word that slips
into the ear when sentiments are high.
'tis not to wish them fed, whom life has starved,
nor bid him rise, whose stature has been dwarfed;
love rescues him, e'en if it must deny
itself to bear the weak or lead the blind.
loves has real hands and walks on human feet
to render grace and mercy in the street,
and justice bring to fallen humankind.

love gives, expecting nothing to be giv'n,
bringing on earth a little taste of heav'n.

© Copyright 2021 April 10
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 89

Fire of Insight
United States
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Ooohhh Happy Day

Ooohhh happy day
My Super Nintendo
Arrived today
After four weeks of waiting
Iím finally celebrating
What a beautiful day
For some childhood advocating

I bought the classics back
Now itís time for me to attack
Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter
Were always my personal igniter
I played them so much as a kid
Youíd think they fell off the grid

Everything works as if it were new
I donít know about you
But Iím a big kid at heart
Who can turn poetry into art
Iím an old man gamer a la carte
And I canít wait to start

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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The Ocean

I turn to my hand,
It's empty.
Just the traces of sand.
I could look at the thread,
And face that,
Inevitable dread.
I choose to;
Lift my eyes,
To the fathomless skies.
Trusting instead,
Your with me,
Keeping pace and in sted.
I know better now,
Than to question your motive.
Better than,
To question your reason.
I know now,
It's only a matter of time.
So I'm not discouraged,
By your silence,
Or afraid by your absence.
I'm turning to the tide,
And smiling back
Upon the ocean.

Dangerous Mind
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Dying to Hate You

It starts small: a knot, twisting
itself around each heartbeat.  

Growth is quietly
computed, though rarely noticed,

until black malice begins seeping
from pores. Darkness casts its shadow

across every facet of life, consuming
any hope that peace might prevail.  

To swim in such quagmire creates
an impotence for love.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Self Reflection

Foggy mirrors
In a misty room
Clothed in lemon and rose
Blanketed in heat, as I stand
With a blurred image
I donít care to see
The mess of me
Scrubbing skin
Dampening my hair
Though I am clean
There is a scum
No sponge has removed
Even coated in perfume
I smell it
An aftertaste, unrideable
Wiping the condensation from the glass
I catch a glimpse of my figure
Still glazed in droplets
Drenched blonde and porcelain
I saw, focusing in
Turning for my towel, until
I lost her
The glass had fogged again

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I See You

I see you in every reflective surface:
shop windows, muddy puddles,
rain slick pavement under my feet.

As if my brain
cannot fathom a moment
without you and your questioning
eyebrows wondering if I really
think those words are a good idea.
The kind eyes that make
waking up easier.

The smile that never
ceases to calm my spinning
thoughts and send my blood
racing in equal measure.

You are in smudged bus windows
and the night reflecting streams I
visit when I canít sleep. The mimicked
stars pieces of you I want to hold.

And it is a comfort, really.
To see you when I am alone,
catch your emotions as Iím walking
along busy streets and pressing my palms
into clear water by moonlight.

It reminds me of who
I am
to you.

To myself.

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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Social Interactions

Although I am not one for social interaction
Sometimes I enjoy it
Talking with people and smiling has its good moments
In the world that we live in now
And although I really like being alone
I have found that I still do need those few interactions
Those few conversations with people I donít normally talk to
It takes me out of my head
And relieves me of some stress
It feels kind of nice

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