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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Ode To Night II

Caress me, O still night;
wrap around me like arms
as I inhale this damp and cool
You are kinder than the brightest day,
softer than earthen clay;
fill me with your monotone array
in blue, black and steel silver grey.
Your blanket of heavy, bound certainty
is what I breathe so shallowly.
You covet me, and I, you;
what love, what need --
It is only I in you.
Caress me, O still night.  

            53 unique words

Tyrant of Words
United States
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( 11/30 )


[ . . . ]

Part II: Arc of the Covenant † †

[ . . . ]


First Quarteró
half of a half-portion;
the whole of her profile
an illumination
silhouetted face

Hard astrological angle
foresees crisis
as stepping stones
to the other sideó

Doubt begets doubt
gestating from shadow-
aspects, invisible surfaces
revealing emerging clues

Incorporeal Spirit, illusion
traversing nocturnal sepulcher
of belief, evoking reflection
on patterns of change

Meanings and lessons
become trebuchets  
over wayward obstacles
designed to assist growth

Surrendering control
becomes a natural recurrence
trusting the Wheel of Life
her bird's eye view
turning favorably above us

. . .

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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#11 of 30

Their Journey Of Ascension

 In the imagery
Of devastating beauty
There's a new sun
Burning brightly
Love's beacon

From across
Time and space
Becoming my universe
Touching this heart
So profoundly

Dreamy intimacy
Her lunar pull
Gravity's reality
Ebbing flowing
Lapping over senses

Irreplaceable feelings
Burrowing deep inside
Bringing mindful clarity
Achieving submission
Soulful entities together

Unique word count 52
Total word count 52

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Leanings (villanelle)

Yours was the heart on which I leant
the arbour calm, you were my spring
we two, each other, would ever compliment

Our beings torment never rent
In harmony like melodies that cling
yours was the heart on which I leant

In passions arms, lies our intent
such ecstasy  of love, be the ever suffering
come strings of lute play my lament

The summer sun it came and went
burned sweet affection, as my whim
yours was the heart on which I leant

Dusk`s kiss, of Autumn`s long moments
The fall, tied garments from each limb
with bodies wrapped to lie content

As unity will be, romances sweet present
we were balanced, like perfection pinned
yours was the heart on which I leant
with bodies wrapped to lie content

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Every Nerve Aware

It was the way every note woke up my spiritual senses
I could feel the real reel of poetic cinematic creation
Thus an old wanderlust in the waiting heart commences
To a not too distant future of vivid and lively imagination

Itís a keen dream, a mean scene between machine and man
A colorful picturesque landscape of nothing but open spaces
The carefree heart yearns to run like wind as if to transcend
When a deep need for speed is like going off to the races

But itís not for those who are undecided or scared
Itís for the ones who are ready to go out in beast mode
With every nerve aware the senses become ensnared
Exciting adventure is but a gear away in the open road

128 Words
92 Unique

Dangerous Mind
United States
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In the violently
Vibrant jungle
Where oxygen
Is at its most plentiful
Neurotic capybara
Attempts to once again
Set aside the ever-
Present knowledge
That a soft and airy voice
Slides across
The rustling living floor
As if in prayer
Or perhaps a sermon
My body is a congregation
Of deeply devoted muscles
I will surround you with it
And convert you

Siren-sings the very
Persuasive anaconda
Who desires your precious
Oxygen all for itself

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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and the fog brought
the wallpaper and
the candle, the stairway
and  lane. Unhorned, the belly
of the crane, penned on heat
and ascetic matchstick
mounts, stalks and in lime-burn
outline, balances the sky.

his scale
his tick in a box
with clocks dead stiff
as lief punk cabinets
will continue, should continue

and soon, like him,
I will have no-one to answer to.

There are sun-sore documents
tea-stained and jaundiced
but we hid them too well away
we bleached  them too clear

59 unique words of 89 total

Fire of Insight
United States
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Lazy Sunday

Long week
Brain aches
Too weak
Body shakes
Want sleep
Canít think
Wanna weep
April ink
Eyes red
Paper blank
Mind dead
Trophy bank
Hunger pain
Writerís block
Foggy rain
Static shock
Video games
Weather sucks
Mental plains
Counting ducks
Boredom wins
Circle doodles
Buying skins
Ramen noodles
Canít cook
Close book
Need hype
Eyes hurt
Must play
Stay alert
Lazy Sunday

Fire of Insight
United States
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I ripped the nails from floorboards
ďEnough of itĒ I said
For the stubborn ones, I shoved a hammer
To their heads
Pushed back into walls, never to be seen again
My house was never home to me
It owned every inch of my body
Reclaiming four walls, carpet, and ceiling
Iíve gained more than shelter
Iíve planted flowers in the cracks
Strung lights across the doors
I welcome visitors, now
If I slip again into a winter slumber
What joy it would bring, waking to spring
Iíd smile at miles of ivy, rows of sweet smelling roses
Progress isnít linear
Just as plants take their time
Iíll never rush growth again.

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Entombed dereliction

I edge my way across the floor,
The stour laiden scent of coal smoke lingers,
Their amber fingers barely breaking warmth,
The boards tightened creak,
Echo in the witches hour.
This place, it seems soulless,
For the want of more has given less.
Consumed and victorless,
Some twelve score years,
Maybe a little less.
Time goes on regardless,
With far more notches carved upon its pelt,
Than forgotten cares whispered,
Within it's mortared spans,
Or across it's spell of years.
I hang, upon the damp airs touch,
A silent gag,
As if repelled by some ancient hag,
Who'd been tarnished, respectless,
Degraded to be less than soulless,
By some encountered past,
To fester in this lichened place.
Regardless, I brush past,
The moth mottled drape,
A misfortunate wraith of night,
Standing guard to lost glories,
Seldom witnessed on the back of this,
Condemned, post eviction and entombed, dereliction.
I push on in contemplativeness,
Through the hall of emptiness,
Upon the patina of tarnished steps.
Envisaging from the shades of shadows
This mildew grappled house of old,
In the twilight of its heyday lost

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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#11. April 11th.

The Eye

An unblinking eye that sees all,
seething in a tower of rage
forever searching for the lost ring
coveting its power
and the means to dominate.
One will bent upon the return of the one ring
to its true master
to rule them all
to bring a darkness to the whole world
achieved by the brutal might
of the dark legions unnumbered,
broken and twisted to serve
the Dark Lord,

(Unique words: 50.)

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Dear GreyMan,

Sometimes I watch you,
boy, and wonder how it is
I got so lucky.

Your shock of surprising reddish
hair, let loose from the depths of
genes and DNA, like you are in
constant contact with electricity
never fails to make my heart clench
and my eyes crinkle in a smile.

The gentle smirk that has formed while you
learned my sense of humor,
sarcasm, and eclectic taste in music
and adopt them,
take them in, as your own makes me
want to yell Thatís MY boy!

Dear God, that freckle behind your ear
will do me in on any given day.

The serious heart that you wear so
proudly on your sleeve Ė
a testament of your capacity to love,
feel, express all those things
experts/specialists/doctors said you
never would makes me want to teach you
the proper use of the word fuck so you can
call them up and say
Fuck you and your limited world view.

I canít explain my luck. Canít explain
why God or the universe or fate
placed you in my arms,
but here you are. Mine.
My own.

And I am forever grateful.

Guardian of Shadows
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(11 of 30óOfficial DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

sonnet #11

not as the world gives peace, give i you mine,
that you fear not the ravages of war;
but temporal the wounds by which you scar,
when you shall know my healing is divine.
some shout peace, peace, but slay men with their thought,
and suddenly, destruction seals their ranks;
some shelter on the raging river's banks,
minding not those by swift, sharp currents caught.
no perfect peace habituates the earth,
though perfect love castrates the seeds of dread;
yield not, like coward saps already dead,
for, by my wisdom, you shall find your worth.

i give you peace, not as the world gives wine:
i am your peace, for i have made you mine.

© Copyright 2021 April 09
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 75

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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I wrote her husband once
got his good sideís spit shine
back of the cover
rose tinted by my motherís memories
her insistence that her father was handsome
charming, clever, kind, creative
I wanted that side for the record
though itís not how I saw him
didnít fit the stories Iíd heard
from the family depths either
or from her in lulls of understated honesty

had his funny moments, fine
and sometimes I felt sorry for him
mired in his self-inflicted world
of insulin deficit and sugar overdose

to me he was the shallow-chinned
mean spirited doom to an atmosphere
                         Donít touch anything, shut the hell up!
                         Turn up the TV, change the channel

barking at my 12 year old little brother
who hadnít cut the grass in straight lines
                        What kind of stupid kid are you
who asked too many curious questions
                        the kind whose father had jumped ship
                        not long before

just wanted to share his newest knowledge
of elephants and dogs
to anyone whoíd listen
                       the kind which bore the brunt
                       of that fatherís sins
                       for being born in his image

true, heíd been the perpetrator of too many bad puns
from his favourite joke book
                       the kind that had just been uprooted
                       to this side of the ocean

whose mother would not protect him
from her looming childhood personified

didnít care what that big bastard said to me
about me
it was mostly suppressed anyway
cos I was the first grandchild
the pride n joy
the photo next to the dictionary definition
of ďAryanĒ
who wanted to shove Wertherís Originals
down his windpipe
                        for that little boy
and when he passed
I could feel the sad relief in her

she was the one who stood up
like rising tree roots
when he was out of bounds
removed us from the plague of horse flies
spewed from his mouth

I could only write her in contrast
with her collection of a thousand comfy trainers
novels perched on every bedroom surface
a stellar resting grouch face
but only ever the kindest intentions
she held a quiet regenerative power
a hard-faced, soft touch love
not often underestimated

Iím glad her last couple of decades
were free of him
but I often regret how I took for granted
the constant attempted engagement
of her ever-steady heart
and so
how they were also free of me

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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I feel like Iím perpetually exhausted
Like no day geos by that I actually have energy
Days turn into weeks that turn into months
I canít remember the last time I didnít feel tired
The exhaustion is overwhelming sometimes
And some days I just want to sleep right through
Yet I still have trouble falling asleep
I need it but I canít get it
Itís a vicious cycle that I canít seem to break

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