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Tyrant of Words
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Seasonal Reflection

What’s is it about Spring
that after a long harsh winter
brings with it reflection
I often wonder.

I suppose it’s the same
between Autumn & Spring
the circle of life,
it’s daunting as I get older,
and, older still...

My lifetime keeps moving ahead
I’ve almost made it to the finish line
accomplishing nothing more
and less than average.

Sitting in a dark hole right now
I can see the light, but it is bright
and It is blinding, overwhelming me.

Knowing the truth that I’m surrounded
by my own failure, and that I cannot runaway
from myself. Change is hard
mistakes are costly.  

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Fire of Insight
United States
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Midnight Train Away From Pain

It's said if your plate's full to get a bigger one
If life was that easy it would always be fun
The Sun doesn't shine bright each & everyday
Things won't consistently go our merry way

Pendulums sway from blissful to melancholy
They don't hold back punches from anybody
Attacking the holy, the worldly & the wicked
At some point in time we'll all get afflicted

There are no tickets for the midnight train
Even in Georgia you'll endure some pain
Just try to remain sane through it all
Look for silver lining lessons in the fall

Twisted Dreamer
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This is Life

Everything around me moves in a blur
Minute I’m working the next, talk to her
After that it’s laundry and cleaning the house leaving no corner unturned no place for a mouse
Then it’s off to cooking a meal for others to enjoy
And cleaning up after it boy oh boy
Time for a shower and then off to bed
Where for a few hours I can now rest my head
All too soon the alarm starts it’s blaring
With eyes too bleary I get around and start caring
For my teeth and hair and put on work attire
This is not what I signed up for not to what I aspired
But for now it is what it really is
And that is all I can ask for this

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Dangerous Mind
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The value of human contact
Has increased
To the point of time travel

I am transported
To that moment
When you were maybe three years old

Nik had just arrived
You gave them the kind of hug
That hugging gurus give

The kind that make you
Melt and cry and that’s just
What Nik did

And that is what I want
To do every damn time
For the rest of my life

Twisted Dreamer
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a small warm light reflects on copper painted walls
the white noise hum of a fan drones in white noise
a sea of book stand tall and lay flat held by pine shelves
hanging wooden crates among a faithful army
of plants, candles, singing bowls
looked over by fairy lights paintings and photos
i breathe in your coziness
on the marshmallow fluff cloud that sails me away to dreamland
every night in this most sacred sleep chamber

65 UWC

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Lost Horizons

What's left to say of what remains
As I sit here on the other side of my heart ignored
And you keep the peace of the crypt
I wear the bloodstains of another's war
Breaking from the quotes of another's script

I won't play this role anymore
When love undone proves this love is counterfeit
And who am I to call you out
When we're one in the same kind of hypocrite

Back and forth and in between
I think of what was and I tell myself that I'm over it
Till I'm provoked again and reminded
Beaten up by these thoughts, I take a hit

Scars likes capsules on the flesh
Tell the story of the pain
And I relapse into the company of misery
As I drive myself insane

Wounded we weep to grieve to heal
But to dwell in what was is to decay
Permitting ourselves gradually as we feel
Night breaks and I seek the hope of a new day

Torn between what ails my heart
I'm pulled apart and reconstructed
And for every story that the blood will tell
Is followed by the way I self destructed

Rehearsing every moment
From death to death
Exhausting alternative scenarios
As to save or catch my breath?

What's the worth of my defenses
Or the outcome trying to prove I'm right
When I'm left in the dark again
Nothing seems as worth the fight

Fool's hopes are bets placed on empty expectations
And all I do when I wait on you is provoke these aggravations

Hindsight is 20/20 for the inventory taken of what we've lost
And I ponder the same thing of you I ask myself
Was the reward of failure worth the cost?

From broken homes to broken hearts
To reflections of the lost horizons of yesterday
Whether dead or alive
It seems as though everyone is passing away...

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Iceland welcomed me well and truly,
the land lives with Nature spirits as the norm
a Minister for Elves would cause a storm
in another country but unruly
developers are stopped by law from newly
building where an elves’ habitat has formed —
such connection would need massive reform
elsewhere to redefine ‘acting cruelly’

January 2020 by hand I
started to dig a deep circle eight metres
in diameter, plus more to grade flat
a scrubbed patch of land near the gate, burnt dry
in a firestorm, managed to complete the
40 tons removal and then stood back.

Tyrant of Words
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On The Healing Road

The ghost rider rode the longest loneliest road
While leaving melancholic shadows behind
Carrying an immense heavy burden and load
One of loss and heartbreak to bear in mind

Suns set in the west and rose in the east
But the relentless ghost rider kept riding on
Alone with his grieving thoughts finding peace
As the tormented soul writer kept writing on

He was revitalized by timeless landscapes
By what the universe had created all around
New perspectives then began to take shape
As the ghost rider rode from town to town

It may be a long highway to eventually unload
Until the time is right to find the best trail
On the healing road the ghost rider showed
That the human spirit can endure and prevail

127 Words
92 Unique

Tyrant of Words
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"Filthy Bat freak!" Smuggle and Duggle grumbled in unison. "He stole the Glowyrm who purchased the Precious Poem from the people who stole it from us! But ... we has a plan to get it back, now don't we?"

It was a rhetorical question as they crawled into one of the catapults being aimed by the Pork army amassing around Castle Mudbug. On strict orders to acquire The One Poem ™, the minions of Salamandar commenced with their attack.


The Frog twins gurgled with glee as the were launched toward the castle at 87 miles per hour, ensuring they would be first to arrive before the Porks did!

And within a matter of seconds and inches, they with shocked expressions sailed through the air right on by The Dark Knight. He was ziplining away from the castle into the forest, with DUGlo clinging to his back, and Ahavarwen and Jaragorn holding onto his legs. As Smuggle and Duggle splatted against a crumbling sandstone castle turret, our Fellowship members escaped undetected!

"Hahaha!" laughed the Dark Knight. "You really didn't think I could actually fly, did you?"

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Keep ... running!" cried Gimlyroo, swiftly becoming out of breath as his snail mail armor weighed him down. It had been quite a while since his daily jogs around the Irony Hills. "That Wallyrog is gaining on us!"

They were all heaving and gasping as the giant Demon of the ancient world snarled and flailed at their heels with its flaming critique!

"Puny Dwarves and Fellowship dipsticks!" the Wallyrog growled. "Your NaPoWriMo entries will not rhyme worth a damn! The syllable counts for each line will be inconsistent! Who taught you how to write poetry?! Don't quit your day jobs! And just look at all those mispellings, not to mention typos! Typos! TYPOS! MUAHAHAHA!" Its devilish laugh was ear shattering and concentration breaking! "Just hand me your Tropheees now before you embarass yourselves in April!"

And with that, Ganjosh the Gray Lizard halted in stride, turned, and drove his magic staff into the carvernous ground. There was a thunderous cracking-of-stone noise as he declared with great authority, "YOU SHALL NOT TROLL US!"

Unfortunately, his magic staff struck a waterpipe supplying western Muddle Earth. A huge geyser burst upward, washing everyone up a chasm to the surface.

Fortunately, it helped them escape the Wallyrog, whose flaming critique was doused in an explosion of steam.

Unfortunately, the added pressure of that steam sent our waterlogged Fellowshippers rocketing out of the ground in an almost volcanic like eruption.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Fortunately for Ahavarwen and Jaragorn, the explosion of water broke their fall as the Dark Knight's tights tore loose from his costume.

See how everything all works out when you just go with the flow? You need not worry when it comes to NaPoWriMo, for . . ."

"Oh, no you don't, Mister Narrator!" shouted Eerowyn to the heavens. "What about my #$@%ing Donkeys?!"

Tyrant of Words
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Greetings, Great Poets of the Fellowship! You are officially one-third of the way through!

If you've landed safely, then your Elf-Guide is ready to lead you through Day Ten! If not, make sure you adhere to the rules for last posting!

Tyrant of Words
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( 10/30 )


[ . . . ]

Part II: Arc of the Covenant    

[ . . . ]


Waxing Crescent—
dark caesarian of night
increscent new birth;
crepuscular form of life
falling forth from dust

Evolving growth pattern
O! nurtured Darkling, recipient
of altered-offering: blood
of intention and belief

Mother Earth magic:
cracking the husky womb
entwining newborn roots—
spellcasting their spiderlike shapes
deep beneath elements of light

Proving again beauty
and breath are both born
from a depth of darkness
those who walk terra firma
cannot fully understand

. . .

Tyrant of Words
United States
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[ Of Power And Rings ] Power

without beginning or end
once embraced
---you may refuse to let go;
its hold only as strong
as the belief that you can't
live without it

Fools Gold;
an attractive prospect
often presented in the form
of an unremarkable, metal band

so as not to distract attention
from the bearer at its center
---feeding the ego
with illusion of control
as it assumes the starring role
in a dramatic power play

telling an often overlooked story
of how the more powerless one feels
the more invisible one becomes

Fire of Insight
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10 of 30


Today, after almost two years
I finally got the chance to visit your grave
The pandemic has stopped me
From visiting you last year
It feels like a decade have passed
Since you left us
Though it was only four years ago

But there is never a day
That I don't remember you
I miss you everyday of my life
There are nights that I dreamed
Of you and mama and I wished
The dream wouldn't end
Because it's only in my dream
That I can see you both again
And feel your presence

Today I can only touch your headstone
A cold marble that has no life
But I hope that would let you know
That you are never forgotten
And always love

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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#10. April 10th

Caution for ore

On fabled Mirrowmere where stars appear
that crowned the king for which legends sing,
Whose the tower sat above the endless stair
the mightiest Dwarven kingdom ever sat there.

Where we mined the metal Mithril bright
in splendid seams, our heart's delight;
the metal's true name kept secret and hoarded
only a Dwarf's great fiend is it rewarded.

Yet all that glitter beyond gold
made us be too greedy and bold
and so we lost might Dwarrowdelf
and its boundless precious wealth.

(Unique words: 70.)

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Ode To Night I

  “We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.”
                                                  -Khalil Gibran

Cry with me, sultry night;
pray for the sentient things
crawling ‘neath your sight.
Glow your moon’s pale light.
Illuminate those whom pine for all
to be right and the fields of things
who count not the hours,
but wave in the wind endlessly
and futilely.
Pass me under safe care tonight,
let the voices lead me softly along:
a muted song.
Cry with me, sultry night.    

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