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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Sailing into Destiny

To weave ambitious dreams and then turn them into reality
That is the ultimate goal which many of us have in mind
Trying to live this earthly life to the best of our ability
Understanding our purpose when itís being redefined

We should listen to the philosophers, thinkers and wisemen
Who ponder and dwell on important matters of the heart
So that the modern poet voices will go beyond the horizon
And reach future generations who are not too far apart

We must ready our golden sails and study accurate maps
With a moral compass, knowing where weíre headed is key
Even as we face the strong gales we will not collapse
But surely we will have courage as weíre sailing into destiny

123 Words
92 Unique

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Vaxed IV

Down we fall ever as numb
and frail we call like everyone;
vexing truths that we must hold
eat away at our sanctum's soul.
We inject while life infects
all our fears with redirect;
it won't bend to such free will
nor depend on what gets killed.

Every plot must reach some end,
even if our hearts it bends;
we'll get out what we put in
as we lay forth our fissures to mend.
Looking back it makes me cry
but I never think to wonder why.
I've been vaxed, infiltrated;
all my wounds satiated

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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8 of 30

ĎÖthe white-destined requiring out of sight.í

I'll dress the wounds
so take the bitters,
battle and cry,

you were born
under-weight .

the mass of
empty windowsills
and grave-light

you would slip
through the fly net

a drop in the eye
exhumed in fog
in the fatalism of it all

as smoke is small
your name can barely hold

his fingers
Ö look
'these are small things, Lord,
that you do not needí

the nurses shake
their tambourines
and something is  banished

54 unique words of 75 total

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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#8. April 8th

The One Ring

One ring to rule them all,
One Master to that master ring
One destiny to see them fall,
One Dark Lord who will ruin bring.

One ring over rings of power
One to bind them in the dark
One Dark Lord in his Dark tower
One with the Black Speech's mark.

One ring named Isildur's Bane
One artefact lost for an age
One for the Betrayer's reign
One object missing from the stage.

One bearer as 'precious' known
One to entrap the Kings numbered Nine
One removed and always alone
One to cause the Elves and Dwarves decline.

(Unique words: 60.)

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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What do you know about mitochondrial eve
Gave life for every human to breath
From cradle of civilisation it seems
we dispersed along the Nile
creating cities, domesticating
Teaching and elevating all the while
The Sahara shares some secrets
Egypt reveals its tombs
Evidence Imprint is in your dna
Our Humanity, came from her womb

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Without a word from you

This world is a different place
Without a word from you.
A different place that's not unfamiliar,
Not altogether,
A similar world.
By and by we get on and by,
Looking for the beauty,
Between the cracks of life.
Unshying from the days past,
Unshying from the weeks ahead,
Seeing the light with the dark and feeling.
Never escaping that feeling.
Which always seems to be returning
A soulful knowing,
A close quiet, natural, knowing.
Intermingled and entwined,
With a body as yet still unknowing.
By and by we get on and by
Looking for the beauty
Between the cracks of life
Unshying from the days past
Unshying from the weeks ahead
Smiling in the minders of moments we've led.

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
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The Other Side Of The Window

Looking out the window into the world
While I'm here in my room listening to music
I remember the days when this is all I needed
But now I'm not so sure
I find myself watching and waiting
And yearning to be somewhere else
The sun shines but I can't seem to enjoy it
Something is missing but I'm not sure what
If feels like it's just out of my reach
Just on the other side of the window
Like I could see it if only I looked a little closer
Or stared a little longer

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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set course for Paranoia, please
not that i can aim it
itís as if iíve been
pushed off into the galaxy with
only a hope and some oxygen
maybe a tin can to sail north in
or what i thought was north
on a map as a kid

it points up, straight up, i thought
so up it is, we go, we go
looking for a song amongst
a socially distanced crowd
of not so silent stars

am i their messenger or
are they mine?
because even in the silence
i hear them whispering
whooshing like my ear to a conch

they sing, you know, the spirits of things
the planets elders in this
our vacuum of a chapel
nursing all shapes of us
creating a chorus
the throbbing
of our meat our blood
and bones

Dangerous Mind
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Our Little Friend, Insecurity

Doubt lingers in bleak shadows, harboring
viscous intent. Never straying far, it tucks
itself into neat folds, watching with wild
eyes for opportunities deemed worthy of attack.

Incessant whispers corrode  
self assurance until there is nothing left but dust.
ďLook at you, working so hard
to get nowhere. Stop tryingĒ.

Dangerous Mind
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Russian Roulette

Grandmother said
"treat him like a king
"you will always be
a part of his kingdom
but you will never be
his queen .

Care and comfort, respect
and gratitude has ricocheted
off this perfect world
striking square between
the eyes

Gentle smile, handsome
beyond imagination, also  experienced in life
He extends a hand
invites you to come along
on this adventure called life
We will turn the world
upside down  
Swayed by the thrill of it all
I hope on board

He likes to be pampered
OK,  well he certainly does
his share to make me happy

Hindsight speaks loudly
Who is this,  why am I
complelled  to know more?
I notice things here,  and there
like the dark pools where
iris and pupils would be.
His over talking conversations

Who am I to him?
Wife, mother of the children
he never wanted?

Better yet who am I -to me?
what matters to me?
Why has this person gone
from the love of my life
to my greatest fear?

My crutch,  lifesaver, my  
life's breath, thorn
in my side,
my Russian Roulette

Care not for his goals and
passions they have been stolen from me anyway
I have helped to create
this monstrosity
I made his supply readily available his underhanded ways
highjacked my kindness
my empathy
he held my life for ransom
Stop this insanity

Last words- where are you
going are you abandoning me?

Dangerous Mind
United States
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as seen from your back
on the field of rough grass and
flowers that tickle as the world
gets a little bit warmer:

two tellers of stories
meet in the ether
turn into the subjects of
each otherís art form

anything but crushed
by the weight of the sky
hands drawing the shape
of yielding hands

ghosts caught in suspension
whispered over the earth
by a voice so far away
it cannot be heard

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Personality Assessment

Creative, free spirited fellow
Amiable, mellow, deep thinking dude
Malleable mind imbued curiosity
People pleaser no scarcity of charm
Angers rarely, harms none with intent
Ill will often spent chastising himself
Great wealth is found in human connection
Never sated sensual predilection for intimate romance
Eschewing the expected dance instead steps in time to self composed beat
Recoils if micromanaged not due to conceit or pride

Stated simply, the master inside demands authenticity.

Unique words: 70

Dangerous Mind
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Iíd like to shake you free,
like dust off my sandals,
an old remnant of my past --
but youíre like gum in my hair,
so sticky in my soul.

Iíve relinquished those old dreams,
donít even need your attention;
still you linger in my thoughts,
a melody I canít un-hear,
making unexpected visits.

Iíll never quite discard you;
something in my heart says
I must stay a little connected,
let you know Iím still around,
just in case youíre not ok.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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He makes me laugh with all his jokes
He isnít like all the other folks
Iím glad that chance ordained we meet
In a little coffee shop, quiet and discreet
Him out of his element and I put of mine
Creating a union so wonderful and divine
As I lay beside him as the lights go out
Still I want to go outside and parade and shout
That he is mine and Iím so proud to be
His significant other with only love to be seen

Unique words: 56

Tyrant of Words
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Morning Merriment

Bouncing balls of fresh air
sky scraping the bounds
of a new dawn
mocking birds dance
while singing their songs
white turtle doves
whistle sweet secrets
majestic evergreens
standing tall
otters play in the meadow
a fox wakes from its den
morning time rituals
the hunting begins
flowers soak up the sunshine
they begin to sway
the sun is rising
itís a shiny new day

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