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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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On mica, hunting and morel turf

This satchel in morel grey
and blackberry bloodied maps
carries a flask,
two farming books
and the camera.

Theirs is the singular moment,
my own are familiar affairs
through five gates or seals

or dawns of fields breaking,
or the third damn under
the hills view, of a childís
view of a valley
and woods passing
deeply bird-young
in concession

For they would have wings too
 if they hadn't died so young.
if the air felt honest.

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Fire of Insight
United States
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Red Light, Green Light, Poetry All Night

Red light
Poetry all night
Wee hours in the morning
My poetryís still calling
Sun up
Pen down
Nourishment is optional
Sleep is inoperable
Blisters are the game
SOTJís my name
Syllables and verbage soup
Cigarettes and coffee loop
Hemorrhage homage headaches
Nonstop poetical sweepstakes
Inspiration on the fritz
Number and alphabetical blitz
Words behind eyelids
Self-destructive bids
Napo in my dreams
Napo in my screams
Napo in my blood
Napo in my bud
Hallucinating bugs
Someone needs some hugs
Left-handed right-handed
Ambidextrous commanded
Insane is the new sanity
Napo promotes profanity
Especially in a family
Where poetry is vanity
Ecliptic insomnia
Napo, Napo 21 mafia
30-day poetic gun salute
Turn any noobie into a brute
Drive-byís with pens on pads
Spraying Napoís victims in ads
Break a leg but not your arm
Thereís no sweating on this farm
Sleep may come
Sleep must go
Iím on the run
For this Napo show

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Music Passion Three


Noble and lofty aspirations
flourish exponentially
and flee all less-than consternation's
when immersed in symphony
scores of instruments harmonize
proving peace and beauty thrive
when passionís purpose unifies

Both heart and soul
are cleansed and comforted
By sonata, nocturne
or barcarole

I can hear dearly missed
grandfather talk
when on solacing cello
Yo Yo Ma plays Bach

Tingles, my body permeate
mind soars
In sweet romantic fantasy
sensual desires satiate
when love hungry ears
hear ďRÍverieď by Debussy

Happily, voluminous drops of sweat
imaginary tuxedo shirt wet
arms wildly gesticulating
Leonard Berstein imitating  
conducting with excited fervor
Beethovenís Leonore Overture

Too frequently life gets me down
In strings, woodwinds,
brass, and percussion
needed peaceful repose is found

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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Aspiring days

The patina of salted copper shrouds the groves of Alder,
Their early spring, hangs in the haze of that deep red,
Aiding the allure of a cloud enshrined sun.
The essence of growth, its scent,
still lays entombed below amongst,
The unmarked graves of winter past.
Now gone maybe the thaw and her restraint,
Yet the Turning tide lingers, pending, waits
It circulates the augured craws of dusk
To soon stand, amongst the fore
Beneath the gradual warmth
Of these, aspiring days.

Dangerous Mind
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The Birth of Bliss

Breathing through
immense pain, tightening
from lumbar to abdomen.
Doubt washing over me with each wave:
wondering whether we would make it.

And then one final push.

No other defining moment in life has produced
euphoria quite like seeing your face
for the very first timeó

Sentiments of pure bliss.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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apophenia makes for awesome commenting

I am a master relater
pinning red strings between
black and white meanings
numbers to fate
art to psychological state, drawing
four conclusions for every clue
and juxtapositions where
those positions may indeed
be imagined

they call it
a possible offshoot
or precursor to schitzo
makes me prone to
superstition, religion
itís a brain issue
likely caused by survival instinct
creation of pattern
looking for something to recognise
anything safer than chaos
than randomness
being the ruling force
anything that proves
thereís predictability
or purpose or order to a thing
even if you donít mean it

excessive cortisol
will do that to you
erode the hippocampus
reducing one
to bouts of dull paranoia
straddling the subconscious
dipping toes into the norm
where it sits
a constant
low buzzing
that doesnít feel like mammalian
fight/flight fear
trying to regain its balance

itís a lovely headspace
for art

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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Never-ending Thoughts

Mind turning
And twisting
Thought after thought
Spiraling through
The depths
Of my head
Dancing from idea
To tangent
Worrying about
All and nothing
Thinking of relevant
And irrelevant things
Stuck in an endless cycle
Good and bad
All wanting to surface
Never staying long
But always coming back
Life isnít easy
When Iím surrounded
By invisible demons
Haunting me
Hating me
Telling me Iím wrong
That Iím never good enough
And to just give
To the hell inside
My mind

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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I Am Not Your Enemy

What is this will to criticize
When presumption is a gun that fires both ways
All we are is mirrors
And you hate what you see

But in truth
It may just as soon be something in yourself
That you despise about me

Pick a fight as you demonize
As I hang on my own tongue
Are you so victorious for finding out I'm human
Drawing blood from idol "gods"
The pedestals we place each-other on

Disappointed to come terms with imperfection
Sabotaged by expectation, I can't beat you to rejection

Inadequacy of projected wills to compare
Circling like vultures overhead
Picking apart from a place of discontentment
Do you feel more alive when I play dead?

Misunderstandings and mutual exiles
Relegated to partial points of view
You've already got your mind made up about me
But I'm still trying to get a read on you

No need to give voice to anyone else
When you've decided that you're right
When perception is delusion
I'm casualty to your own fight

And tell me what's it worth to you
When bitterness is a lonely place to be
Remorseless and self dignified
You don't know that I am not your enemy

Keep things in perspective
When the anger comes in like a flood
You are not my battle
The devil is not of flesh and blood...

Dangerous Mind
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Dear Depression

You probably donít get much
in the way of gratitude or compliments.
So, I just want to say thanks.
(Not for the way youíve lurked in the background
for much of my life Ė that actually sucks.)
But thanks for choosing when you did to really rage.

Of course, five years ago, it seemed like horrible timing,
with cancer and dementia and chronic disease
haunting my family all around meÖ
but at least I was expected to need support then.
And I had the best of friends around to provide it.
So, I got the help I needed.
I learned about you
and me
and how we could live together,
and thatís why Iím grateful.

Iím grateful because, even though Iím pandemic-weary,
Iím not at the end of my rope
like so many people are now.
A year ago, I knew that you would come knocking
and that Iíd need all the lessons and tricks you had taught me
in order to keep from checking out.
I armed up for the fight.

So even though I know youíre out there,
and sometimes youíll come for a visit,
I now know how to tolerate you,
give you a cup of tea and send you on your way,
before you wreck the place.

Thanks for teaching me when you did.
This could have been so much worse.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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When I was a student at Cal
There were bookstores open at night
Near me I think were Barnes and Noble
Also Moe's
With Cody's not too far away
And don't forget Pegasus

I read books a lot more
Before the age of the internet
Of course back then
I wrote in forms
That could not travel to you
Quite like this

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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This Road

Here I lie awake like most nights lately
Looking at you wondering how to take away
The pain and sadness that youíre feeling
With every thought on your mind pointing
To an event that you know is coming
It cannot be stopped
Time marches on for us all
I have been down this road
I still do not know itís curves
Or how it will bend for you
I just know that I will be here
By your side
To help you pick up the pieces

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Tyrant of Words
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Not Now

I find myself, wherever you are not
I need my freedom, so I can breathe
and while Iím on the subject
you annoy and aggravate me

donít get me wrong I love you
you are my boo through and through
but if you say dead-up again
I swear Iíll lose my cool

stay over there, Iíll stay over here
Itís much better, for me this way  
I need to write a poem each day
farewell goodbye, till May

Dangerous Mind
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Deep in the Ozarks
he appeared  to me
a ragamuffin I heard
myself whisper
My heart pulled in two directions
Memories of drug crazed childhood flooded my mind
pain, abuse disassociated
I was alone, responsibility
for others feelings always avoided

Come with me
we will be friends, happy
and content forever
Strange,  his looks were
like someone from ages ago
Superstitions marked
his every word

Stories of a witch child entering  every conversation
Doubt and disbelief
were my only answers
Sleepless nights coughing
up blood I did  not recognize
my reflection any longer
Twenty-six years old,
new gray hairs everyday
Something was happening
down in my bones

The wood child from
deep in the past left
by ancient  spirits to lure
the un suspected
their lives would be
changed forever

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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The sheriff and the priest stood back amused
as people squabbled, spoiling for a fight
blinded to the fact that theyíd been used
the noose was on the move and pulling tight

A falling rain-drop never is misplaced
it lands and splashes welcoming its fate
and oh those moments when weíre finely graced
to walk a destiny of those who wait

I picked an early rose, admired its scent
and gave it pride of place upon my desk
the printer and computer filed complaint
and like a basilisk they inked the risk

Are technologies of earth our future?
Why then predisposed to killing Nature?

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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When Sweet Is Bitter

Is this the moment I feel most alive?
Breathing in the memory of you
Iíve got you on my mind again
But the thoughts wonít hold me like you do

Left with a crave that I canít fulfill
And just when I thought that I could deal
Another day I wake up in a nightmare unreal
Heartache underlying is all that I can feel

Serenades of tragedy
Relating on the terms of grief
Seeking for this never-ending closure
My prayers reach across the void to seek relief

Sometimes pain, it seems, is the only connection left
When bitter is the sweet of all that I want
Every moment given, taken, death is a temporal theft
But it doesnít change the fact, right now youíre gone

Every whisper to God contains a tear
As faith facilitates my hope to make it through
Singing songs of heaven
Unto the day that I am reconciled with you

Strange it seems that all know loss
But like the stars, none are the same
Heavy the burden of this lifeís cross
Yet brighter the hope of loveís eternal flameÖ

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