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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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The Singing Storm

I walk into the wild for moments like this
Blending with the white wash of river rapids
To grasp the winds aggressive grip
To experience the sound and feeling
Envelope the present sense of being
Where every muscle is warm, poised and ready
Every synaptic branch, engaged, firing and steady
And every breath fills the lungs to their utmost
The mind stands aligned on the mantle of its spine
Reaching out within the calling rhythm
Urging the body to follow suit with its projection
Nostrils flare, teeth clench and eyes focus center
The heart beats,
Timed in pace to the place of steps
And the rains pelt stings upon the faces skin
And all I want,
Is to scream into the falling night.
Adding my voice to the chorus of the storm
Brimming with its song sung with such might
To feel my essence whipped amidst the cacophony of life
These walk's can bring such wondrous sights.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Iíd rather be racing
Marbles with you

Building up structures
And testing them too

Making up teams
And naming each racer

See if my longshot
Can beat your first placer

Yet here I am not far
But away still

My head hurts at times
From the a/cís harsh chill

Stuck dealing with-
Check out this word- the dross

My son, feels like maybe
My marbles Iíve lost

Dangerous Mind
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The peepers are peeping!
That means spring is coming;
soon bees will be humming -
itís time to stop weeping.

The peepers are peeping!
From cold muddy ditches
sharing musical riches:
Theyíve finished their sleeping.

The peepers are peeping!
Summerís just Ďround the bend!
This dark mood Iíll transcend
as my hope it comes creeping.

The peepers are peeping!
Blessed loud wee froggies!
Peep away all my smoggies -
set my joyful heart leaping!

Dangerous Mind
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Regret: An Ineffectual Emotion

If you want something
altogether controlling,
hold out your hands and fill them
with past disappointment.
Keep swallowing wistful
memories, allowing discontent  
to seep into subconscious fibers.
Destroy every peaceful ounce
of what is good, pining over shit
that couldn't be had.

Regret poisons immediate pleasureó

Stop believing in it.

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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Error: Ideaís Not Found

Somedays I feel run-down
Like Iíve lost my ability to write
No ideas come to my head
Itís a constant struggle and fight

I feel as if I blew it
My past self could write all day
But here and now Iím stuck
Watching the time tick away

Its like my brain just quit
Or wants me to take a long break
But here I am pushing it
And giving myself a headache

Fire of Insight
United States
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Low Sun

I love a low sun
Setting on the outskirts
Of my mind
A spotlight on every speck of green
Each pine and oak tree
Even the water gets included
And it includes me
Running over trespass signs
Kicking boulders
And jumping railways
Into fluorescent rays
That never exclude

And as my frame begins to tire
I look to the sky of color
For from behind, a shadow forms
Reminding me, that this is real
Alive, free to roam
And never once forgotten
By a low sun

Tyrant of Words
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Baby Talk & Chow

Rocco, Chub-rock,
Buddha, Love-muffin  (Rocket)

Corn-chip, Criminal,
Scrumptious, Mountain-man,  
little-pumpkin  (Flash)

In the kitchen itís chow time
my ferrets lay at my feet
the grinder at full throttle now
come boys, itís time to eat

wasting no time they munch an grind
there happiest when they do
I love you my furry fluffy puff balls
my heart belongs to you ...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Well Then

Did Odysseus come back?
Well then.

I wanted a straight answer,
instead I got Ancient Greek.


If I could freeze time,
just a single moment,
it would be that one.
So I could go back,
turn it all over in my shaking
hands, breathe a bit deeper
before letting the tears spill.

Did you know that each month
has a birth flower?
December is a paperwhite narcissus.
April is a simple daisy.

I never told you that,
never brought it up.
Never asked if you knew.
Maybe because I thoughtÖ

Iíve known that random fact
for as long as I can remember,
and placed it beside my owls,
tucked it in with Alice, Athena, and Minerva,
and the stiff drink before bed.

Maybe all that isnít important.

Maybe I didnít bring it up
for the same reason
ďwell thenĒ has taken root
in my mind like
wildflowers on the roadside.


Twisted Dreamer
United States
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All my Dreams are Cloudy

Steadily marching on we go
Day in and day out
As the moon rises and the sun sets
Where dreams become reality and reality becomes a dream
Whispered thoughts carried on the wind
Through the window gently placed by your ear
And in that coping whisper you hear
The unmistakable sigh and beckoning call
To wake from your slumber following all
Sweet enticements of earth and flora culminate
Stewing witching the slightly damp air
Mixing with the smell of rain, the cleansing
Enough to wash through every scent
Leaving behind only half-drowsy memories
Forgotten by daybreak, when the clouds roll in
You find yourself nestle in shelter within
Listening to the raindrops as they beat down on the roof
Many plinking sounds as they hit metal
Loud and yet not, but there it is
The whisper of an evening of Dreamtime adventures
Just behind the next storm cloud

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Fire of Insight
United States
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The Podium

Sing to me, I am not doing well
Getting tired of my own words
Sing to me 'cause I can't hear myself
Through the loudness of my own hurts
Call me selfish when I say this, say this
I'm kinda helpless, and I need you
Sing to me 'cause I'm not doing well

óSing to Me, Missio


letís talk about memories

the podium is wood
~ or at least it was
once upon a time
when it had no idea
what it would become,
the lies it would help sell

letís talk about my dad
but not for long

the great Reverend James,
to the 50 or so people
in a city full of heathens
who subscribed to
his convoluted conspiracies
about The God
who created me to be sinful
just so He can hate me when I sin

weekly sermons shouted
across the slick-tacky surface;
love your neighbor
and all that jazz
at least until
Sister Teresa tries to lay claim
to your favorite spot
among the five plain wooden pews
in this abandoned storefront church
where fairy tales
and deliberate misinterpretations
were sold to the fearful
every Sunday morning
at ten oíclock sharp

not then.
then, you can be a hateful bitch

pride of the trip-and-fall variety
happens when
you shine a thing so often
you lose the feel of its original skin

the scent of waxy, layered
lemon and chemical perfume
covering its cold shoulders
with a hint of mold
assaults every corner
of my greedy inhalation
..Iíve found thereís a lot of room
in my imploding universe
for both loving and loathing
that which is familiar
and painful

letís talk about voices

I talk too much.
Itís a fact, and Iíve always
understood it, read it  
in every face that went slack,
every pair of glazed-over eyes;
each time I was asked to
cork the noise bursting forth
from my mouth every time
I had an occasion to open it,
I wished that I could tell them

I really wanted to tell them

If I stop these words from flowing
they will play pinball with my brain,
slamming into every other word
panicked and crowding the exit

I have so many questions
like, where was I?

ah yes.  
I step to the microphone,
pressing my face hard
against the cold mesh
just to feel its familiar invasion
into my personal space
one more time;
it leaves a mark

Itís hard to turn God down
when youíre a telethon pet
performing cool tricks
to raise money
for the velvet-lined collection plate

faux-chrome paint
revolted by the holy hands
that have grabbed and
bent its stalk to their will
creaks surprisingly loud
and metallic shards scream
protests into my palm;
I want to sing until my aging alto
echoes against every wall
Iíve ever built because of this
piece of my programming

but I will not give my voice
to this memory
ever again

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Dangerous Mind
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More Universal Laws

Law 5)
The law of Soul Evolution
Many of our emotions
are fear based when
they are not harmonious
When we learn to express
our ability to love unconditionally
our soul is then evolving
The more we express
this love the sooner we will learn to attain it and move forward in soul evolution

Law 6)
The Law of the Body Zatfa
Those whose souls have ascended have returned
to support those who need encouragement on their way to ascension
Light Bringers soul supporters are all around you
The Body Zatfa is practiced
by most yogi masters

Law 7)
The Law of Vibrational Attainment
We learn to raise,  or manage our vibrational frequency through positivity
The flow of energy  never stops it moves forward or reverse or stagnant
Your body,  your skin is moving, trillions of molecules spiraling with your vibration
remain positive increase
your vibrational frequency

The Law of Free Will
Some things in our lives are predestined
The things we need to detach from in this life will present themselves through a lesson or a hardship
By practicing un conditional love along with a life of harmony,  you may mitigate any hardship
If you can overcome
any negative attachment before any pain would come to you, use wisdom to show you have successfully detached from harmful negativity

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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7/30 kind of night..

it's the kind of wind that rattles the windows
it's the kind of evening that gets the logs lit
it's the kind of deep chill that fire people long for
it's the kind of night that asks for bone broth to be sipped from a mug
it's the kind of kind that has you stay inside to relax your mind
..with a good book
..with a good film
..with a slow cooked meal
..with a fur ball at your feet
..with a good pen and thick paper
..with a soft blanket over your lap writing poems
yeah, it's that kind of evening
come over

59 UWC

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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The sheriff smiled and put away his gun
manipulation sown would do its thing
he went to have his dinner and some fun
and eyed a pretty woman for a fling

My wisdom isnít keen enough to judge
the global and the local as they roll
with wrecking forces no mere Man could budge
despite the evidence and growing toll

And lost in thought I tripped, and fell to ground
revealing micro-scenes amongst the bees
who clearly knew a thing or two of sound
to navigate the bushes and the trees

A path of flexibility is fine
but always thereís the question which is mine?

Fire of Insight
United States
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Ode to Flubber

My darling fellow
Of orange, white
And metallic yellow
You make my days brighter
Through glass
Perhaps I am crazy
To get so attached
To a five dollar goldfish
They say wonít last
But Flubber, you are my friend
My calm
When I canít sleep at night
Or when work gets to me
You alleviate these stresses, somehow
What more could I ask?
Thank you, little guy
For gifting me smiles
And greeting my voice
Even if itís only for flakes
Part of me thinks
That itís more than food
You may consider me to be
Your friend, too

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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yeah, best friends

Iím stood close to the kiosk so she didnít see
that I watched her float by
through this slew of males in the park
male dogs, male birds trying to shout down a mate
male flowers shooting off their pollen, male bees
doing their respective duties for their queens
male ants with their comrades doing the same
a carnival at sunset
in her sundress, on his arm
ugh, sheís wearing that tacky flower he gave her
and theyíre headed towards the lake
where there will be male ducks no doubt
Saturday children with bread (and now grapes)
are the problem

weíd talked yesterday before this date today
how it would all be okay once we get over the
rough patch weíre clearly in -- she said ďfriendsĒ but
I know her.. weíre on the same page
we sit on the pier sometimes and count the bobs
of a certain yellow buoy when weíre drunk, well
we did that one time
so I left her a note, well, a sign
attached to our buoy, thatíll remind her
that this date is just an extra in our story
he can never come between us
Iíll call her in a while, when she sees it
when they both see it

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