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OFFICIAL DUP Glo/NaPoWriMo 2021 Competition

Fire of Insight
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Cognitive dissonance
Cognizant of a steel fence
Won't acknowledge it's there
Although its presence is clear

Having unattainable height
Extending beyond the light
Fight'll be like lifelong marathons
Perseverance; key to carrying on

One long and arduous journey
An everlasting sweet 16 tourney
Yearning for more shot clocks
Desiring less pops from glocks

Tyrant of Words
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No amount of gold
tipping the scales will sway
Fate towards fancying you
with the mate of your dreams
you feel compelled to actualize

Be thus a she or he
step up onto the pedestal
you already put either upon


straight into those dough eyes
while feeling their bodies
take shape in each hand

And after sculpting chocolate clay
in the suite studio of the mind
daily, don't concern yourself
with thoughts of them turning out
not as originally planned

Starving for companionship, artists
are those who hunger to flesh out
what hearts already want
and innately understand  

Tyrant of Words
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( 6/30 )


[ . . . ]

Part I: Anatomy of a Cycle

[ . . . ]

Sacred Geometry of the Moon;  
dimensions of esoteric meaning  
crafted in architectural  
monuments and measurements:  
a lost science, secrets  
hidden in plain sight  
Sacred sites and crop circles  
interstellar messages, encoded  
by high initiates and magicians  
enveloped in a consecrated science  
of symbols and cosmic ambience  
defining historic mysteries:  
Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, Atlantis  
It is recorded by the greatest  
of scientific minds  
that the Great Pyramid of Giza  
conforms not only to concise geometrics  
but, is a temple of initiation  
into a well of wisdom:  
rebirth, reincarnation,  
and cosmic existence  
But, what has all this  
to do with cycles of the Moon?
you may ask;  
I would answer,  
To Ancient Scholars  
She was its crown

. . .

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Spring break; the easement

As we now, hold that detail
from our capture be released
the gifts we had with ribbon tied
walk on beach and countryside

The unborn child
the anticipation it provides
look towards unseeded fields
draught the plans to turn the tide

Plotting in the dead of night
press the blouse into the trunk
to elevate the candlelight
pull starlit constellations, in broad daylight

Flying Saucers in their beam
Star-ships signal "walk on magic carpet seams"
teleport to where the greener grass maybe
to Planet Spring, and find a new awaking

Ready with a stamp and pen
but no words that you could send
take the lift this time demands
"wish you were here" a cliche panned

Snap you dreams upon a plate
towards fruition, a mistake to hesitate
develop what your heart dictates
a SUMMER break, will be to late.

Lift your downcast spirits high
leave the chores, and shores, to fly
come Zanadu, fresh buds to rise
explore the new , refresh, imbibe.

Fire of Insight
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a stellar storyteller, she is
the cosmic weaver of tales,
carefully navigating the collection
of constellatory connections
shining supernova within
her interstellar imagination;
she will not be sidetracked
by unexpected solar flares
and reticent radio broadcasts
attempting disrupted transmission,
artfully arranging this universe
according to her dreams, instead;
from galaxial filaments of fancy
she’s learned to spacewalk,
her words becoming weightless
along the edges of etherial ellipses
to dance among dark matter,
collecting stardust with a sieve

66 unique words

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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From The Vile

Lost in the words and for them when I'm a self censoring artist
I desire not to exploit and yet I feel compelled to share the expressions of my catharsis

In an aim to both serve as understood and understanding
As well as let it out, all of these anxieties that seek for my attention
Distracting and demanding

Nameless the muses that inspire my interpretations
Nevertheless vulnerably I share honestly of my imaginations

The rawness of my humanity yet tempered by what I aspire to
Finding the balance in expressing my emotion and preserving the mindset of a more beautiful point of view

Of trial and faith, of love and despair
Observations of society to journal entries as a prayer

My aim is the authentic, not some misplaced sense of seeking to beguile
But every word I speak from the heart, deriving something precious from the vile...

Fire of Insight
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6 of 30

I Wonder When

I wonder when the time will come
For things to go back to its normal flow
when there's no more threat of Covid-19
When people can travel freely anytime
To any place they want without having to be swabbed or quarantined

I wonder when people can stop
Using facemask and face shield
To cover their faces whenever they go out of their houses
Talk freely and smile openly in public places

I wonder when they can sit or stand close to each other without having to observe
Physical distancing in social gatherings and parties
I wonder when this pandemic will end
Or if Covid-19 will leave and go away
I can only wonder when?

Guardian of Shadows
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(06 of 30—Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2021)

sonnets among my scribbles

lunar eclipse
sonnet #06

sweet moon, i saw you kiss the earth last night,
when you suspected least i was awake;
how desperately shall now my bruised heart ache!
just as my window blinds regained their sight,
his shadow hovered amorously close,
embracing you.  how dare my nemesis
fill me with such intense paralysis!
let me endeavor not to be verbose,
tho syzygy conspires a treach’rous line
by which to choke the spirit of my pride.
the splendor of my flame your shame shall hide,
if you consent to be forever mine.

blood moon, how totally you need my love;
let not earth’s gloom oppress you from above.

© Copyright 2021 April 06
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

UWC = 80

Tyrant of Words
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Like Lovers and Heroes

No, we will not live forever!
Except maybe on paper like we’re legends
I will compose and then share the magic
Like we are immortals for a couple of seconds

We shall go on many adventures
To the far reaches of the earth and beyond
We will reach the stars and long lost galaxies
Then leave our mark on this universe before we’re gone

We will live like lovers and heroes
In the epic tales that only time will tell
The chronicles of history will share our stories
Of underground poets whose thirst never quelled

No, we won’t live forever!
Even if our verses transcend time
I’m just glad we’ll take a journey together
Living our dreams poetically and prophetically sublime

After all the professor did say:
“We’re only immortal, for a limited time”

134 Words
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Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#6. April 6th

Hearth before earth

Look to the East
Look to the West
And you will see houses,
Where once green pastures lay
and verdant fields undisturbed
dormant in joyful virginity.
Now rudely roused and churned awake
to make room for mortal plans
ignorant to the murmurs of yore,
When the wind whispered
and only the grasses and trees replied.
Cast your gaze upon industry
and weep if you have Elven sense,
as hearth ploughs through the heart of soil
for the bond with earth is now broken.

(Unique words: 64.)

Dangerous Mind
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Vaxed II

Vaxing me, vaxing you;
tell the world what it should do.
Selling the gold of fools
to buyers of convenient rules.
Fly by night, conceal by day,
hiding all you want to say.
Give me time on any day
to find the one that ran away.

Sing in tune, me; immune,
our every thought shall we impugn.
When I ask to no reply,
give me a chance, one alibi
while I wait for an injection
leading me away from all infection.
Will I stare into this light,
or for your serum give up the fight.

Fire of Insight
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Drawing Circles

The puddles I engorge
Falsify my course of action
Cemented in the past they forge
A permanent reminder of my traction

Daily struggles I juggle
While acrobatically walking the line
Watching every step for trouble
I ensure I don’t recline

Careful of my existence
I keep track of every foot
Looking back to calculate the distance
As if it were residual output

Pushing through the crowd of eyes
I slowly begin to realize
The world is backward and full of lies
Napo, Napo 21 surely flies

March drums in the counting clock
Registration must be kept
April demands our brains on dock
Ensuring every participant has wept

I count the days until I die
Tallying marks across the calendar
This is my second year to make Napo cry
So why am I clamming up like an amateur?

Drawing Circles

Dangerous Mind
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Searching for the Redbuds

I keep searching for the redbuds
but the hills, full of sleeping trees
have yet to release their beauty
to my small world of grief.

They are the first to brave the chill
To let their purple buds peek through
And when they dance against the black,
I feel my lungs expand.

It’s like their bright, omniscient blooms
Can sense a world in need of them
and when I think I can’t go on,
they grace us with their light.

So redbuds – friends – I need you now,
not sure I’ll make it through the night.
But, I know you’ll come. I know you’ll come,
my faith, my will, survives.  

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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6 of 30

Under Dashwood’s nose

the boathouse and long wet hair
sense of a naked sail and we
were unashamed, and innocent
Claude saw one swan guarding the lake
her own moonlight in space

he took as a sign

that afloat
in spectral finding awake we transit
justified stolen land for this night
our paw and print,
our oar and landscape
under mausoleum, statues in
porcelain psoriasis,
garden house on isles
once, for one time
a swan passed
into our arms.

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Tyrant of Words
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Old Saw, New Perspective

Lips were custom made
to the mouthpiece of one's horn
None other labra will fit.
To make unique noise,
for this you were born.
Your song can’t be played
with the same pitch or poise.
Unless you stand up, shoulders back,
and in confident fortissimo toot it.

We all are tuned for excellence.
Designed to harmonize together.
Universe suffers dissonance.
If one hides their music forever.

The climb to consonance begins
when one mounts that first stair
Take your seat, learn from the Master.
And one day you’ll earn that first chair.

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