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ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Erotic Rhyming Poetry

Lost Thinker
United States
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Her Flower

The creek in her crotch, I'd go in.
There's no going back from a life full of sin.
Like a kink, she so tight.
Kill her, I might.
Twisted like fluorescent lights.
Her flower, I'm Frenching her two lips (tulips).
Go down on her. Quenched by her fluids.
When it's just two of us, and there's nothing but skin.
Where do I even begin?
Lotus of bliss.
Give it a kiss.
Then dive off into the abyss.
Sing me a symphony.
Call out my name.
Her breathing's akin to me.
We're one and the same.
When our climax collide.
Our passions ignite.
Our heart rate begins to subside.
Her mannequin frame.
What can I say?
Not a flaw has been found to this day.
Written by tomgoonery (Tommy.)
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Twisted Dreamer
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During A Frat House Rave

Word of a frat house having such
fun with their own rave requires much
more snooping and I went over
there to see everybody watch
three chicks licking each other's snatch
while one guy lets a babe use her
mouth to suck his fun stick and his
pal uses that groin not to miss
going in a blonde's fur burger.
Written by Green_Arrow
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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As the Grim Reaper feeds me crackers
in death before the dawn of eternity
of ghosts on the earth's terrane
with the resurrection of a Gothic spring
echoing the fears in a silent tureen
waiting for lips to taste
Written by adagio
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Tyrant of Words
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Devil May Care - An erotic redux

Your mouth,      
It's smart and witty      
Into that tender skin under my ear      
where I spill my secrets,        
I was so clear,        
where...I lose it all      
Where 'good girl'      
sheds all airs      
and I'm left swimming in      
"Devil may cares"        
Head thrown back      
to access flesh      
"Ohh, God"        
I. Love. It.      
Self control never existed      
Did I, before your mouth moved across my skin?      
Lips tease, teeth nip,        
on the tips of perfect ears      
Tracing me, tempting me;      
The semblance      
of something resembling a moan      
roars from lips that are noticeably sore      
(which I ignore)        
by such bruising kisses of yours      
hushed breath sounds,                        
goosebumps bound,        
My poor clenched knees      
~I almost drop down~      
You speak deep and time freezes      
with those filthy breezes,        
Only mine        
That wicked mouth so dirty      
in truth, confident and sure      
it's all and everything I fantasize so clearly;
Those traveled words of smut and sleeze      
slither all the way down, find a home      
between prior closed now wide open knees;
My sacrificial self lays down at your alter      
You are the only one that can read    
from the book of my own secrets of secrets
My sacred sex fuck texts      
Psalms of my pussy      
Carnal knowledge of just yours and mine,      
I'm spread so wide      
splayed on that mouth of yours...        
Glossy in glisten,        
me and all my decadent flavor      
fuck me,        
how you savor it      
Flicks of your clever learned tongue      
Pleas of "make me cum" "make me cum"      
Pressing hard, so hard        
against your face and tongue        
Grind after grind as my mind goes blank      
we spiral sky high  
   in orgasmic fucking cry  
        after cry                  
f r e e d,  
           we  both  s o a r......  
                     ..... and  fly
Written by Bluevelvete
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Strange Creature
United States
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Your beauty interrupts each of my thoughts
And twists my mind into so many knots
A delightful surprise throughout the day
Brings a moment of Joy I wish would stay
The nights are sweeter my dreams you enter
Your life is my world and you are my Center
A warm embrace our bodies do Mingle
With such passion I can feel the tingle
Your nipples Harden my mouth does Explore
The firmness of your breast I totally adore
My finger caresses a warm moist cunt
A lovely Aroma my tongue will hunt
Licking and sucking your clit with pleasure
Inside your pussy a whole new treasure
I taste your sweet cum my mouth is filled
All your jizz swallowed not a drop was spilled
My penis stiffens by your tender stroke
Then into your mouth my wood you now smoke
The full length of my cock you have taken
Hand cupping my balls rocking and shaking
Aroused and ready you sense my release
Stand up and Whisper do you want a piece
My dick you insert in your hole with ease
Before I'm done back door I beg you please
With a flip your bent over and open
Your ass is as tight as I was hoping
I will ask you now to cut me some slack
The dream is over and now I must Jack
Written by Kendonag
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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When will we know who has won this competition?

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The winner of this competition and any runners up were decided by public vote.

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Fire of Insight
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Thank you, all, who voted in this competition.

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