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Erotic Rhyming Poetry

Michael Glover
Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

This is a competition for erotic, rhyming poetry. Please limit submissions to one per person. If you submit more than one, I will only read your first one.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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The lady has an ass that can pass for a massive onion
You know, the kind that can make a grown person cry
You’d swoon like a loon just looking at her pantaloons
And I said “person”, because some may be trying to get bi

She swings that thing like she’s presenting an offering
You can tell she likes to pop a lot of squats at the gym
If you glance at her pants it might send you into a trance
Like committing various sins with many different synonyms

There are no ifs and ors only butts you’ll really go nuts
You’ll have no qualms staring but you might lose your calm
In a closer encounter you would need a Geiger counter
She radiates energy because her body is just the bomb

They say the devil is in the details but at this kind of level
The question that really comes to mind is, it’s all in the genes?
But one has to witness this kind of diet and fitness because
After many countless sets and repetitions, it’s all in the jeans

Men have gotten busy and dizzy over this little tizzy
They’ve only seen this kind of scene all over Instagram
But to see it live it would drive some grown folks mad
And I said “folks”, because even women will say: Damn!
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
United States
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as she inserts the key into the lock
I subtly spurt and notice my cock    
is waking and aching with attention    
she’s wearing a tight dress    
definitely impressed my dick against my jeans    
slowly rising while outlining the curves that wind me    
my hands clutch firmly on her hips    
compelling me to press against her    
with the slight turn of her head she bites her lip    
making me want to churn my tongue in her pussy    
she’s grinds on me arches her back exposes her neck    
the whiff of her hair the softness    
of her perfectly plump ass got me stiffer    
leaning in caressing every inch of her silken skin    
squeezing her tits I know her pussy is lit    
she turns around her eyes invite    
she pulls her bodied dress up to reveal    
her pantiless picturesque pussy    
she baited and I bit    
the apex of my tongue has sung again for her    
let the power of my speech reach    
and let my hum resonate her sexual palpitations    
to tune with her heartbeat    
feeling famished I wish to gratify my hunger    
propping her leg on my shoulder delectably diving into her again    
thinking of fucking her deliciously appetizing pussy    
taking out my dick as I stick my fingers pleasurably    
inside her honeypot hitting her favorite spots    
I continue to indulge and enjoy her moan    
my stone continues to bulge highly volatile    
my precum dribbles slightly    
she braces her body tightly onto the door    
squirming toward satisfaction she clasps my hair in reaction    
locking eyes with her I continue to stir    
as she’s cumming I’m strumming my wooden instrument    
she quakes and aches for more    
as I stand she grabs my dick commands me    
to fuck her like her alpha    
mounting her against the door I feel savage    
leveraging more into thrusting hard I vanguard toward victory    
heart to heart hug hands on her shoulders I snug to her    
banding together my thrust and the lust tightening my grip    
to secure my slip and slide ensuring she’s given a ride    
to remember with my member    
her moans intensify she wraps her thighs around me    
she looks intently into me she can see me transforming    
beast mode here’s her alpha    
fucking her harder fucking her faster    
she grabs my face and my dick chases the feeling    
of her pussy pulses forming    
it’s the point of no return    
my cum rushes out    
her cum gushes out    
exploded and unloaded    
we’re finally home
Written by Remy_L
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Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Jungle Love

- Jungle Love -

In the hotly caressing, jungle-like heat,
That pulses, far beyond the winter chill…
I lick your lips like a pomegranate sweet!
And I let the nectar of love frothily spill.
Soft and wet, down on the bed’s sheets,
Our bodies sweating, crashing together…
Breasts pressed, to our twin heartbeats:
Our love is a hot jungle, in any weather.
Your legs spread, like a parrot’s wings…
And you cry like a jungle cat, in hunger!
Oh girl, you love the most naughty things,
And I shall give you a night to remember.

You grind your hips as I press atop you,
All I hear in my ears is your fast panting…
Whilst I take you beyond love most true.
The jungle’s heat is best, for romancing!
Love and lust personified in one mad act.
The wind howls, outside; you howl also…
For I have taken you deep, no going back!
The jungle’s river is getting ready to flow,
Beyond its’ banks, where fertile soil waits!
Love is a rhythm, like drums in the dark…
A native song, in which all pleasure sates,
The appetites to which we as lovers hark!

I am inside you, exploring your territory…
The river overflows, and you then swoon.
My hands caress you in throes of ecstasy,
Whilst outside rises a cold winter moon…
But we are hot, our bodies so embracing:
That we can only hear the drums beating!
Your wetness is upon me as I am playing,
With your soft hair, lost in your breathing.
I am still hard inside you, pulsing in time…
To the jungle heat that came upon us fast.
Jungle loving is a: madness most sublime!
And we still have all night, to make it last.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 20th Mar 2021
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She waited to be taken ravenously
legs spread, her naked sorcery tempting me
She was the aperitif, main course and dessert.
So, I consume her like a starving man, gripping her throat.

Unable to wait any longer,
I slid inside her, one hard stroke,
it slips in the mild wet, making her gasp.
Pulling out, and one spit,
it is beginning to be a drooling pit.

‘I’m going to keep torturing you like this.
Alternating thrusts and licks, until you are begging for your release.’
‘Please,’ she whimpered, her legs buckled beneath her.
‘Not yet, darlin.’
I flipped her.
In and out.
Slowly, Thrust and lick.
Flicking. Biting. Tugging.
I was relentless.

Her toes dug into the mattress
as she clutched on to her teddy bears.
She felt my fingers and thumbs seared into her hips, pulling her closer.
We looked into each other's eyes and nodded,
sending us over the edge.

She whispered with a moan,
‘Tonight I’ll give you something,
I’ve never given you before.
tonight, you will go through my backdoor.
Take it, fuck it, consume it, fill it with your hose.
Satiate my greed, your today's gift.'

Her voice scorched my skin,
like flames cruising our entire bodies.
I dragged my lips up and down her spine
and over her curves and edges, making her shiver.

Her ass spread out waiting, throbbing for me
my tongue like a vortex moving around the asshole.
sliding, digging in deep, tasting every fringe.
my tongue smelled and tasted, as I continued to eat.

"Just do me, I can't bear it no more.
Let me suck it, spit on it, lube it to go,
rip me off and part my waiting butt-cheeks
sniff and then rim my anus fucking senseless."

Slowly, I fuck her ass,
grinding myself in and out
the sensation is so intense
It just heightened all the sense.
She begins showing quivers
from her thighs and then upwards
towards the middle of her back...

Tremors and gyrating eyes,
I've got you close to where you want to be at.
I also pant and shiver
"Goddamn the friction with your ass-hole feels so hot"
Her back arched upwards like a bolt of
lightning and her hair flies towards me
And my eyes roll back as I pull her hairs
I stay there for what seems like forever.


12/05/2020 07:01
Written by Penguinphile
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Fire of Insight
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Are you being prepared for bed, when kist
will you resist an insistence of he
to quicken his lust, will he grip a wrist
and the daddy be, to undress his she?
He strips off your clothing in ownership
and in doing so is he owning you,
perhaps in this ownership clothes get ripped
but, of course, this is love, and his love's true?
After these few, preliminary acts
a bruise or two, well'  'tis foreplay
and a loving man will bestow love's smacks
to keep his interest for one more day?

Rough love bouts might be a bit of a wrench
But a priapic male has no conscience.
Written by Insiderew (Rew)
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Fire of Insight
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I quiver and pulse
At the thought,
Of gentle hands
Binding mine.
Kneeling politely
Eyes turned up
Into Yours,
My mouth opens
As you allow
Me, to circle
The tip
With the tip
Of my tongue.
Inch by gentle inch
Sliding in,
Gliding into
My throat.
Sure hands
Full of my hair,
I won't break the stare
Even as tears roll down,
From your soothing thrusts
Turning rhythmic
Swells your cock,
Expanding my chest
To take it on.
I am yours,
Do what you will.
I'll only give
That's what I do,
To feel your control.

Written by looloolookie
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Happy Hooker2

She stood in front of the mirror
Admiring the shape of her figure
Her boobs
And pubes
Made her sex-appeal clearer

She was such a good looker
Thought she'd succeed as a hooker
Stood on the street
Hoping to meet
Any sex-hungry onlooker

Her career was a success
She had her vagina to bless
A warm damp passage
Each cock to massage
And then cum in its recess

She enjoyed having sex so much
Receiving cocks in her crutch
A dozen a day
As long as they pay
And the sensuous feel of their touch

 She soon built up quite a trade
With men wishing to be laid
Back in her flat
No time for a chat
A quick fuck then she was paid

She decided to work more at ease
With fewer clients to please
Leisurely fucking
Penetration and sucking
Of course she increased her fees

You had to book in advance
If you wanted a good chance
To enter her cunt
And have a punt
Your experience to enhance

She had a diverse clientele
Some for fucking and kissing as well
Pretend girl friend
An hour to spend
Or fuck all night in a hotel

Some regulars came every week
Orgasms galore they would seek
Found her G-spot
Inside her slot
Multiple cumming ; her technique.

Some older men could not cum
But no need for them to be glum
Her hand did the trick
Never too quick
Happy with the outcome

Once she organized an orgy
Everyone naked and naughty
Each with luck
Taking turns to fuck
It was fun and very sporty

She is still  working this way
Nearly sixty, if she's a day
Her cunt's for hire
Will not retire
Bring her your cock to play
Written by gardenlover
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 1st July 2015
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Ecstasy Found

I can't get you out of my head, like a thought that cannot be explained.
My feelings for you are running rampant, like a escaped prisoner, hard to be detained.      
I don't think I can surpress my dirty fantasies and cravings for you much longer.           
My body is dehydrated and I need you to quench its undying thirst.            
I take pride in being the Virgin Mary of the group and not giving my fruitful cherry to just anyone.            
No, I'd rather preserve it's nutrients for someone worthy of it's delectable, juicy goodness.            
But for you I'll let you ravish into my flesh like a famished vampire who lacks of blood.            
Take me apart one by one like it's an intense game of jenga.            
Fondle with my pink rose so soft and urgent with care through each finger, like it's a guitar.            
When you get a teaspoon of me you won't need any type of porn to send chills down to your erogenous zones.      
My body can be the stimulator that garners up all of your sweet lustful moans.          

You want my heart well baby become one with the veins within it.            
Be my Achilles heel, be the back bone I need to stand on my own two feet.            
It turns me on when you tell me the things you want to do to me once you have the opportunity to get me in bed.    
I'm not no damn one night stand, so don't expect no quickies or basic head.        
I'm a classic girl, wine and dine me to get to the nucleus of my soul.            
Nothing gets me off than a man who can treat a woman like a cherished fossil instead of a rusted old tool in the shed.  
I want that love where you shut out the world and not answer a phone call or a text.            
But instead just be lost in each others orgasmic melodies and the pleasures of our sex.            
Our love will be the kind of love where you can't live without me and my life is yours to uphold.            
A love where marriage is the center of binding our commitment legally and you taking my hand to hold.            
A blushing bride dying to give all of her warm embraces to her doting groom.      
A groom that looks at me with hunger when it comes to devouring me with his mouth from six ways to Sunday during honeymoon night.            
A groom that wants to explore putting my body into different positions like a contortionist with all his everlasting might.          
My dreamlover you make me feel alive and filled with heavy adrenaline.            
I want to be the one that heals all your aches like I'm your own prescribed penicillin.            
My body is an open safari baby now come use it for your own unawaited exploration.            
I'm your forever and always            
I'm ecstasy found, but an angel to society.        
Come be my proprietor baby and forever keep me in your possession.
Written by LibraSoul96
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Tyrant of Words
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Sonnet in a Wheelchair

(because Em asked me for a sonnet but I don’t comprehend the iambic pentameter)

My sexy Muse, You inspire me to write.  
I love all Your flirting, spills  and kisses.  
You invade my mind through the day and night,  
Hard-ons in my mornings, Hell what is this!  
You will always have me now, every day,  
You’re drop-dead-gorgeous and brilliantly smart.  
You instantly captured me with chess play  
Synchronicity, Wow!  Now have my heart.  
How do I love You? Let me taste the ways!  
I nosh on Your sexy  ass, breasts and bush.  
Now my hot sex and lust is set ablaze    
as my longing intimacy feels smoosh’d!  
Now we must petition with hopeful dreams,  
coition to fruition  our love(teams).  
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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A love Story From The Darker Side

Arriving at the gates
She stands
And she waits  
Will they open today  
Or will she turn  
And walk away  
Her eyes are aware  
That all these cameras stare  
Seeing her from every direction  
How can he not see her perfection  
From inside he peeks  
At the woman he seeks    
Standing there  
Her skin so fair  
When all of a sudden  
He finds his courage  
And presses the button  
Opening the gates  
He watches her    
As she walks to her fate  
She enters the house  
Shy and quiet  
Like a Mouse  
Then does as she was told  
Slowly, Seductively  
Takes off her clothes  
All of her he sees  
As she enters the room    
And lowers to her knees  
Not yet knowing her fate  
She sits perfectly for him  
And again, she waits  
When all of a sudden    
She lets out a gasp  
When enters the room  
This tall man in black  
Not a word is said  
He walks slowly around her    
Petting her head  
She sits there still  
As her thoughts float free  
And she succumbs to his will  
He stops in front of her  
He squats with his hands on his thighs  
Looks deep into her eyes    
Realizing she could be his demise  
Staring back at him  
So confident, So Strong, So big  
Yet knowing if she wanted  
She could break him like a twig  
The silence breaks as words pass his lips  
"Why are you hear"  
"Sitting perfect like this"  
She mutters back quietly  
"this is where I want to be "  
"I brought a gift for you sir"  
"I wish to gift you me"  
He does not break eye contact  
And proudly Smiles  
Dreams coming true    
After all this while  
That fateful night  
They took a chance  
That night they started  
A long slow dance  
Living, Loving Learning  
Two hearts burning    
Like most never will  
Holding her close and keeping her safe  
He loves her without condition  
As she binds his heart and soul tight  
inside her willful submission  
Written by Wh1skeySwagger (Swagger)
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Mr. Write
Twisted Dreamer
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Fille Au Dessus (Girl On Top)

I am feeling oh so satisfied,
we are face to face and skin on skin.
My girl getting ready enjoy the ride,
feeling her warmth as I slip on in.
Slide all the way down to the balls,
her pussy is so wet and so warm.
Thick cock stretching her pussy walls,
she’s wetter than a torrential storm.
Bounce up and down on my wooden log,  
tits and hair are all over the place.
Moans as she fucks this three legged dog,
I want her slick pussy to French kiss my face.
Faster she rides to the coming swell,
she moans like a dirty little whore.
sheets drenched with jizz and fuck smell,
she drips on me and screams out for more.
Fluid motion and gliding with ease,
her ocean courses with rhythm and hum.
Feeling her grip as she starts to squeeze,
look in her eyes as she starts to cum.
Scratches on my chest start to slowly bleed,
this loaded cannon is ready to explode.
Off she mounts with her eyes full of greed,  
mouth open as I cum, she swallows my load.
Slurping and sucking she looks at me with a grin
and turns to present her ass to my face.
I tongue her wet hole and finger her within
to slurp her nectar from deep in that place.
Written by Gyco (Mr. Write)
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Thought Provoker
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Till I Scream

I walk to the lake
in that deserted town
I know he isn’t fake
he won’t be a let down!!
It’s been since the hunt
I felt that tingle in my cunt
months of waiting for a punt
this time I’m gonna be in front  
It’s was the midnight sun
Mrs Sommer’s having fun
I once saw her fucking son
he was fucking a wild nun
in my mind it’s imprinted  
in my heart it’s whispered  
It’s my loins that he tinkered
a splashed cum that sprinkled
I’m by the lake right now  
ohh dear, where art thou?
come over here, take me down
tear my clothes ignore my frown  
darling, feed me with the flame
off your throbbing, it’s no shame
the little spanking, find me wanting
let’s start fucking, I want to be screaming

see my need, it’s your imprinting

since that nun, I’ve been craving
turn me sideways and upside down
let your hard cock, take me to town!

fill my hunger, feel my lustful need

with your desire, I’ll be in your sight

feel me gently, fill me with your seed
we’ll be outside but you’ll fuck me deep inside

with your hunger, your roughness
bend me over, leave me speechless  
tie me up and tie me down till I’m breathless
spank my ass thoroughly till I scream senseless!!!
Written by XiaoLong
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Thought Provoker
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Joined 25th Jan 2019
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Thanks for the opportunity

Fire of Insight
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Miller's Pond

a story, in verse

One summer’s night she took a stroll
Untrained for what she saw
The stunning sight that she would troll
Soon filled her soul with awe

While passing by the Miller’s pond
She glanced past roadside trees
And saw a guy whose hair was blonde
Drop trousers past his knees!

By skinny-dipping late at night
He thought he was alone—
And stripped there in her line of sight
She struggled not to moan!

As he undressed his muscles flexed—
This pleased the Miller's daughter!
It left her vexed and over-sexed
A lamb led to the slaughter!

She recognized his face from school
As he entered the water
And as she spied, she glanced his 'tool'
And gasped with imprimatur!

There hung between his teenage thighs
A Herculean Pizzle!
Although she’d seen a lot of guys
This cock evoked a whistle!

So swarthy thick, although relaxed
It hung down to his knees
His massive cock by far surpassed
All other dicks she'd seen!

As slowly he submerged his wealth
And waded in to swim
She gawked with glee and stroked herself
Her panties wet with quim!

She tiptoed near, enthralled with what
Good fortune let her see
She stood and leered and rubbed her twat
Behind a willow tree

The well-hung lad's cock out of sight
Sure teased the Miller's daughter
Submerged in daddy's pond that night
Much like the Loch Ness monster!

The lad by chance swam to her three
And climbed up on its roots
By happenstance, he fell asleep
There in his birthday suit!

Against her will, she drew so near
To kiss his flaccid size
Just for the thrill, with lips she smeared
Some lipstick on her prize!

It stirred, so quickly she withdrew
The lad’s wet-dream provoked
His mighty dick then grew and grew
But still, he wasn’t woke

Now full erect, she thought, “Perfect!”
And leered in servile awe—
Ejaculate in husky jets
Was shot into the pond!

To splashing sound of falling spunk
His wet-dream now complete
He woke, and found the lipstick marks
From kisses indiscreet

He said, “Well lad, I don’t know where
You’ve been, this looks suspicious—
It seems you had a hot one there
And earned her luscious kisses!”

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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