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Don Quixote

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

A non-erotic poem that mentions Don Quixote, windmills and weathervanes.
With the wings of the windmill
calling dawn's heavenly crown
listening to the silence
of the weathervane
as the feather glides
and Don Quixote whispers

Not for competition.

Fire of Insight
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Who invited the clowns

Iíve been trapped in its headwind,
no respite or hiding place,  
the weathervane points me out,  
creaking as the cockerel finds me.  
It demands a sacrifice,
Itís neck asking to be sliced.  

When I close my eyes I see the hill,  
a derelict windmill, its cold silhouette †
carved by storm clouds,  
tattered blades turn  
in the flash of lightening.  

I take the rancid flour from its mill,  
purge my bloodstream with black weevils  
and hang as pale as Bowieís clown.
My frown coughs up enough makeup  
to colour the flames †
as the fake building burns.  

I can hear my Don Quixote at the door,  
a comedic black knight †
trampling the ground around my bed,  
calling out across the white poppy field,  
a mad saviour who can only exist †
to paint his smile on my failure.  

Written by Razzerleaf
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Tyrant of Words
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Quixotic and the Art of Imagination

Impossible dreams are never too far to attain
It is not lunacy to imagine or envision
But it is madness to give up on them
For the heart is filled with adventure
Each of us has an epic journey
To reach the far ends of the earth
Beyond the limits of our imagination
To fight for what is right and true
Perhaps it is on these travels
We will find love and courage
We will have chivalry and honor
When facing adversity
Look! Just beyond the horizon
Monsters in the distance
Giants with large extending arms
Threatening sprawling behemoths
Menacing and ominous creatures
Looking to bring us harm
Prepare to fight!
For their end is here
With lance, sword and armor
We will never surrender
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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King Wind

I bring some news to the lone coyote
out on the prairie seeking his kith and kin,   †
I tilt at windmills like old Don Quixote † †
but my royal command sets those sails to spin. †  
When in my fall's Autumn lusty breezes †
I shall strew my red carpet also with gold, †
and lift some skirts to gain due curtsies †
and strip heads bare to show, don't be bold. †
† †  
Here, in my realm, of †brisk April showers, † †
the weathervanes point but all point in vain, † †
from all directions I shall make you cower † †
and bow your head down, low, as I rain.
Written by Insiderew (Rew)
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Darya Waters
Lost Thinker
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My love is fierce
A blade that I wield
From the end of my strong arm

Valiant and true

I fight
And pierce
And stab my way to victory

To your heart

But in my raptures and my fantasies
Enraged and impassioned,
Move too quickly

And I learn that love
Is always fragile,
No matter how strong it appears to be
Written by DaryaWaters (Darya Waters)
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