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Poetry Contest

Your take on Fear.
Your take on fear. What do you fear most.
two entries per poet
old or new writes but not winning poems
no collabs
no extreme contents

Don'T Fear Death

Don't fear death in earthly travels.
Don't fear enemies or friends.
Just listen to the words of prayers,
To pass the facets of the dreads.

Your death will come to you, and never
You shall be, else, a slave of life,
Just waiting for a dawn's favor,
From nights of poverty and strife.

She'll build with you a common law,
One will of the Eternal Reign.
And you are not condemned to slow
And everlasting deadly pain.-
by Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

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adagio and Ljdynamic thank you for participating.

poet Anonymous

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VirgiliusMaro thank you for your entry

Fire of Insight
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The Green Jackets are coming

The park tunnel was long enough
to lose peripheral vision,
it dripped even in dry weather.
Sometimes I would sit in the shadows
watching kids run like bumper cars
sparking fear onto blackened bricks.
I was learning.
A test for the playground huddle.
Have you heard?
when we leave at four the Green Jackets
will be waiting by the bridge before the park,
its winter, it will be dark.
There was this girl walking home,
on her own.
Four of them jumped her.
ďWhat did they do, what did they do?Ē
They stripped her and carved Green Jackets
on her back with a razor blade.
Children spun like sycamore seeds,
their coats twirling held only by the hoods,
a tribal chant began.
The Green Jackets are coming,
the Green Jackets are coming,
Through every class room at every age,
the story spread like falling dominoes,
tears where beating snot bubbles to lips.
By four oíclock the police where there
guiding panic stricken children
through school gates that creaked
with laughter in the wind.
I have grown.
You're weak, needy and vulnerable,
safe behind your screens,
pickings for someone as well schooled as me
in telling you what to dream.
Reaching out down copper wires,
I can listen through a billion phones,
watch you through your webcam
uncensored, unchecked and unconstrained.
I can sell you God in the morning
and whiten your smile in the afternoon,
I can make you drool.
control any gullible fool who still believes,
the Green Jackets are on their way.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Razzerleaf, thank you for your entry.

Tyrant of Words
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Fear is a hungry animal  
It feeds a little at a time  
Silently taking away strength  
Making simple things more difficult  
Building mountains to climb
Fear becomes a whisper  
In the silence it can be heard  
Knows what buttons to push  
Heightens the emotions beyond control  
Eating away at common sense  
Fear touches the imagination  
Bringing the shadows out of darkness
The feelings of uneasiness get stronger  
Legs become heavy and hard to move  
Itís like being gripped by invisible hands  
Fear clings in times of uncertainty  
Putting doubt where there shouldnít be  
Creeps through defences when least expected
It knows what your thinking  
Cause this beast becomes the thoughts  
Fear is the straight jacket  
That ties you up in knots  
Coming through the air like a breath  
Itís cold on skin  
Thatís when reason goes awry  
Written by AspergerPoet56
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AspergerPoet56, thank you for your entry.

Thought Provoker
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Dancing in Hell

The time has come, here and now
No choice remains, you must go †
Darkness has fallen, delay no more! †
Tonight you dance with demons †
The hall is at capacity, every monster †
impatiently waiting- honored guest †  
You indescribable, exquisite mortal, †
dance like your soul depends upon it †
They will try to force you to submit
these tempting devils you dance with †
offering to end your pain, right this instant †
Surrender sweetly, darling... just let go
Move lightly, donít miss a step †
stay with the beat, keep smiling †
Little time remains, make the call †
You havenít been trapped just yet †
Bells toll the hour, it is Midnight!  
Cries start to rise above the music †
Dancers whirl in frenzied abandon †
making this your final chance to escape †
Music shrieks, hands of demonic dancers †
clawing clothing to shred, tear at fragile skin †
Malevolent grins leer at you in triumph, †
now caught by an arm around your neck †
Surrounded, pressed in with no quarter †  
freedom seems fantastic, too far away †
Your last swan song, going down fighting †  
screaming, wailing until you suffocate †
The hall shakes, chandeliers fall, walls crack †
hellions hurrying to exit but are trapped †  
There is no way out, to escape the cries †  
stemming from your heart, sacred holy soul †
Your throat is raw, tear-choked, silent †
as hideous fiends fall to their knees †
Clutching the last gasps of miserable lives †
before falling lifeless to the dance floor †
Silence falls over everything, achingly peaceful †
The doors to the hall open, you are now free  
Battered, bloody, you lift your tattered skirts, †
walking through the opened doors into the sun †
You have escaped Hell - a feat beyond description †
Dancing with demons, you'd all but given up hope †
Near surrender, barely escaping eternity in Hell †
Nothing is freer than a cry from a broken soul
Written by inechoingsilence
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inechoingsilence thank you for your entry.

Darya Waters
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Fear is the unraveler
Undoer of all things
The impediment to happiness
And perverter of the senses

Fear is a binding
Felt in your chest in a night
As dark and slick as ink
Enveloping you in yourself

Fear cripples
And dismays
It is a parasite that burrows
Deep within your psyche

But when you chase it
And finally grasp the wretched thing
It cowers and shifts
And takes on a new form

And so the struggle renews itself
Isnít that beautiful?
Written by DaryaWaters (Darya Waters)
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DaryaWaters, thank you for your entry.

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Signs and Forebodings

I do not fear harm to my physical being,
But rather for my state of mind,
I fear the heart ache and loneliness,
That the fates will take what is mine.
I do not fear discomfort to this body,
But the agony of taking my affection,
For a brush with death is one too many,
As I dread a long and endless abjection.
I do not fear death for itís inevitable,
But I do fear it for taking the one I love,
For when there are signs and forebodings,
I fear a punishment is coming from above.
Yes, I may be selfish and egotistical,
But I want to grow old with my mate,
For I fear the ages of being alone,
I would rather trade places with fate.
Written by wallyroo92
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