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RUNNERS-UP: EleazarSwan and Valeriyabeyond

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The art work of Carl Gustav Jung

Fire of Insight
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Your poem was attuned in weaving patchwork of words as it spoke of the many hidden symbolic languages found in CG Jungs artworks, in spite of his rebellious rather rambunctious nature, and being the ever tiny flick of  flame, flame of a flickering, He was perhaps one of the first esoteric souls. He never liked descriptions though preferring a canvas open and free.  I would say that your poem resembles the spirit of Jung, thank you for sharing  your fabulous work!
CONGRATULATIONS to  EleazarSwan, your wonderful poem was bright as a feather and soared to and from, for me it was about all the many aspects of creating and art and about the cross wired brain of the artists hidden with Jungs soul.
CONGRATULATIONS to Valeriyabeyond (Dhyana), your wonderful poem was just so concise yet very much attuned to the psychology of Jung, it had ego, self, persona, anima, animus, shadow and all of these layers in it that Jung wrote about.
And to me it really spoke out in the voice of Jung since he seemed a free fighter and free thinker above all. Jung propably would smile reading your poem about him....

thanks you all who entered this competition, see you in the next one

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Whoop whoop! Thank you, RiAN! I am pretty stoked about this one because I am a Jungian at heart! I love his tree metaphor, and concur that in order for our branches to reach heaven, we must be willing for our roots to burn in hell. I have always believe the blood is the life, and Jung aligns with that, being it was the seat of the soul.

Congratulations, EleazarSwan and Valeriyabeyond, for two outstanding entries worthy of recognition. Frankly, I anticipated and enjoyed ALL entries in this comp. Thanks for an enlightening challenge into the psych, RiAN!

I have missed a few comps with half-finished entries; however, I was determined, DETERMINED not to miss this one if it meant staying up until 2:00 AM to complete the draft! Which, ironically, I did!


Dangerous Mind
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Congratulations Ahavati on  a well deserved win
Your poem fit the description so well its beauty reigned

Congratulations to Eleazar on your win and got your beautiful entry

Thank you RiAN for the recognition and for this challenging comp

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Congrats, Ahavati for first place in such a challenge, and to the runners up.  I loved this comp idea, wanted to enter but time got away from me  but I enjoyed the art inspired reads..

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