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Complete bollocks

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A Tinted Throwback

In love with the vision
of you on crumpled sheets
among patterns and colours of poppies
smoke curling to the ceiling

tea to lips, piping hot
fingers touching silky skin
after a warm shower
visions of you, perfection
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Tyrant of Words
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My Poetry Hose

My wife thinks Iím cheating on her with my poetry hose  
I suppose my verse comes close to being fully exposed  
So when I compose I like to be a little gross and verbose  
But unlike pros, my prose probes propositions to oppose

She says: Thatís indecent, what are you trying to disclose?  
Iíve been known to hone in on the zone with a racy tone  
The titter and titillation helps keep everyone on their toes  
But these are not pornos so leave my poor nose alone!
Itís cheeky, sassy, asinine and full of innuendoes  
The slurs can spur a little gentle mental stimulation  
If itís getting warm perhaps we need a larger dose  
Then with poetic cunning Iíll try to master insinuation  
My poetry hose shows promise but itís not grandiose  
Itís a thick thesaurus thoroughly thrilled with making light  
It wonít blow your mind or leave the readers comatose  
But it'll swerve and curve to serve the pervs just right
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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The day you caught the train

The net curtains float lace patterns
projected on magnolia,
thin sunlight warms our bed covers,  
white cotton wrapped as loin cloth, †
tight against smooth skin. †

The mornings bore runs busy in the street, †
scaling walls to chatter at our window. †
Your shape slides beneath my hand,  
warmth sighs as I dip deeper
and you check your watch again.

I save a wasted frame,  
a rotting petal pressed between memories. †
The bartender wants my glass, †
no final drop to sip from you, †
Your tongue has tripped, the veil let slip.

This day you will leave, and me; †
packing for the journey I can't take.  
A could never be, lovers embrace  
belies the two who will wake,  
something we buried in this place.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
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Hey this is great news, a real shot in the arm to help with Napo brain freeze, really appreciate the encouragement, and the gold cup whoop whoop. Well done for the other great reads I enjoyed working this one out.

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