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Opening my eyes
Donít want to face life
The sun streaming through
Is like a stabbing knife
There to torture me

These cold thoughts
Fire in my mind
Like bullets trying to put me down
The sound of my own breathing
Keeps me awake

Locked away
In the hell of my own creation
A prisoner on death row
Waiting on justice to fall
Donít know how to let go

Iíve thought about it
Been mistaken for having a soul
This weakness has tested me
A ticking time bomb
With a faulty primer

Itís a waiting game
An intermittent connection
Just a matter of time
A split second

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
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poet Anonymous

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Save Through The Eyes Of Superman

Thought about this.
Writing makes more since to explain.
Lived in a small town it seemed there would be nobody else.
Comfortable itís all we knew.
Anyone who would come in to threaten this Iíd save us from it.
Isolated there seemed to be no other way with us.
Bored of the safety sometimes she strayed away to find danger.
That danger is not in me.
Youíd come back from time to time but never remaining the same.
A piece of you was taken each time you disappeared.
I never thought Iíd move on.
She remains †engraved in my mind.
Memories alone spark happiness.
Iím not here to save you anymore you have to save yourself.
Some donít want to be saved.
Written by ClearmindedVillain
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Darya Waters
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who am I? so far
from home, the place I yearned to
leave. a wandering soul
Written by DaryaWaters (Darya Waters)
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Related submission no longer exists.

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Good Enough

Almost every day the question comes to mind
Was I ever good enough to him?
Dealing with the struggle of a shared custody
As the years passed by, the situation got grim

Little by little I gave up more of my time
It seemed like the thing to do rationally
Sheíd be a better parent than I could be
All the while I had started another family

I could always see the hurt in his eyes
Even as he smiled and laughed happily
But as he got older I got all the blame
As the shame weighed so substantially

And for many years I carried that guilt
Until I said to myself: No, not anymore
I know that Iíve tried and keep on trying
To be better a father than I was before

He may be a hundred miles away
But I think of him everyday
This relationship seems to get harder as he matures
Parenthood is never that simple
Even when I acted on impulse
I may be insecure but my love as a father endures

And whenever that question comes to mind
I remind myself of his affection and leave the guilt behind
Written by wallyroo92
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I would like to thank everyone who took it upon themselves to read each and every beautiful entry and then voted. I have to admit I was in the company of such gifted poets/poetesses. You guys have such amazing skills I am proud to be apart of and I am blessed to have shared this competition with you all. On a softer note, I must take the time to bow in reverence and poetic respect to the hostess, Yummy101 BlaQueen for hosting this amazing competition, thank you and well praised to the end.

Please enjoy the early hours of this Wednesday we have been blessed to cross over into

SKC 🐾🐾

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Awwww. Congratulations!!!

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Yummy101 said:Awwww. Congratulations!!!

Thank you my poetess... and do enjoy your evening  

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