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Marriage proposal ?

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Tyrant of Words
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no altar

i won't  
you on the pedestal
for i am
no worshipper
walk along
we will
and we will
walk along
is the ultimate wealth
and forever
i will be
as we sat
sipping coffee
taking in
the scenery
the thoughts
ran wild
our feet
were touching the ground
is the flashiest
in the recipe  
called love
are the most overpowering
i won't put you
on the pedestal
would i expect
to do that
with me
walk along
with me
and we will
walk along
Written by cold_fusion
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Dangerous Mind
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To all those that Dare (Marriage) -See note

Trome, I offer you my hand and heart
In other words, I give up and you do too
Finally, we nevertheless dared to anyway †
To enter into a marriage union †
We will arrange everything right away †
I'm very exciting and very pretty †
Not sure you can handle me yet †
But now you are in my Captivity
And to what has been proposed, add †
Look at My Diagnosis, you will see †
Crazy, stubborn, insatiable, strange†
Peculiar, deviant, depraved, sarcastic †
Don't pretend you didn't know before †
I look VERY STUNNING in this dress †
You get access to my Femininity, †  
But I get to own Your... Masculine
†††† † † † † †
You picked a photographer †
But I like Black and white photography
And at the reception we will dance †
Let's Tango! Trome
At the wedding A 'simple' kiss twice †
To s(t)eal the deal, In the vows †
I promise to be Obedient to you †
†† † † †
We decided to cater Sex at Waffle House
You said it was cheaper at Midnight Girl
Honeymoon is in the WILDERNESS
And you said I have to PARK MY BIKE † † † † † † † † † †
†† † † † † † †
I told you that I am the Ocean
So you will surely drown †
In the Heavy drops of words
Mutation of hearts happens slowly †
A Soul requires cutting
So we spent lots of time trying †
And I told you to get My Tampon
You are Jealous of my power † † † † † † †
A Cup of coffee does not save
You need to kill Weeds in the yard †
You tell me to go cook dinner †
and I say Listen to my silence
After many years have passed †
We went to counseling, and you †
said we made REAL PROGRESS
I said Listen to my silence (with Reading)
After the divorce was finalized †
Many Thoughts in an abandoned house
It felt like Another reality long ago †
But It was not a dream, a nightmare †
Just a poetry whore in Dark Alleys now †
Don't measure me by my thoughts :)
Written by KristinaX
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Dangerous Mind
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Just in case anyone does not want to go and read the actual post this is composed of 32 titles for various poems written by myself and Trome. The author's note contains more information on that but I thought I would mention it here just in case. :)

Fire of Insight
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Problems and promises

Keep me from your cotton skies, †  
fill my mouth with autumn, † †  
hide silent in the forest † †  
the twig is about to break † †  
†† †  
Wait † †  
Let the oars float away, † †  
stay still within your seat, † †  
tremble fingers on deep water, † †  
anger slips beneath our lake. † †  
† † †
I'm sorry † †  
Bind my hands too tight, † †  
make my fists unfold. † †  
Foundation on a bruise, † †  
sunglasses for your lies. † †  
† † †
I'm so sorry † †  
Paper mache us our masks, † †  
stretched thin on blue balloons, † †  
we'll dress in Sunday best, † †  
and forgive me my abuse. † †  
† † †
Help me † †  
Find the bars and fix them to my cage, † †  
rage in every open bottle. † †  
I am and I will always be so † †  
let my feet find broken glass, † †  
on every step I fail to take, † †  
drench my shirt in stale pain, † †  
but let my hollows fill again. † †  
† † †
I promise † †  
This time, I will change. † †  
Come here.
Written by Razzerleaf
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poet Anonymous

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Nathaniel Peter
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Lifelong Godsend

How do I begin to utter love
Yet beyond what I say
My promise is only as true as what is done

When vows are more than words
But a script whereby I pledge my life
As everyday I learn to tell you that you are the one
And how proud I am to call you my wife

To have and yet not to abuse or control
To hold as touch is to the surface
That which the heart is to the soul

An impenetrable embrace unencumbered by circumstances
Made sure by our better days and tried true in the face of the worst
You are the one that my life romances

Through days of night wearied of physical and emotion sickness
To the kinder tides of health
I love and will continue to love and cherish you
Even at the cost of myself
As every moment is a lesson in love's reply
Let my life be the evidence of my love for you
And your soul's beauty be the evidence why

Through prosperous times and in scarcity
Let our hearts be enriched of our bonds
Spoken and set in integrity's stone
To outlive brokenness and breathe beyond
Every whispering lie that threatens to find us alone

I will be yours for always and forever
In the good and through the wreckage of despair
Our love will remain
And when life hurts the most I will be there

To love and to honor you, faithful to the end
Just as you are to me, I pray that I'd be
Worthy of being called your lover and closest friend
Your lifelong counterpart and ever-enduring Godsend...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Guardian of Shadows
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I went through one
but never knew what it was
was it a friendship
or a silent partnership
was it an internship
into another kind of life

I wore the ring
he lost it every time
he went out for drinks
he painted the town red
while I read in bed
or fell asleep on the couch

Was I married
was that a marriage
if it was, it died early
killed by indifference
strangled by silence
buried by signatures on a paper.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Thought Provoker
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Back In Ninety Three

Staring at this photograph of you, back In ninety three
A single rose held in your hand, I was so scared on this day
A reminder of how beautiful you really are, how lucky a man can be    
After all these years, I still cherish this day †
You made me the man that I am and all I hope to be †
Thank you for all the love and standing by me †
So Iím down on one knee to say... †
Happy Anniversary †
They all said we would never make this far, It will never last †
You had yours and I had mine, together we made them ours †  
Not enough time for you and me, but I wouldnít change the past †
After all these years I still cherish this day †
You made me the man that I am and all I hope to be †
Thank you for all the love and standing by me †
So Iím down on one knee to say... †
Happy Anniversary †  
Happy Anniversary †
(Instrumental) †
The bad times are like scares, but they never define who we are †
You'll always be my forever to have, my forever to hold †
They say it only takes a moment to fall in love, but a life time to get this far †
After all these these years I still cherish this day †
You made me the man that Iím and all I hope to be †
Thank you for all the love and standing by me †
So Iím down on one knee to say... †
Happy Anniversary  

Thank you for all the love and standing by me †
Happy Anniversary  
Written by buddydog
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Lost Thinker
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He Owns the Sun

Her sweetness is the purest kind
Organic, filled with tranquil thought
With beauty far within her mind
Could not be sold, nor love be bought

In calm and confident array
She wins the winds from winter's way
She springs the summer sun to stay
And warms the heart; a better day

She brings to mind a subtle ingenuity;
A lovely gratuity

Who knows her? Who finds her?

A king holds his maid and begs;
Aye, begs! He is poor
As love beats upon his door

In her arms, he who owns all
Owns none
And he who owns none
In her arms, owns the sun
Written by EleazarSwan
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Tyrant of Words
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A Deal With The Universe

I suppose I never proposed all those years ago
But we have stayed together for so long
Iím not traditional but itís kind of mystical
That your love and passion made me strong

How many troubles have we been through?
Conversations that lasted late into the night
All the tears we shed with fear and dread
But we tried everyday just to get it right

And we reassured ourselves the love we feel
Is something beyond we could not contain
You became my muse because you sparked
Something inside me that I still canít explain

We made a home and filled it up with love
With babies and memories and adventures
Through good times and bad weíre still here
Iíll still be loving you when we have dentures

And no matter how close you came to death
I fought the fates to put that path in reverse
Iím not letting you go so you better believe
Because I made a deal with the universe
Written by wallyroo92
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They are wonderful and heartfelt, and it is impossible to read these poems without any emotion. The theme of love in poetry is the most understandable and interesting to read. I am generally quite a subtle nature, and for me, the true virgin feelings are significant, not spoiled by the frenzied rhythm of the modern world. My wedding will soon take place with the most beautiful girl in the whole world, and I am apprehensive. We have almost everything ready, a delightful wedding venue (look at this nature https://www.elopetogatlinburg.com/outdoor-weddings/cades-cove-weddings), decorations, and a dress. The only problem is that I haven't written the vow yet, I need something perfect, so I'm thinking of taking one of the poems.

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