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Fire of Insight
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Dangerous Mind
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Unreciprocated Love

I looked at you from afar but you never
Returned my gaze. I wanted to run my
Fingers through your hair, hoping you
You would return my love, but you send
It right back, unopened. You are clever.
You are holding back the tears you cry
Because he does not treat you like I do.
He never saw you like I did on the mend

And always willing to forgive. You see us
As nothing but friends. But I have always
Felt something more. I am too afraid to tell
You how I truly feel because you will run
To the hills. He may never fight or fuss
Over you, but through the deep haze
I see you. I want to hold you through hell
And back. Even when the bright sun

Is in your eyes I love you more. But in that
Moment I know you cannot love me back.
I cannot keep following you down the flat,
Curvy road as you are on a different track.
Written by eswaller
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Lost Thinker
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The Longing

Loneliness echoes through this cavernous space

One thought of you & Iím in the longings cold embrace

How I long to look upon your face with eyes that burn holes through my soul

Oh how the longing has taken itís toll

Always craving what I cannot have -the longing

To hear your voice sweetly whisper is what I need - the longing

To touch you just once is what I crave but you just turn & walk away - the longing

But sweet relief I know will come when this heart ceases to beat & my work is done

This lonely soul is finally carried home and the longing will be no more
Written by Baredsoul
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Guardian of Shadows
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Ljdynamic, eswaller and Baredsoul thank your for participating.

Tyrant of Words
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Friend Zoned

I was once put in the friend zone,
Before the friend zone was a thing,
I was put there once and for the longest time,
I let it burn and I let it sting.
Weíd been friends since we were kids,
She was that cutest girl in my class,
I was the nerdy quirky boy sheíd confide in,
And that was the zone Iíd never pass.
Growing up I had the biggest crush on her,
But I knew we couldnít be more than friends,
I tried so hard not let it any of it out,
It was so difficult to just play pretend.
By high school she was very popular,
I was too but our cliques were of different kinds,
And though I had hinted at the thought of love,
She had already drawn that line.
And in growing older we also grew apart,
We didnít have those lasting conversations anymore,
It was a sign of the time, it kind of tore at my heart,
Fate as it seemed had something else in store.
But that was ok with me, I didnít want to ruin it,
Because she loved me ďlike a friendĒ,
Oh those words can singe, it makes anyone cringe,
Those whoíve heard these words know itís the end.
I was put in that zone and launched into outer space,
So I kept going exploring the boundaries of the universe,
And in my journey I met someone else,
Sometimes you canít put the ship into reverse.
It was somewhere by Rigel in the constellation of Orion,
When a message transmitted came in way too late,
She confided in a friend, she regretted her decision,
She realized her feelings and called me her soul mate.

Whoís in the friend zone now?
Written by wallyroo92
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Guardian of Shadows
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wallyroo92 thank you for your entry.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Final Handful

I watched the faucet cry,
each tear quivering before splashing
into crusty oatmeal bowls.
Bright, aquamarine chairs seemed
vulgar in the golden sun
streaming, unencumbered by the
airís thunderstorm mood.

And I remembered:

it was here,
in this same kitchen, some
five years ago, where I offered
the first handful of myself
and you gulped it.
Leaning back in my flea market
chairs so

willing.   †

Then I passed you more,
along with the popcorn,
in the movie theater.
The restaurant with multiple forks
where we ordered chocolate souffle,
laughing about being fancy.
The mountaintop overlooking some
forgotten river, clutching your hand
and praying.

The everyday waking up
waiting for anything
from you.

I held the final handful Ė
held it cupped and weeping
as your words flew in ever
narrow ever
threatening circles around the lazy
crusty oatmeal bowls and childish aquamarine
chairs that I loved.

And I made a decision,
clenching my fists. †
Written by DaisyGrace
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Fire of Insight
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I bathe in slumbering wishes
to tear each angle seven folded
I breed these basking shades in which
tender violence grew into sunsets
still I watered these black dahlias
to evoke embedded lusts
an epitaph escaped through
these searching hands
in the caskets of brokenness
pain purifies fallen star
I practiced the dying arts
Written by RiAN
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Guardian of Shadows
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DaisyGrace and Rain, thank you for your respective entries.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Don't Deny My Vibes...

Donít Deny My VibesÖ

I wanna vibe with you
But you want your vibe left alone
 Canít we jus sip wine and share our favorite songs
Empty the bottle till itís all gone

I wanna drown in your intellectual ocean
Feel your every motion
Have I got the wrong notion?
Is this too much emotion?

I know thereís so much you can show me
Thereís so much I wanna see
I see it all so clear
Each time you look at me

No higher high, No greater thrill
But you shut me down with a winter chill
Brutal... Like an unexpected bill
Like going into battle with no shield
Are you testing my will?
Hoping Iíll just yield

Jus give me a second or a minute
To keep your attention
Give me an hour or two
To show my point of view
Give me one night or one day
I think youíll be okay
A week or a month
If you havenít had enough
And if we make it through a year
And you see that Iím sincere
Youíd see that the vibe was there
Donít let escape something so rare

So if you let down your guard and your caution subsides
We could be great, if you jus donít deny my Vibes

Written by FreeLove87 (SamuraiEde)
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Guardian of Shadows
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FreeLove87 thank you for your entry.

Fire of Insight
United States
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In The Clutch

Can I unquestionably depend on you in the clutch  
Will you stably provide support for me like a crutch
Is that just way too much for me to even ask for  
When I'm down, will you lift me up from the floor  
Or will you walk out the door like those before you  
Can I consistently depend on you like a 24 hr crew  
Or will you get bored, tired and then retire  
I wanna be the object of your fire & desire  
Guess all things expire at some point in time  
Yet, I'd do a bid for you if loving you's a crime  
Would you do a dime for me or just ring the bell
Signaling the end as I offend without getting bail  
They say time reveals all things in due time  
I'm looking for cues from you as you silently mime  
Are you mine or am I making foolish, futile efforts  
These questions need answers to improve my comfort  
You've purported that I'm the man of your dreams  
Unrequited love is how our relationship seems  
Will my dream come true or will you become a nightmare  
Is this just a game to you like ones at the county fair  
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Guardian of Shadows
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da_poetic-edifier thank you for your entry.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Nah she only asked for who?

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Priceless or Worthless?

My affections set on these pages
My heart in print and ignored
Faking the illusion of accomplishment
What is success in this?
I try to capture the audience
But I find no stage to platform my efforts

Just behind the scenes
I bear the flesh of this for strangers
Marketing for accolades
And hardly a penny for my thoughts
Torn between something priceless or worthless
When sentiments are self valued
And yet unappreciated

Like a beggar soliciting to be noticed
Staged on the infamy of a vacant street
At the mercy of bread crumbs
What lack I feel in this
But a manifestation of something deeper
Lost for divided reputations
The critically acclaimed outcast of mind

I strive to give more love than I know how to receive
Unrequited affection of my reflection
Incurable this ailment of self-infection
Seeking acceptance in the place of my own rejection

I rise to betray myself
Like Judas tendencies pursed at the cheek of a god-complex
Every kiss comes with a knife
My every sin as mutilation to the soul
Like I am the host to the ailments of temptation
And so easily ensnared by the virus of my own humanity

When impulse is master I am slave to desire
Dry as the monotony of routine and subject to fire
Stray sparks lay claim and in this burn I dwell
When every pleasure indulged is a self-made hell...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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