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Through New Eyes

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Poetry Contest

I am hoping for light hearted new insight that causes a smile. Write about if you were an insect/ bug , how life may be. Experiences, smells, and feelings for example.. It would be nice if you choose an insect by using the third letter of your name..
Just have fun...
I'm excited!!

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Ant ism

we are amplified audience
swirling ley lines connect
all patterns

chaliced colony
tunneled chambers
we are the unwanted guests

cropping breadcrumbs
we inhibit the corners
of your basement

we stay awake
aware of your anticipation
we are workers soldiers

mainly female
we remain encountered
by our queen

mother of all creation
when we invade
a perimeter
of your space

do not deny us
the entrance to leaky fixtures
or flowerbeds
that you hold dear

do not deny us

Lost Thinker
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I really love the way you created your title... Clever

Thought Provoker
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Just_Me_ said:I really love the way you created your title... Clever
Thank you and great idea for a competition. i wrote this on the spot and didnt think about it , all I could think was ants I tried to give them some poetic glare though not easy, i enjoyed the write

Lost Thinker
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Thank you!! Adventurous!

Fire of Insight
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(ke 'I' th).........Imago

The cocoon burst too soon,  
from a leaf-hung grip I slipped,  
snatched as an adulthood,  
wet winged on a blighted breeze,  
flightless over summer gardens,  
color clinging to a sugar-stealers drift.  
He found me touching tips of coupled bliss,  
then left me to lay patterns on lush, low leaves.  
They will age as an idea of hunger  
while I sip moisture and dream of
drinking nectar with the gods. †
Written by Razzerleaf
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Tyrant of Words
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Interview with a Leaf Mantis

David: Iím David Attenborough
and today we will be conducting  
an interview with a Leaf Mantis
Leaf Mantis: Thank you for having me
By the way, I loved you in Star Wars
David: That was Sir Alec Guinness

Leaf Mantis: Oh, Sorry
I loved you in Bridge On The River Kwai

David: That was a young Alec Guinness
And he passed away some time ago
Leaf Mantis: My condolences
David: We were not related
Leaf Mantis: Oh, but I loved you in Jurassic Park
David: That was my brother Richard
Leaf Mantis: The Great Escape?
David: That was also my brother Richard
When he was young and heís passed away too
Leaf Mantis: I must get my five eyes checked
My condolences
David: Thank you  
Leaf Mantis: So where do I know you from?
David: Well, I have done dozens of documentaries
on nature and the planet. I studied Natural Sciences
At Cambridge and have travelled the world to meet
creatures like you. But this interview is about you
and your interesting species.
Leaf Mantis (blushing): Oh Geez, thanks Mr. Attenborough
What would you like to know?
David: Well, I think our viewers would be curious
in knowing in what goes on in the daily life of a Leaf Mantis
Leaf Mantis: So you want me to tell you about my life?
David: Yes, that is what I do, I collect the stories of
the animal kingdom and they are shown on the BBC
Leaf Mantis: I think youíll need a lot of video tape
David: We do everything digital now so we have
plenty of recording material so thatís not a problem
Leaf Mantis: You followed me to this tree
David: I supposed we did, the camera crew saw you
and we thought you were interesting,
is this tree where you live?
Leaf Mantis: No, itís just a tree
But I was waiting for you on this tree
I was watching you watching me
Then you began to speak
David: Well lucky for me
Leaf Mantis: Perhaps lucky for both of us
David: You said you were waiting for me
Wait, are you? Did we just recite the lines to
Interview with a Vampire?
Leaf Mantis: Haha, you caught me David
I was just messing with you
David: So Mantises have a sense of humor
Leaf Mantis: Yes David, we do
But what I said about me waiting for you
in the tree, itís really true
This green camouflage letís me hide  
amidst the plants to catch my prey
David: Fascinating
Leaf Mantis: But I just like to chill and wait
Watch the other insects pass and fly by
because most of the time they donít notice me
but thatís OK, because I got me a date  
David: A Date?
Leaf Mantis: Yeah. See I donít really get out much
but I heard there is this girl mantis
who lives a couple of trees from here
I heard the girl is a freak
So I canít wait to go out with her later today
David: ButÖ
Leaf Mantis: Yeah, she got that butt too you know
a couple of my other friends went out with her
but I havenít seen them in a while
so, it just means thereís more of me for her
If you know what Iím sayiní
David: Yes, howeverÖ
Leaf Mantis: Look David, I know that the life-span
of you humans is like eternal compared to us Mantises
but this girl Mantis is like hot to trot and I canít wait
so, Iíma cut this interview short but thank you for stopping by
Just let me know when your BBC special airs  
so I can watch myself
maybe you can even record me in action
If you know what Iím sayiní
Talk to yaíll later
David (to his crew): Someone should tell him
David (to the camera): This has been  
An Interview with a Leaf Mantis
for A Perfect Planet, Iím David Attenborough
Good Night
Written by wallyroo92
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