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Ye Olde English

Tommy or Tuppence
Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Wind the alarums,
Iím bedward bound.

Just like the man in Psalm 6:6
I swim, though not through
tears of cruel distance from God
but torn pages of guilts
and shame and old pictures.
A sea formed of paper on which
my sins are charted, studied, sketched.
Maybe its distance from God after all
that inspires the sea.

Either way I do not cry,
divorced as modern man so often is
from close relationship
with cat oí nine scourges, bleeding
the nightly transgressions from back
and shoulder blades.

My closet door yawns wide,
my couch is made and left.
The ancient man was bedward bound
by guilt. The modern is bedward bound,
then free.
Heís invented the subconscious
and locked the guilt inside.
Written by The_Silly_Sibyl (Tommy or Tuppence)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Many thanks for your entry, Sibyl 😊

Guardian of Shadows
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art thou in meander
beloved, beneath the silver moon
boon to Hecate
nay, slave  
in darkness dine
and I deprived of thee
hath thou courted him
with thy taunt
for scytheman be not spurned
after thy simper of need
thou sealeth thy doom
in death, yea, the yoke
of destiny  
or hath thou scorned my love
thine eyes turned  
away from mine teary countenance
for I Jealous of strange attention,  
swiftly hath forsaken thee
and turned once more
to behold thee  
into the mist of time
with thine own sword
shalt I chant thee
into being, beloved
for death return no souls
grip they tight  
with hardy talons
struggle now, but thou shalt not rise
O death shalt I sing to thee
with this dagger
to be with my beloved
mine breath grows cold
wherefore art thou...
the night draweth nigh.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Hi Grace... which word did you base your poem on?

Guardian of Shadows
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Northern_Soul said:Hi Grace... which word did you base your poem on?

Sorry forgot to mention 'Mumpsimus'.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Grace said:

Sorry forgot to mention 'Mumpsimus'.

Thank you

Guardian of Shadows
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"Swithe Me Therefore", Reeks of Spoofery

Hark, ye lovesick heathens
of Castle Anthrax--
your night hath arrived , and
your knight, has arisen!

Anoint him with elderberries
and coconuts, for
your spanks are but flesh wounds
upon his heart of armor.

Rejoice! O'harpies of lust, for
the grail hath fallen into your hands
at last
with a whispered password :

" 'Tis nine meters per hour
as the unladen swallow, flies".
Written by MadameLavender
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Guardian of Shadows
United States
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What have I done
with another day?

Relics from times when music
wasn't atrocious
flood my vehicle with raw voices --

And me, one bead
on highways of abacus strings
back and forth
'twixt the frame of work and sleep.

Ah, to drive at night
when few souls are conscious ..

I own the roadways , then,
until I give into
routines of slumber , each
feline, in their places
among my bedding , where
it no longer matters
what happened to the hours .
Written by MadameLavender
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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I feel you before
measured footfalls even  
register in my ear.  
The heat on my neck
nothing to do with my warm kitchen. †
I know what Iíll see  
should I give in  
lock your eyes with mine:  

sensible chair centered in my space Ė  
my domain Ė and you  
straddling the seat, leaning †
forward onto the back. †

Looking your fill. †

Searing your want into my  
cable knit covered ankles and  
calves, nakedness of my  
knees and thighs ablaze with your  
lingering eyes.  

I can only hear crackling music †
of rustling adjustment,  
the clearing of your throat.  
The creaking chair, †
rustling adjustment.  

I forget whatever I am stirring Ė  
smooth my hair back with damp hands  
try to brush the flour from my apron  
freeze realization of my  
absolute ordinary.  

Creaking chair  
rustling adjustment  
creaking chair  
deliberate steps closing  
distance between us.

ďMy LoveĒ brushed just  
below my ear places me back  
on my axis  

and your finger traces my  
star map from shoulder  
to palm.
Written by DaisyGrace
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Dangerous Mind
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i been buying her flowers  
and watching how she does it
i been twirling her hair
i can almost pass for grown
and i want it locked  
i promise iím ready
i wonít talk to strangers
iíll look when i cross  
and before i leap
i brush and plait before bed

she guides my hand
i donít do it every day
sometimes itís too hard
sometimes i just wanna play
Written by anna_grin (ilchruthach)
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Tyrant of Words
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to thine own self (and you) be true.

To find that secret place  
'Tis once buried;  
O' fathomless profound  
thine own storied [mis]fortune
pondering the mere slight.  
Perhaps thy burning thoughts  
of divinely need?  
As once, such burden form and fit  
when hidden o'er dawn's dewy hilltops  
of grassy blades
that cut
a deepest green  
amongst crimson hue'd;  
Hence so dense and heavy marked
here, in all acquired bold,  
conjoined by sheer providence, now ours.  
Keep chested locked in iron clasp  
forever shared betwixt  
us two,
we poor dire lovely souls.  
To now a harmonious
This love,
ventured gained in gold  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Fire of Insight
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When I, bedward, to prepare for a new day
I still get an awful feeling, here, inside
generated by a time that's gone away
but so strongly instilled that that still resides.
'' Thou. Shalt. Not. Be. Late! '' struck terror in my heart
each word thrashed out with his cane upon a desk
each bang each word made everyone of us start
at this foulness of that teacher, so grotesque.
Awake, hour after hour, in my bed, I did
as a kid, lying there, delirious with fear,
all those years passing and me, still not rid
of that cane, smacking down upon my rear.
If only I had known of  Uhtceare
and shouted it out as he administered his pain
and '' you're nowt but a rotten Snollygoster! ''
'' your Trumpery phrase has Zwodder'd me, again! ''
Written by Insiderew (Rew)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Fudgeler

Day in
And day out
He would work with a smirk.

The stain on his chair-
The mess on his desk,
A ruse to amuse
And just plain grotesque.

His work, under siege
Could leave no response.
With no-blesse disoblige
And great nonchalance.

One day I did notice
His head was aí slack,
His eyes were shut tight
And his chair reclined back.

Even less was his yield,
I approached madly and swore
I heard a loud belch, and then a soft snore.

As I poked him he startled
and like a stuck pig-
he squealed right out loud
while scratching his wig.

He sputtered
and muttered
again and again,
ďBless us oh Lord.
In Jesusí name,


Written by Honoria
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Every time I come in here and hear this brabble
I ignore the horde of hard ignorant psychobabble
Itís a slippery slope when I hope to walk on gravel
Because then the idiocy slowly comes to unravel

It's rabble-rabble, but these turkeys like to gabble
Trying to get the last word in as if playing scrabble
Spittiní nonsense like theyíre ready to go to battle
But they fail to grasp that they too are the cattle

They continue to dabble in all this endless haggle
To get their point across but it sounds like gaggle
Sittiní there all high and mighty in their saddle
Not realizing theyíre down the creek without a paddle

And they can never ever handle all this scandal
But unlike Handel, their Messiah was a vandal
They took a chance and it was a fuckiní gamble
They stirred shit up and then it was just a scramble

Best believe I have ample samples and examples
A stampede of truth that pummels and then tramples
But the rope can be too dangerous when it wrangles
It can strangle when viewing from twisted angles

Donít argue with assholes who want to grapple
Even if they deserve a karate chop to the Adamís apple
Their fiendish schemes seem like those of a jackal
And the gibberish feels like itís an evil feeble cackle

I didnít mean to ramble or mangle the real cavil
But we gotta drop the hammer like itís a gavel
And if they continue with their ceaseless babble
Slam the door shut to stop their petty brabble
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Well done everyone, I have really enjoyed this comp, super idea Missy, thank you. Big congrats to DaisyGrace on taking the trophy. I have enjoyed all the poems and its been really interesting to see the different interpretations on the same themes. Many thanks R

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