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How Deep Is Your Love?

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
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There Is No Greater Love Than Mine

Emily, there is no greater love than mine.
My love for you exceeds the capacity to love.
You have awakened the unparalleled love in me.
I cannot suppress the urge to satisfy you.
The love in my heart is the greatest love of all.
My adoration for you will never decrease.
I am not exaggerating the extent of my love;
It is a special love that only my heart can hold.
The passion is getting too intense for me,
So I am ready to show you the fervour of my love.
I love you beyond the boundary of eroticism.
Darling, there is no greater love than mine.
I possess a love that other wooers do not have.
My love is capable of bringing you happiness.
You will never find another love so pure and real.
I am your only adorer with this kind of love,
And nobody else can love you the same way I do.
I have the strongest feelings of love for you.
No warmer love than mine exists anywhere.
Words alone cannot reveal what is in my heart.
Do not doubt the permanence of my love,
For it will last longer than the longest romance.
Some men say they love you more than me,
But in truth, there is no greater love than mine.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Fire of Insight
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If ever I was an immortal
I’d seek your faces beauty
I’d comb eternity’s secret portal
For traces of you elude me

I’d spill to the wind
Of the east and the west
Amidst the north and south rescind
The maneuvers of my quest

I’d frolic the air
Of your loved ones
Caressing silhouetted hair
Spun in a silky laced aeon

I’d inherit the musk
Of your cinders
Intoxicating but robust
Proliferating on shards of splinters

I’d quench the fountains
Of your youth
As low as the abyss
And as high as the mountains
I’ll lie at the well
Lapping truth

I’d jovially embrace
The thunder of your wrath
Transposing universe and space
Displacing my path

If ever I was an immortal
These things I’ll do until infinity
And in the aftermath
If we’re not cordial
I’ll reminisce in your bask
Within me
Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Fire of Insight
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View from the Passenger Seat

Looking at me    
tired eyes crinkled, smiling    
it's clear you don't understand  
why I hitched this ride    
and never looked back    
Through every bump and curve    
every quick-brake    
head bouncing off the windshield    
burning rubber    
blowout tire    
van in the ditch collision    
(we survived more than one)    
I called shot gun    
claimed my seat    
and I stayed    
We laughed until we cried    
and cried until we laughed again    
hurt so much we didn't know where    
one began and the other might end    
there's no reason in pain    
or in love    
and I was (am)    
with your hands    
calloused and strong    
clutching the wheel    
driving through your valleys    
showing off sunsets from hilltops    
listening to beach birds    
sharing your stories    
while waves lapped the sand    
marking time    
In the aftermath    
struggling to breathe    
finding our feet    
hurling expletives    
hearts in hands    
"fuck you" meant more    
than three little words    
could contain    
I understood    
because this love    
is ugly-beautiful    
I'm riding shotgun    
till the end

Written by paperstains
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Madly In Love With You

What can i say?
I'm madly in love with you.
The question is
Can you accept this truth
Are you really ready for what comes next
I'm talking about everything that comes with it, not just sex
Madly in love with you
Sometimes i wonder if i express this to you too much
That talking about how much i love you will turn you off
I tired to play hard and keep it to myself
But All that did was make me feel like i was in need of help
Just so madly in love with you
Everybody knows how deeply i care about and love you
You probably look at me and be like she's so stupid.
Yeah I'm stupid, stupid in love with you
At this point i don't want to know what life is like without you.
So everyday I'll just keep falling in love
Because you're the only man I'm ever thinking of.
I will always be madly in love with you
I love you Ray!
Written by Poems4me
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Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Fire of Insight
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May each word that slips through
My hungering lips
Fall like droplets of love, onto yours

As it builds up inside, this storm that I carry
Do not fight my wind, I invite you
To chase it instead

May the pools I’ve delivered, turn to rivers that run
Transcending this wall between
Connecting two streams, where we’ll meet

And may you see, that the depths of my heart
Is an ocean increasing
Do not sail it, go swimming
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Fire of Insight
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Owner Of My Heart

I was lost in a nightmare of my own making
I knew I had to find some way through  
My heart and soul were there for the taking  
I thank the stars that the taker was you  
You say  
Any less is too little any more is too much  
And I say  
Only you can heal me with a mere touch
Written by Northern1
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 23rd Aug 2014
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Lost Love

Lost Love
She curled up there in the darkness,
In the corner where no one could see,
On edges of the tombstones,
Her heart is shattered, and it bleeds.

Everything thing around her everchanging,
The whole world distorted and insane,
She feels that no place is safe anymore,
And it is taking a toll on her brain…

She knew better than to come here,
She knew it would only bring pain,
Tears wither down to soil her cheek,
Her mind now lost in the love of the game…

Her eyes try to pierce the darkness,
Terror reigns just beyond the night sky,
Her head spinning like the web of a widow,
Her heart broken and her soul contrite…

No one can hear her screaming,
It’s mostly because no one cares,
The one she loved gone forever,
And it is more pain than she can bare…

There was no denying she loved her,
Their souls seemed to be intertwined,
When together they didn’t even need to speak,
They could just stare into each other’s eyes…

But all that they had is gone now,
She has only herself now to blame,
A memory sealed in the darkness,
Her head hangs down in the shame…

It is over
Written by exvso8m1
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Dangerous Mind
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Love That Runs Deep

Will you love me when I am all sober?
Because around others I feel a little
Hazy on the inside. As the party is over
Will you love my edges that are brittle?

Dive deep, my dear and you will find love
That is taller than any mountain you can
Climb and deeper than the ocean. A dove
Could fly you home, but you can never fan

Or extinguish the flames that get you one
Step closer to the embers you see in my
Heart. Some might say you chase the sun,
But you also chase the clouds that cry

And have you on the cliff’s ledge. That is
How deep my love is for you because no
One can say that they will love you frizz
And all. It is not always about the glow

People see in love, but the one spark or
Easiness when your hand and heart
Touches mine. One cannot simply ignore
The chemistry. All I ask is that we start

Right where love blooms from, the roots,
Tangled and messy, but proof that real
Love is deep. There is simply no substitute
For the most essential. It is what we feel

When no one else gets us. They see our
Faults and try to run away, but I see you
Bathed in light and in the morning hour
You are beautiful as the skies stay blue.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 18th Feb 2021
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Loved this.

Lee Melvin Jr.
Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 5th Mar 2020
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Just me; my bic and my mistress/mistrust...

Win eye was onLee five eye asked the "apple of my eye" two swallow pride; follow guide; take a dive on the hollow wild side and bee my bride... Soul fall; roll call; stroll; crawl; ride or died style while we live backwards;
Then forwards...
My scribe; pen give back words then pour thirdS; IN a minute
skipping seconds;
Stripping beckons;
Gripping blessins;
Scripting lessons;
REaD; black and blew streaks on knew sheets showing one art glowing; won heart knowing; two beats growing;
Throwing minute rice on finished writes like wedding vowels; wetting towels scribed; "His" & "Hers" for Miss and Sirs
NoW Eye voWED
How eYE'LL allways and forever love her;  
place know other lover above her;
Until won day this brother discovered  
Miss Smart Phone...
Miss Bic scripts tone sticks and stone off this chart zone...
My art hand grown win she ScEnE smile.. She sings in many tones; eye can feeel her in my skinny bones threw plenty moans... God's rod scent me clones... Wow; who due eye choose... Now two few will lose; how true blue quill clues??? Lee circles "yes" "oar" "kNOW" then pen hits submit before six...
Leethal 2.18.2021
~~~✂~~Cutting room floor~~✂~~~
From high up above the ocean
She motioned how  
Was my love eye notioned "deeper than Atlantis";
Butt she didn't quite understand this  
Sew it may sound strange butt eye changed my range two deeeper than whale shit...
She said she smell shit; butt she couldn't tell it
Sew eye mailed it sealed width a 💋 kiss
My target was the hardest; it was feeled with a miss; quilled with a list of she loves me; she loves me knot... Eye wore her petals ass medals; she hugs sea spot wear eye lowered my anchor... Eye thank her fore sailing off into the sunset
She asked how deep was my love  
Like a thug eye shrugged; deeper than a wise man and deeper than the eyes can sea
She was a cynic;
She judged my love was a gimmick like my heart wasn't in it
She believed my lovin' was cheaper buy the dozen; butt eye wasn't kissin' cousins
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
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Dangerous Mind
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Congrats to AspergerPoet56.  Super high five to PoetsRevenge.

Dangerous Mind
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this sum bullshit

Dangerous Mind
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I just read through all these entries again, and wow, like every one could have been a winner. They were all so heart-baring and vividly written, showcasing everyones unique angles on real, raw love experience.  It must have been so tough to judge this, so thanks for hosting, Faithmairee, you have a lot of heart💜💟💖!

Ljdynamic said:Congrats to AspergerPoet56.  Super high five to PoetsRevenge.
Thanks, Ljdynamic, and congrats to you and Aspergerpoet also for heartfelt entries that placed :)💝

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