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Spiritual Spills of a Supernatural nature

Guardian of Shadows
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Something Evil

Sweet cherub the angel face
so handsome
so happy and full of grace
holds you in gentle embrace
the sweet cherub just aged twelve

Something flashes in his large brown eyes
face  frozen
In a smile
his hands clenched into fists

A knife he welds in abandon
to cut to strike to maim
children smaller than him
joy in the splashes of magenta
revel in screams of pain and fear

something evil is within
grasping out with evil hands
dominate the angelic frame
to smear evil on countenance
that should belong to heaven.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Thought Provoker
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a sceance with Hilma

Water bore my body
I have always known I belonged to the sea
the spaciousness is as vast and wide
as sky where mine eye lies

open over these songs of realization
casting rippled hooting hymns
dwelling depth

moon makes arrows
soothing light
empirical empress

her whispering guide
o grandmother
arched art

fleeting fae kindles half dark
o grandmother my grandmother
is speaking to me from her spidery web

her anima mundi has been given
trusted tree trunk
her hands are like sand corns

an hourglass is drawn in the cosmos
and death began to speak
for it had no name

ever beginning ever ending altar pieces
traversing tongues speak
a language unseen

Written by RiAN
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