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Dangerous Mind
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anna, thank you for your nomination of ex-periment-626.

Dangerous Mind
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finally free

I used to sleep on the edge of the bed
Desperately clinging to the side of my mattress
For the very presence of your body beside me in my bed was enough to keep me in a constant state of panic
You always fell asleep so quick,
So easily, so peacefully
Completely unaware of my fear,
Of my unrelenting restlessness
It took me hours to find enough peace in my chaos-ridden mind to begin to drift off
I feel though, as if I never truly slept in that bed next to you,
I just took a quick rest,
Just a little break whenever the night shift was slow enough to allow some small bit of healing,
and recovery
Before it was time to head back to the front lines at dawn
The daily battles between us became so exhausting,
I could sense my defense growing weaker each time.
I learned, devastatingly late, though,
That my best defense was no defense at all
I’d been fighting a losing war from the very day I became yours
And when I tried to fight with fire
You did nothing but force more hot air back toward my feeble flames, causing the blaze to grow bigger, and bigger
Until it consumed us both,
Along with everything we’d built
So I stopped fighting back
But it didn’t change a thing
Sure, occasionally it meant less carnage,
less cleanup,
But as I sat there silently one day,
While you pulled every last weapon out against me,
trying your best to take me down,
I realized I had no desire to fight back
Because it didn’t even hurt anymore
I’d grown numb, so used to the pain
So I sat there staring at my hands while you sent your words flying like bullets at me
With such anger
such force
such intention
But instead of hitting me,
They bounced right off and ricocheted back to you, which only made you angrier
I sat there in awe, realizing the invisible forcefield protecting me must have been summoned by my silence.
After so many sleepless nights spent strategizing, I’d finally found the secret to survival with you-
So I patiently waited it out
Until you started to realize you couldn’t hurt me the same ways anymore
You’d exhausted almost all of your resources in your attempts, and I couldn’t bear to see what would happen next, what would happen if you felt you’d failed
I knew if I waited any longer to escape, I’d end up dead
The journey out was treacherous,
I never knew where you could be lurking
But you’d become so predictable I knew just what to do if I were to be caught
Somehow, I made it through
I made it home
And now I crawl into my bed alone every night
Positioning myself right in the middle
Knowing that this space is all mine
I’m free to stretch
To move
To breathe
I’m finally free to sleep
There’s a sense of safety in my solitude that I’d always thought I’d find in someone else
But now I know, without a doubt,
That my soul mate is myself
Written by aries-faerie
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Tyrant of Words
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To A Dead Friend

Between the grievances of alcoholism and empty glasses, a descent proceeds the unforgiving sobriety where I despatch unpleasant flashbacks in writing sprees, filling the pages
like graves, with drunk jagged-edge spade marks.

In these places I try to survive.

An anger screams of a declared torture whilst fingers burn like magnesium strips until they curl up and crash, smothering the belittling memories of failure. The wind beneath my wings was from falling, not flying.

The carnivore turns to cannibalism.

Uncaged and ravenous, despair blunders its way from the shadows in this haunted house. The loss of tomorrow for a beloved friend decimates the structural walls of hope and happiness, corrupting those saccharine memories of laughter in our favourite times.

Sat on the chin of God at the mouth of Hell.

Nightmares came crashing through the skull with unwanted devestation. The closing moments, that final breath as bones bend until they snap, vicious pictures swimming in gore, a dead friend in a buckled heap.

The wrath of suffering fills the throats of mourners come.

The waterfalls of our dreaded tears stain the earth as our cries become the wind. The shotgun blast of heartbeats riddles the architecture of beloved faces, succumbing to the void, the loss, the sobering reality of saying goodbye.

Death is not the end, it's just a passing into another terrible extreme.

A carcass of exhaustion I have become after purging, now left destitute of all emotion I am free, unbound by the mirk of depressed luggage
dead meat
and scrap metal.
Written by Ronethone (Kieron)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you, Blue, for your nomination of newcomer, Ronethone.

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Dangerous Mind
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Congratulations _Skylark_ for the win!!

Lost Thinker
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Wow thank you so much! I'm so happy to be part of a community of such talented writers. All of the nominees' submissions were incredible.

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Congratulations on your win Skylark. A worthy poem indeed!

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