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Poetry Contest

It’s a new year! Nominate the best written works.. show some love.
It's time for our "Poem of the Month" to be featured in the DUP 'Poem of the Month Hall of Fame' and on the official Facebook page.
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November, 2016 - JOHN FEDDELER
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poet Anonymous

Smaller Still

In smaller places  
like closed cupboard doors  
like between the washer and dryer
where McDuff got stuck
the dog of crooked ears and tail  
of whimpers and runtism  
in small places  
like tunnels  
near those tennis courts and the creek  
like tunnels  
the dear made in forsythia bushes    
in this years sunken behind  
like saggy skin  
small enough  
for me and Sarah  
for me and Eliza  
for Caroline and I  
an orangey bloomy spring  
the wide ride  
through neighbor Bobs sprinklers  
the trucker, the fucker  
who slashed the forsythias  
and left west on the I-70 Interstate  
"Run!" I think were caught  
its a small space, escape  
smaller under the covers  
smaller even more in the euphoria of forests  
and contained and concentrated euphoria  
glittering breathing cathedral  
smaller like tunnels  
like sex  
such a small space  
your limited lovely face  
small space, the waist  
is it weird that I stuck my tongue in your nose?  
is it odd if I drink straight from the hose?  
or when Bridgid the dog  
was lost in the bog  
gone for five wide days  
and came back blind  
smaller when she bonked into unseen cabinets  
and cried through the night  
I think thats how it went  
to remember  
the tangled knot of before  
the before time  
like pavement, hot  
like mirage, hotter  
like gray carpet  
rough rough and rougher  
like capers  
like solitude  
none had like I  
in my small small world  
untangling the past  
shrinking shrinking knot  
knot del pasado  
pasando por nada
older, smaller knot  
older now  
smaller still  
smaller today  
to walk these street and still feel this way  
wider the sky  
larger the form  
and even so    
I walk this life  
shrinking from shore to shore  
Written by plexus
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poet Anonymous

Silence (NoPoo 59)

Every single night
I endure the silence
Witbout you
Fighting to feel
Everything we were
Here in the dark

The pantomime of life
Endless parodies
Of missed choices
Teardrops dancing on skin
For something lost
In the heart

Long suffering kiss
Felt deep within
Reminders of love
A wavelength
Of the soul
Forever vibrating

Every single night
In the void
My heart
Has not lost you
In the silence
Written by AspergerPoet56
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poet Anonymous


In the four stages of decomposition
At first you get the initial decay
This is when the cells self-digest
And bacteria begin to proliferate

Once all the liquids have been expelled
Next the body starts to Bloat
Gases accumulate due to bacteria
Like an ego that once used to gloat

And during this marbling stage
Sulfur binds to molecules in the blood
It changes the color of the skin
To an orange tinge like fetid mud

Then come the flies and maggots
Answering the call of death and decay
Feeding on the rotting flesh
Entering any orifice to feast and play

The maggots come in endless numbers
Hatching even more maggots to feed
They only care to devour the tissue
With an endless hunger and greed

But the maggots, the maggots are everywhere
They come out of the woodwork in a rage
Feasting on the orange bloated corpse
As the body begins to purge in this stage

In the final phase of advanced decay
The maggots eat up everything that lies
The body shrinks down to the bones
As the nearby vegetation dies
Written by wallyroo92
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How to start a day

How to start a day:  
“With gratitude and humility”
sounds so trite  
and is easier said than done.  

Instead, start with coffee.  
When I’m groggy and depressed  
and can’t summon gratitude for anything else,  
coffee softens my edges.  
Next, get out Into the world  
and notice things,  
wonder about mysteries,  
connect with wisdom.  
I consider it prayer,  
but the label doesn’t matter.  
Noticing (awe) --  
--That the gray sky is not gray at all.  
If I was a painter, I’d need a full palette  
of muted blue-gray, purple-gray, orange-gray…  
it is beautiful, and I get to see it.  
--That the thin skiff of snow  
collects on one side of each pebble,  
showing the direction of the wind as it fell…  
it is intriguing, and I get to witness it.  
Wondering (curiosity) –  
--about the tracks in the snow  
Was that a cat, or some other small ditch-dwelling mammal?  
How did it jump so far?  
I ponder mysteries large and small.  
--about how the stars are still burning above me,  
beyond the daylight, above the clouds,  
although my current context won’t let me see them…  
here and now is not their moment to shine.  
(after noticing  
   and wondering  
      I find my point of connection)
Connecting (wisdom) --  
Stars always make me think of Time,  
and the double-think  
of smallness and significance.  
I am, by objective measures, of no consequence in this vast universe.  
I am also, at some moment, to someone, in some context,  
exactly what is needed,  
and therefore infinitely important.  
Small and large – like stars -- brilliant and invisible.  
I don’t think I’ll know my moment of significance –  
maybe it’s already passed.  
My purpose is to just keep shining
for that opportune moment of fulfillment,
trying not to get in the way  
of being what I am.  
Noticing.. wondering… connecting…  
Once I’ve grasped both  
my immeasurable insignificance  
and my unique belovedness  
I can begin.  
Equipped with a Self  
and with Resources  
for a Purpose --  
How shall I use them today?  
How to start a day:  
with gratitude and humility.
Written by brokentitanium (k.)
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Dear God...It's Me Again

Dear God...it's me again
It's now been 14 months since I lost my best friend
The pain is subsiding but it never goes away
I think about my little brother every single day
I still talk to him as if he was still here
Tell him about my day as I wipe away the tears
He was so young, God, I just don't understand
He was in the prime of his life. Why you take him out like that?
But then again, I know you never make mistakes
My brother is in Heaven and I know that he's ok
Comforted by the fact that he's no longer in pain
He's better off with you than being in a hospital bed
Writing you is my therapy for my sadness and sorrow
Goodnight, dear God...Talk to you tomorrow
Written by MoeBetta (Moe Betta)
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Cordoned Off


I think I get too caught up on blooms and blossoms
Flowers come in so many colors;
We were out in the meadow,
I kept getting snagged by the little burrs
My sister pointed out a tall red in the grass:
It's a poppy
Mature petals swirled around a black head
And the bees were out,
The sun was particularly gentle,
There was no wind,
I love it when it's like this.
The meadow is sectioned;
There is the gravel road that goes through the tall grasses and the purple flowers
It goes by the gazebo
Wood shingled roof and stone base;
No picnic table though, and I've never seen it used,
This dark wooden skeleton that scowls in the sunshine,
Lonely and unused,
A little sad, bemused by the wasp hive it harbors in its kneaves;
The meadow is littered with wildflowers that lie low until you get close;
You can just skip about
There's a stricter area to the right
Thorny bushes and tendrils
And uneven ditches and mud
Still look beautiful:
Roses and butterflies
The stream, quiet,
But it is a forbidden place, over there,
So I watch from the meadow flowers.
Written by asbr808 (Anthony R)
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The Fire Elemental
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