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Tell me a story

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Tell me a story of loss but...

Write me a short story telling a tale of loss  the only necessary component is to give it an ending that gives some sort of fulfillment to the protagonist.
Each person may only post once
1500 words max

Fire of Insight
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i don't do stories, what about a poem instead?
regards from rew.

Thought Provoker
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This world, I canít keep up
The only word: shut the fuck up
it makes me tired, Iím fed up
fakes all me, better locking me up

one expectation is anotherís pain
keep going let all the bliss go in vain
the moment everythingís done seems insane
the you wish for an Angel from the astral plane

I canít be what you want me to be
faithless, Iíll be lost in the rough seas
thereís nothing you can expect of me
canít walk in your shoes, so let me be, please!!

holding on tight, you want control
freedomís right, yet its not to be told
want me to fight, only with my soul
but itís fear and flight, the body takes a toll!

canít you see i am numb,
Iíll ignore the hums and drums
take it from me, you canít feel the way I feel, so here it comes!

you want to be like the rest of you,
singing, dancing and prancing
watch me fall apart right in front of you, trying, crying and dying!!

This world is faithless
the people so clueless
it makes me so helpless
ignorance, nevertheless!

The world apart is falling
no, itís not nature calling
it is the thorn thatís within
losing control, the fading begins

Life it seems to fade away
drifting further every day
getting lost within my true self
nothing matters thereís no one else
Written by XiaoLong
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Fire of Insight
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go for it poetry is accepted

Lost Thinker
United States
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A Day in the Park

I think I have more
More fire to light
More poems to write
One more for tonight
I've worked out the kinks
This prose will be tight
Well not all the kinks
My balls crave a bite
I sit on my ass
Cheeks leaving a mark
I breathe in the grass
I love this new park
I catch a few eyes
They can't help but wander
I cow brand my thighs
It makes the crowd ponder
Why oh why,
Would a young lad adore this
My nuts store passion
They do not store piss
I move the hot iron from leg to my cock
In the same breathe I crush sack with rock
The juices pour out liked freshly squeezed orange
When I go home, I'm using my door hinge
To further the damage
Dealt to my dong
It feels so right,
Yet it looks so wrong
Written by Girthquake
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Tyrant of Words
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Why when you look at me that you don't see any changes, being made deep, within the depth of my spiritual soul and subconsciousness of my mind. Letting you know what I feel the most within the very deepness that, is swirling around in the abyss of my mere subconsciousness of memories that have become lost within time. Where many of my silent thoughts creeps through the mist of the night air conditioning, my heart and exposing the hurt within the chambers of my being. For truly it is apparent to me mentally that you, didn't really know the me that I am as a woman for why would you disregard the fact that I truly loved you. Even more than I loved myself and I would do anything for you out of my love for you as a strong woman. Yet you left me alone and afraid and abandon to wonder through, the stairways and gateways of my thoughts that was once of us. But yet I am standing here looking at my own reflection, within the mirror image of thyself questioning my heart and soul, for ever truly trusting and believing in someone who is less than a man. But you see instead of putting all the blame on me I am determined as a strong, and intelligent and proud woman to fight and stand as I know I shall overcome the adversities of your invisible love. Even though this madness and insanity hangs over my head, as it seems to reach deeper than words can describe or explain, but yet beneath the surface of my subconsciousness. Echoing through the darken night I have found my strength to become a better woman because of you. As I silently dig deep and hard into thyself, for what you failed to realize is that I am worthy of being treated, like a woman who has become transform into A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY AND A QUEEN through this transformation of a love storm.
Written by Stoney223
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Burning the toast

When morning broke my eyelids were still glued, a day as ordinary as a McDonald's burger I thought, having no great expectation for it. I groped around in the half light cursing, unable to find a wayward sock. That dammed imp that hides things away, we all have one in our homes.
You put a vital something down, turn your back and Hey Presto its gone. I walk into the kitchen with only one sock on inside my slippers, and just to lighten the mood I turn on the radio, The DJ's playing 70's pop, I hum along, but in my head know all the words.  
Fantastic I think, that guy will still be playing that a hundred years from now . David Bowie performing Life on Mars how droll I muse, as the toast starts to smoke, is that what mars smells like; burned toast. I start to sing "there's a Starman smelling of burned toast, he'd like to come and meet you but your just to self-engrossed "  still humming I continue buttering the slightly burned toast.
As I look through the window pane, as I crunched the toast thinking what a sad loss to the world not my sock you fool! but David Bowie, but then on reflection was he taken by the imp  
and hidden never to return. As I peered into the garden one of the gnomes in the rockery smiling gave me a wink. I look down, the profile in the bitten toast was likeness of David returned like a ghost
Written by slipalong
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Fire of Insight
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cheers old love

Fire of Insight
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Once upon a long time ago  
in a country cottage there lived  
a grandmama and her suprise gift  
from her dead daughter's unknown beau  
an unruly and awkward child  
coltish, doltish, a dreamer yet,
wouldn't learn her letters, made granny fret  
with troubling traits, like running wild.  

Now, granny had a little job  
working from home, with pen in fist,
writing children's rhymes with her nimble fist  
one hundred lines equalled, just ten bob,  
and started work on the stroke of five  
unaware of that silly kid  
tearing pages from her books, she did!  
and granny wondered, what the, strife?  

Well, the walloping of that silly lass  
took quite a while but changed her tune  
and after a day and night 'lone in her room  
came down contrite and cried, alack alas,  
granny took it on to teach her her letters  
and the magic of the written word  
and by force of words taught that flighty bird  
to fly and not be rude, to her betters  

Granny kept on writing all the way through  
she reached the age of one hundred and one  
and that lass produced a grand fine son †
and granny lived, watched, until he grew.  
See, Nan, your pen, long since found  
your books, bound, repaired, from your files  
your pen writes now, for older juveniles,  
in the silence, of the deep, underground.
Written by Insiderew (Rew)
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Fire of Insight
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One wonders if thanks are in order?
We'll, perhaps yes perhaps no
so, thanks Santa, for Xmas prezzie!

Lost Thinker
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I got suicide and chaos in my brain
Part of me wants to live without the pain
Than again what's the point with no support
Its like having no lawyer on your first day of court
I'm just trying be happy one day at a time
I post my feelings and pain on Facebook is that a crime
Not many people appreciate a reall person that's down on his luck
I don't want anything from u not even a buck
If I offend you in any way please ignore this post or keep reading some words from someone realler than most
Today's society looks down on doing the right thing
Its not like the old days with chivalry sword fights and a king
Today a coward will blast you instead of fight I know from experience two dollars almost cost my life
Its in my blood to be a good man
I only wish people would understand
I'm not really crazy Im just a lol sick in the brain
All you dishonest selfish peeps are the ones insane
You don't know my struggle all u c is trouble
Its hard to carry on when no one loves you
2pac said that in a song and it touched my life
I also know the pain in a mother addicted to a crack pipe
I just want you to know your always going to b my favorite dope pheene
No judgment here mom I shoot up methamphetamine
I just want you to hug me and tell me its going to b OK
Just like the day I was born addicted to cocaine
Being judgmental is something I'm guilty of
Try to c the good in people cuz that could be your son
You know the guy with  the mishapen smile and 13 tatted skin deep
Maybe those meds are for anxiety or to help him sleep
All I have is a check and a diagnosis
Nobody to love me and help me keep focus
So I'll sleep tonight and begin tomorrow brand new
If you think your life is hard bump "anything" by Devin the dude

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