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Water Under the Bridge

Dangerous Mind
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Bound by blood,  
down to the marrow  
a heart beats heavy  
at the years that have narrowed †

Not one day passes  
without a closing grace †
that my thoughts are very far, †
from your similar freckled face †

Your history is mine, forever entwined †
Those formative years  
of shared life changing 'firsts' †
You were the sun,  
who's orbit I traversed †

It was made to be so difficult †
every step of our way  
I carried this so-called little sister's curse  
'twas my unwitting card to play  

You swore that I was favored  
and never let me live it down  
was such a raw thorn in my side  
in youth, but especially as we've grown †

With age comes wisdom  
and relationships, they slowly change †
two sisters once so very bonded,  
now, five years estranged  

These days, my mind finds yours  
in the ether were past sins don't dare †
I reflect on what we've missed †
and relish,  
for what we once did share  

Now, a sister's sad secret  
To have you  
hear me,  
not just listen as I speak  
A hopeó  
To quash all pent up animosity,  
finally allowing this toxic dam to break;  
To drain this much sullied water;  
under the bridge it would now flow ~  
In a new harmonious wake  

Written by Bluevelvete
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you so much! I'm supremely surprised and extremely appreciative. A thank you to eswaller for running the competition and to buddydog and Amorous_tryst for your tremendous spills and your much deserved wins. I'm a humbled Blue.
Much love and respect,

Dangerous Mind
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Congrats, Blue on a well deserved win, and thanks to all who read and voted for the various entries.

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