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Water Under the Bridge

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about forgiveness/water under the bridge
With Thanksgiving around the corner I think a lot about forgiveness. I want you all to write about an incident/situation that is what you (the writer) consider to be water under the bridge. The very definition of water under the bridge (according to dictionary.com) is the following. "Water under the bridge refers to past events, especially fights or disagreement, that are forgiven, forgotten, or otherwise no longer considered important."

Here are the rules:

* 3 weeks
* 2 pieces/poems per writer
* minimum of 10 lines
* no limit on length
* and lastly have fun
* it will be open to a public vote in the end

Please PM me for questions, comments or concerns.

Example piece

Water Under the Bridge
You popped back up in my life after years
Of not talking and this time there are no
Expectations. But I do not expect things
To go back to like what they were before

The storm, chaos and without any tears
Or fears in the way. We continue to grow
Every day despite the setbacks and flings
With other people. What life has in store

For us, especially during these weird and
Strange times is forgiveness. No one can
Ever replace the hole you left behind, but
No one could ever mend the love we used

To have either. No one could hold my hand
Or heart like you did. We should have ran
And thrown everything all away. In this rut
And pit stop life tempts us with confused

Or muddled love when in fact we should
Be remembering the love that should be
So simple or singular like the one heart
That beats for you. It is all water under

The bridge despite everything that could
Have swept us away like anger or the sea
Of resentment. We are one step or start
From leaving every mistake and blunder

In the past while we have moved on, but in
The end we are far from where we have been.

Fire of Insight
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Goodbye now.

I saw you pause, recover, then move on  
Within the bustle of your city crowd,  
I too, was struck motionless, pale and wan  
Before shuffling along, muttering loud.  

You looked so tall, so elegant somehow,  
So far removed from that young girl when,  
You and I held hands, making future vows  
Amid the clutter of our secret den.  

Now I, through the near empty city streets,  
Amongst the litter of a hurried day,  
Recall that brief moment when you, so neat,  
Frowned on one who merely got in your way.  

Although hurt by blank face and furrowed brow,  
I thank you for our brief past, goodbye now.
Written by Insiderew (Rew)
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Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Dangerous Mind
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Soon (It Will All Be Water Under The Bridge)

As I'm walking   † † †
through this world † † † † † †
I wonder what † † † † † †
it's coming to † † † † † †
all that † † † † † †
once was a † † † † † †
ravishing red † † † † † †
now rapidly † † † † †  
just fades † † † † †  
to blue † † † † †  
†I feel a change † † † † † †
†coming through † † † † † †
† † † † † †  
Was it inevitable † † † † † †
from the start † † † † † †
with most Americans † † † † † †
voting, knowing it's †
their civil right †
I don't feel † † † † † †  
either party rocks † † † † † †
when both are † † † † † †
blinded by the light † † † †
It's next to impossible † † † †
to pick a side † † †  
since one candidate † † †  
is way too old † † †  
while the other † † †  
has lost his grip † † †  
and quite possibly † † †  
his entire mind
Written by faithmairee (Faith Elizabeth Brigham)
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Fire of Insight
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Bridge of Sighs.

I have no idea of how well you fared  
or what dizzy heights you have reached in life,  
tho' I remember you as one so fair  
did you marry, O horrors, become a wife?  

No no, anathema, then, to all of us  
the secret society of the ' just gurls '  
I still have your ring and toys, such fuss,  
at that attempt in-store to give 'em a whirl.  

I am sat on the bank of the river Cam  
O, and by the way, i have two fine boys  
I shall tear off this page, go home to my man  
as i follow it under the bridge of sighs.
Written by Insiderew (Rew)
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Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
United States
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Water under the bridge
Well, I'll be dammed
There's nothing flowing pass

It looks like such a perfect view to jump
Looking down
Not looking up

But it doesn't stop the current
Here and now
No I'm not proud

Finding strength as it slips away
Stopped by the boulder
Just trying to get over

Setting Sun
Nowhere to run
Done is done

A simple sentence that hits hard
Maybe it'll dislodge

Under the bridge
That gaps beneath
Where I'm meant to sleep

Accepted conclusion
Puddles up the swan song
I'll just lie to myself and move on
Written by DCLXVI_1989 (Garrett Asa Hughes)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you Insiderew, faithmairee and DCLXVI_1989 for kicking things off!!

Thought Provoker
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I Never Said Goodbye

Even though I never said goodbye
I guess you took it that way
Youíre like all the dreams that we shared
You mysteriously faded away
I hope your smile and the passion in your love
Is still one in the same

Now your love is something
I didnít wanna to lose
I understand that itís a hard choice to make
Your love was magical I canít seem to let go
I hope your old man feels the same...
So long as thereís no one to blame.

Memories are souvenirs thatís always there
Lost between midnight and a morning star
Like the wind whispering through Georgia pines
A waterfall is who we are
Do you ever wish you didnít miss me
Is a pinky swear still the same

Now your love is something
I didnít wanna to lose
I understand that itís a hard choice to make
Your love was magical I canít seem to let go
I hope your old man feels the same...
So long as thereís no one to blame.


Now your love is something...
I didnít wanna to lose
I hope your old man... feels the same...
So long as thereís no one to blame.
Written by buddydog
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Lost Thinker
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Lost Thinker
United States
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I'd like to make a note that the line, "six-six versus five-three, I never stood a chance", does not refer to the physical altercation, it refers to what people assumed happened based on our heights instead of looking at the evidence and witnesses to what actually happened, that being said its still a  dumb poem that I'll probably be retracting

Fire of Insight
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Poo sticks

As we stood and dropped a stick
our vision's cast, were all upstream
the currents swirl, and fickle twist †
to hold on, and trap todays moonbeams †
The diamond' s glitter in the dark †
†greener grass, so near, so far †
and lay foundations for the arch †
to tread the arc towards your heart †
In the wash, the eddies writhe †
perfection, its reflection skewed †
and destinies may be disguised †
the evermore, or just the interlude †
But in the water as it swept †
to be both items in one boat †
just time to pause, and so reflect †
withstand the turbulence and float †
The head or heart, which will command †
overcome, and sink into the depths †  
waterlogged, together swimming hand in hand †
†a passage short but so complex † †  
† †
† †
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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Breaking Bread or Making Toasts


An olive branch was offered
and reached for eagerly
grasped then held
within welcoming hands.

The why was unknown
and only the whence
was important

The one whose arm
extended was shown
a peacemaker
perhaps a bigger person
but does that really matter
for that position is fluid
flows from person to person
and all that is significant
is the gesture

It is this single act
and the reaction
that can be a path
to peace within
this world
a country

whether subsequent dialog
leads to dropping the fruit
into a drink while enjoying
an exchange of perspectives
or only the unspoken understanding
not to engage unhealthfully
it is the action taken that most matters

Written by Amorous_tryst
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Tyrant of Words
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When I Say Entre Nous

When I say entre nous what I really mean
is, donít share it with anyone else, I know
it wasnít the most intimate conversation,
but you and I have been long time friends
but when I heard those same words being fed
back to me from someone else, some two-
hundred miles away, I knew it went through
you, into the ears of person I disliked most
I felt betrayed, how could you break my trust?
Was the gossip too juicy to hold back or too
much for you not to keep on your own, I felt
the weight of my heart ache, but I left it alone
I know I didnít confront you, thirty some years
is too long of time to throw a friendship
away, instead I distanced myself from you,
I dissociated from the entire circle of friends
now I just click like or place a smiley face without
a comment, but Iím glad you found someone
and that your family has grown, that little mishap
is just something that I dealt with on my own
perhaps sometime in the future, when we all
hang out like we used to in the old days, weíll
still be friends, even though I kept the hurt
to myself, Iíve healed and learned to forgive
and hopefully once these tough times are
over, weíll have conversations like we did when
we were teens, Iíll mention it then because
after all this time, itís water under the bridge
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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Weíll Cross That Bridge When We Build It

how do we cross    
a burned-out bridge †  
thatís been washed away † † †
from the middle? † †  
† † †
so much water flows beneath, † †  
my feet are wet † †  
so much blood stains the river, † †  
my hands are red † †  
† † †
the stacks of wood † †  
stored on both sides † †  
would have made † † †
quick work of small repairs; † †  
but afraid of giving † † †
too much of ourselves, † †  
we refused to share ~ † †  
fiercely protecting our pieces † † †
until we fractured,† † †
becoming the sharp splinters † † †
weíre still sleeping on, † †  
the tinder by which † †  
connection burned to ash † † †
† † †
the fall came after, † † †
as promised; † †  
the moment we failed † † †
to put pride in its place, † †  
rot crawled deep † †  
into the foundation, † †  
and now thereís no fixing † †  
the mess weíve made † †  
† † †
itís time to take a leap of faith, † †  
make a swim for solid ground † † †
before this whole thing †  
gives way, † †  
dragging us under † †  
the flood of devastation † †  
to drown in our own grief † † †
† † †
grab my hand, hold tight † † †
I wonít let go, I promise † † †
Iíll pull you safely to shore; † †  
thereís a peaceful stream † †  
just around the bend, † †  
where the current † † †
is sure and steady; † †  
we can span this distance † †  
far from the old wreckage, † †  
building fresh passage † † †
from here to there † † †
† † †
each of us surrendering † † †
one plank and one nail † † †
at a time † †  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Muskansharma ...........
Strange Creature
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Tyrant of Words
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Sometimes in life and through our relationships there will come a time, that we wish hadn't happen but it was something of our own subconscious doing, as it was our decision to make a difference between what is right and what is wrong. For here we are face with a real hard decision whether to stay to together are go our own separate ways, or make it about our relationship as well as our journey through this cycle known as life. For I want to come clean and confess as I know that you want to do the same thing with me, for I know that I haven't been the best that I can be to you as a man, as you haven't been as a woman but we are both wrong and to blame for thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. For it is definitely never is better than what you are trying to build and protect, if what you have is what you've been seeking and searching for in your life and world. For even now here we are face to face breaking down with tears falling from our eyes, revealing the layer upon layers of tormented memories of a wrong followed by the hurt and pain and suffering. That we have cause for one another as one man and one woman, just because we hurted one another till we damn near killed and destroyed the honesty and truth and trust with honor and devotion and respect.
Written by Stoney223
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