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Painting Words

Tyrant of Words
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Buddha in an Acorn

An acorn has everything
it needs: resources
nourishment, blueprints  
and patterns to become  
the mighty oak  
it is destined to be  
Humans are the same;  
our evolution is encoded  
within our DNA—  
individual and collectively  
We have everything  
we need; water, air  
sustenance, and space  
allow us to meet our fate;  
but, circumstance  
can present an illusion  
of entrapment—  
as an acorn, entangled  
in a hedge—  
humans lose sight  
of their magic  
beyond the daily grind—  
become lost  
in mundane activity  
once containing ceremony  
Yet, as long as we breathe. . .  
we are, and our design remains  
intact; just remember  
that sense of greater purpose  
you felt as a child—  
Trust and providence  
will nurture that remnant    
back to life  
Written by Ahavati
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you, slipalong and Ahavati for entering these fabulous pieces!

Tyrant of Words
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Astral DNA


To be a spec of stardust
upon which, such force is cast;
Truest painted primordial start
as crisp, lush colors enforce their blast

Spread forth and stretch
brushed hands of hue,
yours is a reflective introspection
into our creative truths

'Tis shapely,
how movement delights,
awash in an abundance
of omnipotent light

An unlocking—
darkened sectors
of hidden secret'd divine,
created solely
by this ubiquitous entwine

Ohh glorious insights!
blended and spun
a conquered mystery
~hushed in solution,
never to come undone

Storm of wonder,
our deepest depths
a plunge,
into the very core
of all
of who we are;

A twisted laugh
at the brandishing
of all those 'Amens'
Into a beautiful omnipresence,

within a gifted painter's hands

Written by Bluevelvete
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for your fantastic piece, Bluevelvete!

P.s. I didn't even have to read the author's note. I'd know PoetSpeak anywhere :)

Fire of Insight
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ordained awakening
of universal promise,    
nebulae swirling    
in rapturous delight;    
worlds collide against    
the sonorous vibrations    
of eternity  
as sultry reverberation    
the entirety      
of then and now,      
near and far      
to constellate in celebration      
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Tyrant of Words
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Shadow Dancer          

Stuck in the shadows    
of a place going in circles        
memories lay broken on the floor    
in front of me—    
how did I end up here        
my soul cries out into cold silence        
there is no one here to listen        
the beauty has long since gone        
Frankenstein's monster I’ve become—        
sadness is my fragrance  

Dangerous Mind
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Congratulations to solanaceae, for the win. I felt your poem fit perfectly with your chosen art.

A big thank you to everyone who participated. I enjoyed everyone’s art picks and thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s entries. A job well done by all of you!

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