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Poem of the month: November

Fire of Insight
United States
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Méséglise-la-Vineuse – giving up the ghost

I whisper'd up to drown it out,    
the lisping cuss of a dragonfly        
and his ornery bluff.        
Last seen, the Machiavelli        
was gathering before the hawthorn,        
reaching through for their hips        
and haws of Maastricht wine.        
And with a sketch and a thought        
as scrawny red as the dawn        
I lipped, divined and withdrew from these bloodied wrists        
my understudy, my young reserve        
who was once so clear        
in intention        
and consequences        
of breaking laws of the land.        
With a perfume of burning fields she said,        
roll your sleeves up, child, your father thinks you a slob        
And I thought that this is what I wanted;        
that this is what I needed        
as they had sown, entwined        
and upholstered my limbs,  
with pyjama’d designs        
of tigers attacking a horse.        

“Today I reconciled with Durrell and the wonderful beginning of Clea, that kind of 'Anti-Proust' ⁠— the miracle of the madeleine mirroring itself inversely in the perverse miracle of Justine's perfume that, when recognized, forever alienates her lover.”        
— Alejandra Pizarnik
Written by nomoth
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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impetus of wanting.

what I want
is just your face
in front of me;
sweet warm breath  
a captured sigh
briefly held  
as your lips come home  
what I want  
to say
every moment I can spare,  
is just yes.  
a renege of all of my previous no's  
a welcoming  
from marred self imposed woes  
is all I(we) need
a yes, freed  
what I want
is that day
when you are no longer  
so far away,
I would begin
skin to skin
nose to toes
and all the places in between  
a kiss
for every minute
for every mile
and for every time  
I closed my eyes
......and kissed
a wish
you were mine  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Witch Massage

Playing stupid games on
My phone, brains turning
To mush

scientific slush funds for
defunct vaccines and
other atrocities

I hear the voices of
children outside my
window at 8:44pm
on a Monday

shouldn’t they be in
bed? but I guess there’s
nowhere for them to
go in the morning

stupid shit ruling my
whole existence

the price I’ve paid for
two more lines will
probably manifest into
pancreatic cancer

God, time comes for
all of us, doesn’t

I’m 42 and I don’t
know anything

the pomposity of
thinking I

some highs are

others get relegated
to the Misc.

Written by Taurek
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Silence Of Memories

I felt a silence of memories
in dreams of love's soliloquy
as teardrops fell on a shadow
floating from life's teacup
from eyes of crystal dew
in dreams of love's soliloquy.
Written by adagio
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Tyrant of Words
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That little boy in the Superman suit

I can feel
my father punching
mother in the face
on a Saturday night
I can feel
my mother fucking
those strange men
in the next room
I can feel
my father telling
me and my brothers
why he had to leave
I can feel
my dog Jack
crushed beneath
the ice-cream van
I can feel
mother leaving us
all by ourselves
and never coming back
I can feel
my hate and anger
at being denied
a child’s life
I can feel
the freezing cold
of the city streets
with nowhere to sleep
I can feel
my brother Bob
softly sobbing
before taking his own life
I can feel
things inside me
that still twist
and torment
I can feel
that little boy
in the Superman suit
smiling into the future
Written by badmalthus (Harry Rout)
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Thought Provoker
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Enjoy the Silence.

I dont mean to get irate when you're asking me questions
When I'm sectioning thoughts  
Visiting new dimensions  
But im reading a book weaved by my imagination
Thinking of various scenarios
Following intricate machinations  
There may be two or three concepts grinding inside of my head
I'll pause one and continue another thought as it makes progress
I may seem stoic or that im not paying attention
But to get angry with my lack of response is simply contentious  
I am no dancing monkey here to entertain
When I create it is to excite my wanting brain
You expect a different measure every time these fingers lay
As if to scoff at a composer for not delivering another play  
My silence offends like a host refusing to be food
When sometimes we need a break to explore that which controls mood
So if im sitting in a corner laughing to myself amused
Fuck off and stop trying to tell me what to fuckin do.
Written by jenny_is_hungry
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