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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about the scariest experience of your life. All types of poems are welcomed.
Hi everyone!

Its been a while since I've posted on DU so I've decided to kick things up a little by hosting a competition.

Top three winners gets certificates via email and featured on my blog and Instagram! (this is optional)

Have Fun!!

poet Anonymous

Vampires Suck

Last week, as I walked home alone late at night,
I came across a dark figure in the shadows,
When it came in full view under the streetlight,
It was a woman dressed mostly in black clothes.
She had pale skin, jet black hair and red lips,
Like a luminous scarlet with so much appeal,
But this chick had curves, according to her hips,
I could tell this woman didn’t miss her meals.
“Are you all by yourself?” she said in a low tone,
With a raspy voice I thought she’d ask for a cigarette,
“Yes” I responded, “but my lady is waiting at home”,
That’s when she revealed a tight crimson corset.
“Wow, look at those” I said baffled inside my head,
But it seemed as if this person could read my mind,
“Look into my eyes” she said filling me with dread,
I felt a chilling shiver up and down my spine.
She smiled and that’s when I noticed something vile,
Her incisors were getting longer by the second,
Her smokey eyes now had a more cunning guile,
This woman was a vampire, I began to reckon.
“Come closer” her voice was casting some spell,
“I don’t want to” I said fearing for my life,
She said: “I can summon demons out of hell!’
And I replied: “Bitch you don’t know my wife!
…She will have my nuts in her hands
The moment she smells the likes of you,
And if that’s something you can’t understand,
If you bite me then I am royally screwed!”
“I am six hundred years old!” so she claimed,
Her voice was unsettling and so dang drastic,
“I can take anyone I want!” she exclaimed,
To which I said: “Great, that’s just fangtastic.”
“Look, here’s the deal, I know I’m just another meal,
You’re kind of hot and I’m just some poor old goof,
I’m not in the best of health and so I must reveal,
My cholesterol level is through the roof…”
Before I could finish my sentence, she lunged at me,
Sucking at my neck while I screamed “WHAT THE FUCK?
Bitch! I did not consent to this, it’s 2020”
And that’s the reason why I think vampires suck.
Then I had to go home and explain the bite marks.
The End
Next week: She-Wolf Shenanigans
poet Anonymous

She-Wolf Shenanigans

I was walking home alone late one night,
With cool clear skies under a pale full moon,
Thinking to myself: Why am I walking again?
I really need to get my car repaired soon.
And sure enough as I was passing by the park,
A sexy woman came out from behind some trees,
I said to myself “motherf… I’m in trouble now”
But I tried to play it cool and remained at ease.
“Hey, do you have a light” she said coming closer,
“I don’t smoke m’am” I replied when she was near,
“Are you alone tonight?” she asked curiously,
“Not again”, I thought but this time I had no fear.
I said “look, last week I got bit by a vampire,
I’m not trying get in trouble with my spouse,
The last encounter was surreal so please,
I don’t want to get put in the doghouse.”
“Why did you say dog?” she said upset,
Her eyes were beginning to glow in the dark,
And I, entranced by some magical spell,
Felt my feet failing me to get out of the park.
Just then the moonlight shined on her face,
As she began to writhe, thrash and convulse,
“Are you OK?” I said watching this take place,
Then the veins in her temples began to pulse.
“I don’t think that's a sign of Rona” I said softly,
I mean I was social distancing though I wanted to run,
However I was trying to be a Good Samaritan,  
So I said “You’re having a stroke! I’ll call 9-1-1!”
Then she let out a blood curling chilling scream,
More like a howl, or a growl deep from hell,
And I like a dumbass stuck around trying to help,
Until her face and upper body started to swell.
She looked up at the moon, her features distorted,
Growing hair everywhere as if she was a were…  
No, it couldn’t be, not two weeks in a row?
As she transformed it gave me a good scare.
“Fuck this I’m out” I said trying to run away,
But I felt her chasing me through the park,
And when I turned to look at her again,
Her eyes were now glowing in the dark.
By then her nails had turned to huge claws,
As she jumped and pinned me underneath,
The pretty pout she had turned into a snout,
With a salivating mouth full of sharp teeth.
There I was on floor ready to go see the Lord,
When I felt a small tree branch by my hand,
I picked up the stick and hit her in the nose with it,
Then she tilted her head as if trying to understand.
“You want the stick, stick, stick, stick stupid!”
She sat with her tongue wagging, it was just my luck,
I threw it into the street and she went after it,
But she got hit by an oncoming speeding truck.
I heard her yelp, but this time I didn’t help,
Instead I ran my ass home as fast as I could,
I still had to explain to my wife why I was late,
But hey it’s Halloween so she understood.
What’s this? A scratch…
poet Anonymous

A Spectre haunting me.

There's a spectre haunting me  
a ghost of a man from the past,  
his death seems to have confused him  
he thought his life could last.  

He also thought that off to work  
he was set that fateful day,  
but someone had fixed him, but good  
had made his thought all gan awry  

They planted the seed inside his head  
and waited, with due accord,  
they planted the seed of self destruct  
then pushed the button hard.  
Now a garage is a drafty place  
so he shut the door down tight,  
and waited, with his patient grace,  
to be driven into the night.

( perhaps, the most fear full day & night )
poet Anonymous

Disciples of Mischief

copy and paste this link and listen while reading and as always, thanks for looking 🤗 https://youtube.com/watch?v=zczFoOBe1eQ          
I was alone In my room    
or so I thought                
from with under my bed                
came an unearthly knock                
stench and filth hovered               
it started to loom                
stifling the air            
from inside of my room                
then a loud crash exploded                
and my bed went flying                
and there they stood                
there could be no denying             
disciples of mischief                
had come to play                
on this dark cold                
and dreary day               
I tried to run                
but there was no use                
from inside of my head                
came all the abuse            
I yelled and I screamed                
get-out you must go                
they laughed in my face                
saying we don’t think so!                
they said we are not leaving                
we are here to stay                
then it all started                
they began to play!                
Jumping, trashing                
destroying my place                
Imagine the horror                
that showed on my face?!                
paralyzing fear it
surged through my blood                
I NEEDED A HUG!               
A ritual was an order                
to cleanse my mind                
but I could see clearly                
I was running out of time                
so I thought quick                
and grabbed my wand                
banishing those demons!                
forever begone!              
copyright © 2020 M.Doucette      
All Rights Reserved.
poet Anonymous

Walking home

How cold and grey, clinging like a static charge
the mist it swirls and clears.
Muffles every sound, as my pace, and heartbeat
quicken. Pause, and for a second;  
realise, that somehow I have a foreboding; enveloping a deep
My hands feel cold like clammy seaweed
dragged by the tide, and stranded on the shore.
My mind replays each horror film, that I have seen before.
Re-live every stricken victim's nightmare
the dark intent behind a mask.  
The evils served upon young flesh
and just how close is that impending step.
Echo's bouncing off the alley walls
trapped in my fear, to turn or flee
to face the rape or go on bended knee
the  broken stalactites of realisation shearing,  
in caverns ever deeper, quivering subconsciously.
In that brush. it hangs just like graffiti
vivid scrawled for all to see
Shaking like a setting jelly,
it's imprint ever stay with me,
stamped with all my unguarded vulnerability
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