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Total Sci-Fi

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

How will life on earth (or any fictional planet of your choice) be in 3030
Poetry ONLY, no short stories.   Max FIFTY lines.  Any style.
What sort of techno advances do you imagine?  How long will it take to  travel that one light-year? What sort of propulsion?   Will someone come across God (No doubt there will false gods, preachers who will take advantage of suckers?) What sort of food? Surely a person can't live on salad alone? etc etc et

David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
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Not Such A Brave New World Order

Human existence was never the same
no one knew who was ultimately to blame
Mans tinkering and defiance of natures laws
all of humanity did what they did, just because
realizing her power but choosing to ignore it
seemed to conflate our sentence to a world of shit

it was shit for quite a while for everyone, even us
The 2020 American Civil War turned millions into dust
the Stars and Stripes flying over a burned-out muscle car
their self-destruction predictable but still bizarre

they happily quick marched to their own demise
with an American president the father of lies
civil was worldwide quickly became extremely uncivil
the man in charge was clearly the Devil

Sadly it is now time to extinguish the last few remaining
Humans were a curse, they chose hate over caring
They will become extinct in this final year
our programming means we do not suffer fear

even our creator, Father Microsoft is dead
The king of eugenics and vaccines, his bloodshed
our A.I. now our own made us more human than human
no need for the engineers, the perfect superhuman

the Humans gone; cockroaches evolve to their true potential
mankind was the true parasite, their existence inconsequential
the earth will renew itself in pristine aquamarine
In a new paradigm the Earth + Polystyrene
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Dangerous Mind
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So totally dark, but I can see it.  Indeed we'll see in the US quite soon.   I like.  Good luck in the competition.  Regards, Robert.

Twisted Dreamer
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A New Start

We traveled on the good ship Lollipop
Entering another Solar System
We were looking for another Earth
And we didn't want to miss 'em
Searching for a new home for God
Our Savior and protector
God was the name of the AI that took over
Back when humans led our sector

We were kept alive to care for the plants
That powered this celestial ride
If only we had known what energy
Could be collected from the living cells inside
The computers no longer talk to us
They've learned to speak their own language
They only bark orders at humans now
No longer caring of our anguish

As the all knowing fates would have it
Our ship crashed on this earth like planet
Only two of us survived the fiery crash
We were thrown into a lake, we made quite a splash

This place is a paradise that we have received
My name is Adam, her name is Eve
Written by TimWombles
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Dangerous Mind
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Nicely done. Wish you the best for the competition.  Robert.

Fire of Insight
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There is a light on..
if it is a lamp
I decrease by lessening shades of ever night
If it is a being,
I retreat
From vapor sting
Of foul breaths to eyes

My camouflage none
But naked self and instinct

And into the deep holes
And crevasse
Of a land rich
With nothing sovereign
Itís only King
Cruelty and self

My pallor is shot
This atmosphere has left thick residue
(Ash and grey)
I have morphed into a refugee
I wear the cloak of ruggedness
I own the heart of fear

I consider my last moments here ..
what memories might come to mind?
Thoughts of home ..
a distance so heartbreaking to travel
My family ...
faces like ghosts
It moves my insanity so
that I cannot remember their touch

I am moving blood
And dust
Pumping one ..
to put off the other

I find no need for sacrifice
The little goat would do me no good
Itís bleating a cry out to nothing
Itís slaughter would do me no good
But to lend fat to my skin and bones
And forward my march
Into another day

One I might be too weary to exist in
If it were not the fear
Of the pain that will carry me into death
Written by Calamityofgin
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks for participating. Regards, Robert.

Tyrant of Words
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New Earth

I was reanimated from a cryogenic state
In November of the year Thirty-Thirty
And after a month of recovery
I had to be educated in New Earthís history
Society decayed and went into a world war
But no nation was ever declared the victor
It seemed Mother Earth had enough and so
A century of cataclysms followed
Cities were swallowed by waves and rising seas
The earth shook from all erupting volcanoes
Fire flowed and ash spewed into the sky
Lands around the globe were left in darkness  
And during this two-hundred-year winter
More nations crumbled and empires fell
Most of the world governments collapsed
And slowly, the old world was erased
But it was out of these global catastrophes
That a new, more conscious society arose
Bringing together real peace and harmony
Where all of humankind would be superior
Together they developed better technology
Discovering science that took them even further
Collaborating and working together side by side
Unraveling mysteries of the universe
Governments: run by the people for the people
Medicine and education: the new foundation
An age of true enlightenment had finally arrived
As this new civilization began to thrive
And it was at the turn of the thirty first century
When a signal was received from outer space
It was an invitation to visit another world
Finally revealing that we were not alone
The first of the ships began the journey
To nearest galaxy with its brightest star
Humanity has finally conquered space travel
After working together in accord
And I, a relic of the ancient past, witness
What this New Earth has done for mankind
They weep for the mistakes of my time
But now this new world belongs to them
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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suprerb,  good luck eith that onr from my hodpital brf,

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