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Call and Response

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem based on one of my poems.
At the risk of coming off vain and full of myself as most writers tend to be despite our disclaimers of false modesty - please read this poem and write whatever it may inspire. I wrote it with layered meanings in a lot of ways. I'd like to see how people interpret it and the lens through which you might see it through.

There's no right or wrong interpretation, this poem is a mirror subject to personal interpretation even perhaps reading one's own experience into it. You have one month and can enter up to 2 poems. I will judge and decide which I like the best and perhaps write a piece based on that winning submission and do another competition based on what I write inspired by your words. Only 3 stanzas, 4 lines per stanza, it does not have to rhyme.

Hospice Hostage

Speaking honestly behind closed doors
Nothing's quite as hazy at it may seem
Keeping up appearances
Making whispers of a forbidden dream

Building digital borders
Have we found our hearts after compromise?
Some we love and others we endure
Save face as we put an extra coat of paint over our eyes

Constructs of our isolation
Customizing a prison cell
Quarantined in paradise
Making ourselves at home in hell...

Dangerous Mind
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We are who we are
Making our own heaven or  hell
Through choices  good or  bad
Sometimes hard to tell.

Some of us choose seclusion
Isolation of choice
Nothing to do with revulsion
But personal persuasion.

We are who we are
No use to deny
Our  choice  to go near or far
Or simply sit there and cry.

Tyrant of Words
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Cabin Fever

Feeling claustrophobic because youíve been confined all this time?  
This pandemic has taken away all the hedonism  
Or do you agonize when you canít get a word in edgewise?  
It feels like a sentence youíre unable to finish in prison  

Does this paranoia destroy a healthy relationship?  
Moods and attitudes get in the way of what used to be elegant  
Is it getting the best of you and your imagination?  
Maybe this is the true test of character development  

Whether itís madness or sadness as death surrounds the planet  
Going a little stir crazy is part of the cabin fever  
But if you hear something weird awakening the worst of your fears  
The voice in your head may just be the ultimate deceiver
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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Houdini Syndrome

Wrap the chain and lock it tight  
roll the boulder, close the hole  
for it's constriction, just seems right  
to be a hermit, or a mole

Pinned in lockdown, and confined  
in my constraint, I feel so free  
incarceration for me, is so sublime  
it's solitude a liberty  

Ever the introverted optimist  
 cell walls closing, are such bliss  
the gaudy gaggle so not missed  
like Harry a convinced recidivist  
Written by slipalong
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