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Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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RUNNER-UP: Valeriyabeyond

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Touched With Fire

Dangerous Mind
United States
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this time  
[aches the same]  
this time
[aches even more]  
this time  
[aches more than before]  
this time
no different  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Fire of Insight
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My Creative Madness

I can no longer identify
That plausible line
Between sanity and I
Inside this mesmeric mind
So many stairs
Kaleidoscope this place
Rickety adjoining pairs
Obscure an unknown face
So many doors
Mirage their appearance
Footprints on open shores
Eradicate coherence
Canvases its leech
Misinterprets my speech
Doodles my demons
Chastises my seasons
Duo personalities mirror
Mental illness is clearer
Fruits of labor differ
Drowning in a bitter river
Minute particles of reality
In hunt of normality
Helpless just outside grips
Monsters from my lips
Inkblot tests fail
Inside my mental jail
Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Dangerous Mind
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Just Like Me

The moisture
of my mouth, waters
the black rose, that grows around the narrow river,  
swollen  with the sounds  that have left my mind
Thorns,  like thick tongues, break - apart from  
the monotonous rage  
that feeds me  
Today, the sky  
has been severed,  
seamstress cries, while laughing her hand's  
slender, nimble,  
grab your life, a distorted   
Pinching gathering, laying  
down darning knots,  
holding them , tight  
Degenerative thoughts  cascade  through  dark   
channels, like a maze  
into an asylum that  
shrinks with  time.   
Bits of sanity laced, with tethers from old smelly canvas the colours  
of sorrow wrap neatly around the spectrum of pain  
To the dreamers that  
dare to dream the marvelous things we  
Our  thoughts,  deemed  
as lunacy, our words  
 a foreign  language.  
The mind of a poet  
 understood only  
 by another poet   
We jive meld together  
 I am appreciated   
By those  just like  
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Dhyanna)
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Kaden Malis
Fire of Insight
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Terminal torture

When I close my eyes
I can see the screaming stars
Threatening to leave the night
Till I'm alone in the suffocating dark

It's terminal torture
Living with dying synapses
Bricks crumble one by one
Till the brain finally collapses

Everything's exposed
But I still breathe
My heart lies crushed on the floor
Yet I don't bleed

I search for my lost soul
I must've dropped it along the way
Asking for help
But everyone just stares or looks away

Was life meant to be
A puzzle impossible to complete
Or did I miss something
Caught a disease that can't be beat

The doctor says to lie back
And just relax
But he's not the one
With all the knives stuck in his back

I just want to know
Why I'm different from everyone else
Why I'm haunted by a burning brain
And why no one can seem to help
Written by Kaden_Malis (Kaden Malis)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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No comfort zone

The tearing winds ; uncalm sea
perceptions flames that singe.    
I felt no respite; its branding from within
burned with a torch, no cold could douse  
trapped inside the padded cell.  
Genius that sings its Christmas times noel  
outside the door, in self so lonely dwell.  
Not partake the hearty feast;  
 Just gruel, inspirations jewel. satisfy its greed  
trapped in unholy soul.  
So torn and rent in discontent  
 arm wrestling with temperament  
the chalice floats just out of reach.    
A boiler that can never vent  
and Tourettes just not to repeat.  
Whatever artisan you are  
the demon's come and not depart.  
Arcing hurt, its light and dark.  
Standing on the chasm brink  
ever searching for your own vernacular  
the light its candle just a chink
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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LunaGreyhawk said:“The anguished and volatile intensity associated with the artistic temperament was once thought to be a symptom of genius or eccentricity peculiar to artists, writers, and musicians. Kaye Redfield Jamison’s work, based on her study as a clinical psychologist and researcher in mood disorders, reveals that many artists subject to exalted highs and despairing lows were in fact engaged in a struggle with clinically identifiable manic-depressive illness.

Jamison presents proof of the biological foundations of this disease and applies what is known about the illness to the lives and works of some of the world's greatest artists including Lord Byron, Vincent Van Gogh, and Virginia Woolf.” (New York Times)

This competition is meant to explore the relationship between the muse and mental health.  You have one month (in case you haven’t read the book and would like to) to put your personal experience with the line between creative genius and insanity into poem.  I know that vulnerability in expressing our deepest inner conflicts can be difficult, but I’d really love to see some frank and honest experiences spilled here.  

The guidelines for the competition are as follows:

• One month to submit your entries
• Maximum of two entries per DUP persona
• Any written style or length poem, including visual/audio; no prose
• Entries will be decided by a panel of peer poets
• Entries must first be posted to your page and then linked here; no copy/paste entries are allowed
• Both new and old writes are acceptable

Good luck! No

Congratulations Jade-Pandora on a well deserved win
Thank you so much Luna it's an honor to be chosen Runner-up in this competition
Thank you for suggesting this book it is now part of my Kindle library

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