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Fire of Insight
United States
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Thanks everyone for awesome nods!

Dangerous Mind
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A Journey Of Self-Expression: A Story Of Fabric

Here in my darkened forest, a world created by me
I know every line, every curve, every flower, and every tree  
This is my world, it's Eden before Adam was born  
It's my quiet place at times when I need to be alone  

To clear my mind petal by petal, stroke after stroke  
The natural lines in it's design and my mind spoke  
Shadowed, yes, adds to this menage of beauty and mystery  
But just how much confidence can I place in a flower or a tree  

I've confided in both of them under a silent moon light  
The flowers and the tree contrast and begins to fight  
Under a hunter's moon I experience a release to the sublime  
The entire universe is broken down to binary, curves, and lines  
An owl and a rabbit took pity on me, and taught me their ways  
The owl took me on a flight of knowledge even above the god's heads  
The rabbit dug a hole and took me underground telling me the secrets of the dead  
The universe started talking to me and I listened to what it said  
It said the darkness balances out the light and is so full of life  
The height balances out the depths, dividing pleasure and strife  
Gaze into the shadows, at a menage of emotions and existence transformed  
The clover and petals reflecting the moonlight teaching humanity to conform  
Poles fencing us in, nobody notices the snake in the grass  
Borders built within borders, treaties and straight lines never last  
But there's the universe again offering peace in a tree's hulking figure  
The good and the bad, the light and the darkness are forever being reconfigured    
Written by I_IS_ME
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Her Gift

Death, with all of her traps- skinning the
meat to search for veins, blue tinged in bowls
of milk and flames. If she cut off the left ring
the circle would be incomplete. There would be
no dreams, and no one to hear her sing.

Do you see the stars as she sees them? Half
hung as strings of light; reclaimed souls that
burned a little too bright, their vibrant colors fade
away with her every breath. Darkness settles
and sways, blanketing the forgotten and decayed.

Quietly shaking the dust from her hair, she steps
across the opaque web, destined for the next soul
settling into a slow ebb. One kiss to ease the burden
of infinitesimal threads rooted in other soil
now verdant with life- a new journey uncertain.

She opens the sun to draw into her lungs
tiny drops of love; sweet moments of purity to
keep herself above a swirling mist that rises
with every beat of mankind's heart. Never is her
sacrifice seen, nor appreciated for what it symbolizes.

Feet tread lightly between the shadows of here
and there; she moves in and between us, her touch
never ordinary in care. Honeyed words allay  
our fear of death- we pass into the next realm  
in her dark embrace, as a new star greets the day.
Written by Eerie
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Dangerous Mind
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The Bone Core

She had the palest blue lips,
Like the victim of a drowning.
I kept her in jars tied around my waist mostly.
“Samples of my chromosomes, you see!
The meaty parts of them, where the smooth turns of their skeletons collide!”

Sunlight bore across her Christlike back.
She glowed like thermonuclear honey and the velvety skin of off-world aquatic life.

Why am I in this state.
It is a dirty opera,
A beating.

My self is weeping for synthetic concubines and spectral night watchers.
My self is slipping on the rubber suit of time traveling and poisoned tea.
Floorboard walkers of statues and acid and embryonic stem fields -
“You have bruised your feet against my primordial teeth!”
Written by Randon
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Harry Rout
Dangerous Mind
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a catharsis of disjointed freedom.

Tell me        
What's it like        
when you're away .....        
are you pseudo celebrating        
with ironic faux freedom?        
or are you having pangs        
of lust filled        
"I can wait to see her' -isms        
a wait        
full of those pesky pangs        
that yearn        
and pull        
at the tendrils        
inside a mind who's        
wit and enormous        
brilliance shines        
t e l l  m e,        
What's it like?        
when you are gone?.....        
are you at ease        
comfortable in your own skin?        
knowing that I'm here and you're there        
that no matter where        
I'll be the only one who sees        
the beauty        
of all your desperate decadence        
and that incognito sexiness,        
hidden in plain sight,        
a wit beyond compare,        
the wry kind,        
coated with that rarely found        
charismatic flare        
t   e   l    l     m   e        
What's it like?        
do you sit on your own? .....        
or write down        
rare missing moments        
or gorgeous poetic phrases        
you so cleverly        
sear into me daily        
or do you ponder        
the cementing of our connection        
a true bonded, bond        
of two unlikely souls        
yet it's within this most        
unusual combination        
that we find we're kindred perfection        
in our 'two-united-weirdo's" revelation      
What's it like?        
TELL ME        
Can you see it for yourself?.....        
that my heart        
is now gently placed upon a shelf        
No, not for you        
from me
I unknowingly
or subconsciously        
somewhere along the way, hid myself        
tucked 'me' away, pouring my own charisma
into you and I,
and our sorta warped enigma
of this, our protected bubble
engaging in such a way
that I knew my
fragile heart would be okay
hidden up so high,
on that bullshit imaginary shelf
where I knew that the last thing        
I would have to do was, try
Why then, didn't you.....
Tell Me
to stop being being so afraid,
to let go,
to finally play the game
as I should have always played,
that fear isn't what makes me strong
or pretending there's nothing wrong;
it's how my character tackles
this unyielding fucked up shit that hackles
how I finally can decide
to gather myself up
scream out a guttural cry
to make up my own mind
to no longer hide
and with purposeful
know what it's like
to tell myself
that now—
this me, is free        

Written by Bluevelvete
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Ooooh, yes! Thank you!

Please, pleeease remember to vote everyone, holy poop I can’t believe October is over.

Dangerous Mind
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bruised and split lips

ever so used to
into earth
and sand plastered walls
yet they
of tracing her form.
the will  
to leap over certainty
of death  
the yearning  
best kept internal
like an underground fire
Written by cold_fusion
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